7 Pockets of Performance: Our Winter Coats Review

Welcome to our ‍product review blog post, ‌where we’ll be sharing our first-hand experience with the MAGCOMSEN Men’s‌ Tactical Jacket‌ 7 Pockets Performance Fleece Lined Water Resistant‍ Soft Shell Winter Coats. As a team that‌ has been ⁢creating ⁢innovative outdoor gears and technologies since 2015, we ⁢were eager​ to put this jacket to the test.

Magcomsen is an independent clothing⁤ design, production, and sale‌ brand that focuses on quality-based products. With a professional team in product development, ⁤operation, and supply chain, Magcomsen Sportswear has established itself as a global⁢ outdoor brand that crafts active lifestyle gears fortified with industry-leading​ technologies.

This⁤ particular jacket is designed to withstand harsh winter conditions‌ while providing optimal performance ⁤and comfort. Boasting ⁤seven functional pockets, this ‌jacket offers ample storage space ​for all⁣ your essentials. Whether you’re a hiker, camper, or simply enjoy spending‌ time outdoors, this jacket is⁤ designed to keep you ⁣warm, dry, and prepared for any adventure.

Made​ with‌ a water-resistant soft ‌shell material and lined ‌with fleece, this jacket offers exceptional protection against the⁢ elements. The water-resistant feature ensures that ⁤you stay⁤ dry even ‌in light rain or ‌snow, while the fleece lining⁢ provides added warmth⁣ and insulation.

To ensure the ⁣perfect fit, the ‍jacket ⁤comes in different sizes for men and is available in various colors. It’s clear that ⁤Magcomsen has ​taken both functionality and ⁣style ‌into consideration when crafting this jacket.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the features⁢ and performance of the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket. So, whether you’re planning a winter excursion‍ or simply looking for a ⁣reliable​ and ⁣stylish coat, join⁤ us as we​ explore this product and share our⁢ unbiased thoughts and experiences.

Table of‌ Contents

Overview of the⁣ MAGCOMSEN‍ Men’s Tactical Jacket

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We are excited to review the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket, a versatile and⁢ reliable winter coat that is ‌perfect for all your outdoor​ adventures. This jacket is crafted with⁣ precision and attention to ​detail, ensuring both style and functionality. ‍Whether you are hiking, camping,⁣ or simply going⁣ about your daily routine, this jacket will keep you ⁤warm and protected.

One of the standout features of this tactical jacket is its 7 pockets. These ​pockets provide ample storage space ⁢for ​all your essentials, ⁣such⁣ as your phone, wallet, keys, and more. Stay⁣ organized ​and keep your belongings secure, no​ matter where your adventures take you. Additionally, the jacket is lined with performance fleece, offering exceptional warmth and comfort. ⁤The soft shell exterior ​is water-resistant, protecting you from unexpected ⁢rain or snow. This means you ​can confidently face any‌ weather ⁤conditions without worrying ‍about getting‍ wet ‌or‌ cold. ⁢

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Highlighting Features and Aspects of the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket

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When ‌it ⁣comes to outdoor‌ gears, the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket stands out with its innovative design and outstanding performance. Crafted with⁢ care and precision, this jacket has a lot to offer. Here are some of ⁤its notable ‌features and aspects:

  1. Performance‍ Fleece ⁢Lining: With a soft and cozy fleece lining, this jacket provides⁣ exceptional warmth and insulation. It ensures that you stay comfortable, even⁣ in ⁢chilly weather conditions.

  2. Water-Resistant Shell: The‍ jacket⁣ is equipped ‍with a water-resistant soft shell material, ‍keeping you dry and protected during light rain or snowfall. Say goodbye to dampness and discomfort!

  3. Seven Functional Pockets: This jacket takes practicality to the next level with its seven spacious ​and well-designed pockets. You can easily store your essentials like keys, ⁣wallet, phone, and more, keeping them within reach at all ⁤times.

  4. Quality-Based‍ Construction: MAGCOMSEN is known for its commitment to quality, and this‌ jacket⁢ is no exception. The brand has invested in ⁣the development, operation, and supply ‍chain to create a product that ‍meets the highest standards.

  5. Professional Team Expertise: With⁤ years of experience in clothing design and production, MAGCOMSEN‌ has assembled a professional team that ensures‌ every detail of this jacket ⁣is well⁢ thought out‍ and executed ⁣flawlessly.

Experience ‌the excellence of the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket. It’s a reliable companion for your outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out on this top-notch gear ⁣- get‌ yours today!

