Top 10 Best Buy 4-Slice Toasters Review in 2018

Top 10 Best Buy 4-Slice Toasters Review in 2018

What would set your morning mood so vibrant every day you wake up for breakfast or before taking the morning jog than a warm aromatic toast? Having a healthy and delicious meal every morning before embarking on all your daily chores is quite vital. This calls for you to have a better solution to your kitchen experience- a 4 slice toaster.

Unlike the 2-slice toasters, these advanced versions bring more benefits than you would imagine. They are time and money saves and more their performance is none comparable. But when we talk about the best toaster, each package you come across out there would be best to your judgment, but there is quite a lot to consider. This entire procedure makes their purchase difficult though you shouldn’t sweat out looking for your number one. Why? We care for our customer therefore in our research, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best 4 slices toasters in 2018; just make your order without hesitation.

10. Breville BTA830XL Die-cast Toaster

Breville Die-Cast 4-slice long slot smart toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 14.9 by 7.7 by 7.4 inches
  • Item weight: 8.25 pounds

Transform the kitchen look with this elegant looking die-cast steel toaster. The Breville BTA830XL 4 slice toaster include long and wide slots are able o accommodate any bread comfortably. What’s unique? The toaster features lift & look function that provides a chance to keep track of the browning process without interrupting the toasting cycle. Plus, with an " A bit More time" options, you can extend the browning period to your preference depending on the bread in the appliance.

Moreover, Breville is quite robust; 1600watt capacity, this proves it power efficiency thus purchases it without fears or rising your electric bill profusely. When it comes to its convenience, it’s unquestionable. The machine integrates an LED indicator light which alerts when in operation. Better, it will always give out an audible alert when the bred is ready. A bonus, the alarm volume is adjustable; high, low or mute mode, all done with an easy to use press button system.

Key features:

  • Five setting modes; a bit more, lift & look, bagel and defrost
  • Have extra-large slots
  • Energy efficient; 1600watt
  • Have a sleek, elegant stainless steel make up
  • Alarm tone is adjustable either high, mute or low levels
  • LED indicator light

9. KRUPS KH734D 4-Slice Toaster

KRUPS KH734D 4-Slice Toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 13.5 by 8.6 by 13.3 inches
  • Item weight: 5.28 pounds

Right from its brushed chrome and stainless steel construction, this enough proves of the benefits housed in there. The KRUPS KH734D 4-slot toaster will transform all your morning regardless of the time you wake up. i.e., you can serve all members within second thanks to its time-saving property which a market is a must-have appliance in the kitchen. With the extra-large slots, use it to warm, toast or defrost any king of bread despite its shape and size. What’s more? KRUPS feature several working options including defrost, bagel function, reheating, cancel when the process comes to a halt. Not all, the appliance illuminates all through the toasting process plus when your bread has attained the right browning, you will get alarmed alert. Personalize the audibility such that you can move around and take care of other duties before breakfast is ready.

Besides being a 4-slot design, KH734D features dual independent control panels. Therefore, you can use it to prepare different meals; waffle and bread, simultaneously ensuring every member are taken care of their needs. More, customize the brownness level from the six options available while for the small-sized bread, no more finger burns trying to pull them out, no! The machine has high lift lever that pops all this to an accessible height. Finally, it’s cleaning just gets better with the crumb tray p[resent that collects everything plus the cord storage design make it look compact on the counter-top.

Key features:

  • Two removable crumb trays
  • Has a brushed chrome and stainless steel construction with a cord storage
  • Six brownness level and different operating modes; bagel, toasting, reheating, defrosting and cancellation
  • Two-year warranty cover
  • Features high lift lever function
  • Dual independent control system

8. Hamilton Beach 24790 Classic Toaster

Hamilton Beach 24790 Classic Toaster

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  • Item dimensions: 12.2 by 8.7 by 11.9 inches
  • Item weight: 5.95 pounds

Fashionable, versatile and high performance! This is what the Hamilton beach classic 4 slice toaster hold for you in the stainless steel housing at a fair price. Make it a prime product in your kitchen appliance shopping list, and you will never regret having it in possession. The toaster will be useful for all bread types and sizes including the bagels thanks to its extra-long and wide slot design. Why burn your hands every moment you want to pull out the toast with those inferior models when we got a solution for you here? The beach 247900 versions come with a slice boost that pops it high enough for comfortable removal no matter its size. Talking about its use, this is a breeze. The toaster allows you to defrost your waffle reheat them and heat the bread giving consistent results and later the auto shutoff function stops the process when the bread is ready.

