Top 10 Best Door Mats

Door Mats

Every home stylist will tell you the key to having an attractive house and getting the best décor is to have your entrance looking attractive and appealing. This can only make this possible by having a good looking and stylish door mats that will keep your guests staring at it for a few minutes before entering. Having a perfect door mat is not only appealing but also gives your visitor a good welcome. Door mats play a significant role in revamping your home décor and leave it looking attractive and striking.

Door mats are available in different sizes, models, make, and even design. They may be a small item that many homeowners do not give attention to, but it makes your home look good. If you are a décor enthusiast, you should then buy a door mat that will blend well with your home design and which will make your guests envy your style. Door mats are a great addition to every well-kept room or home, and it is in your best interest to find the best that will go in line with your preference and likes.

The market is full of door mats of different prices and designs, and for you to establish the best one, this article will list the leading door mats in the market. They include:

10. The Extra Thick Fab Habitat Door Mats

The Extra Thick Fab Habitat Door Mat

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Welcome your friends, guests, and relatives in style with this elevated door mat that is attractive and appealing. You don’t necessarily have to say welcome to your guests, but this door mat will definitely do that for you. It is a hand-woven door mat that blends well with your natural compound to add to the beauty of nature. With a striking bird design, you will be the envy of many when you have this door mat in your home.

This door mat comes with a remarkable thickness of one inch which makes it comfortable even if you happen to step on it with your bare feet. The door mat measures 36 by 24 inches which is a good dimension for standard doors. This door mat is strong and durable and can resist various weather patterns without wearing off easily. Its material is fade resistant which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

9. The Double French Matting Rubber-Cal Door Mats

The Double French Matting Rubber-Cal Door Mat

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This stylish door mat was able to appear in the list of the leading door mats in 2018 due to its outstanding design and the best features. It is woven using a coir fiber which is able to withstand any kind of scratching without compromising its quality. The door mat measures 57 by 24 inches which is big enough to use in a more expansive house.

This door mat enjoys technological and perfect craftsmanship where they use coconut husks to make this beautiful and charming door mat. The door mat has French emblem cover with PVC backing that presents the best design that this door mat definitely has. It is a perfect welcome to your guests, and with its mildew resistant nature, it keeps bacteria at bay for a healthy and pleasing environment.

8. The Waterhog Hudson Exchange Indoor/Outdoor Door Mats

The Waterhog Hudson Exchange Indoor/Outdoor Door Mat

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If you love multi-functional door mat that you can use in your indoor rooms and at the same time fit for your main entrance door, the Waterhog Hudson Exchange Indoor/Outdoor Door Mat is a perfect choice for you. It is a square door mat that measures 35 by 35 inches and has a remarkable design that can also act as a decoration to your indoor rooms.

This door mat is thick and comfortable to step on which means it can also be used in indoor rooms where you can step with your bare feet without feeling the pressure. This door mat is also soft enough for kids and toddlers. It is able to trap moisture and dirt below the foot level all thanks to the polypropylene fiber they use to make this door mat. It is moisture and water resistant which perfectly suits damp floors or even the kitchen. Read More: Best Enhance Your Yoga Practice With These Top Ten Yoga Mats Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Textures Crosshatch Apache Mills Door Mats

Textures Crosshatch Apache Mills Door Mat

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The Textures Crosshatch Apache Mills Door Mat is an environment-friendly door mat because it is made of recyclable plastic bottles. It is a nice door mat for all occasions due to the perfect design that it has. The crosshatch design is key in channeling water away from the rooms that the door mat is placed.

This perfect door mat has a rough surface which makes it the best pick for main entrance where you have to first scrap your feet before entering. Its surface can conveniently eliminate any dirt that might enter your house, and therefore it leaves your home looking clean and dirt-free. The door mat is able to absorb water but is not suited for rainy places. You can place it in outdoor areas with a cover like a shade or balconies where it will not be rained on.

6. The Indoor/Outdoor Hudson Exchange Entrance Door Mats

The Indoor/Outdoor Hudson Exchange Entrance Door Mat

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If you want a door mat that you can place in areas with moisture or water without that water entering your floor, the Indoor/Outdoor Hudson Exchange Entrance Door Mat does exactly that for you. The door mat has a dam border design which helps to retain water in the mat and keep damp away from your floor. The door mat is fiber-ridged which is a perfect feature that helps to eliminate any dirt from the feet or shoes to ensure no debris enters your house.

This door mat comes from recycled materials which safeguard the environment. The shape of this door mat is one to reckon all thanks to the rubber nubs reinforcement system that this door mat has. No matter the type of weather, this door mat will protect your floor and keep it looking clean and dirty all the time.

