Top 10 Best Buy Medicine Balls Reviews In 2018

One of the oldest equipment used for exercise is the Medicine balls. The tightening and strengthening of the power of your body can be regained with the help of these balls. These are powerful and softballs made up of rubber, nylon and PVC material. The balls come with a number of weights. You can use these balls for doing various exercise poses and these are also very easy to handle, throw and catch. These balls are better than normal weight training. It helps in gaining the power, flexibility, speed and overall strength of your muscles. With these balls, you can build your muscle mass at a greater speed as compared to simple workouts techniques. You can do squat for the strengthening of your lower body parts. You can do the catching, throwing, lifting and twisting with the ball for strengthening your upper body parts. There are many brands of medicine balls available in the market and it is very difficult to choose the best one. In this article, I am sharing top 10 best medicine balls which help you in the selection process!

10. Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

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It is a 6-pound ball that is used for exercising the upper and lower parts of the body. It is the best ball for developing coordination, balance, and strength from the core. It is also very easy to handle as it provides your hand superior grip resistance of 6 pounds. It is made up of robust rubber having a rough surface. It is designed in such a way so that it can easily bounce off from the hard floor. You can do exercises like throwing it on the surface and catching it again. By using this ball, you can also do sit-ups, twisting, raising the arm, squatting, diving and many other things as well.

9. Valeo Medicine Ball With Sturdy Rubber Construction & Textured Finish

Valeo Medicine Ball With Sturdy Rubber Construction & Textured Finish

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This ball comes in various size including 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12 lb with all having different colors according to weight. It also has a reasonable price. It is the best ball for developing the eye with hand coordination, flexibility and improves balance.  It also helps in gaining the core and overall strength of the body. This ball is very durable so that you can use it for many years. It is made up of rubber with having the textured-surface. The strong grip with textured surface makes it easy to handle and non-slippery. Its weight is evenly distributed on the surface of the ball this helps in delivering excellent performance. You can do exercises that needed momentum as it can easily bounce off from the surface. You will also get an exercise wall chart and 1-year warranty with this ball. Read More: Best Sunscreens Reviews & Buying Guides.

8. j/fit Dead Weight SlamBall

j/fit Dead Weight SlamBall

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This ball is 9 inches in diameter with weight 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, and 50lb. It is a high-quality ball that is modified more than 10 times. The weight is evenly distributed, and every ball is tested very accurately. You can use this ball for both indoors and outdoors. You can build muscle mass and achieved a perfect balance naturally with the help of this ball. You can also improve your posture, aerobic activity, stamina, and strength. It helps to tone up your cardiovascular system which improves the circulation of the overall body. It also helps in improving eye coordination. It is designed for doing exercises including slamming, throwing and catching.

7. Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs

Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs

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These balls are made up of heavy-duty material with having super absorbing power. The outside material of the ball is a combination of cotton and rayon and inner material is a mixture of rubber and sand. These balls are 14 inches in width and come in all weights. These balls come in soft shell covering which is triple stitched. It is also very easy to stretch these balls without degrading its shape. This ball is not good for doing slamming exercise. It’s bouncing power is excellent, and it is up to the level of the hip. These balls come in red and black color. These balls are durable and also easy to afford. It helps in increasing the overall strength and burn excess calories of the user. You can use this ball for doing jumping, running, throwing, kicking and many other exercises as well.

6. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

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These balls come in 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, and 12lb weights. Every ball has a different color for different weight. This ball has bouncing back power which helps it to bounce up to the waistline. You can do wall exercise and different exercises with your partner by using this ball. It provides you a secure and safe grip. You can build your stamina, strength and coordination power. You will get a warranty for 30 days when you purchased this ball.

5. Sports Research Performance Medicine Ball

Sports Research Performance Medicine Ball

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It is made up of strong and solid PVC rubber and it is good for common workouts. It is available in a number of sizes and colors. It is designed in such a way that it can’t burst. Its non-slippery and springy surface make it easy to handle and bouncing. It helps you to build your coordination level, balance, and strength. When you purchased this ball, you will get a hand pump and a guide for workouts. Read More: Best Krill Oils Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball

Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball

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The cover of this ball is made up of high quality thick synthetic leather. These balls are durable and can be used for years with excessive workouts as well. It is also non-slippery and easy to handle. These balls come in various sizes and colors. You can build your muscles, strength, cardio fitness and flexibility of your body by using this ball. It is the best ball for doing heavy exercises. This ball can also be used for warming up the athletic. The ball is 11 inches in diameter. You will get 3 months of warranty when you purchase this ball.

3. TRX Slam Ball with Easy-Grip Textured Surface

TRX Training Slam Ball, Easy- Grip Tread & Durable Rubber Shell

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These balls are available in various sizes starting from 4 to 40lb. It has good gripping and throwing power as its surface is designed with textures. It is designed to do the toughest exercises and develop power. It has a good absorbing power as it is made up of ultra-durable rubber shell. You will get 1-year warranty after purchasing this ball. It is a solid ball with no bouncing power. You can do squats, pulling, Burpee, push-ups and hip press exercises.

2. Empower Medicine Ball for Women – Exercise Weight Ball

Empower Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball for Strength Training, Cardio, Soft Fingertip-Grip Surface

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These balls are specially designed for the women. These balls help to develop core strength, cardio muscles, and stability of the women body. The women can use these balls daily and improve their balance, posture and core strength. You can also burn extra calories by doing cardio and weight exercise with this ball. These balls are friendly to the environment as they are made up of high grade, burst resistance Vinyl material. It is also very easy to handle as it has a fingertip grip and soft surface. The women can many exercises as a desk chair, swing the ball, lift the weighted ball or toss the ball for getting better results. When you purchase this ball, you will get a DVD for workouts, foot-pump, core ball, and a camp guide. Read More: Best Probiotics for Women Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Wacces Weighted Fitness & Muscle Driver ball

Wacces Weighted Fitness & Medicine Ball Muscle Driver

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It is one of the best balls for doing full body workouts. You can also do workouts with your partner, squats, pressing over the head, cross fit exercises and many more. It helps you to build your stamina and strength. It is very easy to handle with its textured rubber grip. It is durable and has the power to bounce off from the hard surfaces. These balls are available in various weights from 2 to 25 lb in a number of colors. It is the best ball for yoga, sports therapy, poly-metrics, and other exercises. It helps you to build a strong and healthy body by building and toning muscles.


The balls mentioned above are all the top best balls for workouts. You can choose any one of these brands of the ball for your workouts. Just make sure that the ball weight is not too heavy to handle, instead choose the heavyweight ball that helps to provide you slow motions. Repeat every exercise 10 to 15 times to better results.