Customize the shade of your bread how you want with the shade selector available. Plus with the easy-to-clean crumb trays, maintaining the clean standards just got simpler. A bonus, featuring a cord storage, the machine receives the presentable look always when not in use on the counter plus enhances its storage

Key features:

  • Has shade selector
  • Has defrosted, reheat, toasting and cancel functions
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Features an auto-shutoff on completion of toasting process
  • Has a toast boost for easy removal

7. Black+Decker TR1478BD 4 slice toaster

Black+Decker TR1478BD 4 slice toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 10.8 by 9.6 by 11.2
  • Item weight: 6.9 pounds

Are you a late-riser but always you are on the run to ensure your kids, and everyone at home has a better toast bite before they leave the house? Then get the Black+Decker 4 slice toaster, and you got all the answers. The toaster cuts short the time you would spend in the kitchen making breakfast thanks to its multi functional property. With extra-large self-centering slots, this gives an option for use with any size and shape of bread. Defrost the frozen waffle and reheats them to a favorable eating condition.

Plus with the bagel option, this makes thing better besides the auto cancel that will take care of what’s cooking in there to avoid over browning. Though leaving in the same house, everyone has different desires for the bread brownness; this shouldn’t worry you when you got the TR1478BD toaster as you can select the shades freely. Collect all crumbs in the drop down tray which make your cleanups easier. Above all, its storage isn’t a bother like those traditional models; it comes with a compact cord wrap.

Key features:

  • Features shade selector
  • It’s easy to clean and store
  • Has extra-large slot with self-centering ability
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Constructs from stainless steel material
  • Compact cord wrap design

6. Cuisinart CPT-415 2 Slice Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-415 2 Slice Toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 12.3 by 9 by 8.3 inches
  • Item weight: 4.45 pounds

Pay pennies from your wallet and bring home appliance engineering with new technology. The Cuisinart 2 slice toaster constructs from durable stainless steel. Steel metal is rust free and easy to clean thus this translates to the lifetime functionality of the product. When it comes to its use, it’s incredible! The toaster integrates a clear visual LCD screen with a countdown such that you can keep track of your toasting/grilling process as well as all the commands you are setting.

With 1-1/2 inch slots, this is big enough to accommodate even the large sized bread slices plus its self-centering function spices up everything. Impressively, CPT 415 slice integrates defrost, bagel, reheats and cancel modes that are easy to navigate through with the one-touch button controls. Not only the operation modes but also, having the seven shade choices, all family members, as well as your guest, enjoy satisfaction.

Key features:

  • Removable easy to clean crumb tray
  • 1-1/2 inch self-guiding slots
  • Features a backlight LCD countdown screen
  • It’s a one-touch control design

5. Oster TSSTTRWF4S-SHP 4 Slice Toaster

Oster TSSTTRWF4S-SHP 4 Slice Toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 12.7 by 8.5 by 13 inches
  • Item weight: 6.2 pounds

Is your budget too tight yet you need a premium quality product? End your search with the OSTER TSSTTRWF4S 4 slice toaster. The toaster features with a lower price tag compared to some of its rivals yet provide outstanding functionalities. i.e., wit extra-large slots use it to toast all bread despite the size and shape and still get the best results than before every time. Additionally, the machine has four working modes; defrost, reheat bagel and cancel that will enhance its versatility.

Though designed to premium stands, the customer’s convenience is always a priority. The appliance feature easy-to-use one-touch button control panel that makes the setup smooth. More, you can customize the end shade level with the seven darkness options available. Detach the cord and store it readily on the counter without disruption of the neatness plus to ensure is hygiene up to a point, the toaster comes with removable crumb tray; its dishwasher safe.

Key features:

  • It’s cheap
  • Has detachable cord for easy and neat storage
  • The removable tray is dishwasher safe
  • Include seven adjustable brownness levels
  • Extra-large slot with the high lift lever

4. Hamilton Beach 24810 4 Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach 24810 4 Slice Toaster

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  • Product dimensions: 15.8 by 7.5 by 7.8 inches
  • Item weight; 5.82 pounds

Why struggle with cold toasts in the morning which would otherwise give predispose some stomach upsets when you got a solution here? Hamilton beach 24810 4 slices has come to your salvage. Prepare breakfast for everyone at home with a shorter time unlike when you were to use those traditional single-slot models. Not only will you save time but also money comes in thanks to its low pricing plus lifetime performance spices up all this.