5. The Molly Mad Door Mats

The Molly Mad Door Mat

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If you have an expansive entrance or door, or you just want to cover a greater part of your door, the Molly Mad Door Mat is the best pick that will excite you. This door mat comes in a measurement of 6 feet by 9 which is large enough to cover an extensive area. It is best suited for both indoor and outdoor use hence, it is multi-functional.

The door mat rebels water away which is the best explanation why it suits the outdoor use and at the same time the inside rooms. They use nylon, polypropylene and polyester to make this door mat making it strong, durable and long lasting. To ensure this door mat does not slip or slide away from your door, it has a Velcro strap design which keeps it firm and positioned at exactly where you place it. Read More:  Best Sleep Masks Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Oversized Bungalow Flooring Door Mats

The Oversized Bungalow Flooring Door Mat

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This is a safe to use door mat because it is skid-free and holds firmly to the floor for a nice grip. This door mat will not harm any type of floor surface and instead, it will protect it from any scratch or friction. It has a width of 34 inches and measures 58 inches long. This is big enough for you to place in any doorway and it will perform the purpose you want.

This door mat has a quick drying mechanism so that even if it comes in contact with water it will not retain for long. It will quickly dry up, and you can enjoy scrapping your feet with it again. The door mat has a geometric design which blends with a number of home decors. Whether you like natural, vintage or any other type of décor, this door mat will completely match it. This door mat is easy to clean and maintain you can simply vacuum the dirt and it looks sparkling clean again.

3. Heated Powerblanket Door Mats

Heated Powerblanket Door Mat

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Don’t allow snow to give you sleepless nights because you always find a heap in your door but don’t know what to do with it. This is a door mat that will counter that inconvenience and give your doorway looking well decorated and kept by just placing Heated Powerblanket door mat. What you need is to only pluck this door mat to 180 watts of power, and it will offer you the best protection and the best welcome door mat that will effectively decorate your doorway.

With this type of power, the door mat is able to melt up to 2 inches of snow per every hour. This mean there will be no need to worry about how to eliminate snow in your doorway. This unique door mat will get the job done in a special way. With all these features and functions this door mat is not expensive and anybody can afford.

2. Flooring Waterhog Bungalow Door Mats

Flooring Waterhog Bungalow Door Mat

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This skid-resistant door mat comes with a dog leaf design that makes your doorway attractive and striking. The door mat can be used for both indoor and outdoor use and what is exceptional about this door mat is that it can also use it in steps and stairs in your indoor. It blends perfectly with any choice of your home décor and you will not have to change any of your styles if you want to use this door mat.

Welcoming guests to your home has never been fun and exciting thanks to the Flooring Waterlog Bungalow Door Mat. Having this door mat will make your guests feel welcomed even before you welcome them yourself. The door mat is resistant to mildew and is eco-friendly. Read More: Best Floor Mats for Car Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Boxwood Collection Bungalow Flooring Door Mats

Boxwood Collection Bungalow Flooring Door Mat

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On top of the list is this amazing door mat which possesses state-of-the-art features that makes it top the charts. It measures 5 feet by 3 feet which is big enough for an expansive doorway. This door mat comes with easy to clean features where you can use it even in rainy weather without the worry of getting dirty or muddy.

This quality door mat is skid proof and will firmly grip your shoes and those of your guest to avoid any slipping or skidding. You can use this door mat in a variety of areas including stairways, indoor rooms, kitchen and any other part of your home.

Door Mats Buying Guide

Ensure that you buy the right type of door mat that meet your needs and that which will excite you. For you make an informed buying decision, the following is a guide on what to look for when buying a door mat.

Ease Of Cleaning- Door mats are placed on entryways which make them come in contact with dirt and types of debris every time. This will make them dirty and full of dust. You, therefore, need to look for a door mat that is easy to clean to make it convenient.

Size – Door mats come in a variety of sizes, and it is in your best interest to find a perfect fit for your doorway. Go for a size that goes in line with the size of your doorway.

Elegance- A door mat is placed at the door which means that it is the first thing that your guests will first notice when they enter your home. Hence, choose an appealing design that looks attractive and modish. This will give your guests a good welcoming before welcoming them yourself.

Durability- When choosing the best door mat you should consider strength and durability. Door mats are put on entryways which means that they are subjected to adverse weather conditions which may wear them out easily. Thus, choose a door mat that is strong and which will last longer.

Other things to consider include price, type of material used to make, multi-functional feature, damp-resistant, and many other things.


You will be adding class and style to your home if you lay a good looking and attractive door mats on your doorway and your guests will feel welcomed. Choose a nice looking yet functional door mats today from the top list of the best for an excellent looking doorway.

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