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Car Code Readers

Before taking your car to the repair shop, you first need to ascertain by yourself what the problem is so that you know where to fix it. Your mechanic may give you a wrong diagnostic which may end up damaging your vehicle leading to great losses or worse, it may rid off your engine. The best way to find out what is troubling your vehicle is by use of the best car code reader that gives you precise problems and how to fix it. This is a simple device that is among the sophisticated automotive diagnostic tools that are available in the market today.

Nothing is more worrying on the road than to find lights popping up on your dashboard with the readings “check engine.” You will have no idea what is going on especially if you are a new driver or you bought your new ride. You will be confused about whether to stop and check the engine or drive directly to your mechanic. But with the best car code reader, it will give you the best decision to do or even help to fix the problem. If you are looking to acquire this awesome gadget, here are the ten leading brands in the market that will help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

10. The 34t5 Bluetooth OBDI Scan BAFX Products for Android Devices

BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

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No matter the type or model of vehicle you own, this is the best car code reader that will give you precise diagnostic of your vehicle. It is compatible with all car types and models and works well with most of the vehicles in the market. It is easy to use and allows everyone including the new car owners to understand its functioning so that you don’t run into troubles with your ride.

This device comes with clear trouble codes that help you to check the engine and ascertain if there is a problem or not. Also, this best car code reader can fix the problem within the shortest time possible giving you a chance to continue with your journey and save time. For you to get the readings and diagnostics, you can simply connect it to your tablet or PC by using a third-party application for you to analyze the problem easily.

9. The OBDI Scan BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional tool for iPad, iPhone, and Android

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

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For all your professional vehicle diagnostics look no further than this best car code reader that comes with state-of-the-art technology that can give you exact readings. The device has a sensor and blue driver app that works together to provide you with quality output. This best car code reader is compatible with nearly all vehicles in the market currently giving you the advantage to use it on different cars. If you have a fleet of varying rides, this is definitely your best choice.

It is a simple tool that anyone can use without much difficulty. A new pack of this best car code reader comes with an instructions manual that shows you how to set it up and operate. This will eliminate the expenses of having to call an expert to fix it for you. Most importantly, it gives you fast readings where it takes the shortest time to provide you with accurate results.

8. The OBD2 KOBRA Wireless Scan Tool and Car Code Reader

KOBRA Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader and Scan Tool OBD Scanner

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This is another brand of functional and amongst the best car code reader that offers you the opportunity to get quick readings that are accurate and precise. It is one of the best and most effective car code reader and OBD scanner available in the market currently. What is unique about this device is that it is able to connect successfully to any available operating system through a WI-FI connection. Keeping in mind that nearly all neighborhoods have WI-FI connectivity, this is the best brand for you to buy.

By acquiring these best car code reader, you get a chance to enjoy some other free and paid apps that include OBD fusion, OBD car Doctor, and many others. This will give you the opportunity to perform other functions apart from just code reading. Furthermore, this best car code reader comes with an upgraded version that offers you a wider signal range and improved compatibility of various applications. Read More:  Best Car Batteries Reviews & Buying Guides

7. The CAN OBD Oxgord II Scanner Tool

Oxgord CAN OBD II Scanner Tool

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If you are seeking for the best car code reader that give you generic troubleshooting trouble codes, this is the best device you need to have. It is simple to use and comes with applications that not only give you fast results but also display their meanings and interpretations in various codes. As a result, you will not run into difficulty understanding the readings of your engine because this device will give you exact definitions.

Apart from clear interpretations of the problem, this best car code reader also has well readable trouble codes that can turn off the MIL engine light making it the leading automotive tool to use. It is sizeable and light in weight which makes it easy to carry in your car without occupying much space.

6. The AL319 OBD II Autel AutoLink CAN Scan Tool

Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD II & CAN Scan Tool

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Don’t get stuck in the middle of your journey because you can’t comprehend the problem in your car. The best way is to buy the AL319 OBD II Autel AutoLink CAN Scan Tool which will give you a complete analysis of your engine and it fixes where possible. This best car code reader will give you a chance to get the exact information and know what or where to adjust.

This device is compatible with a variety of new-generation vehicles and the old ones making it the best equipment for those people with different car models. With this best car code reader, you will not be able to buy a code reader for every car you have but instead, use one gadget for all the vehicles you have. Most importantly, this machine comes with color-coded LEDs with an audio device that offers a visual and audio indication of the problem your car is facing. This will make it easy for you to understand the hitch and how to fix it.

5. The 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth ScanTool

ScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool for Windows and Android – DIY Car and Truck Data and Diagnostics

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This is the type of best car code reader that converts your PC or tablet into an expert diagnostic tool. This is because you can connect it to your computer in order to get the exact interpretation and code reading of your engine. It is compatible with most operating systems giving you the opportunity to use it in different applications.