Uniquely, the machine has extra-large and wide slots that accommodate all bread including bagels and waffle. Additionally, to ensure the user has full protection, you can press the boost to bring the slices to an easily accessible height. Unlike the rivals, the control buttons got illumination indicators that make it visible even in dark areas. Leave bread in the toaster and still serve it warm thanks to the additional keep a warm system which extends the warming up to three minutes. Finally, an under base cord wrap style sumps up its convenience.

Key features:

  • Have extra three keep warm minutes
  • Ultra high lift lever
  • Extra-long and wide slots
  • Has under-base cord wrap design
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • The control buttons have illuminations

3. Cuisinart CPT-180 metal Classic Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-180 metal Classic Toaster

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  • Product dimensions; 12.5 by 8 by 11.4 inches
  • Item weight; 6.1 pounds

Another model by the Cuisinart manufacturers though with advanced features! The CPT 180 Cuisinart toasters 4 slice stands out to be your next best companion in your kitchen making you a pro chef always. Its versatility is outstanding thanks to its capability to accommodate all bread size, types, and shapes plus the multiple working modes integrating the role of various appliances in one. The pocket-friendly product constructs from brushed durable stainless steel housing that provides lifetime performance. Use the machine without fear of hiking the electric bills rapidly as it meets all North American electrical standards.

Additionally, the toaster has dual independent control units that provide a chance to multitask at the same time such that all people get served at once. Plus, the six brownness levels from light to dark shade enhance your cooking results since they out consumer needs in consideration. Besides, if your kitchen has space limitation, purchase of the Cuisinart 4 slice will be your best option since its small size plus the cord wrap design suits it for such conditions.

Key features:

  • Constructs from non-toxic materials; its BPA free
  • It’s small and compact
  • Meets all electrical standards
  • Feature dual separate control units
  • Six level of brownness settings

2. Cuisinart CPT-440 toaster

Cuisinart CPT-440 toaster

  • Product dimensions: 11 by 10.3 by 7.2 inches
  • Item weight; 5.5 pounds

Designing with new technology and touch of art; the CPT-440 4 slice toaster proves to be a must-have product for you. This model boasts of its motorized lever less system that will lower bread smoothly in the wide and deep slots while when ready, it pops up the slice with a one-touch command. Keep track of the entire process via the LED backlight screen countdown. Also, to get alert when everything is ready, the machine sends an audible beep. Thus you won’t have to stick around all through.

More, the machine comes with multiple working modes whose navigation is made a breeze with the easy to use press button. Not all, each dual slot set operates thanks to the separate control units independently. Thus you can prepare different meals at the same time. Above all, with the three-year warranty cover, buy the package with full confidence in its durability.

Key features:

  • Features as a motorized leverless design
  • Has three years warranty guarantee
  • Had two backlight LCD screen and countdowns
  • Compact cord wrap for minimal space consumption on the counter
  • It’s user-friendly

1. Cuisinart CPT -142 Compact Slicer

Cuisinart CPT -142 Compact Slicer

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  • Product dimensions: 10.8 by 7.2 by 10.7 inches
  • Item weight: 4.5 pounds

Lastly, we got the Cuisinart CPT-142 model that avails at a fair price yet its advantages are whelming. Use it for the bagels, bread, or frozen waffles and attains the best eating conditions ever within seconds. Unlike the kitchen toasters 4 slices, the Cuisinart brand are premium, yet their prices speak something different. Use the product as long as you will but still, its quality remains intact with the durable stainless steel construction.

Have 1-1/2 inch slots; this makes it ideal for a wide range of bread. Tailor the browning of your toast freely within the seven available options and have the best taste ever. Additionally, with the removable crumb tray, its maintenance shouldn’t worry you anymore since this facilities the cleaning process. Finally, use the toaster to serve two different meals at the same time with the separate control panels on each side.

Key features:

  • Constructs from durable steel metal
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has a small compact size
  • Features independent control panels
  • Have an attractive, stylish look that readily blends with kitchen decor


Buying a 4 slice toaster isn’t the only issue since many can afford them. The difference comes on the type of package you purchase regarding quality, functionality and above all convenience and durability. Thus to ensure you are at peace with your product, make a brilliant decision by settling with one model featuring in our top 10 best 4 slice toasters from the saturated market.

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