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Do you sometimes crave fried foods but the feeling of oil scares you away? Many people do not like eating food with too much oil for health concerns but this is what mostly happens when you make fried food. But this is now a thing of the past because there are kitchen appliances that prepare your favorite delicacy without using much oil. This is not only healthy but also yummy and delicious. Our best buy air fryers give you the opportunity to enjoy that delicacy you always love without unhealthy fats.

With many kitchen appliances on the market currently, you will get all the brands and models you want. Frying your food has never been easier all thanks to this product that will transform the way you produce those crispy fries that everybody loves. When looking for a fryer you first have to ask yourself why am I buying this product and for what purpose.

Most people buy this appliance to improve the taste of their food and reduce the intake of fats. But the question is, what type of air fryers will work well with you and which one will be a great addition to your list of kitchen appliances. To answer that question, this article will give you a detailed list of the ten best buy air fryer brands to help you in deciding the best that will suit you. They include:

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10. The 36001 NuWave Brio Air Fryers

NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryers

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For all your frying needs, look no further than this NuWave best buy air fryer that will offer you a delicious bite without any fats. Many people will not believe that you can fry your food without using oils. Well, this fryer is now your best witness because it produces crispy fries that you will definitely love. It has the ability to produce the heat of up to 390 degrees Celsius which is high enough to give you delicious meals within the shortest time possible. With this best buy air fryer, you can perform several functions that include frying, baking, grilling, and many others.

The most predominant thing about this best buy air fryer is the easy to clean feature where you will not need comprehensive methods that you might not afford or access. In addition, it comes in a compact design that will not take up much space in your kitchen. It comes ready to use without any accessories for you to buy or acquire. As a result, you can enjoy your delicious meal upon purchasing this product.

9. RHAF-15003 3.3QT Rosewill Black 1400W Air Fryers

Rosewill RHAF-15003 3.3QT Black 1400W Air Fryers 

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Do not miss your favorite fries because you can’t stand oils in your food. There is now a solution to this which gives you a way to fry your food without using a lot of unhealthy fats. The RHAF-15003 3.3QT Rosewill Black 1400W Best Buy Air Fryers allows you to prepare hot dogs, shrimps, and many other delicacies within the shortest time possible. Using this model is the only way to ensure you maximize the use of unhealthy fats that causes a number of diseases and infections.

It comes with Rapid Air Technology which makes your food cook evenly without the need to flip them over so that all the parts can cook uniformly. With its LCD display, you will get the opportunity to monitor the temperature to avoid any overcooking that might tamper with the taste of your food. This best buy air fryer is light in weight with a compact design that can fit any space in your kitchen. You can easily transport it to any place you want without any difficulty so that you can enjoy those delicious fries wherever you go.

8. Della Electric Air Fryer with Temperature Controls

Della Electric Air Fryer w/ Temperature Control

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This is the latest invention of kitchen appliances from Della which gives you the opportunity to prepare your meals using the product that will eliminate too many fats for healthy eating. It features a basket that is able to hold up to 2.8 quarts which are big enough to feed an average family of about five people. If you are wary about your skyrocketing electric bills, you should breathe a sigh of relief because this brand is energy-efficient. This best buy air fryer uses 1500 watts which will not only save you on electricity but will also give a variety of foods a tasty feeling without adding a single drop of oil.

If you would like to prepare different dishes, this is the right best buy air fryer for you to use because it has temperature controls giving you the opportunity to manage the amount of heat depending on the dish you are preparing. The two knobs that this brand has allows you to easily adjust the temperature so that you can cook different meals based on their heat requirement. Read More: Best Electric Grills Reviews & Buying Guides.



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Having an LCD display that gives you a chance to control the temperature, you can cook your meals with a difference using this best buy air fryer from BLACK+DECKER. It is a portable brand that gives you the opportunity to easily carry it to any place so that you can enjoy your fries anywhere and at any time. This product presents a new way for you to enjoy crispy and delicious fries without any drop of oils or unhealthy fats that are a great risk to your body system.