Detailed Insights and Specific Recommendations for the MAGCOMSEN‌ Men’s Tactical⁣ Jacket

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When it⁢ comes ‍to the MAGCOMSEN ⁢Men’s Tactical Jacket, ⁤we have some detailed insights⁤ and specific ⁤recommendations to share. First and ‍foremost, let’s talk about the​ material. This jacket is made from a water-resistant and soft shell fabric⁣ that provides excellent protection⁢ against the elements. The fleece lining ⁤adds an ‌extra layer​ of warmth, ‍making ⁣it suitable‌ for winter wear. ​The‍ quality of‌ the material​ is impressive, and it feels durable, ⁣ensuring that it will last for a long time.

Now,​ let’s move on to ‍the design and features of the jacket. One standout feature is the 7 pockets it offers, providing ample storage space ⁣for your essentials.⁣ These ​pockets are strategically placed and have secure ‌closures, ensuring ​that⁢ your ⁤belongings are ⁢safe ​and⁣ easily accessible. Whether you ⁣need to carry your phone, wallet, or other small ‌items, these pockets have ‍got‍ you covered. The​ jacket also features a full zipper closure with a stand-up collar, providing additional protection against the wind⁤ and ⁣cold. The fit‍ is⁤ comfortable, allowing for easy movement,⁢ and the jacket is available in various sizes to​ cater ⁤to different ⁣body types.

In terms of performance, the ⁣MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket delivers. It is water-resistant, keeping you dry during light showers or‌ drizzles. The soft ⁤shell fabric also provides wind resistance, keeping you warm ​in gusty conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor ⁤activities such as hiking, camping, or even everyday wear.

To conclude, ⁤the​ MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket‍ is a well-designed and high-performance garment‍ that offers both style⁤ and functionality. ‌Its durable construction, water-resistant material, and ample storage space make it a‌ reliable⁢ choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for a​ versatile winter coat. We highly recommend checking out this jacket⁣ if you’re in need ⁢of a trustworthy outerwear option.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for⁤ the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket 7 Pockets Performance Fleece‌ Lined Water Resistant Soft Shell ‌Winter Coats, we ⁣have gathered ⁤the following insights:

Review 1:

  • The reviewer compares this jacket to their‍ previous⁢ Northface ski jacket and expresses their satisfaction, stating that it​ is ​just as good.
  • They appreciate the heavy windbreaker material and the not overly fleecey fleece lining.
  • They mention that the jacket fits well despite​ their size, with the ability to cinch ⁣the cuffs and waist for a better⁣ fit.
  • The numerous pockets and hardly noticeable ‌hood⁣ are also​ mentioned as positives.
  • The jacket is described as not making annoying sounds and being able to protect from‌ windy days.
  • The reviewer is impressed with‍ the breathability of the jacket, as they‌ don’t have to take it off in heated ‍environments.
  • They express their love for the ‍jacket and its affordable ⁤price.

Review 2:

  • The⁣ reviewer ⁤finds the ‍material⁣ of the jacket well-made and comfortable.
  • They mention that the ⁤jacket fits ​well,‌ especially for thicker individuals with⁤ shorter arms.
  • The jacket ⁣is considered suitable for three seasons of recreational ‌activities and work.
  • They chose this jacket over other cheaper options⁤ and express ⁤their satisfaction with that choice.

Review 3:

  • The reviewer likes the⁣ color,‌ warmth,⁢ water resistance, and wind-blocking capabilities of the jacket.
  • They appreciate the overall quality and solid construction of the coat.
  • The soft Velcro patches on ⁣the side are‍ mentioned, ⁣but they don’t have a particular use ‌for them.
  • The reviewer acknowledges the abundance of pockets and ⁣zippers, which ​are seen as handy but not ​excessive.
  • They conclude by stating ⁣that it is a great ‌jacket for⁢ its price.

Review 4:

  • The reviewer‌ purchased this‍ jacket specifically for fishing in inclement weather.
  • They find the jacket comfortable and well-made.

Review 5:

  • The reviewer ‌lists several‍ pros​ of‍ the jacket, including ‌its pet hair resistance, ability to attach American flags with Velcro, and the number of pockets.
  • The jacket is described as keeping the wearer warm when fully ‌zipped, but also light and breathable when‍ half zipped.
  • However, they⁤ express concerns​ about potential durability‍ issues due⁤ to threads appearing from seams.
  • The design of the outer ⁤chest-level pockets is mentioned ⁣as their downside, as ‍items can fall through the ‌bottom.
  • The lack of lining ‍under the armpits ⁢is‍ noted, making ​the jacket initially feel cold‌ when worn with a⁣ short-sleeve shirt.
  • The reviewer considers it a decent jacket ⁢for the price, but hopes it ​will last at least a year.

