Top 10 Best Car Sun Shades

Car Sun Shades

While driving you need effective protection from various elements to ensure you don’t get any interruption that may result in accidents. You should know that direct sunlight will not only affect you but can also cause severe damage to your car if you don’t regulate it properly. UV rays can scorch your car and remove the paint eliminating the shiny surface that always makes the car attractive and appealing.

Additionally, it can affect the interior of your car and cause damage to several items that you have. This is where you will need the best car sun shades to protect you and your car from any possible harm and effects. With the importance and popularity of this product in the market today, you will find many brands that will be a big challenge when trying to select the best car sun shade for your car.

Sometimes you may end up buying one that will not be able to function according to your expectation because it not of the right quality you need. Therefore, you need to be careful so that you get a product that will effectively protect you and your car from the harmful UV rays. In this article, we will show you the ten best car sun shade brands to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

10. The “Hero on Board, We Call Him Dad” Magnelex Car Sun Shades

Magnelex Car Sun Shades

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For anyone who values the safety of his/her car at any given time, this is the best car sun shade for you to buy. It measures 20 by 0.5 by 12 inches which are a standard measurement for most of the cars you will find on the road. This brand will protect your entire family from the harmful UV rays that can get into the car through the windows. In addition to protecting against skin damage, it also safeguards your eyes while driving so that nothing will distract you but give you humble time to concentrate on the road without the fear of any obstruction.

This amongst the best car sun shades come in three shades that include static clings that you can use on the side windows and measures 12 by 20 inches. Moreover, you get the large window sunshade that measures 40 by 19 inches so that you will be able to protect the entire car and all your family members. Coming from a fine mesh material, it is easy to set up and will only take a few minutes before you can drive away with your car with the sun shades on.

9. KALMORE Car Window Sunshades 80 GSM

 KALMORE Car Window Sunshades 80 GSM

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If you are a long-distance driver and you cannot stand direct sunlight while driving, it is time to buy this best car sun shade brand which will effectively protect you. The sunshade has a special UV resistant technology that helps to isolate the temperature effects to give you fresh air all the time you are in the car.

Additionally, it keeps you fresh from the hot weather while you are sitting near the window which is a reason why it is the best car sun shade for long-distance drivers. In case you have cars of different models or sizes, this is the right choice for you because you can customize it to meet your needs. This is because it comes in a foldable design that will fit any size of the windscreen or window to give you the much-needed protection you need.

It is a non-stick sunshade that comes with a reusable snap that helps in the closure for perfect fitting. If you are in the car with all your family members, all of them will get the best protection from the UV rays. The best thing that many users love about this product is that you don’t have to stick it on the window in order to function according to your expectation.

8. 2-Piece BRICA White Hot Sun Safety Shades

BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades

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This is among the easy to use car sun shades that are available in the market today that give you the opportunity to fix it in your car without any difficulty. It is a retractable brand that allows you to protect yourself and any other person in the car from UV rays. It has a beautiful aesthetic design that will not only protect you but will also be an appealing decoration that will add glamour and style to the vehicle. By putting these sun shades on you will make heads turn every time you pass.

The product comes in two pieces giving you effective protection because it will provide maximum coverage. Moreover, the shades feature a dual attachment where you can choose the suction cups or adjustable clips to fix it. You should not spend the entire day at the car service station when installing this brand in your car. It is easy to set up all thanks to the one-push retract button that makes it easy to install. It will only take a few minutes of your time giving you an opportunity to fix it before going to the office or before dropping the kids to school. Read More: Best Windshield Wipers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. OxGord Auto Car Sunshade Foldable

OxGord Auto Car Sunshade Foldable

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Measuring 11 by 11 by 1.5 inches, this is a standard measurement that you can fix on a variety of car models so that you don’t have to take a lot of time scanning the market for a perfect fit. This foldable windshield has the capability to block UV rays and heat of up to 50 degrees giving you a conducive environment in your car. The shades come from high-quality material which ensures you use it for a long period of time without the need to replace it regularly.

It is gentle on the glass and safeguards the dashboard from damage from direct sunlight which may cause scorching and fading. Storing it is easy and simple because it has a hook and loop strap that will not occupy a lot of space while storing. This brand creates an effective wall between the sun and the inside of your car so that you get a humble time while driving or when you are just relaxing inside your car. Another feature that makes this brand a great choice for many users is its large size that fits even the Tahoe windshield.

6. The EzyShade Car Windshield Sunshade

EzyShade Car Windshield Sunshade + Bonus Product

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If you are looking for a universal car sun shades that will keep your car cool even during the sunny days, this is the best product for you to buy. It comes with a functional reflector that effectively deflects away the sun rays so that you get a cool environment while inside your car. It has a good fit for your windscreen eliminating the need to cut it or trim into a perfect size that will give you the best protection. Being a two-piece brand, folding it is easy and simple where you will just layer them together for easy storage.

Among other accessories you will get upon purchasing these car sun shades include the sticky and non-slip dashboard mat that will effectively hold your cell phone and other items that you can put on the dashboard. This is because it will maintain a secure grip that will safeguard all your belongings and valuables. When not in use you can simply put it in the trunk of your car and it will not occupy a lot of space. Furthermore, it is easy to use on the windshield giving you the opportunity to install it within the shortest time possible.