Moreover, the 427201 OBDLink LX Bluetooth ScanTool also works well with a variety of third-party applications that include dash commands, torque, and many others giving you the opportunity to use it in a number of ways. This best car code reader is energy efficient and will not drain your car battery even if you leave it plugged in for a long period of time. What is more, this code reader is easy to install and use explaining the reason why it a favorite among many users. Read More: Best Buy Rolling Miter Saw Stands Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The OBD Scanner Veepeak Scan Tool Code Reader

Veepeak OBD2 Scanner Scan Tool Code Reader

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You might have realized that going to the repair shop to fix small problems in your is quite expensive because the mechanic may damage other parts in the process of fixing your car. This leaves you with an alternative to use car code readers which can take care of the small hitches in your car. The OBD Scanner Veepeak Scan Tool Code Reader allows you to fix the small problems to give you a chance to reach to reach your destination before undertaking major repairs.

This best car code reader is best for a wide variety of vehicles from different manufacturers which means you can use one device on many vehicles. Most importantly, it is among the cost-effective troubleshooting devices in the market that saves you on the budget because it is pocket-friendly. Compared to most scanners that mechanics use in the garage, this best car code reader is effective and economical.

3. The AUT-350C Pro Gold Automatic 3G Connected Car Adapter

Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G Connected Car Adapter

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This is sophisticated car code readers that use 3G connectivity without spending so much or getting extra charges. It is a dual-purpose device that also gives you real-time vehicle location regardless of who is behind the wheel. Therefore, when you have this best car code reader in your possession, you can read the trouble codes of your engine as well as track your vehicle to know the exact location or the pattern of movement.

This is best for cargo trucks and vans because you get to know where your luggage is at any given time. The AUT-350C Pro Gold Automatic 3G Connected Car Adapter is easy and simple to use whereby even the learners can get the opportunity to understand how it functions.

2. Auto Diagnostic OBD2 Bluetooth KOBRA OBDII Scanner and Car Scan Tool

OBD2 Scanner & WiFi Car Code Reader – Clears Check Engine Lights Instantly – Diagnose 3000 Car Codes - Wireless Car Diagnostic Scanner – Auto Scanner for 1996+ Vehicles (iOS & Android Devices Only)

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Coming second among the best car code readers in the market currently is this fantastic model that uses Bluetooth technology to relay a signal to your Android device. This is a cutting-edge technology that gives you a precise reading within the shortest time possible. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to use it on most cars because it is compatible with a variety of car models.

What attracts many users to this best car code reader is the fact that it is able to receive both generic diagnostic trouble codes and the manufacturer codes which enhances easy troubleshooting. Clearing the alarms and code in this gadget is easy and simple and doesn’t require intensive technology and understanding. Read More: Best Tire Chains Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Full Kit Table Auto Diagnostic Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Key Coding and Support Injector Coding

Autel MaxiDAS DS808K (Upgraded Version of DS708,DS808) OBD2 Scanner Best Car Code Reader Diagnostic Tool KIT Tablet Full Set Support Injector Key Coding with Autel Professional Carry Case

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For the best and fast troubleshooting results, trust Full Kit Table Auto Diagnostic Autel MaxiDAS DS808 Key Coding and Support Injector Coding for the best functionality. This best car code reader is compatible with a variety of vehicle models and brands. With this, it makes it ideal for mechanics who handle different types of cars or owners with a fleet of vehicles because it saves on cost when you have to buy a code reader for each vehicle.

This device comes with a super-fast quad-core processor with a seven inch LED touch screen for easy readings. Moreover, it has OE-level system coverage which enhances electronic analysis for exact and precise results. With its remote control technology, it enhances easier operations and to helps you control the device wherever you are. Finally, this best car code reader is compact and light in weight which occupies less space in your car or store and also ensures you carry it with ease.

Best Car Code Reader Buying Guide

Before you buy a code reader, you need to go through all the features of each brand in order to settle at one that will meet your needs. Among the features you need to look out for include:

Compatibility: Not all car code readers are able to function well in every car model or type. Chose a product that will work well in the type of car you have so that you don’t spend a fortune in a device that will not be of any help to you.

Price Range: Code readers have varying prices depending on the features, size, functionality, and many other things. Hence, choose one that you can comfortably afford without draining your account.

Type of Connectivity: Different code readers use different means of connectivity in order to function and relay the results and diagnostics. Chose the type of connectivity depending on one that is available for you. For example, you cannot select a device that uses 3G when you don’t have that form of connectivity where you operate.

Extra Apps: For you to fully enjoy the benefits of code readers, it is advisable to go for one with additional applications because you get a chance to perform other tasks as well.

Nature of Display: For you to get precise readings, you have to choose code readers depending on the display that works well with you. Some devices have LED screens, while others can be connected to Android devices, Bluetooth, PC or table. Therefore, chose the best brand depending on the display you like.


If you are a car enthusiast who can handle the small problems in your vehicle, the car code readers are your best gadget. With the many of these devices available in the market getting the best product is a big challenge. But with this comprehensive list of the best car code readers, you can choose one of the best and enjoy your ride without any hitch.

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