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Top 10 Best Drawing Pencils

Drawing Pencils

Drawing dates back to ancient times when the early man used primitive devices to come up with a nice image. These devices include tablets and chalks which has now revolve into modern equipment that makes drawing a sensational activity that many people like. Since the introduction of drawing pencils, the industry has undergone a revolution and has seen it improve from the use of chalks and tablets to sophisticated materials for the best performance. Hence, there is an improvement in the way drawings of today look than those which we see from hundred years ago all thanks to the new technology and innovation.

In a number of creative fields, it is quite impossible to use any other tool you come across because it might not come up with the exact image or result you want. You need the best tool that will give you the best performance you need. Therefore, finding the best drawing pencils for your need is very important because it helps to transform your piece into a nice drawing. The type of pencil you will use will significantly dictate the type of work you will come up with which prompts you to ensure you select the best product for your artwork.

There are a lot of drawing pencils in the market and this article will help to uncover the ten leading brands to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

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10. Artlicious Drawing Pencils

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An expert drawer will understand that the type of pencil he/she uses will directly impact on the end result of the drawing. Using this leading product is, therefore, the best solution because it will give the end result that you will definitely enjoy. Artlicious Drawing Pencils comes with 50 distinct pieces giving you the opportunity to make a drawing that will impress everyone. It features thick and soft textures which will not easily break even though you apply any sort of pressure. Moreover, they do not leave any unnecessary marks on your drawing which may compromise or mislead the subject.

This pencil is best for both the starters and professional drawers who need to ensure they get accurate and clear artwork without necessarily having to just make any drawing. Most importantly, this brand is light in weight which is a great advantage when you need to travel for a long distance because it will not be a problem when transporting. The brand is non-toxic and safe for both educational and for commercial use. Also, it suits the engineers and scientist who are after exact measurements without making the slightest mistake.

9. Colored Pencils

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Colored pencils come in a pack of 60 professional pencils with each one of them able to make a difference in your drawing needs. This is a high-quality product which presents you with the opportunity to produce a quality pigmentation making your artwork the leading piece among the many. It features high-quality wood which does not only make this pencil one of the most sophisticated drawing pencils in the market but also strong and durable. When you buy a pack of this product, you will use it for an extended period of time without the need to buy another one soon. This is because it gives you long use without easily breaking or reducing in performance.

With a range of types in this pack, you will get a unique opportunity to undertake different jobs with this brand. You can draw, make a sketch, engage in calligraphy, idea development and a lot more. They come with a design which will not easily break providing a smooth coverage that enhances effective artwork. Sharpening this pencil is easy all thanks to the softwood that the product has with a round design that brings out delicate details in your sketch.

8. Colore Colored Drawing Pencils

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A drawing will never produce the right and accurate image you need if you use just any other pencil you find on the market especially when it involves measurements. The best way that your artwork or sketch will be of quality is to find professional-grade drawing pencils that will ensure you make a sophisticated drawing. The Color Colored Pencils can handle any kind of drawing whether you want to detail your architect drawing, you want to make a sketch or any other work you need. It is easy to sharpen and use which explains the reason why it is best for starters and professionals.

Coming in a pack of 72 pencils, you will get enough pieces for any type of drawing you want. Each has specific functioning which gives you the opportunity to undertake full drawing without any delay because you will not have to look for different pencils for a specific kind of job. If you are choosing this brand for your children, you will be sure that you are making the right decision because it is non-toxic making it safe and secure for them to use even if they put them in their mouths. Read More: Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Derwent Coloring Pencils

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Your drawing will never be easy and complete until you acquire the best drawing pencils specifically designed to make your coloring a success. Derwent Coloring Pencils gives you beautiful and interesting colors that will make your drawing look like it is real. It is best for children who are still learning the art of coloring because the pencils are easy to use and you will not spend so much time teaching your kid about how this product works. Also, professional drawers can benefit from the ease of use in this product to give them a chance to complete their artwork within the shortest time possible.

With 24 different colors that a full set of this product has, you will get a chance to undertake your coloring with a difference because you will get all the colors you need upon purchasing. Among the colors present include cadmium deep, light purple, lemon, cadmium orange, deep chrome, and many others. The pencils come in a metal tin enclosure which helps to organize your colors for easy retrieval and storage.


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Never go for the cheap and ordinary drawing pencils because you find them in the street and you have no time looking for the right ones that will help in your work. This will not only be inconvenient to you but also will jeopardize your results by giving you an ineffective and inaccurate drawing. This brand of drawing pencils is currently the leading in the market due to the type of drawing you get by using it. The pencils ensure you achieve dense and even strokes without necessarily applying a heavy pressure which may damage your pencil or lead to a bad drawing.

This brand of drawing pencils features excellent laydown properties which help during layering and blending without producing a wax build up. The assorted colors produce pigmented and vibrant solid colors making your drawing look attractive and appealing. The brand comes from solid wood which makes it strong and durable for long use. Even if this pencil falls on a concrete floor, it will not easily break or damage making it the best choice for children who tend to play with them all the time. Additionally, they are light in weight which makes carrying easy and without any pressure.

5. Artist’s Choice

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If you are an artist looking for the leading drawing pencils for your project or artwork, then you are in the right place. Consider the Artist’s Choice which is among the sophisticated brand of pencils that are currently ruling the market all thanks to its state-of-the-art features. They are a water-soluble type of pencils with a variety of different colors to ensure it creates a sensational drawing that you will definitely like. The color variety will produce an excellent watercolor effect with brush and water giving you a nice drawing that no other brand can manage.