5. Universal Fit ShadeSox 2-Piece Car Side Window Baby Sun Shades

ShadeSox Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2 Pack)

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Just as the name suggests, this is a model of car sun shades that is universal meaning you can use in any type or brand of car you have. It comes from a high-quality stretchy material that will not only last for a long period of time but will also firmly fit your car and block UV rays. With these shades on, you can roll down the window and enjoy fresh air any time you want because the mesh that this product has will permit the entrance of fresh air. Therefore, you can even stay the whole day in the car without the fear of UV rays.

Installing it is very easy and simple and it will not take a long time before you block those harmful rays from reaching your car. Another feature that will make you buy this brand is the ability to clearly see the front or outside the window ensuring that the shades will not block your sight. Moreover, you will be able to acquire this brand without having to spend too much because it is cheap and affordable giving everyone the opportunity to afford. Read More: Best Sleep Masks Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The 3-Piece Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shades

Kinder Fluff Car Sunshade (3px)

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You may sometimes want to travel with your children in the car during the sunny days but you fear them coming in contact with the UV rays because it is harmful to the gentle skin. But after looking at the features of this product you will no doubt put aside that fear. The 3-Piece Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shades will protect you and the children inside the car because it helps to block direct sunlight which causes a lot of harm to the skin or even the car itself.

It comes in two layers where one is the static cling while the other is a mesh that is able to effectively block up to 98 % of the harmful UV rays. Even with the two layers, it is fast and simple to install and remove so that you don’t have to spend a lot of your valuable time to make it functional. No matter how long you will leave your car in an open space where it will come in contact with sunshine, the interior will remain cool and conducive for as long as it takes making this brand a leader in the industry.

3. Windshield Sunshade Plus Bonus Product

Windshield Sun Shade + Bonus Products

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You will never find any other better and effective way to keep the interior of your car cool even when the vehicle is under the sun than by shielding it with this brand of car sun shades. It protects your vehicle, you, and the entire family from the harmful UV rays ensuring no one will develop sunburns or any other skin problems as a result of direct sunlight while in the car.

It is very convenient and easy to use all thanks to the retractable style that evenly folds into a small and compact item that you can store without taking up much space. Coming from high-quality stretchy material, this is a strong and durable brand that will not wear out easily giving you the benefit of using it for a long period of time. What is more, you can use it on a variety of car models and it will perfectly fit without the need for any adjustments.

2. 21 by 14 3-Piece Car Window Sunshades

 Car Window Shade – (3 Pack ) – 21″x14″

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You will never talk about the leading car sun shades without mentioning this high-quality brand which can fit a number of car models including SUV, Minivans, Sedan, and many others. This is because it comes in a large size that perfectly suits the size of the above vehicle models. With the static-cling technology that this brand has, installing and removing it is easy where you can do it within the shortest time possible giving you the opportunity to undertake other important duties.

The material in this brand is one that will ensure nothing will go wrong with and is also light in weight so that it becomes easy to move it from one place to another. It is able to block up to 97% of UV rays without blocking your view of the road or the oncoming traffic. You can clearly see anything that is in front or on the side of the road. Read More: Best Car Waxes Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Jumbo “63 x 35” Car Windshield Sunshade

Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo (63″ x 35″)

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Do not let your children suffer from sunburns and effects of UV rays while driving but instead buy this number one brand of car sun shades that can block up to 98% of the rays for a conducive environment. Even if you leave your car under the sun for an extended period of time you will have peace of mind knowing that you will find it cool and with fresh air. Even while driving, you can lower the window in order to enjoy fresh air but the rays will not affect you in any way.

Featuring a reflective metallic surface, this product will successfully reduce the temperatures inside your car while at the same time giving you the protection you need. It is broad and large enough to cover the entire window or the windshield so that you enjoy hours of driving or seating inside the car without thinking of the dangers or effects of UV rays. The shade is easy to open and close which is a perfect feature that will make setting up to be also easy. As a result, you will take a short time to install or remove it.

Car Sun Shades Buying Guide

Sun shades play a big role in ensuring you are safe and comfortable while in the car which explains the reason why there are so many brands in the market currently. For you to get the right choice, follow this buying guide:

Size: Depending on the size of your car, you need to find car sun shades that will be a perfect fit to eliminate buying a product that you will not be able to use. There are many sizes available which may be difficult for you to choose the one that will meet your needs.

Price: Despite the fact that the price is not usually a prime factor when selecting the best brand to buy, you should not also spend too much on a product that you can get at a lower price. Ensure you compare the prices of all the other models before settling on one that you can comfortably afford and has all the features you want.

The Material: This is another factor that you need to keep in mind because it will dictate other things including durability, strength and many other things. Go for a brand that has the right material you need and which does not allow any trace of sunlight and UV rays to your car.

Ease of Use: You may sometimes spend a long period of time trying to install sun shades in your car which will take a lot of your time daily. Instead of struggling a lot, select a brand that you can fix and remove within the shortest time possible to save you on time.


For you to avoid the harmful radiation and the UV rays, you need to buy car sun shades that will help you in blocking a substantial amount of rays for a conducive car interior. By so doing you will be protecting yourself as well your family and friends in the car to ensure nothing happens to them at all. Therefore, choose the best from the ten brands above and avoid sunburns and other effects.

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