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Bear Sprays

If you are that kind of person who likes traveling a lot and especially hiking and climbing mountains, you are then aware that survival in the wilderness is critical. While hiking you will encounter all types of wild animals, birds, insects, and even wild trees that are poisonous when they come in contact with your skin and therefore you should be careful. Ensure you keep all the safety measures in place to ensure you come back from your adventure without any problem. Among the things that should come in handy to you while out in the woods is the bear spray.

Many people are completely fearful when they see a bear because they are known to be among the dangerous animals on Earth. When you come close to this enormous animal, you may even faint, and it will injure you badly if not kill you. These animals are sensitive to the smell of food even if they are a long distance away. But with a bear spray, you will be able to scare them away, and they will not approach if they smell even a bit of the spray. There are a number of these sprays in the market today and among the best include:

Bestseller No. 2 9.2 oz Bear Spray

7. Camo Hip UDAP Holster Bear Spray

Camo Hip UDAP Holster Bear Spray

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This is a unique spray that has an excellent stopping power that comes from a survivor of a bear attack. Having this spray will give you the convenience of hiking and enjoying your adventure without the fear of falling into the hands of a bear. It has a high concentration which goes up to 2% CRC which scares a bear even from a long distance. It has a perfect formula which is extremely hot and ensures that it rebels every bear within just the first spray power.

The spray comes in a canister with a forceful spray power that covers a range of as far as 30 feet. This is an extensive coverage that will completely protect you and your friends from any unfortunate attack if you come across a fierce bear. With a powerful fog emission, this spray is able to emit the spray continuously for about 5 seconds before it empties out. What you need is to just position the spray in the eyes, nose or mouth of the bear and you will be safe from any attack. The spray comes with a camouflage canister for the convenience of handling and carrying, and the canister is generally easy to use.

6. The 30-Feet Frontiersman Spray

The 30-Feet Frontiersman Spray

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If you are that person who can’t stand the sight of a bear, let alone battle with it, this type of spray is the best for you. Having this spray around offers you complete safety and the confidence to enjoy your camping without the scare of a bear. It delivers a more powerful stopping power compared to other brands on the market. It comes with a relatively small pack, but it covers a wider distance and prolonged usage. This is a feature that ensures it rebels the bear before it even approaches your camp. This means you will be out of danger because the creature will not dare come around due to the strong rebelling effect that this spray has.

The 30-Feet Frontiersman Spray is a product which also cares about animal well-being. This is because the spray will only rebel the bear without causing any bodily harm or injury. If you care much about animals, then this is a proven product for you. It is easy to carry and a simple trigger will unleash the spray and will not leak. The canister has a smooth texture that is friendly to your hand and will feel comfortable when carrying. Read More: Best Stainless Steel Cleaners Reviews & Buying Guides.

5. The Pepper Mace Brand Bear Spray

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If you are a regular adventurer or you would like to have a substantial amount of time in the woods, this is a perfect bear spray for you. The spray comes with active ingredients that will rebel even the boldest or scariest bear you come across in the forest. This is a functional spray that will only scare away the bear without causing any adverse or even the simplest body harm to the bear. It is cost-effective and you will be able to use it effectively.

The bear spray is easy to operate and comes with a simple trigger mechanism which immediately activates the spray upon touching the trigger. It has a wide coverage which is more expansive than other common bear sprays in the market. The canister perfectly fits your pocket or backpack which gives you the convenience of carrying it even if you have other luggage. It is easy to operate such that it becomes easy to use even when you are panicking, and you seem not to understand what’s going on around you.

4. The 9 -Ounce Guard Alaska Pepper Bear Spray

The 9 -Ounce Guard Alaska Pepper Bear Spray

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If you are entering the woods but you are not sure which species of bear is found in that part, you don’t have to worry yourself so much. The 9-Ounce Guard Alaska Pepper Spray is a perfect repellant for all species of bear. This spray is non-flammable and you don’t have to worry when you sleep next to a fire while out camping. The spray will give you total protection by scaring a bear from a long distance. With this spray, it doesn’t mean that the bear must be near you to rebel it. It can scare it even from a distance meaning the bear will not get close to you.

