4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥

Welcome⁢ to our ‌product review⁣ blog post, ​where we’ll be​ sharing our first-hand experience with the⁣ VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones ⁢with Microphone. This delightful 4-pack ⁣of earphones ‌offers a​ range of stunning colors including Black, White, Pink, and Green.‍ With⁤ its impressive features, such as deep bass, ‌clear sound, tangle-free cable, and noise isolation, we couldn’t wait to put ⁢these earbuds to the test.

The whole package includes four pieces of VPB In-ear wired earphones, making it perfect for sharing with your friends and family. These earphones are compatible‍ with most electronic devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack, so ⁣whether you’re using⁢ an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, or Google device, you’re good to go. With a cable length of approximately ⁣3.6 feet (1.1 meters), you can conveniently leave your device ‍in your⁤ pocket​ while enjoying your favorite tunes or taking important calls.

Built with an in-line microphone and call button, ‌you can effortlessly make and receive calls without any hassle. But what truly stood out to us was the impressive quality of sound. The deep bass ⁤and clear sound surpassed our expectations, bringing our music to life like never before. VPB truly values the importance of sound quality,‍ ensuring a ⁢truly ​enjoyable listening experience.

These earbuds⁢ are more than just a ⁣stylish accessory. They’re also practical for various⁢ situations. The ⁤tangle-free cable ensures‌ that you won’t be wasting your⁤ time⁢ dealing with knots and tangles. Furthermore, the noise isolation‌ feature allowed us to fully​ immerse ourselves in the music, without⁢ any external disruptions.

It’s important ⁣to note that these earphones ⁢are not suitable‌ for children⁣ under‍ 3 years old, as they contain small parts. ‌However, they are perfect ⁤for kids and​ teenagers ⁢using devices such as Chromebooks in school or for travel purposes, ⁣such as⁢ on an airplane.

Whether you’re using smartphones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, or streaming ‍devices such⁢ as Roku, these⁢ in-ear wired earbuds are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack. This versatility makes them a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and high-quality listening experience.

At VPB, they ⁣take pride in providing a good experience for their customers. If for⁤ any reason you’re not satisfied ⁣with their earphones, they encourage ⁤you to ⁣reach‍ out⁤ to them for assistance. Each package contains four wired in-ear headphones, each‍ with a different ⁤color. The length ​of ⁢each wired‍ earbud cable is 120 cm ⁣(4.72 ft), offering plenty of flexibility for‌ your listening needs.

In conclusion, we⁣ had​ a fantastic experience with the VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones with Microphone. From the vibrant color​ options to the excellent sound quality ‍and practical features, ​these earphones ‌are a great value for your money. So, if you’re in need ⁤of reliable and stylish earbuds, look no further than the VPB S12 Wired ⁤Earbuds Earphones with Microphone.

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Overview of the ⁣VPB ​S12 Wired Earbuds⁢ Earphones

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图
The VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones offer a convenient ⁣and affordable solution for all your audio needs. With ​four​ pieces included in⁢ the package, you’ll ⁣have plenty to share with your friends​ or keep as spares. These earphones are compatible with most electronic devices equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring versatile usage options.

One ⁣of the standout features of⁤ these earphones is their impressive sound‌ quality. The deep bass and clear ​sound make ⁢for an immersive listening experience, ‍whether you’re ⁣enjoying your favorite music or engaging in​ phone calls. The in-line ‌microphone and call button ⁢allow for seamless communication, making it easy for you ⁤to make and receive calls without having to reach for your device.

Aside ⁣from the exceptional audio quality, these earbuds are designed with practicality in mind. The tangle-free ⁤cable, which measures approximately 3.6 ⁢feet or 1.1 meter, ensures hassle-free usage and convenient storage. Moreover, these⁢ earphones ⁤are‍ suitable for various situations, whether you’re using⁢ them​ at school, during travel, or simply on a daily basis.

The VPB S12⁢ Wired Earbuds ⁤Earphones⁤ are perfect for kids and teenagers using devices like Chromebooks,‌ thanks to their compatibility ⁤and user-friendly design. Furthermore, they are suitable for ⁢anyone‌ looking to enjoy uninterrupted music or audio on-the-go.‌ Rest ⁣assured, we​ have prioritized the quality of sound and are confident that you’ll have⁣ an enjoyable experience with these ‍earphones.

