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Sometimes you may wonder what you will do if you get guests at home and they need to spend a couple of days at your house. You may get a chance to welcome them and even offer them a nice meal but the problem will be during the night when they need to sleep. With space being a big challenge nowadays, many people do not consider some space-saving tips when buying furniture for their home. This is because we tend to buy big beds that occupy a large area without focusing on space. When this is the matter, bunk beds with stairs should be the best solution.

These beds are best for those families with a number of children because it gives them the opportunity to house them in one room without any problem. But sometimes you wonder which is the best bed that fits the type of room I have or the one that will be best for the children or guests? This is something that many people need to know to be sure that they are buying the best bunk beds with stairs for their children. Therefore, here is a list of the ten best bunk beds with stairs brands with all their features to help you in deciding the one that suits you. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 2 Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed, Twin over Twin, Grey
SaleBestseller No. 3 Bed Assembly - Bunk Bed with Storage

10. Twin-Over DHP Twin Bunk Bed

DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed

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When you decide to buy this model of bunk beds with stairs you will not only get a space-saving idea but also get the opportunity to decorate the room with a difference. It comes in an attractive design that will be the best addition to your room. If you are buying it for your kids, they will always love being on their bed because they will not want to be away from the most attractive thing they see. Also, when you put these bunk beds with stairs brand in the guest’s room, they will always admire your taste and sense of fashion.

These bunk beds with stairs are able to accommodate two mattresses making it the best choice for a family with twins because every child will get a chance to enjoy the comfort they deserve. Most importantly, the two compartments are of the same size giving you the opportunity to shop for the same mattresses at the same place without the need to look for them separately. Furthermore, this feature will be a welcome relief to the kids because they all want to have the same treatment. If one child finds out that the other is advantageous, they will be rebellious and may even refuse to use the bed completely.

9. The Living Espresso Dorel Twin Over Bunk Bed

Dorel Living Espresso Twin over Bunk Bed

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There is no better way to protect your young ones than to buy them a stable brand of bunk beds with stairs that give you peace of mind knowing that nothing bad will happen to them. The best way to do is to order the Living Espresso Dorel Twin Over Bunk Bed because it is stable and firm ensuring it remains solidly in place without even shaking. Even though your children play with it, you will not have anything to worry about. The lower compartment is bigger than the upper one giving this bunk beds with stairs the much-needed stability to keep your children safe all the time.

The Living Espresso Dorel Twin Over bunk beds with stairs is among the leading brands in the market with all the safety measures in place that will make you buy the moment you read its features. It comes with guard rails which help to restrain the children from falling if they have to roll on the bed. It is evident that children may be vigorous on the bed when they dream or even play with their dolls. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when you have these bunk beds with stairs in your kid’s room. In addition, the bed has a ladder which will be helpful when your children will need to access the upper bunk.

8. Craft Espresso Stork Twin Bunk Beds

Stork Craft Espresso Twin Bunk Bed

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Occupying the eighth position among the best bunk beds with stairs in the market today is this amazing brand which is of high-quality and comes with all the features that will definitely excite you. It comes from premium quality solid rubberwood which is strong and durable to ensure you use for an extended period of time. On the other hand, The solid wood provides a very interesting decoration value to the room because it is shiny and appealing. The finishing on this bed will no doubt create a very conducive environment for a sound sleep.

Another thing you should know about these bunk beds with stairs brand is that it is eco-friendly and you will have the confidence to buy knowing that you will not be harming the environment in any way. With its solid and firm nature, the Living Espresso Dorel Twin Over Bunk Bed is ideal for the guest room because it will be able to withstand any amount of weight without breaking or reducing its strength. Even if two adults can sleep on this bed there will be no cause for alarm because it will endure the weight. Read More: Best Pregnancy Pillows Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Futon Metal White Twin DHP Over Bunk Bed

DHP White Twin Over Bunk Bed (Futon Metal)

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If you are always that stylish person who can’t have the finest products miss your sight, you should consider this modern brand of bunk beds with stairs. The bed comes in a white colour which does not only look attractive but also blends well with any type of decoration in your room.

Even if you decide to put it on the kid’s room or on the visitor’s room, it will bring a conducive environment for a good sleep. The frame features a strong and quality metal which is resistant to all the environmental factors giving it a long life. No matter the materials and chemicals you use to clean your house, you will have the confidence knowing that it will not harm the bed in any way.

If you have a space challenge in your home, there is no other better way to correct that than to buy the Futon Metal White Twin DHP Over Bunk Bed. It can serve many purposes in your home including acting as a seat as well as a bed. This is the greatest space-saving idea which is ideal for every home because it doesn’t cost a fortune. It is very easy to convert these bunk beds with stairs to become a full-size sleeper and ensure your kids or guests enjoy a good night’s sleep.

6. The Black DPH Kid’s Sturdy Twin Over Bunk Beds

81i1k6PiJrL. AC SL1500

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For those parents with twins who are growing fast and are about to start occupying their own beds, you don’t have to wonder how you will have a ready room for each of them. The best thing is, you can make it possible for them to stay in one room but still get enough space for them to play and get a place to put their dolls. The Black DPH Kid’s Sturdy Twin Over bunk beds with stairs is the best way to make the kids bond together and ensure they are beside each other all the time.