The 9-Ounce Guard Alaska Pepper Bear Spray has a simple design which is easy to use and operate. It is light in weight and you will not feel it when it is in your pocket. This brand comprises of powerful added ingredients to make it reliable and effective. The ingredients present in the spray are friendly to the environment and does not harm the ozone layer in any way. It is also safe for humans such that if you accidentally spray it on another person or on yourself, there will be no cause for alarm. Read More: Best Paint Sprayer Products Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The Assault Counter Deterrent Bear Spray

The Assault Counter Deterrent Bear Spray

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The Assault Counter Deterrent Spray is a proven and tested spray that is multifunctional and can also rebel dogs away. This is a spray that should be on top of your camping list when you are planning to go and spent some humble time in the woods. Furthermore, this spray contains an ingredient which improves its hotness and ensures the bear is scared within the slightest trigger. It has 2% of capsaicin which makes it the strongest repellant that you can lay your hands on.

The Assault Counter Deterrent Spray has an expansive coverage and spreads fast and fairly for maximum efficiency. It comes in a simple aerosol canister which is light in weight and including it in your camping luggage will not add much weight. The spray is friendly to the environment and will not harm you or the bear in any way. It comes with a simple functionality which is easy to use and operate. A simple trigger will unleash the spray and you will be safe from a bear attack. It has an extended shelf life which means you can use it for a long time without compromising its quality.

2. The 7.9 Oz Frontiersman 30-Feet Range Spray

The 7.9 Oz Frontiersman 30-Feet Range Spray

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This is yet another amazing bear spray that delivers the best results. It is a safe to use product that has no health effect to you or the animal. It is also friendly to the environment in the essence that it will not damage the ozone or even cause plants to wither. With a powerful and additional stopping power, this bear spray is a leader in the industry. It comes with a 2% of capsaicinoids which effectively creates a rebelling effect when it comes in contact with the bear.

The 7.9 Oz Frontiersman 30-Feet Range Spray has been proven to offer a wide coverage and ensure you are safe while this canister is in your hands. It is a strong spray which is light in weight for ease of carrying. A single canister has a remarkable volume which allows you to use it for an extended period of time without running out. The bear spray has a high pressure which immediately unleashes a strong fog when you trigger it. It has a quick response and a fast reaction which takes effect on the bear upon coming in contact. This will ensure you are completely safe. Read More: Best Waterproof Spray for Shoe Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The 9 Oz. 2-Pack Repellant Firemaster Guard Alaska Spray

The 9 Oz. 2-Pack Repellant Firemaster Guard Alaska Spray

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This is the leading bear spray in the market currently which performs to everybody’s expectation. It comes in a small decent pack, but its performance is more significant than most of the sprays available. This spray has a powerful stream that is able to cover a wider distance and reach far. With this spray in your hand, you will not be cowed by any approaching bear no matter how scary or fierce it looks. It has a strong pressure that unleashes the pray fast enough to stop a fast approaching bear. It is cost-effective and doesn’t drip or leak which means you will be able to use all the volume available in the canister.

This bear spray is eco-friendly and any accidental spray on yourself or on your friends will not lead to any serious injury or bodily damage. It protects the environment and even the bear itself. The bear spray is light in weight whereby you can easily carry it with you without feeling the weight even if you are tracking for a long distance. It is also simple and easy to operate where you can only use one hand.

Bear Spray Buying Guide

Every adventurer would like to stay safe while out in the woods, but more often people get confused when they want to buy a functional spray. There are a number of brands in the market with nearly the same specifications and deciding on which is best for you is a bit hard. This buyers guide will outline what to consider before buying a bear spray:

Portability- Going camping or hiking means you will be carrying a big language. It is not advisable to increase your luggage by carrying a heaver sprayer. Choose one that is light and easy to carry.

Ease of Use- Everybody panics a lot when faced with imminent danger, and you get confused, and even the simplest instruction becomes hard. Choose one that is easy to use such you will not struggle with it when a bear approaches.

Safety of the Bear- The intention of using a bear spray is to only scare and rebel it away but not to harm it in any way. Go for a sprayer that is harmless to the animal’s health.

Spray Coverage- Different sprays have different coverage area and distance. A spray that covers a wide area is convenient because it will help to repel the bear effectively. Hence, consider coverage area and range that the spray goes to ensure you get complete protection.

Spray Duration- An effective bear spray will last a substantial amount of time when triggered to ensure it rebels the bear effectively. The longevity of the spray determines your protective barrier. Choose a brand that lasts long and one which can be used on a number of occasions.

Price- The sprays come in a range of prices and therefore go for a spray that will not hurt your pocket but will meet your needs.

Other things to consider before buying a spray include the type of sprayer, pressure, brand reputation, and many others.


Do not fear to go for adventure because you fear a bear attack. There is a convenient way to shield yourself from this fierce animal and ensure you are safe throughout the entire adventure. This list of bear spray brands presents the best repellant against a bear. Include one in your camping list today and stay safe from bear attacks.

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