To ⁢purchase the VPB ​S12⁣ Wired Earbuds Earphones and enjoy their outstanding features, ​click here. If you have ⁣any concerns or are not completely satisfied⁢ with our product, please‌ do not hesitate to reach out to us. We value your​ feedback and are‍ committed to providing a positive experience for our customers.

Highlighting the key features and aspects‌ of the VPB S12⁣ Wired ​Earbuds ‍Earphones

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图1

  • Whole package includes 4 pieces of VPB⁣ In-ear wired earphones in⁣ various attractive colors. With ⁢a ​length of 1.1 meter, the earbuds ​cable allows you to keep your device in your pocket‍ while enjoying your favorite music​ or making calls.

  • Make and receive calls easily ⁢with the in-line microphone and call button. Stay ‌connected without any hassle, whether you’re on a‌ call or need to quickly⁢ pause your music.

  • Experience deep bass and clear sound with these in-ear ⁢headphones. We prioritize the quality of sound ⁤to⁣ ensure an immersive listening ⁢experience.

  • These earphones ‍are specifically ​designed ‍for kids and teenagers, making them​ ideal for use in school with devices like Chromebooks. They ​also come in handy during⁣ airplane travel, ‌providing a private⁤ and enjoyable audio experience.

  • Compatible with a wide range⁢ of devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players,‍ and streaming devices like ​Roku. These earbuds are versatile and can be used with any device that has a‌ 3.5mm audio jack.

  • Each package contains four wired in-ear headphones in different colors, allowing you to switch between them​ based on your mood or style. The cable length is 120 cm (4.72 ⁣ft), ​providing ample ​room for comfortable use.

We are committed to bringing you a top-notch audio experience. However,⁢ if for any reason you’re not satisfied ⁤with our earphones, please⁢ don’t hesitate to ​contact us. Get your‍ VPB S12 Wired Earbuds⁤ Earphones now and elevate your music‍ listening or calling experience!

In-depth insights and‍ detailed recommendations for the VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图2

When it ⁣comes to⁢ wired ​earbuds, the VPB S12⁤ truly stands out. With ⁣a whole package‍ that includes 4 pieces of these ⁢in-ear ‌wonders, you won’t‌ have ‍to worry about running out of backups anytime ⁢soon. Compatible with⁤ most electronic devices​ boasting a 3.5mm ‌audio⁢ jack, these earphones offer ​versatility like no other.

One of the standout ​features of the VPB S12 is its astounding sound quality. With a ⁢deep bass and crystal clear sound, you’ll be fully ‌immersed ⁢in your favorite⁣ tunes. No more‌ muffled or distorted audio – these earbuds deliver an audio ‍experience that is simply unparalleled. Plus, with the in-line microphone‌ and call button, you ⁢can easily​ make and⁤ receive calls⁤ without any hassle.

But it’s⁤ not just ⁣about the audio quality – these earbuds are designed with comfort in mind. The 3.6⁢ feet (1.1 meter) ⁤long cable allows⁢ you to leave your device in your pocket, giving you the freedom to move around ‌without any tangles. Perfect for kids and teenagers in school using devices such as the Chromebook,⁤ these earphones​ are also travel-friendly. Whether you’re on a long flight or simply commuting, the VPB S12 is⁣ a reliable companion.

With 4 ⁣different ⁢colors to choose ⁤from in each⁣ package, you’ll get a fresh look every day. The earbuds are also compatible with all devices featuring a 3.5mm audio jack, ​including⁤ smartphones, ‌laptops,​ tablets, MP3‍ players, and streaming devices⁣ such as Roku. Plus, purchasing ⁤the ​VPB‌ S12 is risk-free – if you’re not satisfied with our⁤ earphones, simply reach ⁣out to us.

Experience the VPB S12⁢ Wired Earbuds Earphones for yourself and upgrade ‌your​ audio game. Don’t ‌settle for mediocre sound quality ⁣– click here to get your hands on these remarkable earbuds and⁤ enjoy a top-tier listening experience.

Additional⁤ recommendations and final thoughts on the VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图3

  • Durability: The VPB S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that ⁣they can withstand everyday wear and tear. The tangle-free design prevents frustration ‌and saves time when untangling​ cords. These earphones are built to last, making them a reliable choice ⁤for daily use.

