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Carpet Cleaners

Covering the floor of your house with a carpet will give it the most attractive and appealing finish making your living room or the dining room conducive. There are a variety of carpets that you can use at home to create that nice and impressive look that will keep every visitor wondering about your taste for décor and interior finishing. But with all these, the biggest challenge is when it comes to cleaning the carpet. Sometimes it becomes difficult especially when you have those heavy materials which are thick and full of fur. The best method to use in this type of scenario is to use carpet cleaners which help to eliminate all the dirt giving you a clean and shiny carpet.

It is evident that carpet cleaning may become an overwhelming task, especially when you are using the wrong methods or tools to clean. If you leave them unattended for an extended period of time, they may become a breeding ground for many organisms like bacteria and fungi which may ultimately cause diseases and infections. To avoid this, you need to find a functional carpet cleaner that will eliminate all the dirt to make your house clean and free from organisms. To help you in selecting the best carpet cleaners, here are the ten brands for you to choose from to ensure you make the right buying decision. They include:

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10. ProHeat Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner

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If you have young kids or pets, chances are that your carpet gets dirty every day and needs regular cleaning to make your home conducive. The ProHeat Bissell Carpet Cleaner is a perfect machine for these purposes because it eliminates the bad smell caused by pet urine and droppings within the shortest time possible. Because your carpet may have stains, this brand comes with pre-treater which get rid of all the stubborn stains than the other ordinary cleaning methods.

While using this carpet cleaner, you will not have to wait for a long time for your carpet to dry. You will be able to use it again after only 60 minutes of cleaning. With pets at home chances are that your carpet gets a lot of fur and other debris that might be difficult to remove. When this is the case, you should breathe a sigh of relief because this machine comes with upholstery brush which extracts all the fur and debris that other ordinary cleaning methods cannot.

9. The BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

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While talking about the leading carpet cleaners in the market currently, your list will not be complete before you mention BISSELL Carpet Cleaner. This is a reliable brand with high-end technology that eliminates any dust, odor, and stubborn stains to make your carpet clean and sterilized. Even with all the pet droppings, urine, mud, dust, and many other stains, this cleaner will get rid of all making your carpet as a good as new. What is more, it will not scratch or remove the colors but instead makes it fresh, shiny, and clean.

If you are dealing in carpet cleaning for commercial purposes, this is the right machine for you to choose because it is portable and light in weight giving you the opportunity to transport it with ease. You can carry to any part you want without feeling exhausted. Also, it perfectly fits the trunk of your car for easy transportation. It features a large tank that stores all the debris and dirt from the carpet. This will ensure you undertake the cleaning continuously without the need to stop after every few minutes to empty the tank.

8. BISSEL Shampooer and Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

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Another brand of the best carpet cleaners that delivers the best results is the BISSEL Shampooer and Carpet Cleaner which has all the features you need to make your carpet clean and smelling nice. It enables you to clean the carpet and other areas within the shortest time possible so that you get enough time to do other chores at home. Apart from cleaning, you will be able to shampoo your carpet in order to make it smooth and restore the soft feeling that you will definitely love.

To ensure your carpet achieve that hygienic feeling, this machine comes with anti-bacterial deep cleaning property which completely removes all the bad odor and mild formation so that you get a conducive environment in your living room or any part of your home. With the double dirt filter brushes that this model of carpet cleaners have, you get the opportunity to remove all the debris and dirt from the fibers of the carpet or any other surface that is hard to reach. Most importantly, it features a tough and strong construction that will not easily wear off or damage even under extreme use. Therefore, you will enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time.

7. The Portable Multi-Purpose BISSELL Carpet Cleaner and Steamer

BISSELL Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet Cleaner (carpet steam cleaner)

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If you are looking for reliable carpet cleaners that will get the job done within the shortest time possible and without draining your accounts, this is the best brand for you to consider. It will clean your carpet with a difference. Apart from cleaning, you can also steam your carpet so that you eliminate all the bacteria, dirt, and stubborn stains which in turn will get rid of the annoying smells and bad odors.

Just as the name suggests, this is a portable brand of carpet cleaners that gives you the advantage of transporting it easily to any place you want without much effort or feeling exhausted. Also, it comfortably fits your car so that you don’t have to arrange other means of transport for the machine which will not only be expensive but inconvenient to you. What makes this cleaner outstand from the rest is the strong spray and suction power which is able to extract any type of debris or dirt from the hard to reach places in your carpet. This brand is easy to set up and operate which means even young children can easily learn to use it. Read More: Best Electric Pressure Washers Reviews & Buying Guides.

6. The Deep Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machines

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner (carpet cleaning machines)

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This is among the high-quality carpet cleaners which come with numerous features and several functionalities that makes your cleaning easy and stress-free. The cleaner features dual brushes that help to scrub all the dirt and debris for easy suction. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to remove all the stubborn stains with this brand ensuring your carpet looks clean and fresh all the time. Apart from cleaning and removing stains, The Deep Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machines offers a great polishing finish making it shiny like you just bought it the previous day.

If you are that busy person who doesn’t have enough time to wait for your carpet to dry, you should try this amazing brand of carpet cleaners. It takes a few minutes to eliminate all the dirt and debris while using this machine but the surprising part is that your carpet will dry in the shortest time possible saving you a substantial amount of time. Another striking feature of this cleaner is the upholstery tool it has which enables you to clean other things at home including furniture and the unreachable areas.

5. The Little Green BISSELL Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners

BISSELL Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

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If you are tired of brushing your carpet but you haven’t been able to remove the stains, it is time to try the Little Green BISSELL Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners. With this product, you can bid farewell to all the other cleaning methods because it will offer you quick, fast, and efficient carpet cleaning that no other method can afford. This brand comes with a compact design that makes transportation easy and affordable. Again, it will not take much of your space during storing making it the best choice for homes with a space challenge.

