Top 10 Best Heated Bird Baths

Bird Bath

Bird baths are small, man-made, shallow pools of water or ponds that are created with basins for birds to bathe, cool themselves in, or drink. In general, bird baths aren’t about cleanliness as they are about an invitation for birds to visit especially during hot temperatures and the heated bird baths for cold temperature.

Bird baths can be made of sculpture, wood, pools and are an essential part of presenting a normal or conducive habitat for your birds. This review will help you choose the best heated bird bath for your precious pets and help them grow in a pleasant and friendly environment.

10. Smart Solar 20633R01 Acadia Heated Bird Bath

Smart Solar 20633R01 Acadia Solar Birdbath

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The Smart Solar heated bird bath does not just serve as a watering hole for your birds, it is a dazzling addition to improve the beauty and overall outlook of your garden. It is concrete and stands at a little over 2 feet tall. It has a solar panel that works underwater and does not need to be wired. It pumps water at low voltage and does not consume too much electric current or power. It is constructed with concrete bolstered and fortified with glass fibers.

It is extremely durable and resistant to harsh and severe temperatures of hot and cold. It is practical and easily maintained. All you need do is empty, clean, rinse, and top up. It has an olive-green varnish that adds to the looks of your garden and gives your bed a really cool bath. The only disadvantage of this heated bird bath is that the solar panel only works when exposed to direct sunlight.

9. Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

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Remove the monotony and boredom of railings on your patio with this decorative and creative heated bird bath. This heated bird bath has a basin that is fabricated from plastic and designed to be attached to the railings of your patio. It measures 20 inches in span and 2 inches in depth. It has a fitted thermostat at the base to keep the birdbath and the water in it always heated even in the middle of winter.

With this heated bird bath, your birds are guaranteed a year-round source of heated water for bathing and warming themselves. Being attached to the existing railing means it does not take up space and is accessible for your birds. Also, cleaning this heated bird bath does not take too much effort as you can simply tilt the basin over to empty the water out. On the other hand, attaching this birdbath to your railing may be a tad difficult and the tilting function of the basin may have issues.

8. Evergreen Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Glass Bird Bath Bowl

Evergreen Tiffany-Inspired Hanging Glass Bird Bath Bowl

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Whether your birds are bluebirds, goldfinches or Orioles this beautiful multi-colored birdbath is perfect for them. It is made of emblazoned stained glass inspired by Tiffany Studios. It is a hanging birdhouse. The kit comes with the basin for the birdbath, hooks, and chains for hanging the birdbath. It is made to be impervious to weather conditions so it does not rust or corrode. You can easily clean it out with warm water and is easily maintained.

The downside to this birdbath is that, because it is a hanging birdbath, it is susceptible to wind changes. It tends to swing around a lot and this may not be very comfortable for your birds or may make them very restive. It is also made of glass, and may very easily break. Read More: Best Baby Bathtubs Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

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Unlike the birdbaths that have been on this list, this Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath is not for outdoor purposes or uses. It is designed to be fitted in your bird’s cage. It is clear, transparent and made of polystyrene of very high density. The bracket is quick lock and will attach to any bird cages.

Installation of this bird bath is really easy, will fit all birdcages and gives your bird a very relaxing place to cool off. It is really highly durable and you can also use it as a dish to feed your birds. It is however only really practical for small birds. And if you have bigger or large birds, this is not the birdbath for you.

6. Audubon by Woodink NABATH Deck Mount Bird Bath

Audubon by Woodink NABATH Deck Mount Bird Bath

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If you reside in an apartment building, this is the birdbath for you. Like the API mounted heated bird bath, this birdbath is also designed to be attached to the railing of your patio. You can, however, attach it to anything that has a diameter and is sturdy enough to support the weight. It is adjustable and needs no expertise or special tools in hooking up.

It is constructed with polypropylene and steel to give it strength and durability. Unlike the API heated bird bath though, it is not heated and is not suitable for use in really cold weathers. Leaving it on your deck when it is cold may cause the water to freeze and hurt your birds.

5. Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath

Gardman Pedestal Bird Bath

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For lovers of medieval architectural style, this birdbath is a hit. Unlike most birdbaths, it is constructed not with metal, but with resin. It has perching holes for birds on the top of it. For more stability, some water or gravel can be added to the pedestal.