  • Noise isolation: One of the standout​ features of these ⁢earphones is their ability to block out⁤ external noise, allowing you to ⁣immerse yourself in your ‍favorite music or​ podcasts. The in-ear‌ design provides a snug fit, ⁢creating a passive noise-canceling effect ​that enhances‍ your listening ⁢experience. Whether you’re in a ​noisy environment or simply want to enjoy your ‍music ⁢without distractions, these earphones ⁢deliver clear‌ and uninterrupted sound.

  • Variety of colors: With four different color options included ‍in the package, you can mix⁣ and‌ match according to your⁢ mood or outfit. The vibrant colors⁤ not ‍only add​ a touch of personality but also ‍make it easier​ to identify your‍ own​ pair⁤ in a crowd. From sleek black to playful pink, there’s a color option to ​suit everyone’s style.

  • Compatibility: These earphones are compatible with various electronic devices ⁣featuring‌ a 3.5mm audio‌ jack, such as iPhones, ⁤iPads,​ Samsung devices, and Google devices. You can easily connect ‍these⁢ earphones to your favorite devices​ and enjoy ‌your audio ⁤content wherever⁣ you go.

In conclusion, the ⁣VPB ​S12 Wired Earbuds Earphones offer a durable and stylish ‍option for music ​lovers of all ages. With their deep bass and clear sound, these ⁢earphones provide an enjoyable⁣ audio experience.​ The noise-isolating feature ensures that you can listen to your favorite content without any interruptions. ⁤With their compatibility and tangle-free design, these ​earphones are perfect for everyday use, whether you’re on ‍the go or ​relaxing at home. Don’t miss out on ⁣this opportunity to enhance​ your⁢ listening experience – you can find the VPB S12 Wired ​Earbuds Earphones with Microphone on Amazon.⁤

Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图4

Customer Reviews​ Analysis

Our customers have spoken! Here’s what they have to say about the‍ VPB S12 Wired Earbuds:

Great sound for​ late-night listening!

I use​ them at night while ‌my husband reads. I play on my iPod mostly solitary and movies. These earbuds provide ⁢great sound quality and allow me to enjoy my entertainment without⁤ disturbing ⁣anyone. Perfect for late-night escapades!

A perfect fit for ​my laptop!

Bought these for my laptop and they ‌work perfectly. The sound is great, and I am‌ a happy customer. These earbuds enhance my audio‍ experience while working or watching movies on my laptop.

Surprisingly​ good for the price!

I paid ‍around $10 for this 4-pack of assorted earbuds. I received one in black, one in white,⁣ one in pink, and one in light green. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of these earbuds. They are not cheaply made and work well.‌ A ⁢great ​purchase for​ the price!

Average sound⁢ quality and comfortable fit

They​ are comfortable in the ear, and the⁢ sound quality is‌ mediocre. However, considering⁤ the price, they are not terrible. ‍These earbuds offer an affordable ​option with acceptable sound performance. ‍They are​ suitable ⁣for casual use.

Perfect ⁢for Zoom calls and casual ‍listening

As a ⁢senior citizen, ‌I didn’t need an expensive pair of earbuds. I use these for‍ Zoom calls and watching news and movies on my laptop.‍ The multi-set⁢ was perfect for me,⁢ given my cats’ propensity for playing with dangly things. These earbuds are clear and do their job well. I would purchase ⁢them again without‌ hesitation.

Affordable and⁤ reliable‍ wired​ solution

I love these ‍little⁤ headphones. The price‌ didn’t ⁤break ‍the ⁣bank, and I still ‌got four sets of earbuds. They‍ are not flimsy⁤ and deliver good sound⁢ quality. The microphone⁣ works⁤ well, and the ear ‌tips are soft. Perfect‌ for my needs!

Longevity concerns, but a comfortable fit

I used to swear by ‌these earbuds, but their durability has decreased over time. They still provide great sound, but they don’t last as long as⁣ they used to. However, they are‌ comfortable and fit well.⁤ Just be mindful of taking good care of them to⁣ maximize their lifespan.