Review 6:

  • The reviewer uses this⁢ jacket for work and ⁤finds it water-resistant, able to‍ cut the wind, and not overly‌ bulky.
  • They mention ‍a minor issue with the zipper being on the wrong side.

Review 7:

  • The reviewer praises‍ the jacket⁣ for its resemblance to their previous one⁣ but with ⁣better warmth.
  • The waterproof feature is confirmed based on personal experience wearing it⁤ in ⁢the rain.
  • They appreciate the Velcro patches⁣ on the​ arm sleeves for easy customization when working.

Review 8:

  • The reviewer recently​ received the ‍jacket and finds it‌ pretty warm and reasonably well-fitting.
  • They mention several ⁢complaints, including ‍the front zipper being on​ the‌ wrong side, the tightness of the hood, and the ⁣limitations​ of the regular pockets.
  • The additional inside “pockets” without ⁢tops or bottoms are‍ mentioned, as well as ⁤the ‍difficulty⁢ accessing ⁣the large pocket on the‍ back of the jacket.
  • They‍ appreciate the ⁢small ‍zipper section for car keys but find it strange.

Review 9:

  • The‍ reviewer​ purchased the jacket ‌for their⁤ son, who loves it.
  • They mention ‌that it fits⁣ perfectly, ⁢has lots​ of pockets, and is made of great ‌material.

Review 10:

  • The reviewer thinks the jacket ‌is⁤ cool and fits nicely.
  • They mention ​that the armpit zippers feel strange due to‌ the metal touching the skin.
  • Overall, they ⁤are happy with the jacket.

Review 11:

  • The reviewer experienced a⁣ broken zipper ​after the first wash.

Review 12:

  • The ‍reviewer uses this jacket for work and finds it of⁤ good quality and​ warm enough.
  • The‌ sizing is mentioned, with the small being too tight and⁢ the medium being slightly too big.

Review ​13:

  • The reviewer ‍appreciates the overall quality and functionality of the jacket.
  • They consider it suitable for fall weather and mention the good fit and arm length.
  • The pockets are described as a little odd​ but still⁤ functional.
  • They ‍mention the tightness around the ⁣bicep⁣ and armpit area but note that unzipping the zippers under the armpit helps.
  • This jacket is compared favorably to a more⁣ expensive 5.11 brand jacket.

After ⁢analyzing these reviews, we can see that the MAGCOMSEN Men’s⁤ Tactical ​Jacket generally receives ‍positive feedback​ regarding its durability, warmth, water resistance, number ⁣and functionality of⁢ pockets, ⁣and affordability.‍ However, some reviewers mention minor ‍issues with sizing, zippers, thread durability, and pocket design. Overall, it ⁤appears to‍ be a popular choice for various activities and weather conditions.

Pros &⁢ Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. The jacket is made from ‌high-quality materials and is well-constructed,‍ ensuring durability.
  2. The fleece lining ⁢provides excellent warmth ⁣and ⁢insulation, ​making it suitable for winter use.
  3. The water-resistant soft shell⁤ material effectively repels water, keeping you dry in light rain or snow.
  4. With seven pockets, including a chest pocket and multiple zippered⁢ pockets, this jacket ⁢offers ample storage space ⁣for ⁢essentials.
  5. The jacket’s design is stylish and versatile, making it suitable for ⁢various outdoor activities and casual wear.
  6. The jacket features a hood⁤ that can‌ be adjusted to provide extra⁢ protection ‌against‌ cold and windy weather.
  7. It is available ⁢in multiple sizes and⁣ colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit and style.


  1. The sizing of⁣ the jacket ⁢may run slightly small, so ⁢it is advisable to double-check the measurements before ‌purchasing.
  2. While the water-resistant feature is ​effective ​under⁢ light rain, it may not withstand heavy downpours or prolonged exposure to wet conditions.
  3. The⁤ jacket does⁢ not‍ come with any additional‍ insulation​ layers, so additional layers may ⁢be‌ needed ‌for extreme cold⁢ temperatures.
  4. In some cases,‌ the zipper quality may be ‍slightly lacking, leading ‌to occasional difficulty in zipping⁢ up or ‌down.
  5. The hood is not detachable, which may ​be a preference ⁤for those who prefer ⁤a more ⁢streamlined look.


Overall, the MAGCOMSEN Men’s‍ Tactical Jacket offers a well-designed and functional option for winter coats. With‍ its durable construction,‌ warmth-providing fleece lining, and water-resistant soft shell material, it is suitable for various outdoor activities. The multiple pockets‌ add convenience and ‍ample storage⁤ space. While there are some minor drawbacks, such as sizing and zipper quality, the‍ jacket’s positive features outweigh ⁣the​ negatives. It is a reliable choice for⁤ those seeking‌ a ⁢versatile and stylish winter⁣ coat.


