Top 10 Best Buy Adjustable Dumbbells in 2019 – Buyers Guide

From almost every woman’s perspective, the most attractive part of men’s body is their arm and chest. These two parts are not hard to get in shape. Rather than going to the gym, you can workout at home with just the use of dumbbells. But choosing the dumbbell can be hard with plentiful of choices offered on the market today.

To ease your concern, after a detailed research, our team has come up with the list of the top 10 best dumbbell sets in 2019. With this list, you can have some clues when shop for dumbbells. Read on to find out what these goodies have to offer.

There is something intensively satisfying about lifting weights and these best adjustable dumbbells allow you to have that pleasure. They help you train your limbs, making sure that you develop strength and work on the core. With technology, the adjustable dumbbells have replaced the traditional dumbbells. They have a crosshatch pattern so that you can hold them firmly. The weights are on the outer sides of the metal rod. They are secured with clips and collars. The nuts on the outside allow you to add more weight according to your liking. These are the new additions to the fitness arena and they surely are doing quite good on their behalf.

10. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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Bowflex is an American brand that has a big name in selling training equipment. Nautilus Inc. is the owner of this brand and has been making lives easier for the fitness trainers and bodybuilders for the past 30 years. Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are one of their kinds, having an intense design, versatility and user compliance. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable dumbbells are the new addition to the Bowflex’s marvelous catalog. Let’s see how this product makes a name for itself.

The Adjustable dumbbells come in an ergonomic shape which is easy to hold and there is no way that you can drop them. The weight settings are reduced to 2.5 pounds, which are easy for the beginners. Adjusting weight in a traditional dumbbell is not easy but in this dumbbell, you can easily adjust the weights by turning the dial to the desired level. The possibility of 15 weight settings allows you greater comfort and versatility. You can easily switch your exercising posture from your arms to your legs or back by switching weights. They are made by using the premium material, which in this case is cast iron. The iron gives the dumbbells a shiny and solid look. The grip is made stronger by the ergonomic design. You can even use it for pressing weights over your head. There are no worries of losing the grip.

The product comes with a two-year warranty and that too at an affordable price. Grab these before they get short in the market.

9. Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single)

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Single)

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Bowflex has kept its reputation and name while designing these cheap adjustable dumbbells as well. The Nautilus Inc. has once again taken the fitness industry by storm by the introduction of another Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells.

Bowflex adjustable dumbbells have a good name in the market ad this one is making its mark too. It has been a great edition with its super cool design and user compliance. The dumbbells work very well for the ones who want to train harder with their physique and fitness. The dumbbells have 17 adjustable weight settings which make them a more user-friendly equipment. They don’t take much room so you can easily place them anywhere in the house as I do. I have found it to be gripped and held easily in spite of its rough grip. The weights are easy to adjust. You can try them while doing shoulder, arms, legs and back exercises. The durability of the dumbbells is much higher due to the material used in its construction. The design and overall setup are user-friendly as well.

8. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

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Yes4all is a leading brand in terms of fitness equipment since its origin in 2010. The company has provided the finest fitness equipment and the new edition to their catalog is the Yes4all adjustable dumbbell.

Yes4all dumbbells are made of cast iron and solid chrome handles giving it a very pleasing appearance. The dumbbells are suitable for the ones who want to carry high weights such as 200lbs. You can change the weights easily. The design is quite unique and provides a tight grip on the dumbbells as well. The design is quite solid and gives you a real gym like feel. Throwing around on the floor does not damage them as well. Read More: The Ten Best Gym Bags In 2018 To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) and Stand

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) and Stand

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Bowflex has a history of inventing the dumbbells defying all odds of quality and user’s likings. Their products are innovative, durable and user-friendly. The SelectTech 552 is a great addition along with its stand that allows you to put the weights back easily.