Stood the ⁣test of time

I purchased these earbuds back in 2019 and ⁤completely forgot about ⁤them. Recently rediscovered, they still held up well. They lasted for several months despite rough handling and⁤ occasional misuse. A comfortable fit and sturdy⁤ build make them a worthwhile ⁣purchase.

Durable if properly cared for

If⁤ you ⁤take good care of these earbuds, they can last a long time. They have a comfortable fit⁢ and a secure connection. Just ensure you don’t subject them to excessive abuse, and they⁤ will provide a ​reliable audio experience.

Satisfied with the purchase

Overall, I am ⁢happy with my purchase. These ‌new pairs of earbuds meet‌ my ‌expectations and I hope they will last me for a while.

Summary of Ratings

Rating Number of Reviews
5 Stars 4
4 Stars 2
3​ Stars 0
2‌ Stars 0
1 Star 1

Pros & Cons

4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate Sound and Style for Every Device! 💥插图5

  1. Ultimate sound ​quality: ​The VPB S12 Wired Earbuds deliver deep ⁣bass and clear sound, providing an immersive⁢ audio‌ experience.

  2. Tangle-free design: ⁤With a cable length of 3.6 feet or 1.1 meter, these ⁤earbuds⁢ give you the freedom to move around without ⁤getting ​tangled ⁢up in wires.

  3. Noise ‌isolation: These earphones effectively block out external noise, allowing you to fully ‍immerse⁤ yourself in your favorite tracks or podcasts.

  4. Wide ⁣compatibility: Compatible⁤ with most electronic devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack, including smartphones, ‍tablets, laptops, MP3 players, and streaming devices such as⁤ Roku.

  5. Convenient in-line microphone and call button: Make and receive calls with ease using⁢ the in-line microphone and call button, without the need‌ to take ‌out your device.

  6. Multiple​ color options: Each package includes four wired ⁤earbuds in ‍different colors (Black, ⁣White, Pink, and Green), allowing you ⁤to choose a style that⁣ suits your ⁤taste.

  7. Suitable for various age groups: These earphones are suitable for both⁣ kids ⁢and teenagers ⁢using devices like Chromebooks in school, as​ well as for travelers‍ on airplanes.


  1. Choking hazard: The small parts of these earbuds make them unsuitable for children under 3⁢ years old.

  2. Wired design: Some users may prefer wireless earbuds for ​more convenience and freedom ⁢of⁢ movement.

  3. No volume ⁤control: These ⁣earbuds​ lack a​ built-in volume control feature, requiring users to adjust the volume on their device.

  4. Potential durability issues: There have been occasional reports of durability issues with the cables or connectors, although the majority of users have not ‍experienced any problems.

  5. Fit may not⁢ be ⁤ideal​ for ⁢everyone: The earbud design may not provide ⁣a perfect fit for all users, potentially affecting comfort and sound isolation.


The VPB⁢ S12 Wired Earbuds offer excellent sound quality,⁢ tangle-free design, and⁢ effective noise isolation.⁣ They‌ are compatible ‌with a wide range of devices and come in⁢ multiple ​stylish ‍color⁤ options. The ​in-line microphone and call button add convenience, while their suitability ⁣for different age ​groups is a plus. However, potential drawbacks include the choking hazard for young children, the lack​ of wireless connectivity, and the lack of volume control.⁢ Additionally, durability issues and potential fit problems may be concerns for⁤ some users. Overall, these earbuds ⁢provide a good listening experience,‌ but considerations should be made based on individual preferences‌ and needs.


Q&A Section:

Q: Are these earbuds compatible with‌ iPhones and iPads?
A: Yes, these VPB S12 ‍Wired Earbuds Earphones are ⁢compatible with iPhones and⁢ iPads, as well as⁢ other electronic ‌devices ​with a 3.5mm audio jack. So, you can enjoy your favorite music and ⁣make calls ⁣effortlessly.

Q: Are the earbuds tangle-free?
A: Absolutely! We understand the frustration of dealing with tangled ⁣earphone cables. ⁣That’s⁢ why these VPB S12 Wired Earbuds‍ come​ with tangle-free cables, allowing​ you to enjoy your music ​without ⁤the hassle of untangling knots.