The model comes with two fans that blow air all around the food you are cooking in order to achieve a crispy outer taste and a soft inside part. This is a unique feature that many other models don’t have made this brand a champion in frying. The basket has a coating to ensure the food doesn’t come in contact with the metal at any cost because it might cause contamination or affect the taste. What is more, the HF110SBD BLACK+DECKER Best Buy Air Fryer features a 60-minute timer for effective frying.

6. The Cozyna Air Fryer

Air Fryer by Cozyna, Air Fryers 

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If you are looking for a functional brand of air fryers with affordable prices and the best performance, this is definitely your best choice. When you look at the features of this product one will think that its price is above the roof. On the contrary, it has a fair and pocket-friendly price that anyone can afford. It is a flexible product that gives you other functionalities apart from frying your meals. With this best buy air fryer, you can roast, bake, or even grill without the need to add other components to make it function depending on your need.

With a 3.2 liter capacity, these best buy air fryers are ideal for the medium size families or small cafes that prepare fries for its customers. The fryer utilizes 1500 watts providing the right temperature for different methods of cooking so that you can achieve the best taste in your meals. Also, this feature will ensure the product uses minimal electricity so that you don’t have to worry about rising electricity bills. For timely and effective cooking, it comes with temperature control and time knobs that are clearly labeled in order to guarantee accurate and consistent results.

5. The Original Philips Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology

Philips Air Fryer, the original Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology

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If you want an easy to clean air fryers, the Original Philips Best Buy Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology is no doubt your best choice. It comes with a removable tray that allows you to easily clean and doesn’t require comprehensive methods to make it shiny. Most importantly, you can bake, grill, or even steam your food using this amazing brand of air fryers. The fryer is light in weight with a compact design that will not take up much of your kitchen space. Hence, it is ideal for those kitchens and restaurants with a space challenge.

With Phillips being a reputable company producing technological gadgets, this best buy air fryer is a beneficiary of the latest Rapid Air Technology. This helps to evenly distribute the heat inside the fryer so that food will attain a uniform taste. Another unique feature of this brand is the ability to automatically shut off when your food is ready. Again, you can program the exact time it will take for your dish to cook completely and the fryer will shut off at the exact time you set. This will help to eliminate any overcooking if in case you forget or you become busy with other chores. Read More: Best Popcorn Maker Reviews Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Low-Fat Healthy ActiFry T-fal FZ7002 Best Buy Air Fryers

The Low-Fat Healthy ActiFry T-fal FZ7002 Best Buy Air Fryers

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When you are on diet or trying to keep fit, it is always advisable to avoid eating too many fats which mostly come from fried food. But this is not the case anymore because you get your delicious bite of fried food without the oils and fats. Thanks to the Low-Fat Healthy ActiFry T-fal FZ7002 Best Buy Air Fryers you can enjoy your favorite fried foods free from unhealthy fats and oils. With its adjustable temperatures and timed cooking, you can prepare your favorite delicacy within the shortest time possible.

Unlike the other brands in the market which are bulky and large, this model can comfortably fit your kitchen top without taking up much space. It comes with a 3.2-liter capacity which is ideal for medium-sized families. In addition, this best buy air fryer features thermal currents which ensure the heat is evenly distributed so that the food gets a uniform ripe. Also, this will guarantee even cooking without the need to flip them over every other time. Finally, this best buy air fryer has an automatic shut off the system with a buzzer that will notify you when the cooking is complete.

3. The Red Avalon AB-Airfryer100R Air Fryers

Air Fryers, Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R Airfryer (Red)

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The Red Avalon AB-Airfryer100R Best Buy Air Fryers has a number of remarkable features that include the ability to cook different dishes using one fryer. Additionally, you can perform different functions with this brand that include steaming your food, grilling, roasting, and many others. It has a removable rack and baking pan to ensure you prepare different delicacies without any restriction. Again, it allows you to clean it with ease whereby you can put the rack and pan in a dishwasher to clean.