This cleaner comes with powerful suction and spray power that enables it to eliminate all the dirt and debris including those hiding under the carpet fibers. Another thing you will love about this machine is the fact that it has a hot water heater which offers enhanced steaming to your carpet. As a result, it will get rid of all the harmful organisms and bacteria that are harmful making it the best sterilizing cleaner than any other brand in the market. With this product in your house, carpet cleaning becomes easy and fast.

4. The Upright BISSELL Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

BISSELL Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

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At the fourth position among the leading carpet cleaners in the market is this model which has all the carpet cleaning functions that you need. This machine features double 4-row bushes which are able to lift all the dirt, dust, and debris even those hiding under the fibers. It will then suck all the dust and store it in a spacious tank waiting to be emptied to a dust pin.

To ensure it removes all the stains and leave your carpet as good as new, the brushes rotate to ensure it is able to eliminate even the stubborn stains that other cleaning methods cannot get rid of. This cleaner comes with a large water tank which aids in the easy filling as well as emptying out the dirty water after use. Consequently, this cleaner has hot tap water which comes in handy when you want to use the deep cleaning mode to ensure your carpet is perfectly clean. The next time you want to clean your carpet with a difference, the Little Green BISSELL Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners is definitely your best choice.Read More: Best Robot Vacuums Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The Max Extract Hoover Deep Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Max Extract Carpet Deep Cleaner

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Cleaning your carpet should not be a very challenging task that requires a lot of planning, finance, and effort. But the fact is it will be even more difficult if you are using the wrong cleaning methods that will not deliver any results. If you are cautious about the condition of your cleaning and that of the carpet, you need to buy the Max Extract Hoover Deep Carpet Cleaner. This will offer you effective cleaning that include steaming to eliminate all the dirt and debris within the shortest time possible.

This cleaner comes with a V nozzle technology which sucks all the water on the floor after cleaning to ensure the carpet and floor dries fast. For effective cleaning, the machine has a 360 degrees rotation ability so that it is able to remove the dirt and dust from all the parts of the carpet. What is more, it is cheap and affordable which ensures anybody in need of cleaning the carpet can afford.

2. The Big Green BISSELL Carpet Cleaners

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner

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Don’t just dispose your carpet because it has stains that are becoming difficult for you to remove. There is a solution which will transform even the dirtiest carpet to look as good as new without scrubbing the colors or leaving any unwanted marks. The Big Green BISSELL Carpet Cleaner works wonders on all the carpets by eliminating dirt, debris, dust, and stubborn stains within a very short time. This brand is a professional cleaner with a capability to lift any amount or type of dirt ensuring your carpet stays clean and fresh all the time.

This brand has an expansive dirt lifter brush that ensures it get rid of all the dirt leaving your carpet not only clean but also free from any bad smell or odors. The most unique feature about this cleaner is that it gives you the opportunity to clean in a forward and backward motion for complete elimination of dust and stains. This will help to ensure the entire house is perfectly clean leaving behind no trace of water that might the floor damp. Read More: Best Car Waxes Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The SteamVac Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac

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Topping the list of the best carpet cleaners in the market is this fantastic brand from Hoover which has an advanced technology that no other cleaner has. With this model, it gives your carpet the perfect cleaning without leaving any unnecessary marks or stains. If you are seeking for a cleaner to use in both commercial and home use, this is the right product for you because it is light in weight with a compact design that makes transporting easy and convenient. Also, it performs its function quick and fast so that you undertake various cleaning chores within the shortest time possible.

Coming with a clean surge system, the SteamVac Hoover Carpet Cleaners remove all the dust, dirt, mud, and other debris to make your carpet clean and free from stains. In addition, it features a large scrub brush that can rotate for up to 360 degrees angle to ensure it eliminates dirt and clean the upholstery areas as well as all the parts of your carpet. It comes with 3-speed control to enable you to chose the most effective level that includes low, high, and medium to get the best performance depending on the state of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaners Buying Guide

Is your carpet getting dirty and you want the best solution that will make it a good as new?. When this becomes an issue, the best thing to do is to buy carpet cleaners which will make cleaning easier and fast. But the question is how do you select the best brand that will suit your needs? Here are the things to consider before making a purchase decision:

Moving Brushes: Moving brushes tend to eliminate more dirt and dust compared to stationary ones or machines without the brush. This is because the brush will help to gather other debris like fur and mud to make it easy for the machine to get rid of them leaving your carpet clean. On the other hand, a moving brush will remove the deep dirt and dust ensuring the carpet is free from dirt.

Size of the Tank: The size of the tank that carpet cleaners have is another factor that you need to put into consideration to give you a humble time to concentrate on the cleaning. A small tank will need constant emptying because it will get full within a short time which will not be convenient for you. Hence, be sure to determine the size of the tank before settling on the type of cleaner to buy.

Suction and Spray Power: The efficiency of carpet cleaners depends on the way it is able to spray your carpet or suck the dirt and dust. If you want to remove the deepest stains and debris in your carpet, it advisable to choose a cleaner with high suction and spray power that is able to eliminate all these without failure.

Other Cleaning Requirements: Apart from cleaning, there are other carpet cleaners which perform additional functions that include shampooing, steaming, stain removal, and even odor removal. If you want your carpet to achieve all these properties, select a brand that can perform all these functions at once.


After listing the ten leading carpet cleaners in the market, it is now your turn to select the best that meets your requirements and make your carpet clean and shiny. With the features, specifications, and functions of each brand, and the buying guide, choosing the best for your cleaning needs is now simple.

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