While using the Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells, the one thing that made me feel satisfied was the fact that I don’t have to bend much to put the weights back. The stand that came along carries the weights easily. It has a sleek design, holds the towels and us a handy equipment to be used while doing workouts and changing weights.

6. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

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Bayou Fitness has a huge name in the fitness equipment industry. It has made dumbbells in the sizes of 25 lbs. and 50 lbs. The dumbbells are quite durable and versatile and come with a storage tray as well.

This product from Bayou is one of the best adjustable dumbbells in the market. The options to adjust weight are also quite versatile. The product is easy to use and handle as well. It is made with high-quality chrome plated steel. The storage plates are the added accessories for the dumbbells to be stored. The design is quite durable as well. The selection button for switching the weights is easy to use. It comes with a one year warranty so you can get it repaired at this time easily.

Talk about having the best-rated dumbbells at an affordable price, Bayou’s dumbbells are the ones that pop up in the mind. The durability and versatility give them an upper edge over the other products of the same league in the market. They have an innovative design and a lot of features that are easy to understand and use. The product is durable so a 1year warranty is not a threat to the user. I would suggest that if you are a bodybuilder, opt for this one. It is easy to use, handle and store as well. No extra accessories are needed to take care of this one. It is a must-have.

5. XMark Adjustable Dumbbell (Singles or Pair)

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell (Singles or Pair)

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The XMark adjustable dumbbells are exactly what you need when you have a tight budget but you still want to pump your muscles. These cheap adjustable dumbbells are made of heavy duty chrome plated steel which means that it is capable of durability and endurance. These easy to use adjustable dumbbells have a unique slide system that consists nine sets of weight combined into one. This also subtracts the need for multiple dumbbells.

The XMark adjustable dumbbells consist of weights ranging from 10 to 50 lbs. These weights are easily adjustable, as you just have to simply move the adjustment knob to the weight you want to use. In my opinion, this is one of the most flexible and user-friendly sets of dumbbells available at such a reasonable price. The price is just the same as the traditional dumbbells so you can always go for these instead. Read More: Best Rowing Machine Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbell (Pair), 5lb to 60lb

Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbell (Pair), 5lb to 60lb

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Bowflex has been providing with some of the best fitness solutions for us and has a great product line. This Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbell is best for all you fitness freaks. But since we don’t have that much time to go to the gym every day, Bowflex has another perfect alternative for that. And yes its true, your dumbbells will now have Bluetooth connectivity.

These adjustable dumbbells have a smart technology that no other dumbbell in the world has yet. The dumbbells are equipped with the 3DT sensor and have brains that guide the users through the exercise while keeping a track of their workout. So you won’t be counting your reps anymore, the dumbbells will do it for you. Other than reps, the smart dumbbells also track the sets, burning calories and also provide yours with feedback. The compact design of these adjustable dumbbells has reduced the number of single dumbbells from thirty-two to only two. Your home gym won’t is crowded with dumbbells lying around anymore. Weight changing is just a twist away in this easy to your dumbbell set. The dumbbells can be connected to your smartphone via a 3DT app which will track all your workouts and help you set goals as well.

I think I have fallen in love with these adjustable dumbbells. Bowflex has never failed to amaze us with their new products. This Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbell is a game changer. The technology used in this is outstanding and highly convenient making exercise even more exciting.

3. PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells

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The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are not like the usual dumbbells you see at every gym. These are unique and compact yet heavy. If you are seeing them for the first time, you might even not realize that they are adjustable dumbbells.

These dumbbells are different because they have weights stacked on top of one another like the machines in the gym. How this works is you just simply take out the selector pin and push it in the weight spot you want. The PowerBlock Elite dumbbell eliminates the need for buying 16 sets of dumbbells for your strength-training workouts. The weight ranges from 50lbs to 130lbs. The additional weight feature allows you to achieve all your fitness goals and aims. The 10-year warranty with this PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells proves that these are highly durable.