The Red Avalon AB- Best Buy Air fryer 100R doesn’t require even a drop of oil to bake or fry your food. This is the best way to ensure you achieve the most delicious food which is healthy and yummy without necessary using oil. When you acquire this fryer, you get a free pan and a recipe book with all the details and instructions on how to prepare different delicacies. With all these features and functions, it is a surprise that the price of this best buy air fryer is within reach. It is cheap and affordable where you will spend little of your hard-earned bucks to acquire it.

2. 1300-Watt 9063 Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryers

Big Boss 9063 1300-watt Oil-Less Fryer – Air Fryers 

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Coming second among the best buy air fryers in the market today is this Big Boss brand which has a capacity of 16 quarts. This makes it an ideal product for medium-size family or small restaurants and cafes. With this reliable fryer, it gives you the opportunity to prepare two dishes at the same time which is effective because you will save a lot of time. You will not have to wait for a meal to completely cook before putting the other on the fryer, instead, you can cook both at the same time which not only saves you time but also electricity.

It comes with a tight lid that doesn’t allow any steam to escape or air to get in making cooking fast and easy. This feature also makes this best buy air fryer ideal for cooking frozen items because the tight lid ensures the hot air is held inside. If you are looking for a fryer to cook a variety of meals, the 1300-Watt 9063 Big Boss Oil-Less Best Buy Air Fryers is definitely your best pick. With this brand, you can prepare poultry, vegetables, fish, and many others. Read More: Best Hot Plates Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The GW22621 GoWISE USA Air Fryers

GoWISE USA GW22621, Air Fryers 

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This is a modern brand of air fryers with all the features you expect to find that will cook your food with a difference. Having this fryer in your kitchen is the only way to avoid unhealthy foods with fats and oils that may cause certain complications in your body. This brand supports a variety of cooking methods that include steaming, grilling, roasting, and many others. In addition, you can cook various types of foods using this best buy air fryer like fish, vegetables, cakes, fries, meat, and many others.

You will never go wrong when cooking with this best buy air fryer because of the safety features and temperature controls it has. It features an LCD touch display which allows you to select from the pre-set programs which makes it simple even for the starters to prepare tasty meals using this brand. With its extra-large basket, you get the opportunity to prepare more food so that you don’t have to repeat many times. Consequently, the basket is compatible with most of the air fryers which allows you to use it on the other models without having to adjust or add other extensions.

Best Buy Air Fryers Buying Guide

Everyone would love to have a bite of those tasty fried foods without fats or oils. In order to get this delicacy, you will need the best buy air fryer that will prepare your foods with a difference. The question now is how do I get the best buy air fryer? To help you in this, here are a few points you need to consider when buying air fryers so that you get the right brand that meets your needs.

Fryer Settings: This is among the most important points you need to consider to ensure you buy the right fryer that will perform according to your expectations. Look for a brand with temperature settings and heat controls if you would like to get the most out of your fryer. This will enable you to choose the appropriate temperature for the type of food you are preparing to avoid over or under heating.

SSize: Size is another factor you need to consider so that you buy a product that will fit the space you have in your kitchen. Before settling on buying a fryer, you first have to establish the available space so that the model you are buying doesn’t take up all the available space and leave out other important appliances. Therefore, choose the right size that will fit your kitchen and which is suitable for you.

Price Range: The price of air fryers varies depending on size, accessories, features and many other things. Before settling on which brand to buy, you need to compare all the features and price of the fryer for you to settle on one that will be affordable for you. Also, ensure it has all the features you want in order to benefit greatly from it.

Capacity: This is the amount of food the fryer can hold at once which depends on the size of the tray the brand has. If you are using this fryer for commercial purposes or you have a large family, it is advisable to look for one with enough capacity to sustain the number of people you have.


Having listed the ten best buy air fryers in the market currently, it is now up to you to choose the best brand that will suit your needs and one that will prepare the most delicious fries for you. follow this buying guide to ensure you get the best brand that is value for your money.

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