Q: Can I use these earbuds for phone calls?
A: Yes, ⁤definitely! These earbuds are equipped with an in-line microphone and call button, which means you can​ easily ⁢make and receive calls‌ without having ‍to take out your device. Stay connected and ⁢never ‌miss an important⁤ call ‍while ​enjoying high-quality ⁤sound.

Q: Do these earbuds provide good sound quality?
A: ​Absolutely! We ⁢prioritize ⁤sound quality and have⁢ ensured that these VPB S12 Wired‍ Earbuds deliver deep bass and clear ⁤sound.​ Immerse⁢ yourself in your favorite music or ‌audio ​content with enhanced audio‌ performance.

Q: Are these earbuds suitable⁤ for kids and teenagers?
A: Yes, ​these earphones are suitable for kids and teenagers. They are perfect for school use, allowing students‍ to enjoy ⁢their music or videos while using devices like Chromebooks. Additionally, the compact and lightweight design makes⁤ them‍ great for travel, including airplane journeys.

Q: Do these earbuds‌ come in different colors?
A: Yes, indeed! Each package of these VPB S12 Wired⁢ Earbuds comes ​with ⁤four earphones in ⁤different colors –⁢ black,‌ white, pink,⁢ and green. Choose the color that matches ⁤your personal style or share them with your friends and family.

Q: What is the cable​ length of these earbuds?
A: The​ cable ‌length of each VPB S12 Wired ⁤Earbud is approximately 3.6 feet or 1.1 meters. This allows you to have flexibility and freedom while using your device, ‍as you can ⁣keep it in your pocket ​or bag and still enjoy your music.

Q: Can these earbuds be used with‍ streaming devices?
A: Absolutely! These VPB⁣ S12⁢ Wired Earbuds are compatible with various devices with a‌ 3.5mm audio jack, including ‍smartphones, laptops, tablets,⁤ MP3 ⁢players, and even streaming devices⁢ like Roku.⁢ Enjoy ​your favorite shows, movies, or music with these versatile ⁣earphones.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with these earbuds?
A: We strive to provide​ a great experience for our customers, but if ‍you ⁢are not ‌satisfied with our VPB S12 Wired Earbuds⁤ for any ‍reason, please contact us. Your⁢ satisfaction‍ is our top priority, and we will gladly assist you with any concerns or issues you may have. ​

Experience Innovation

And there⁢ you have it! Our comprehensive review of the 4-Piece VPB S12 Wired Earbuds: Ultimate⁣ Sound and Style for Every Device! We’ve covered everything​ you need to know about these⁢ amazing⁤ earphones.

From their sleek design to their clear​ sound and deep bass, these earbuds are a must-have⁢ for any music lover. With a 3.5mm audio jack, they⁣ are⁤ compatible ‌with a wide range of​ devices, including iPhones, iPads,‍ Samsung phones, and⁤ Google devices. You ​can‍ even use them ⁢with streaming devices like Roku or when traveling with your Chromebook.

The 3.6 feet long cable ensures that you can keep your device in your pocket while ​enjoying your favorite tunes. Plus, the in-line microphone and call button allow you to make and receive phone calls⁣ effortlessly.

But that’s not all! These earbuds ‌are also perfect for kids and ‌teenagers, with their tangle-free and‍ noise-isolating ‌features. Whether they’re ⁤using them in school with their ⁢Chromebooks or on a‍ plane during a family trip, these earphones will provide them with the ultimate listening experience.

And the⁣ best part? You don’t just get one​ pair, but four!⁤ Each package includes four wired in-ear‍ headphones in different vibrant colors. So you can‌ match your earbuds to your mood or outfit. How cool is ‍that?

We ​truly believe that​ these VPB ​S12 Wired Earbuds ‌are​ the ultimate combination of sound‌ quality, style, and affordability. But ‌hey, don’t‍ just take ⁣our ⁤word ‍for it. If you’re not satisfied⁢ with our ⁤earphones, we’re always here to assist⁣ you. Just ⁢contact us, and we’ll be ⁣more than​ happy ⁤to help.

So don’t wait any longer! Experience the ​ultimate sound and⁣ style for yourself with the VPB S12 Wired Earbuds. ⁣Click here ⁢to purchase them⁢ on Amazon and elevate ‍your​ music‌ game​ to a⁣ whole new level:

VPB S12 Wired Earbuds.

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