Top 10 Best Buy LED Grow Lights in 2019 Reviews

If you are a hydroponic gardening enthusiast, then you probably understand the importance of LED Grow Lights. Grow lights are an essential component of any individual’s hydroponic lighting requirements.

If you want to save on energy costs, then you do not need to look any further than LED Grow lights, of which there are so many brands on the market today that separating the good ones from the bad ones can present quite the challenge.

What do you look for in a good LED Grow light? If you cannot answer this question, then you are going to have trouble selecting a decent LED Grow light for your gardening needs. Of course, this sort of problem tends to plague newcomers in the hydroponic gardening arena.

Luckily for such individuals, they can still get the best value out of their money even with their limited knowledge of LED Grow Lights by simply making their selection from a list of the best LED Grow lights on the market, this list typically including the following:

10. VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 12 band 600W Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA PAR600 12 band 600W Grow Light

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The VIPASPECTRA brand has grown rather rapidly in recent times, and their ability to garner new followers can be imputed to their determination to keep producing new innovative products like this one, a grow light boasting a 3-switches full spectrum layout, cooling heat sinks that have been upgraded and a secondary optical lens design that will increase canopy penetration by 200%.

Consumers can look forward to high-speed silent front-fans that ensure easier heat dissipation. When used properly, this Grow light’s optimal full spectrum will ensure that one’s plants and flowers receive everything they need to grow throughout all their stages.

9. UNIFUN 45W LED Grow Light

UNIFUN 45W LED Grow Light

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This Grow light has super bright LEDs (165 red LEDs and 60 blue LEDs) boasting a wavelength that is perfectly suited to encourage the growth of plants. Crafted from ABS Plastic, this UNIFUN Grow Light has a hanging kit and a 3-internal driver power supply.

The light can be deployed at greenhouses, flower farms, indoor gardens and plant factories to mention but a few. The lights have also proven effective with all manner of flowers and vegetables, from tomatoes to grapes, seaweed, green peppers, and bananas.

Despite generating a considerable amount of light and promising great durability (50,000hours), these grow lights are not especially cumbersome to one’s energy costs.

8. Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light

Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light

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Apollo Horticulture offers these easy-to-install LED lights as an effective means of encouraging healthy plant growth. Not only do these lights not require ballasts but they tend to garner interest because they produce so little heat.

For that reason, there is no risk in placing them closer to one’s plants than the average grow light. Boasting a decent lifespan (50,000hours), these lights are appropriate for plants and flowers in all stages of growth.

They are also appropriate for any hydroponic system you can think of. That being said, these lights are a fire hazard, especially within the confines of small apartments and, thus, should only be used by those people that understand them. Read More: Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Galaxyhydro LED 300w Greenhouse Grow Plant Light

Galaxyhydro LED 300w Greenhouse Grow Plant Light

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These grow lights save energy, thus making them environmentally friendly, which is a surprise considering just how bright they can get. Boasting high power 3w Branded Epildeds to ensure a better Par Value, these grow lights include an infrared option that can help increase the yield.

The fan blades are well designed and the cooling system is crafted to dissipate heat as silently as possible. These lights seem to work especially well with vegetables.

6. King Plus 1200w/1000w/800w/600w Double Chips LED Grow Light

King Plus 1200w/1000w/800w/600w Double Chips LED Grow Light

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These lights use new double chip technology to deliver brightness and efficiency that is unmatched by 3w and 5w LED lights. The lights are surprisingly energy saving, though, only consuming about 185w of power.

Designed to last an incredibly long time, this product delivers a full spectrum of light, this including infrared which is supposed to promote greater yields by augmenting seed germination and stem elongation.

These lights will prove useful in any hydroponic system you set up, regardless of the growth stage of the plants and flowers in question.

5. MarsHydro Mars300 LE Grow Light

MarsHydro Mars300 LE Grow Light

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This is as reliable a brand of LED grow lights as one can get. It has taken seven years of experience to produce a grow light like this, the kind that has been crafted out of the highest quality material and which avails features like a heatproof tube and UL certification wires.

Highly efficient, energy saving and availing a full spectrum, this grow light is very easy to install and maintain. Read More: Best LED Flood lights Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

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This Grow light is the result of several years of hard work and innovation, and its efficacy proves as much. Boasting upgraded aluminum cooling heatsinks, you will be hard-pressed to find better grow lights for indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers, regardless of their stage of growth.

Boasting a full spectrum layout, these lights guarantee an increase in the size and quality of one’s plants and flowers. Designed to keep the balance with high PAR/Lumen and suitable coverage, one need not worry about stunted plant growth resulting from a concentration of lighting in specific areas.

Because these lights are so bright, consumers are discouraged from directly looking at the bulbs. Additionally, these lights are not waterproof; as such, they should only be used inside.

The fact that they can be controlled with a timer is an added benefit.

3. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 600W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 600W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

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The next generation of VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Style Lights, these grow lights compliment their upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks with a reflector design and full spectrum layout, this making them appropriate for all manner of indoor plants, flowers, and vegetables. Crafted to keep the balance with high PAR/Lumen and suitable coverage, these lights tend to run 70% cooler than HID Lights. You do not need extra ballast with these lights. Additionally, they can be controlled using a timer.

2. TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

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With six years of experience in the business behind them, TaoTronics has the best grow LED light around. The grow light has a dozen blue and red LEDs that are extremely bright and which should give one’s plants the boost they need to undergo optimal growth.

They consume very little power and their lifespan is very long, probably because of their advanced cooling system which keeps the heat at a minimum regardless of how long the lights have been running. Read More: Best LED Fog Lights Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 300w LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector 300w LED Grow Light

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One of the better models in the Reflector series of VIPARSPECTRA grow lights, this grow light delivers an optimal full spectrum that ensures plants, flowers, and vegetables in all stages of growth and flowering receive all the raw materials they need to mature efficiently.

Boasting a larger aluminum cooling system, this grow light is designed to have a long lifespan.


With these grow lights, your plants will undergo rapid growth even while delivering greater yields. If you need a grow light for your hydroponic garden and you do not really know where to begin looking for one, one of the products above just might be what you are looking for.