Top 10 Best Modern Bar Stools

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A remarkable bar needs to have more going for it than an impressive collection of drinks. It needs a custom-made piece of furniture that suits the occasion. A bar needs to be a comfortable place for you to relish and savor drinks. Stylish, snug, and modern bar stools make the case for your comfort and convenience. They help you enjoy the satisfactory taste of liquor. The counter is where you pour out your drink. But the bar stool is right there as a useful backdrop for your support at any drinking moments.

Modern bar stools are sleek and fitted with cool designs. They can blend easily and seamlessly with the interior decors of bars, the kitchen, and the dining area. With the diverse styles and level of comforts from different designs of modern bar stools, you can be sure that bar stools have evolved from just being slapdash pieces of wood joined together.

Each design is distinct and serves you the value for your money. It may be a comfy and cozy bar stool with a 360-degree swivel or a low back stool with or without arms. With the right bar stool, you will get the desired level of comfort. And if you think that making a choice for a bar stool is much of a to-do, then you need to read through our top 10 modern bar stools to get some nice ideas and tips.

10. Leopard Modern Square PU Leather Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Leopard Modern Square PU Leather Bar Stool

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The Leopard Modern Square Modern Bar Stools Set of 2 is comfort personified. It is the very definition of your convenience. This is evident in the use of high-density foam cushioned in a black faux leather used for the two bar stools. The bar stool has very exciting aspects like the 360-degree swivel that guarantees all round comfort.

However tall or short you are, these modern bar stools are specially made to cater to that. It features a very easy to use an air-lift handle to adjust the height so your feet don’t drag. There is a touch of modernity to it in design that makes it perfectly useful for your bar, kitchen and dining arena.

9. Roundhill Metallic Furniture Round Seat

Roundhill Metallic Furniture Round Seat

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The Roundhill Metallic Furniture Round Seat has a stylish, round back. These modern bar stools are fitted with a microfiber cushion that ensures your ease and comfort. With an adjustable knob to adjust the height from 24 inches to 29 inches, it is a great asset for you.

This is a counter stool in a class of its own. The sleek and elegant look certainly adds more to the décor. It gives a perfect and unique ambiance that you love and desire. This modern bar stools have got your back as you lounge at your bar, dining area, and kitchen.

8. Winsome Black 29-Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool

Winsome Black 29-Inch Saddle Seat Bar Stool

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This really winsome modern bar stools will win your heart. It gracefully combines strength, style and elegance in a way that you cannot resist. This counter stool is made of very strong and solid beechwood. Then it is covered with chic black satin. Square and sturdy legs put the finishing touches to this fetching bar stool.

The overall effect is an attractive and refined stool that comfortably supports your weight. It is space-economical in being made without backs. But it still offers all the needed support for your stability. It needs to be assembled on arrival, but that simple enough to add to the charm of this modern bar stools. Read More: Best Modern Recliner Chair & Leather Chaise Couches Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Boraam 29-Inch Cappuccino Swivel Stool (48829)

Boraam 29-Inch Cappuccino Swivel Stool (48829)

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This bar stool is the real deal. A drink in your hand. A beautiful, functional modern bar stools with a footrest to easily put your feet up. Classy black faux leather for comfort and convenience. Splayed legs for balance, stability, and looks. A 360-degree swivel to rotate you around. And a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer to boot.

Counter stools do not get any better than this sweet and appropriately-named bar stool. Sit on this modern bar stools, lean back, swivel around and probably sip a cappuccino. You never miss any fun and comfort when you are in the Boraam 29-Inch Cappucino Swivel Counter Stools.

6. BestOffice New Modern Swivel Bar Stools (Set of 2)

BestOffice New Modern Swivel Bar Stools

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This bar stool is the result of creative, eco-friendly, and purposeful thinking. The BestOffice New Modern Bar Stools is a stunning and irresistible choice in aesthetics and efficiency. In an unusual display of ingenuity, it is uniquely fitted with rubber ring bottoms that prevent your floors from defacing and scratching.

It boasts a chrome base and a 360-degree swivel technology for your comfort. It has a touch of ultra-modern style, beauty, and class. The pneumatic adjustable height is one that you can use to get a desirable seating position. If perfection is what you crave, then look no further than BestOffice New Modern Bar Stools.

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Challiman Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Ashley Furniture Signature Challiman Bar Stool

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When a manufacturer has made furniture for 70 years, it is only appropriate to opine that they know their onions. And Ashley Furniture sure knows what they were doing with this Signature Challiman Bar Stool. This set of two modern bar stools is a very efficient and stable piece of woodwork. It ensures that you have a comfy, convenient seat at the drinking counter.

There is a ring-like design around the stool base. And it makes positioning your feet at any degree or position easy. The sculptured, stylish, stable, and sturdy stool legs confirm its strength. The color of the seat and the stool leg is decent and adds a better ambiance to any bar, kitchen, or dining decor. These modern bar stools are available in rich brown and black colors that will fit in any décor.  Read More: Best Beach Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Barstool (Set of 2)

Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Barstool

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Beaming elegance and beauty are the distinguishing features of this modern bar stools brand. It typifies what comfort should be at every bar. The sleek design of the Roundhill Barstool is unique and also very functional in providing easy and stable sitting. The mid-backrest ensures a good and painless position at your back while the adjustable gas lift works to add so much comfort.