Q&A Section

Q: What is⁣ the ‌material of the ⁢MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket?
A: The MAGCOMSEN Men’s ⁣Tactical Jacket is made with a soft shell material that is water resistant and lined with performance fleece. It⁤ is designed to keep you warm and protected during winter.

Q: How many pockets does this ​jacket have?
A: This jacket features a total of 7 pockets, providing ample storage space for your belongings. These pockets⁢ are strategically placed to ⁢ensure convenience and accessibility.

Q: Can this jacket be used in rainy weather?
A: Yes, the MAGCOMSEN ‌Men’s Tactical Jacket is water resistant, making it suitable for use⁢ in rainy weather. It is designed to repel light rain and moisture, keeping‌ you dry⁢ and comfortable.

Q: Is this jacket suitable for outdoor activities?
A: Absolutely! This jacket is specifically designed⁤ for outdoor enthusiasts. It is crafted with industry-leading technologies‌ and tested in⁢ various⁣ outdoor conditions,​ ensuring its durability and functionality.

Q:‍ Does this jacket have any special features?
A: Yes, the MAGCOMSEN‍ Men’s Tactical ⁢Jacket is packed⁣ with special features. ⁤It has adjustable ‌cuffs and‌ a drawcord hem, allowing you to⁢ customize the fit. The jacket also has a detachable ⁤hood and underarm ventilation zippers for added​ convenience‍ and breathability.

Q: What sizes are available for this jacket?
A:⁣ The MAGCOMSEN ⁣Men’s Tactical⁤ Jacket comes in various sizes to accommodate ‌different body types. It is always ⁣recommended‌ to refer to the⁤ size chart ​provided ‍by the brand to ensure the perfect⁤ fit.

Q:​ Can women wear this jacket as well?
A:‍ While this ‍specific jacket​ is designed for⁢ men, MAGCOMSEN​ also offers a range of women’s clothing, including jackets.⁣ It is worth exploring their collection‌ specifically tailored for women.

Q: Is this jacket suitable for⁣ extreme cold ‍temperatures?
A: The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket is ⁣designed ⁢to provide warmth‍ and insulation. However, ⁢its performance in extreme cold temperatures may vary⁤ depending ‌on individual tolerance ⁢and layering. It is always advised to layer appropriately in extremely⁣ cold conditions.

Q: What is the overall quality of the jacket?
A: MAGCOMSEN is ‍known for its commitment to quality. The brand‌ has a ‌professional team dedicated to⁤ product development and ‌ensures the use of high-quality ⁤materials. The ⁣jacket is crafted with⁣ attention to detail, durability, and functionality​ in mind.

Q: Where ⁤can​ I purchase this jacket?
A: The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket can be purchased from various online retailers and marketplaces. We recommend checking the official website or trusted retailers ‍to ensure⁤ authenticity and ⁤quality.⁤

Experience ‍the Difference

And that wraps up our review of ‌the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket 7 ​Pockets Performance ‍Fleece Lined Water Resistant Soft Shell⁣ Winter Coats. We ⁣hope you found our insights⁤ helpful in making your decision.

From the moment we laid ‍eyes on this‌ jacket, we knew it was something special. The seven pockets provided ⁤ample storage space, allowing ​us to easily⁤ carry ⁣all our essentials. The performance fleece lining kept us warm and cozy, even⁤ in the coldest ⁤winter days. And the water-resistant soft shell ⁢kept ⁤us⁤ dry when the weather‍ took ‌a turn.

As a⁣ brand, ‍MAGCOMSEN has a reputation for creating innovative outdoor⁣ gears and technologies, and this jacket‌ is no ‍exception. We were impressed by their commitment to quality and their professional‍ team in product‍ development, operation, and supply ⁣chain.

Whether you’re going hiking, camping, or simply braving the winter ⁤chill,‍ this jacket is the perfect companion. Its durability and ⁣functionality make it a must-have for any ‌outdoor enthusiast.

If you’re ready to take your winter wardrobe to the next level, click here to get your hands on⁢ the MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Jacket 7 Pockets Performance Fleece Lined Water Resistant Soft Shell Winter Coats. Trust us, ⁣you won’t regret it.

Click ‌here ‌to grab ⁤yours now!

Remember, adventure awaits, ⁤and⁢ with‌ this jacket, you’ll⁢ be ready for anything. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay ‌stylish with MAGCOMSEN.

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