The bed measures 78.3 inches by 56.9 inches which is spacious enough to accommodate the kids and also compact enough to create enough space in your room. With a metal frame, this is no doubt among the strongest bunk beds with stairs on the market today which means that nothing will ever go wrong even when two of your kids play on the bed. It is strong and durable giving you peace of mind knowing that your children are always safe. In case you get a lot of visitors, you can prepare this bed for them and it will be able to sustain them because it has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

5. The Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed

Walker Edison Metal Bunk Bed (Twin-Over-Twin)

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With a total weight capacity of 500 pounds, this is among the strongest brand of bunk beds with stairs that give your kids the best support without breaking. It is a bed that meets all the consumer product safety standards making it the best product that every parent should be shopping for at the moment. Nobody would like to buy a brand that will bring a disaster at the house rather than bringing additional benefits. But this is different with this brand because it will never cause any harm to your kids or guests.

Other safety features of the bed include guard rails that contain the children to ensure they don’t roll over and injure themselves. In addition, it features a ladder which makes it easy to access the upper compartment so that the kids will not struggle while climbing the bed. Another feature that stands out on this bunk beds with stairs is the lightweight where it weighs only 100 pounds. This makes it easy especially when you are transporting it to the other rooms. Also, it allows the kids to move the bed themselves without asking for help if they need to change positions. Read More:Best Silk Pillowcases Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Long Horn Pink Stork Craft Twin Bunk Beds

Stork Craft Pink Long Horn Twin Bunk Bed

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This bed does not only focus on quality but also put more emphasis on the safety features to ensure there are no injuries or accidents. Therefore, if you are looking for safe bunk beds with stairs for your home, you will not find any other better brand than this. The brand meets all the ASTM and CPSC safety regulations making it a leader in the industry. Because most of the injuries happen due to children falling from the upper bed, this is different when it comes to the LongHorn Pink Stork Craft Twin Bunk Bed. This is due to the fact that it has guard rails all over which stand high enough to eliminate any possibility of kids rolling over.

When you buy this bunk beds with stairs for your home, you will not only be ensuring your children get better sleep but also it acts as a decoration to the kid’s room. It comes with an attractive design which is a great addition to every room. Another thing that will definitely excite you in this brand is the solid and sturdy construction it has. Coming from solid high-quality wood, you will never go wrong with this bed.

3. The White Dorel Living Twin Over Bunk Bed with Ladder

Dorel Living White Twin over Bunk Bed with Ladder

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This brand of the best bunk beds with stairs from Dorel Living is the most stylish and fashionable product that every modern home should have. It is a classic model with a unique design that will go well with any interior decoration in your room. Whether you like the contemporary decoration styles or you are into vintage collections, this bed will exactly suit your interest. It comes with enough space to ensure the kids or your guests get a good space to relax.

If in case you have enough space in your room and you don’t want the bunk beds with stairs, you can easily separate it to get two beds so that the kids can get a chance to communicate directly while sleeping. The brand features a step ladder which allows easy access to upper bunk which is very important because it helps to eliminate any chances of the kid falling while struggling to climb the bed.

2. World Discovery Furniture Twin Over Merlot Bunk Beds

Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Merlot Bunk Bed

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The second position among the best bunk beds with stairs in the market today goes to World Discovery Furniture Twin Over Merlot Bunk Bed which features a number of features and specifications that will make you like it. The brand comes in two colour designs which include honey and espresso giving you the opportunity to choose the best style that will suit your preference.

Apart from buying a bed, you will also get a large storage unit with which you can use to keep essential stuff like clothes, toys, additional bedding, and many other things. The storage unit slides easily under the lower bunk which is another effective space-saving strategy. This will create enough space for kids to play rather than having cabinets and suitcases all over the room. Most importantly, this bunk beds with stairs brand meet all the safety standards which give you the confidence to buy knowing that your children will be safe. Read More: Best Baby Bassinets Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Black Twin-OverFull DHP Best Bunk Beds

DHP Black Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed- Best Bunk Beds

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Every modern home knows the value of saving space right from the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and even the kid’s room. DHP which is famous for producing the best beds has now come up with a great idea to ensure every home get the chance to save space while enjoying the best product in return. The Black Twin-OverFull DHP best bunk beds with stairs is the number one brand with many users going for this product because of its elegance and the high-end design it has.

With the high-quality steel frame, these bunk beds with stairs are strong and durable to give your kids the chance to enjoy an amazing bed for a long period of time. What is more, the bed is attractive and appealing with a design that will blow your mind off. It is sleek and appealing which makes it the best decoration for every room. Finally, it meets all the safety standards ensuring your children will be safe all the time. You will not have to worry about checking them every other minute but rather you will undertake your chores with confidence.

Bunk Beds With Stairs Buying Guide

There are obviously a lot of reasons why you might consider buying bunk beds with stairs. But before going to the market, you need to first decide the type and brand you need to make it easy for you. Hence, consider the following factors to help you make the right buying decision:

Safety: The major thing you should consider before deciding the type of bunk beds with stairs to buy is how safe they are to your kids. You should know that you will be leaving them to sleep alone in another room which may subject them to some danger if you don’t get a safe bed. As a result, it is advisable to find a brand with all the safety measures in place and approval from relevant authorities to be on the safe side.

Strength: The material of the bunk beds with stairs should be quality and strong to eliminate chances of breaking while your kids are asleep. You should determine the material and ensure it will last for a long time and able to sustain the weight of your kids or guests.

The Layout of the Room: Different bunk beds with stairs come in a variety of designs and if you are not careful, you may buy a brand that will not fit the type of layout in your room.

Size of the Bed: Some bunk beds with stairs may be larger than others depending on the age of the kids or whether you are buying for other purposes. Therefore, you need to ascertain the size of the room to avoid buying a too large or a too-small bed.

Other things to consider include the style of the bed, accessibility, age of the kids, their sleeping style, price, and many others.


Bunk beds with stairs are the best way to save space especially when you have two or more children and you don’t want to occupy a lot of space. the above list of the best brands will help you in deciding which is the best model that meet your needs.

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