Whether your décor is modern, Roman, Victorian or Gothic, this is one set of stool that will perfectly blend in. Not surprisingly, this furniture is one of the sturdiest on the market. You are perfectly safe in this bar stool. Good drinks, enjoyable nights and modern bar stools go well together. Roundhill Furniture Masaccio Barstool (Set of 2) is what good is.

3. BestOffice Black 2 PU Leather Modern Barstools – Best Bar Stools

BestOffice Black 2 PU Leather Modern Barstools

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This modern bar stools brand is more than just a bar stool and is just simply a good style. This bar stool will serve you well in the kitchen, the game room, the dining area, and the bar. The BestOffice modern bar stools are really the best in that case and it comes with a comfortable leather seat. The fully padded vinyl backrest is just there for your complete comfort and convenience.

The footrest is great and the swivel for all-round turning is well placed. This modern bar stools brand has just the right amount of vintage that will blend very nicely with the modern elements in your décor. Overall, this is a stylish barstool that serves and functions more than being in front of a counter.

2. Roundhill Furniture Powder Coated Black Barstool

Roundhill Furniture Powder Coated Black Barstool

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This is a comfortable modern bar stools brand. It is sturdy and has a stable base and leg. The stylish backrest and footrest have a well-cushioned seat. This satisfying comfort adds to your excitement of drinking. The Roundhill Furniture Powder Coated Black Barstool fits into the elite group of the best of the best. It truly provides incredible comfort with every sense of efficiency.

Its antique design mixes perfectly with modern elements. Its black color blends well with any home décor and it stands tall as the best modern bar stools asset for everyone. Read More: Best Buy Outdoor Bench Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Winsome Black 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool (Set of 2)

Winsome Black 29-Inch Square Leg Bar Stool

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This is another winning modern bar stools from Winsome. It will complement the décor of your dining area, kitchen, and bar. It will provide the comfort of a wooden bar stool, and perfectly fit your bidding. The Winsome Black 29-Inch modern bar stools come well-constructed with a block of strong wood and finished in warm walnut.

The two-step footrest is creative and ensures that you can comfortably seat for a drinking session, regardless of your height. It is a modern bar stools set that comes fully assembled and all you need do is relish the style and beauty it offers as value for money.

Modern Bar Stools Buying Guide

Modern bar stools are important in our homes as they serve as a place to sit while sipping a drink at the counter, spending some time in the dining area or in the kitchen. These modern bar stools are made in different styles and as such provide varying amounts of comfort.

If you are looking to buy a set of modern bar stools anytime soon, then reading this buying guide will serve as a compass for you to choose based on purpose, usability, and quality.

With or Without Backrest-  The choice is absolutely yours to make but you must be well informed to make wise choices as regards bar stools with or without backrest. This must be based on the purpose for buying the stool. Backrest bar stools take more space in a bar than their counterparts with no backrest. However, if you like spending some time on your bar stool, then you need to go for the ones with backrest. Stools without backrest look sleek and require little space but sitting in them for long may cause you pain.

Heights of Bar Stool-  The height of different bar stools varies but you must be sure of the one that perfectly fits your requirement. Taking a good measurement from your bar floor to just under the bar counter will make you determine the perfect height you want on a bar stool. You can, however, decide for some stools with adjustable heights if its height range is good enough for you.

Bar Stool Finish –  If you are considering buying a wooden bar stool which obviously looks stronger than the sleek metallic option, then you need to decide on the kind of wood finish used on the stool. You should consider the finish color of your kitchen cabinets and shelves including the hard floor as a guide to choosing the color of wood finish that should be on your wooden bar stools. Buy to have a color blend and great ambiance.

You may choose darker colors to contrast with the lighter ones on your décor. Or you may choose related colors for a more uniform look. The important thing is the overall effect. Don’t go for colors that will make your bar area look gauche or garish. Dignified is always better.

Cushion or Padded Seat-  The most important aspect of any bar stool is the portion where we sit on. It comes with a choice for buyers too and you can decide to buy a stool with a cushion or padded surface. You should consider the comfort and durability as factors before making your final purchasing decision.

Quality and Quantity –  This has always been a talking point as regards buying anything. For bar stools, some come as single stools while others come as a set of two stools with varying prices. You must first understand what you want and never be swayed by quantity. Remember that you may be spending a lot of time on the barstool. So be firm and sensible enough to pick what you will be comfortable in and proud of.


Modern bar stools are getting the needed attention with trendy and very sleek designs and styles of the modern age. Procuring a set of modern bar stools is definitely nice for your bar, your dining area, and your kitchen.

If you have learned something new from this rating and the buying guide for modern bar stools, do well to give them necessary consideration as you make the choice for comfortable and very usable modern bar stools.

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