Top 10 Best Portable High Chair For Babies

Baby High Chairs

When you sit around the table with your family or friends during dinner or when just having a talk, your child would like to be in that company too. But the problem is a newborn cannot seat on the ordinary chair that the adults or even teens use because it is not safe and comfortable for them. Therefore it is important to find an appropriate chair that suits your newborn and ensures he/she enjoys the company of the entire family or friends. This is where the portable high chairs for babies now come in handy.

A newborn baby needs to be comfortable but at the same time safe and secure. Each furniture you gift your baby needs to be comfortable and come with all the safety features that will ensure the baby is safe even when left alone. The baby portable high chairs are not only secure but also give you the opportunity to attend to the baby easily. You can feed your baby without any problem using these portable high chairs because it gives you the comfort of raising your child to the same height as your own seat.

With this in mind, you need to shop for the right portable high chairs and give your baby a safe and comfortable feel every time. Among the ten best brands of baby portable high chairs in the market currently include:

SaleBestseller No. 2 Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair, Sapphire

10. The Ciao Baby Travel Portable High Chair


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Among the leading baby portable high chairs brands, this portable brand is light in weight which makes it easy to carry around. This brand best suits the ever-traveling family because you can simply fold into a small size to fit the back of your car or even your travel luggage. Even when you are planning to go camping or go to the woods with your child, it is easy and simple to carry this portable high chair because of its lightweight.

The Portable Ciao Baby Travel High Chair comes with soft and comfortable seat pads that give your child the much-needed comfort when seating. Again, the pads are machine-washable which is the most important feature of this best portable high chair because the child may dirty it any time. Moreover, it comes with a cup holder and a vinyl tray to hold the baby’s food.

9. The Graco DuoDiner LX Portable High Chair

Graco DuoDiner LX High Chair, Converts to Dining Booster Seat, Metropolis

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This is a 3-in1 portable high chair for babies with features that allow you to adjust it to suit different heights and sizes of the baby. As a result, it is a chair that your baby will grow with it. Keeping in mind that babies grow fast and rapidly, there is no need for you to buy a chair for every development stage your baby achieves. You only need to buy one chair that you can adjust to suit every stage of development.

It is the most comfortable and safe portable high chairs for your baby with additional mattress pads and straps that hold your baby in place to restrict any unnecessary movements. The chair comes with an easy to fold mechanism that you can easily fold when storing or transporting. Also, it makes it appropriate and effortless to carry to any place.

8. The Sapphire 6-in1 Graco Blossom Portable High Chair

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Baby High Chair, Sapphire

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If you have twins and you don’t want to buy separate chairs for your babies, this portable high chairs brand is the best choice for you. It has two compartments that can comfortably house two kids at the same time. Again, it is also perfect for parents with babies who are near the same age because it will comfortably carry both of them.

With a weight capacity of 60 lbs, the Sapphire 6-in1 Graco Blossom portable high chair can accommodate your two babies without any problem. It has seat pads with leather covering to make it long-lasting and water-resistant. When it gets dirty, this portable high chair will need machine wash or just wipe it with a wet cloth to make it sparkling clean. Finally, it comes with three adjustable footrest positions and reclines levels for easy feeding. Read More: Best Wooden High Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair, Poppy, Pack of 1

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To avoid frequently going to the store to shop for baby portable high chairs, ensure you have this quality, long-lasting and convenient brand with you. The chair comes with a quality material that will last for an extended period of time even if your child abuses it in any way. It is strong and durable with three seating positions that allow your child to grow with it.

This fantastic baby portable high chair has three stages that include the regular chair and my time chair where the baby can place his/her feet on the ground. Moreover, it has the right size chair and table stage which give the baby a chance to play and eat without much supervision. The Dottie Lime Convertible Evenflo portable high chair is available in two attractive colors which are Dottie rose and Dottie lime which your baby will definitely like.

6. The Simple Switch Zuba Graco Portable High Chair

Graco Simple switch Portable Baby High Chair and Booster

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This is another brand of baby portable high chairs that is adjustable allowing your child to grow with it. Having a weight capacity of 60 lbs, this is a convenient chair for those children who are growing fast or have a bigger body size. This portable high chairs brand is among the few baby chairs with good ratings on Amazon and numerous positive reviews from parents and guardians who have once used the chair.

The Simple Switch Zuba Graco portable high chair and booster comes with a reclining seat that you can adjust depending on the baby’s size and height. Consequently, the seat has comfortable pads that are easy to clean where you can just wipe with a wet cloth if you cannot access a washing machine. Other important features of this portable high chairs brand include the 1-hand removable tray that you can convert to a booster.

5. The Grey 3-in-1 Ridgedale Ingenuity Baby High Chair

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale Baby High Chair

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This is yet another brand that suits parents because it has two compartments that fit two babies. Therefore, you don’t have to waste extra bucks buying two baby portable high chairs for both of your children. The Grey 3-in-1 Ridgedale Ingenuity Baby High Chair can accommodate two babies at once without any of them feeling uncomfortable. There is definitely no other way to make your children bond together and share a good time than sitting together in one chair.