It is brightly colored and will be attractive to your birds. The design is unique and one of a kind and it is very useful and practical for your birds. It is however not good for use in low temperatures. Read More: Best Stuffed Animals Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Songbird Essentials Heated Bird bath

Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

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This heated bird bath is useful and will serve to keep your birds warm in the coldest of temperatures. It stands at a height of 29 inches giving your birds a literal bird’s eye view. It weighs about 15 pounds. It has a diameter that spans 15 inches and a depth of about 2 inches. This heated bird bath will keep the water in the basin warm in really low temperatures.

It has a heater that is securely insulated by foil and controlled by a covered thermostat. The heater switches on at 0 degrees Celcius. This heated bird bath is good for the welfare of your birds and is best kept outdoors. It does need some effort in assembling though and requires a really lengthy extension wire to keep it plugged in a power source.

3. Regal Art &Gift Birdbath/Feeder with Stake

Regal Art &Gift Birdbath/Feeder with Stake

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Like the Tiffany-style colored birdbath, this birdbath is glass and colored in a royal purple hue. It has a height of 25 inches and can also be used as a bird feeder. It has a three-pronged metal leg for stability and balance. It has metal hooks that provide an easy place for your birds to perch and is sturdily made that perching will not upset the balance.

It is easy to keep, clean and maintain. You can keep this birdbath indoors or outdoors in your garden or yard. Like any other glass product though, it is fragile and needs to be handled with care to prevent breakage and any subsequent harm to your birds. The purple color of the glass may also fade with prolonged usage.

2. Evergreen Flag & Garden 2GB619 Fluttering Hummingbird Glass Birdbath Bowl

Evergreen Flag & Garden 2GB619 Fluttering Hummingbird Glass Birdbath Bowl

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This glass birdbath will resonate with your birds, attract them and make them feel at home. It has the picture of a hummingbird embossed on it. It is easy to clean and only needs to be rinsed out.

It, however, comprises of only a basin and no stand so you can place it on any level surface that is convenient for you and for your birds. You can place it indoors or outdoors. It is not ideal for all weather conditions and you cannot leave it outside in harsh weather. Because it is made of glass, it can break very easily. Read More: Best Piggy Banks Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Audubon Hanging Bird Bath

Birds Choice Hanging Acrylic Bird Bath, Red

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This is another birdbath manufactured by Audubon. It is a hanging birdbath and not designed to be placed on surfaces. You can hang this birdbath anywhere: from nails or lines indoors and from tree limbs outdoors.

Just be sure to hang it high enough for when you need to walk under it. It does not need much ground space and is very durable. It is not meant to be subjected to harsh weather conditions because it is made of resin and is not as sturdy as birdbaths made from concrete or metal.

Heated Bird Baths Buying Guide

Heated bird baths play a very important part in the developmental process of your birds.  They serve a perch need, a view needs, feeding need, safety need, and much more. It is important then to carefully consider what birdbaths to buy to fulfill all these needs. This buyers’ guide will help you to choose the best heated bird bath for your birds:

Material: Birdbaths are constructed from different materials. Reinforced concrete, glass, metal, plastic, and resin are a few of the materials that birdbaths are made from. If you want to keep your birdbath outside, then reinforced concrete is your best bet. It is designed to weather any atmospheric conditions.

A resin may not be a very good birdbath to keep outside as it tends to be degraded by extreme temperatures. Glass may also break when exposed to alternatively cold and hot temperatures. Plastic and metal birdbaths fall somewhere in between. You should also select birdbaths that will blend with the design or overall aesthetics of your garden.

Height: If you keep pets that may prey on your birds, then your birdbath should be tall enough that these predators like cats cannot reach your birds. It should be positioned in a place where the birds can see around it, and where predators cannot hide. Keeping birdbaths in the open under a tree is always best.

Depth: Birdbaths are for birds to bathe and cool themselves, not drown. Select a birdbath that is shallow enough for your birds to perch in so they do not drown themselves. You should also buy birdbaths that have places for your birds to perch. Alternatively, you can place smooth pebbles in the water for your birds to perch on. Smaller diameters of bowls are best so that your birds can see around and above the bowl and have a quick response time in case of any predators approaching.

Maintenance: For the health benefit of your birds, but easy to clean and easy to maintain birdbaths. It is also good to consider whether to go for a heated birdbath or not. Heated birdbaths will help to keep your birds warm even in colder temperatures. Be careful to regulate the temperatures though, so you don’t end up hurting your birds.


Whether the birdbath be hanging or a deck-mounted one, heated bird bath or not, made of plastic or made of resin, the important thing to understand about birdbaths is that they are primarily about your birds and secondarily about you.

So in buying a birdbath, consider your birds first. The comfort and safety of your birds should top the priority list and inform your decision in choosing an appropriately heated bird bath.

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