Surprise Your Loving One With Top 10 Leading Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are popular for being highly versatile. They can come with all kinds of fun things that people are bound to enjoy. Just look at a few of the top gift baskets around to see what make them special.

These gift baskets all come with different products and features that make them stand out and look great to give. They have specific themes in most cases to produce some great items that gift recipients are bound to love.

1. Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Set

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Set

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This first gift basket features a classic brown woven basket and is stored with plenty of fun gourmet foods. It focuses on chocolates although it also has a few nuts and other traditional snacks.


· Blueberry Greek yogurt cookies

· Bellagio hot chocolate

· Salted pistachios

· Vanilla caramel taffies

· Peanut and brownie brittles

2. Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Gift Basket

Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Gift Basket

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This basket features a series of chocolates from Godiva, one of the world’s most popular gourmet chocolate companies. It comes with a faux leather base on its basket while a two-toned ribbon adds a nice texture to the basket. It also features the yellow and brown tones that Godiva uses in its packaging to create a luxurious look all the way through. Read More: Best Buy Popcorn Maker Reviews Reviews & Buying Guides.


· 8-count Gold Ballotins

· 4-count Signature Chocolate truffles

· Milk chocolate caramels

· Milk and dark chocolate bars

· Milk chocolate truffles

3. Green Canyon Spa Luxury Wicket Basket Gift Set

 Green Canyon Spa Luxury Wicket Basket Gift Set

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Spa gifts are the best ones to find when looking for great gift baskets. This choice from Green Canyon Spa offers a number of body products with a lavender package all the way through. These include lotions, soaps and body washes alike. These are all prepared in an attractive wicker basket that adds a refreshing touch.


· Natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamin E utilized in these products

· Lavender oils added as calming agents

· Basket is ideal for reuse in a powder room

· Purple tones of products add a nice look

4. California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Basket

California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Basket

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California Delicious has teamed up with Starbucks to offer this enticing coffee basket. It includes several varieties of Starbucks coffee in ground bean form as well as a few Tazo teas. Nonni’s biscotti and Walkers shortbread rounds are also included in this gift to add a fun touch.


· Includes House Blend and Sumatra coffees

· Features six different Tazo tea bags in different varieties

· Comes with its own ceramic mug featuring the bright green Starbucks logo

· Wicker basket is carefully woven

5. Wine Country Connoisseur Gift Basket

Wine Country Connoisseur Gift Basket

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While this gift basket from Wine Country does not have any actual wine in it, the basket still offers several great treats all around. It has nuts, chocolates, and Ahmad English tea all added to create a memorable and fun basket worth enjoying at home. Read More: Best Stuffed Animals Reviews & Buying Guides.


· Chocolate vanilla swirl cookie crisps

· Sea salt caramels

· Cookies of all sorts including Walkers shortbread cookies

· Luxurious basket with a ripple pattern effect on its main body

6. Golden State Fruit Cheese and Nut Delight Fruit Basket

Golden State Fruit Cheese and Nut Delight Fruit Basket

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Enjoy the fresh fruits offered by Golden State Fruit in this enticing basket. It offers different varieties of apples, pears, and oranges as well as additional fruit that vary by season. These are mixed with natural cheddar cheese and roasted and salted almonds. Olive oil sea salt crackers are also added to go perfectly with all the foods in this basket. The green linen bow adds a beautiful accent to the carefully woven wood basket with its intricate layout and pattern.


· Artichoke cheese dip jar used in lieu of cheddar cheese during the warmer months

· Enough for up to six to eight people for snacking

· Each basket is carefully padded to keep the fruits protected from harm during the shipping process

7. Art of Appreciation Happy Times Gift Basket

Art of Appreciation Happy Times Gift Basket

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This next choice has a series of treats that are made with only the most careful attention possible. The treats are prepared in a dark stained willow basket that makes for a great décor item and can even be used for storage. A beautiful red and gold accented bow are also added onto each basket to produce a clearly beautiful design all the way through. Read More: Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews & Buying Guides.


· Beef summer sausage log

· Chocolate crunch cookies

· Smoked almonds

· Tuscan focaccia crisps

· Cinnamon crunch treats

8. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate Box

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate Box

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This next basket is more of a box if anything but it adds a standout look to any pantry or kitchen thanks to its distinct arrangement. This offers eight individual coffee roasts and eight chocolate bars to go with it. These coffee products come from many of the small batch coffee roasters around the Seattle area. Information on individual roasters from Seattle and tasting notes used by each of these groups are included with each purchase.


· Distinct colors on each individual package

· Individualized instructions for enjoying each product are included

· All items separated well to keep them from mixing with one another

9. Good Grocer All Natural Healthy Snacks Basket

Good Grocer All Natural Healthy Snacks Basket

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Those who want gift baskets that are healthy and easy to enjoy will love the Good Grocer health snack basket. This features thirty different types of healthy snacks for anyone to love. Each of these items is made without any food colorings, artificial preservatives or other unusual ingredients. It is all fully organic with the natural flavors coming out of each product. Read More: Best Piggy Banks Reviews & Buying Guides.


· Popular names like Veggie Straws and Skinny Pop included

· Brownies and energy bars included

· Chips are made with many distinct ingredients including beans

10. Verdugo Spa-in-a-Basket

Verdugo Spa-in-a-Basket

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This last gift basket is another spa-themed option. It uses a woven basket with its own lid that comes with it. It has comfortable white slippers plus a massage tool. The honey vanilla scent of the product adds a nice tone for anyone to feel comfortable with.


· Comes with its own brush

· Individual products work for all parts of the body including shampoos and lotions

· Reusable basket has a lid that fits perfectly over the set

All of these gift baskets make for some outstanding ideas for great gifts. Check these out the next time you are looking for something appealing and distinct.