Top 10 Best Baby Changing Stations

Baby Diaper Changing Table

When you need to change your baby’s diapers you don’t just do it anywhere in the room. It is not healthy and hygienic because it may cause infections to you, the baby, and the entire family. Hence, you need to find a nice place to change your baby. If you are wondering where or what to use to change your baby consider buying the baby changing stations which allows you to change the diapers easily and without any problem. Having this baby furniture is not only hygienic but also comfortable for you and the baby.

Just like any other baby furniture, changing stations are important to the baby because it allows them to relax while you change the diapers. On average you change the baby about 15 times by day, and if you don’t do it on a comfortable surface, your newborn will be irritated and start to hate the changing process. Therefore, you need to select the best baby changing stations to ensure you get the best product that suits your baby. With many of these products in the market today you need to make a good choice on the type that will be best for you. The following is a list of the ten leading changing stations. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing Pad, White
SaleBestseller No. 3 Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table and Storage Unit with Changing Pad, Grey

10. The Infant Delta Children Changing Station with Pad

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, Dark Chocolate

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Baby changing stations are a great addition to the baby’s room because they are not only for changing diapers. Consequently, they act as a storage place for a number of baby products like lotions, baby wipes, diapers, baby towels, and many other things. The Infant Delta Children Changing station with Pad comes with a solid wood construction that makes it strong, durable, and stable. Its quality makes it last long which means that you will use it for an extended period of time.

It has two shelves which give you plenty of storage space for various items. Therefore, you will not need to buy extra closets or cupboards that you will use to store baby items because the shelves are spacious enough to hold a number of items. The changing top has side rails which restricts movement to ensure the baby doesn’t fall at any given time. Additionally, the table comes with a water-proof pad to make your baby comfortable while changing. Read More: baby changing station

9. The Eclipse Expresso Cherry Delta Baby Changing Stations

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table Espresso Cherry

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Baby changing stations are not only for the comfort of the child or you when changing the diapers. They also create a good environment for the baby and make the room stylish and good looking. This product has a classic look with an espresso cherry finish that makes it beautiful and appealing. It blends well with the interior decoration of the baby’s room.

The Eclipse Expresso Cherry Delta Children Changing stations has two shelves at the bottom which are spacious enough to store various baby products. The top part is enclosed to keep your baby and ensure she is safe even if you leave her alone on the table for a few minutes. For additional safety, it comes with a strap that helps to hold the baby in place and avoid any unnecessary movements. The changing top has a water-resistant pad to keep the area dry and soft all the time.

8. Dream on Me Espresso Emily Changing Station

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table Espresso

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This is a simple yet useful brand of baby changing stations with an attractive design that adds a decoration value to every nursery. It comes with an espresso finish which makes it good looking, stylish, and beautiful. It is strong and stable which ensures your child is safe because it will not slide or even move an inch even if the child starts playing on top.

This baby changing station has two open shelves that allow you to easily access baby products underneath to save you time and energy of having to look for them somewhere else. The shelves are spacious and able to store many items at once. The Dream on Me Espresso Emily Changing Station has a height that allows you to stand while changing the diapers. This is comfortable and convenient which suits those people with backache and spine problems who don’t bend easily. Read More: Best Baby Bassinets Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Badger Six Basket Espresso Baby Changing Stations

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets Espresso

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If you want to change your baby diapers in style, there is no better way than to use the Badger Six Basket Espresso Baby Changing station. It comes with six storage baskets which are spacious enough to store many baby items at once. The baskets are in the form of drawers which are easy and smooth to pull out giving you easy and effortless access to the items.

Most importantly, it is best for storing those important baby items that need safe keeping. Also, you can keep detergents and baby soaps in this drawers to ensure your child doesn’t access them and start putting them in the mouth. In addition, it has card pockets to hold small items that the baby might need and comes with metal support for extra strength and durability. This changing station has a water-resistant changing pad for the child’s comfort and a strap for safety.

6. The Modern Badger Basket Changing Station with 3 Hamper Baskets

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with Hamper/3 Baskets

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If you are looking for baby changing stations on a budget, this is definitely the best brand for you. It comes with a simple but attractive design that can also act as a décor to the nursery. The table is strong and durable and can hold up to 30 pounds. Therefore you will not have to buy a new table when your child grows up because this brand will still sustain the weight. Consequently, you can also use it on other children because it is strong and lasts long.

The Modern Badger Basket Changing station with 3 Hamper Baskets has three drawers which you can easily remove them when cleaning. Additionally, it has a large hamper that you can use to store various baby items. Likewise, you can use this hamper to hold the used diapers or other items before disposing of them. For safety, it comes with side rails to keep the baby in place and straps for extra protection.