Moving this chair around is easy and simple all thanks to the four legs and rollers it has. The seat rolls smoothly on any surface giving you an opportunity to push it without much difficulty. Whether you are going camping, for the picnics, or just taking a walk around the neighborhood, this baby portable high chair will be your best companion. Read More: Best Modern Recliner Chair & Leather Chaise Couche Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Dearbebe Baby High Chair Booster Seat 3-in-1 Toddler Chair with Eating Table

Dearbebe 3 in 1 Baby High Chair Booster Seat Toddler Chair with Eating Table

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For those parents or guardians who mind their baby’s comfort and safety, this is a must-have baby portable high chairs for them. It comes with many helpful features that not only make your baby safe and comfortable but also allow you to feed him/her with ease. It is a multipurpose chair that can act as a feeding station or just a relaxation spot for the child. Also, it comes with a separate table and chair that allows your baby to play without moving.

To give it the much-needed strength and durability, this portable high chairs brand comes from high-quality plastic material that is strong and durable. This feature will ensure you use the chair for an extended period of time or even pass it on to the coming generation while still in good condition. The chair is available in four attractive colors for you to choose your favorite.

3. The Simple Cosco Posey Pop Baby Fold High Chair

Cosco Simple Baby Fold High Chair, Posey Pop

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Coming in the third position among the leading portable high chairs in the market is the Simple Cosco Posey Pop Baby Fold High Chair with four legs and a broad base for complete stability. Even though your child plays alone on the chair without any supervision, she will not fall or slide because it is stable and sturdy. It comes with a three-point harness to keep your baby comfortable during feeding time.

The seat has a weight capacity of 50 lbs and comfortable seat pads that are easy and simple to wash. Most importantly, the chair comes from a quality material that makes it stylish, elegant, and long-lasting. You will be able to use this portable high chair for a long period of time without losing its quality or comfort. It is portable and comes with a folding feature that is easy to transport and store.

2. Graco Simple Switch Portable High Chair

Graco Simple Switch High Chair, Winfield

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Welcome your newborn baby in style by gifting him/her with the best product from Graco which is a leading manufacturer of baby furniture. This brand is comfortable and secure and has all the important features that make it top the list of the best baby portable high chairs in the market. It comes with a weight capacity of 40 lbs which means it can accommodate even a grown-up child.

With this brand of the baby portable high chair in your possession, you will not worry about your child growing fast. The chair allows eight height options where you can choose the height that suits your baby at different points of development. This means that your child can grow with it. Other features of this brand include 3-positions footrest, comfortable seat pads, and polyester outer covering that makes it stylish and durable. Read More: Best Infant Swings Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Graco DuoDiner DLX 6 in 1 Portable High Chair

Graco DuoDiner DLX 6 in 1 High Chair | Converts to Dining Booster Seat, Youth Stool, and More, Mathis

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If your friend or relative is having a baby and you don’t know yet which best gift to give her during her baby shower, look no further than the Rittenhouse Graco DuoDinner DLX portable high chair. This is a nice-looking product with many features that make it a leader in the industry. It has good ratings on Amazon with many positive reviews from users.

The seat pads are soft and comfortable with a quality outer covering that is easy to clean where you can simply wipe the pads with a wet cloth to make it clean. This fantastic portable high chairs brand has a multi-position footrest, 3-position reclining seat, and eight height position options to choose depending on the height of your baby. As a result, your baby will grow with this chair because you only have to adjust the height as your child grows. This portable high chair comes with quality material that makes it strong and long-lasting. It is among the lightest brands in the market.

Portable High Chairs Buying Guide

There are numerous brands of baby portable high chairs in the market currently which makes it hard to decide the best brand to buy. If you are shopping for one, consider the following factors before you walk into the baby furniture store:

Portability: This is the ability to carry the chair with ease and without any effort. You may decide to move or travel with your child where you will need to carry the baby high chair with you. Therefore, choose a brand that you can easily carry with you to ensure your child is comfortable wherever you go.

Adjustability: You should know that young children and especially babies in their initial stages grow fast and quickly. As a result, they will need new gadgets and furniture to go in line with their growth. Therefore, ensure you buy a chair that is adjustable so that you can choose height depending on how fast your baby grows. This will save money that you would use to buy a new chair every time your baby attains a new stage.

Comfort and Security: Because your newborn spends a substantial amount of time seating down, you have to ensure the seat is comfortable and secure. When the child gets irritated, he/she will be a nuisance and give you a hard time trying to make him/her calm. Again, looking after her every time she becomes uncomfortable will take much of your valuable time that you would have used to do something constructive.

Among other factors to consider include storage space, ability to roll softly on any surface, removable trays, foldable brands, and many others.


Your baby’s security and comfort is the most important gift you need to give your bundle of joy. To achieve this, you need to select the best baby portable high chairs that will present the baby with safety and comfort. Choose one from the ten leading brands above, and your baby will be happy always.

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