Top 10 Best Disc Golf Bags

Disc Golf Bags

If you are a golf player or a golf manager, you might have realized that managing or carrying your golf discs becomes difficult especially when you have a number of them. This becomes even a bigger challenge when you are a manager or assistant and you need to keep or carry around various discs of different players. It is evident that golf discs can get heavy and become hard to carry around. But with the availability of disc golf bags, it becomes easy and convenient to move with your discs without any difficulty.

As you advance in your golf career, you will realize that you will need different gold discs to use in your profession. This will prompt you to have a variety of them at your disposal making it hard sometimes to carry around. You, therefore, need to acquire excellent disc golf bags that will ensure smooth and ease of carrying the discs. But due to the fact that there is a range of disc golf bags in the market today, deciding the best fit for you is a mountain to climb. This article will equip you with the know-how on what to look for when shopping for a disc golf bags. Among the best brands available include:

10. The Gadget Dynamic Disc Golf Bags

The Gadget Disc Dynamic Golf Bag

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If you are a starter in the golf industry, then this type of bag is the best for you. It is a unique bag that is designed with complete precision to give you the benefit of keeping and carrying your disc golf bags with ease. It comes with a unique quality that makes it stand among the best disc golf bags in the market. This bag is divided into two compartments with a U-shape design that completes its look.

The central section is big enough such that it allows you to store about 8 to 10 discs at once and comfortably move with it anywhere. Apart from the expansive central section, these disc golf bags also has two outside pockets where you can place your water bottle or even a coffee bottle as you go for exercise or play.

9. The Frisbee Fitactlic Luxury Disc Golf Bag

The Frisbee Fitactlic Luxury Disc Golf Bag

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This is an expansive disc golf bag that has eleven pouches that allow you to carry as many things as you might need. With this backpack, you even carry your extra playing kits like T-shirts, shirts, shoes, and many other things. The bag also has an outer storage sack where you can place your electronic devices and other items. You can, therefore, carry your cell phone or even a pocket music player system as you go out to play your golf.

These disc golf bags are made from nylon fabric which makes it strong and durable to ensure you benefit from it for long. With this strength, it is able to carry up to 50 pounds without feeling the pressure. This means that you will be able to carry more discs.

8. The Innova Champion Disc Golf Bag

The Innova Disc Champion Golf Bag

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This is a disc golf bag with a range of benefits to the golf player apart from carrying discs. It has a decent look which is appealing and attractive to look at. With this disc golf bag, you can move around with confidence because it is stylish and trendy. It is designed with adjustable zippers which lets you customize the size that fits your luggage. This is important because you will be able to carry more luggage on the go.

The Innova disc golf bag can comfortably carry 20 plates which is a perfect capacity for the experienced golfer. This bag is made from sophisticated fabric that makes it durable and will last for a long time without wearing off. It is light in weight so that it gives you the advantage of carrying more plates without feeling the weight. Read More: Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Nutsac Disc Golf Bag

The Nutsac Golf Disc Bag

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The Nutsac disc golf bag is manufactured in the United States of America and is crafted using the latest technology to give it the much-needed technological advantage. The bag is light in weight and doesn’t contain any form or type of plastic material. This is the reason behind the lightweight and this feature allows you to carry a number of plates without feeling the pressure of the weight on your shoulders.

The Nutsac disc golf bag comes in a variety of colors which include black, brown, and grey. So if you have a taste for colors, this type of bag is your best choice because it lets you choose the perfect from the colors available. This bag is sturdy and can carry about 6 to 7 plates at a go.

6. Innova Deluxe Champion Disc Golf Bag

Innova Disc Deluxe Champion Golf Disc Bag

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This is a perfect choice for those players who use many discs or for the assistants and managers who need to have a variety of discs at their disposal. The Innova Deluxe is large and able to carry about 15 to 20 discs at once. This makes it convenient for professional players who use different discs during their practice and when playing. It is divided into two sections which allow you to store different discs in a different compartment. You can also store other items on the other divide for convenience.

This disc golf bag has a square base which is firm and sturdy which makes it stable when laid down. For ease of carrying, it has soft and strong back straps which feel comfortable on your shoulders. Even if you are carrying a heavy weight, you will not feel the pressure.

5. The Gear Starter ChainRinger Bag

The Gear Starter ChainRinger Bag

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The ChainRinger is a leader among the top disc golf bags that are currently in the market. It comes with exceptional features that are out of the world. It has a large storage capacity which can comfortably hold between 13 to 14 plates at the same time. The bag is made from a strong fabric which makes it last longer. It is a unique bag which comes with a money bag guarantee if it gets damaged for any reason.