Upon acquiring a full pack of this product you will get 72 pencils with different colors so that you don’t waste your time looking for different colors you need from different points. This will not only save you time but also the cost of buying them separately. Among the colors it has include yellow, blue, green, red, and many other types. Storing this product is one of the easiest tasks because it comes with a convenient tri-folding carry case that helps you in carrying and storing. Each pencil has its own slot to keep it in place when moving or when not in use. Read More: Best Toothbrush Holders Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Shuttle Art

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This is a brand that occupies the fourth position among the leading drawing pencils in the market today which helps to transform your coloring into a successful artwork. Coming with 136 colored pencils, you will get the opportunity to choose the right color you want within the available pencils. With this brand in your possession, you will not miss any type of color you want which is important especially when you are dealing with a project that needs different colors. Among the varieties in the pack include eight metallic colors with different sequences to brighten your work.

With an attractive painting on the outside, you will definitely enjoy the sight of these pencils by just looking at the decorations on their surface. The middle part that produces the drawing comes from quality lead which will ensure you get to sketch or draw with a difference. Furthermore, the lead has a wood covering that is strong to eliminate any possibility of breaking easily for you to get value for your money.

3. Prismacolor

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If you are looking to brighten your coloring your work without having to spend too much, you should consider this brand of drawing pencils. It comes with an affordable price but with all the features and specifications you will need to make your drawing amazing and attractive. From the simple creations, sketching to the drawing, trust this brand to bring you the best results without any hitch or problem making your artwork one of the leading in the market. It comes in a pack of 150 pencils with other accessories like an eraser, sharpener, and others to help you in your drawing.

These premium-rate pencils have a series of saturated pigments and color laydown which enhances superior shading and blending. This feature is among the unique ones in the market where most of the pencils don’t have. Therefore, this brand will offer you enhanced functionality that you will not be able to find it anywhere else. With a thick and strong lead that is resistant to chipping and cracking, you will get a brand that will not easily wear off ensuring that you use it for a substantial amount of time. If you make a mistake or you pass a line you can simply erase it using the scholar latex-free eraser which comes with this product.

2. Polychromes Faber-Castel Color Pencils

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How would you like to have drawing pencils with leads that do not even break under extreme circumstances? Obviously, everyone will love to get that brand of pencil because it will ensure you use it for a long period of time which is cost-effective and also makes your drawing easy. The Polychromes Faber-Castel Color Pencils features break-resistant leads all thanks to the secure bonding process that strengthens the lead to eliminate any breaking giving you long use.

The pencils have a thickness of 3.8millimeters on the edges making them thin and comfortable to use by anybody. It is best for a number of works that include drawings, graphics, music creations, and many more. They are safe for anybody to use due to its toxic and acid-free pigments that do not pose any danger or health risk even if children put them on their mouths. Read More: Best Scientific Calculators Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Artist’s Choice II

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Concluding our review of the best drawing pencils in the market today is this brand that features colorful pencils with effective performance than any other brand on the market. It is Amazon’s bestselling selling brand with numerous positive reviews from users who know and understand the importance of this brand. if you are always traveling to have your drawings in different parts, then you should consider this brand which is light in weight giving you the advantage to carry it with ease. Also, it has a compact design which makes storing easy and convenient where it will comfortably fit your drawer or office desk.

A full set comes with 120 colorful pencils with all the beautiful colors you can imagine. The colors include red, orange, purple, light green, navy blue, and many others. This will give you the opportunity to choose the exact color you want to make your drawing complete and interesting. This product best suits a number of creative ideas that include blending, hatching, printing, scumbling, stippling, burnishing, and highlighting. The smooth lead enhances a perfect drawing with a break-resistant feature that ensures you use this product for a long period of time. Most importantly, this product is cheap and affordable.

Drawing Pencils Buying Guide

Drawing pencils give artists and designers a chance to make their work easier and more efficient. With their importance in different fields, you will find a lot of models and brands that are available making it hard to get the right brand. therefore, consider the following points to ensure you chose the best one:

The Nature of Drawing: If you are a professional artist, you will know that different drawings or artwork will require a different type of pencil at one point or another. For example, sketching and highlighting use varied types making it an important consideration if you are looking to enhance your work.

Diverse Color Types: If you are drawing or coloring you will obviously need different colors to help you achieve the best in your work. Depending on your need and the nature of your artwork, it is advisable to choose a brand with the right colors that you need to make your drawing or piece of work success. It is very expensive and inconvenient to buy pencils of different colors separately. Therefore, ensure you settle on a brand with all the colors you need.

Safety: Before settling on the best drawing pencils to buy, ensure you first ascertain the safety features it has to eliminate any dangers and accidents. The lead should be free from toxic properties so that you stay safe and secure while using it. This is important because children sometimes tend to put the pencils in their mouths which may be dangerous if the lead has harmful properties.

Quality: A quality product will give you the best results and improved performance making your work a success. As a result, you should consider the quality of the drawing pencils so that you get a functional product that will greatly benefit you.


With their importance and popularity in the market, drawing pencils are important products that ensure you get a fine and impressive drawing. Select the best brand today from the list above and improve your drawing prowess and take it to the next level.

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