5. The Graco Lauren Espresso Changing Stations

 Graco Lauren Changing Table Espresso

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This is an attractive and good looking baby changing station that will be an additional décor to any nursery. It has extended rails that offer additional safety to the child when you are changing diapers. With these extra long rails, your child will not fall even if you leave her unattended for a couple of minutes. It has open shelves which are easily accessible where you can simply remove any baby item or product with ease.

This changing station is strong and durable which means that you will use it for an extended period of time. Also, its strength can comfortably hold a weight of 30 pounds which is strong enough to support your child until they grow up and stop using diapers. The Graco Lauren Espresso Changing stations has rolling wheels which give you easy and effortless movement from one corner to another. Most importantly, it comes with a water-resistant pad on top to make the baby comfortable at all times. Read More: Best Bunk Beds Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Pebble Gray Graco Baby Changing Stations

Graco Changing Table, Pebble Gray

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Coming from a New Zealand pine wood, the Pebble Gray Graco Baby Changing stations is a must have baby furniture for every parent. It has a comfortable water-proof mattress pad that is stylish and elegant. Your baby will be comfortable without any irritation or dislike for the table. In addition, the top part has raised rails which give your child the much-needed safety during diaper changing.

This changing station comes with two open shelves that are spacious and easily accessible. It is able to accommodate a number of baby items and products which mean you don’t have to buy extra drawers or shelves to keep your baby’s items. To give the table its classic and elegant look, it has an espresso finish that makes it attractive and appealing.

3. The Ashton Espresso Dream on Me Changing Station

Dream On Me Ashton Changing Table, Espresso

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If you are after a portable baby changing station that you can easily carry to various rooms, this is the best product that will meet your needs. This fantastic changing station rolls smoothly on casters to ensure you move this table with ease and without any much effort. When you want to change your baby, you just need to lock the swivel, and it will stand still without moving an inch or even shaking a bit.

The Ashton Espresso Dream on Me Changing station comes with a water-resistant pad that enhances comfort and is easy to clean. After changing the diapers, you can just wipe the top part with a wet cloth to make it clean. In addition, it comes with a strap and rails for safety. The best feature about this changing station is that once your child stops using it, you can change it to a coffee table, storage rack, toy rack or even a bookshelf.

2. The South Shore Espresso Angel Changing Station

South Shore Angel Changing Table, Espresso

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This is another functional baby changing station with many useful features that make it a leader in the industry. It has good ratings on Amazon with numerous positive reviews from users. The changing station comes with drawers that help to keep the baby items safe and secure at any given time. In case your child likes to put everything she finds on her mouth, this is the best table for you to buy. The drawers will keep every harmful product away from the child.

Additionally, it has side rails that are high enough to keep the baby safe and secure. Also, it comes with a strap that fastens the baby to restrict any unwanted movements and ensure he/she doesn’t fall. This table is easy to clean because you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth to make it sparkling clean. Read More: Best Baby Wipes Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Badger Baby Changing Station with Basket and Hamper

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Hamper and Basket

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Coming in at number one among the leading baby changing stations is this unique and attractive product that has a hexagon shape. With six open shelves, you will not have to worry about space to store your baby products and items because it is enough to take all your stuff.

The Badger Baby Changing station with Basket and Hamper has a basket and hamper in the middle to aid in storing baby items. Also, this basket can act as a pin for storing used items and diapers before disposing of them. It comes with a mattress pad that is comfortable and water-resistant for the baby to have a good time during diaper changing.

Baby Changing Stations Buying Guide

Making a decision on which type of changing station to buy is very challenging for every parent because there are many factors you need to consider. Among these factors include:

Safety: The baby changing stations need to be safe and secure and eliminate the risk of a baby falling. Hence, ensure the changing station has all the safety features in place to avoid accidents or harm to your child.

Comfort: Comfort is another important factor that you need to consider before buying that baby changing station you’ve always wanted. Ensure the table has a soft mattress pad at the top to give the baby the much-needed comfort during diaper changing. If the child gets irritated by the table, he/she will start to hate it making you buy a new one which will be costly.

Cost: The baby changing stations come in different values depending on the features and material of the table. Therefore, choose a changing station within your price range to ensure you buy the right product with the important features you will need.

Storage Space: Different changing stations come with different storage spaces and shelves. Decide whether you want a changing station with drawers or one with open shelves. You may also consider a brand with hampers and baskets that will allow you to store additional items.


Changing your baby should not be stressful, but instead, it should be enjoyable and interesting. This is only possible if you are using the right furniture. Choose the best baby changing stations today from the top ten list above and make diaper changing enjoyable and comfortable.

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