For enhanced ease of carrying, the bag is designed with a sturdy and strong carry strap which doesn’t hurt your shoulders when carrying. This is among the best disc bag that is sizzling and outstanding to any golf player. Read More: The Ten Best Golf Club Sets For Every Golfer Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Innova Starter Disc Golf Bag

Innova Starter Golf Disc Bag

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If you are a starter or new in the golf field and you are looking for a disc carrier bag, the Innova starter is an excellent pick for you. It suits the beginner and young players due to its specs and most importantly the capacity it holds. With its little space, this disc bag can accommodate about 6 to 10 discs at once which best suits the golf starters.

This disc bag comes in a thin and small make and its price is within reach to many young and beginner players. It is available in a range of colors to give you the advantage of choosing the one you desire best. It is also available in different styles and makes. So if you a young player and you want a disc golf bag on a budget, this is definitely the best choice for you.

3. Innova Standard Champion Disc Golf Bag

Innova Standard Champion Golf Disc Bag

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If you are looking for a disc bag that incorporates style, durability, and lightweight, the Innova standard will no doubt be on top of your list. This is a carefully crafted disc golf bag that is of high quality and suits those players that don’t want to carry a lot of luggage with them. It is divided into two compartments where you can conveniently put your discs with ease. It is designed with a stylish and slim look that makes it attractive and outstanding.

The Innova standard disc golf bag comes in a range of colors for you to choose your best. Apart from the storage space for plates, it also has a pocket for holding your bottles. Carrying this bag is easy and comfortable thanks to its secure and soft straps that will not exert much pressure on your shoulders.

2. The Weekender Discraft Golf Bag

 The Weekender Discraft Golf Bag

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The weekender Discraft is able to hold up to 8 plates at one time making it one of the best choices for beginner golfers. It has an elastic upper which enhances a secure fit and which is advantageous in the essence that you can jump or even run with the bag on your bag and you will not be able to lose your belongings. It is also secured with a zip which safeguards your golf discs and helps to keep them in place.

The disc bag has storage for golf discs and other small pouches on both sides of the bag which allows you to carry your other items. It also has a front part where you can place your valuables and a water bottle holding part. You can carry the bag easily with a flexible secure strap that comes with it. Read More: The Ten Best Gym Bags In 2018 To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Crunch Fade Box Disc Golf Bag

Crunch Fade Box Golf Disc Bag

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This disc bag tops the list of the highly recommended bags in 2018. It is made using polyester fabric which makes it strong and long-lasting. This is the reason why this disc bag is accepted by many popular golfers and golf enthusiasts all over the globe. The bag can support between 10 to 12 discs making it top the list of the large disc golf bags. It is designed with an extended shoulder harness that makes carrying easy and comfortable.

The bag is light in weight which gives you the advantage to carry more of your personal items without feeling the weight. It is large enough to accommodate your other items like a jacket, music devices, extra shoes, and many other items. The bag has a money back guarantee if it gets damaged in any way or if you are not impressed with its features.

Disc Golf Bag Buying Guide

Even if you are an experienced golf player or official, deciding on the best disc golf bag to buy is difficult. This is not because there are no good bags in the market, but because there are a lot of brands that deciding the best among them is hard. This buying guide will give you an insight on what to consider before settling on the type of disc golf bag:

Disc Capacity-  The number of discs the bag is able to carry is the first consideration you need to make in ascertaining the best disc bag for you. Different bags have different disc capacity and therefore choose a capacity that bests addresses your level of playing. If you are a professional player go for a bag with a larger capacity and when you are a starter go for the bag with less capacity.

Means of Carrying-  The means and ways of carrying your disc bag is an important element that you need to consider before buying your disc bag. There are two designs which include the shoulder strap and backpack design. Each design comes with its own merits and therefore you should carefully consider these before buying. More often, the backpack has more capacity while shoulder carries fewer discs.

Bottle Storage –  Golf is considered as a leisure game and therefore you take a gulp of your favorite drink on a game break. Hence, look for a bag with a perfect drink capacity that will meet your drinking needs. You may also want to carry a bottle of water to the pitch, making a bag with a bottle pocket ideal for you.

Waterproof Feature-  You may find that acquiring a waterproof bag is best for you depending on your preference. Not all these bags are waterproof and therefore you need to make your decision whether you want a waterproof bag or not.

Durability-  For a bag to be durable it depends on the material used to manufacture it. Be wary of the material used to produce the bag so that you settle on a durable one that will last long. This will spare you the hassle of shopping for a disc golf bag every time and will also be a value for your money.


Acquiring an excellent disc bag is the best thing for every golfer because it will enhance efficiency and competence on the pitch. These are the leading disc golf bag that is available for purchase. Grab the best one for you today and enjoy a golfing experience with a difference.

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