2. 1UP Adjustable Dumbbells Single or Pair Weight Set With Handles

1UP Adjustable Dumbbells Single or Pair Weight Set With Handles

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The 1UP adjustable dumbbells are specially designed for use at our home gyms. There compact and easy to use design are the main attraction to why you must buy these.

These pair of 1UP adjustable dumbbells combines 15 sets of weight into single dumbbell using the unique dial system. This dumbbell set occupies the least space in your home gym. The 1UP dumbbells provide flexible strength training options. Changing the dial on the unique dial system can easily change the weight. The weight ranges from 5lbs to 52.5lbs. You can gradually change the weight as it has 2.5lbs weight increments. This product is available as a single unit or pair.

The 1Up adjustable dumbbells come with a 1-year warranty. These are ideal for less spaced home gyms, as they don’t occupy much of our space. Read More: Improving Your Body Health And Physique With The Top Ten Exercise Bike Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

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The adjustable dumbbells by Core fitness have managed to take a place in the best adjustable dumbbells list. This all in one pair of adjustable dumbbells save a lot of your space at home. The weights are easily adjustable and range from 5lbs to 50lbs. You can change the weight by simply twisting the handle. The handles are soft and textured to make them comfortable to use. These handles put any marks or pressure on your hands so you can focus on your workout more. These adjustable dumbbells by Core fitness keep your strength training workouts comfortable and long lasting without any interruption.

The pair of dumbbells has easy weighed adjustments ranging from 5 to 50lbs. The twist handle is compact and starts at 5lbs with 5lbs increments allowing you to change your resistance level easily. The handle grip is contoured and textured which provides a comfortable and safe grip control. The storage is made of aluminum and is compatible with the stand also by Core Fitness, available separately. This product is suitable for everyone and all weight levels. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.

Advantages and benefits of adjustable dumbbells

Now that you have learned about the features and pros and cons of the 10 best adjustable dumbbells, you should know the advantages of these adjustable dumbbells. These advantages are the reason I switched from traditional dumbbells to adjustable dumbbells.

If you have a gym at home, you might not have that much space for the regular dumbbells to fit in. The regular dumbbells come in single weights and since you have to do multiple exercises you need to have different weights. Adjustable dumbbells provide you with the most attractive benefit that is less space occupancy. They take up less space and provide more options of weight and exercises. Regular dumbbells need a rack to sit on but these adjustable mostly come with their on storage space which is compact and takes very little space leaving more for your work out.

One of the main advantages that made me choose the adjustable dumbbells was the huge range of exercises they offer. I can now easily perform arm, back, shoulder, chest, legs and abs exercises with one dumbbell. Their flexibility allows you to easily change from bicep curls to triceps kickbacks and that’s what you’ll love about them too.

Price is another factor to consider. When you buy a whole rack of dumbbells for your home gym, it will cost you around a $1000. But a good adjustable dumbbell will give you the variety of weights you get from the whole rack in a price range in between $200 to $450. This saves a lot of money.

These advantages may convince you to stop using the regular and traditional dumbbells and go for any of the above listed adjustable dumbbells. Sometimes a change is good so go for it.


Workout and exercises have many benefits on our body. Everyone likes to stay fit and most of us even like to shape up our body. People use dumbells to pump and tone up your muscles to give your body a muscular look. The problem with workout is that it needs to be performed regularly. If not, then your previous efforts also go to waste and your body shape starts to tone down. This is why in this generation where time is so fast and workload and external pressures are too much, adjustable dumbbells have been introduced. Going to the gym is not easy every day. So making your own gym at home is a more effective and efficient way to workout and exercise.

Body and muscle building is a good way to relieve stress and depression. No one wants to take up another stress of buying a whole rack of dumbbells. All of these things convinced me to buy myself an adjustable dumbbell. Just pick any one of the above that suits you and fulfills your workout requirements and you are good to go. Don’t let external pressures stop you from working out, as it will harm you. Stay motivated and keep shaping up your body.