Top 10 Best ABC Fire Extinguishers

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Fire outbreaks and accidents are disasters that are best prevented rather than cured. Functional ABC fire extinguishers are the best way to do this. You can put them in fire-prone areas like the kitchen, in your car or in your office. Fire extinguishers are manufactured by different people. They have different features and usability. If you are looking to purchase the most appropriate abc fire extinguisher to suit your purpose, then this review is just perfect for you.

1. Kidde 21005779 Pro 210, 4LBS, ABC Fire Extinguisher

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210, ABC, 4 LBS, One Pack, Fire Extinguisher

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If a pro or commercial fire extinguisher is what you are on the lookout for, then look no further than this Kidde ABC fire extinguisher. It is fully rechargeable and best suited for use in offices and industries where there is a higher than average risk of fire hazards. It has a large volume cylinder containing multi-purpose and dry chemicals useful in combating any type and class of fire outbreaks.

The ABC fire extinguisher comes equipped with a pressure gauge that you can easily use to monitor the status of pressure in the cylinder. The aluminum cylinder is powder-coated and so cannot be easily corroded. You can hang the fire extinguisher by the hanger on a wall for easy retrieval in case of a fire incident.


  • For its commercial and pro functionality that it offers, this fire extinguisher has a proportional great size that fully performs the functions.
  • The shape is such as can be easily maneuvered in case of a fire outbreak.
  • Offers maximum protection and safety and can be depended upon to provide safety when used in the way it is intended.


  • If you are looking for information on expiration and inspection of the product, you won’t find any.
  • The manufacturers neglected to provide that information.

2. Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose- ABC Fire Extinguisher

Kidde FA110 Multi-Purpose, One Pack, 1A10BC Fire Extinguisher

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This ABC fire extinguisher is another creative and great product from Kidde. You can use this extinguisher to fight and control the spread of small fires. It is non-rechargeable and may only be used once. This model has a lightweight cylinder and has a very sturdy valve made of nylon that allows you to easily retrieve and use it.

You can use the assembly pressure gauge at a glance and it is effective for combating class A fires. You need not worry about how to use the ABC fire extinguisher because the procedure for usage is clearly written on the cylinder. Being lightweight is important because it makes it very easy for anyone, even kids to use it.


  • The compact and small size makes it very useful for fighting fires in homes
  • The cylinder is lightweight and makes for very easy and effortless use
  • Instruction labels are clearly written on the cylinder for easy and effortless use.


  • This is definitely not a fire extinguisher that you can trust with your life as really scary cases where the extinguisher just fails to work have been reported.

3. Amarex B500, 5 LB ABC Dry Chemical Class ABC Fire Extinguisher

Amarex B500, 5 LB ABC Dry Chemical Class ABC type of Fire Extinguisher

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This ABC fire extinguisher is very effective and has the capacity and ability to fight all three classes of fire. The well-made aluminum cylinder contains dry chemicals that you can suitably use to quench fire disasters originating from ordinary combustible substances (Class A), flammable liquids (class B), and electrical equipment (Class C).

You will also find this ABC fire extinguisher as user-friendly as pictograms that show procedures are clearly printed on the cylinder. The valves are metallic and the wall bracket will make it very easy for you to conveniently hang it on a wall. Read More: Best Water Hose Reels Reviews & Buying Guides.


  • The fire extinguisher comes with well-presented diagrams for safe and proper usage
  • The cylinder is properly proportioned to contain enough dry chemicals for combating fires of all classes.
  • For the price range, the extinguisher is standard enough and has several quality features.
  • Sturdy make-up and durable.
  • A very fast discharging time of 14 seconds.


  • The cylinder is not properly sealed.

4. Kidde Automotive 2. 75 LB BC Extinguisher With Steel Strap Brackets

Kidde Automotive 2. 75 LB BC Extinguisher With Steel Strap Brackets

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Fires can start in the most unlikely and unexpected places, even in your car. If you need a compact fire extinguisher in the case that a fire breaks out in your automobile, this fire extinguisher is made just for you. It features a nitrogen operating type of pressure about 100 PSI which allows for an even quicker discharge at about 8-12 seconds. It’s gauging for pressure is easy and simple to determine with a small pin attached to the extinguisher. The cylinder is also well protected from corrosion through the powder coating on it and this makes it last longer for your use.


  • The manufacturers offer you a six-year warranty on this fire extinguisher
  • The design is sleek in shape and size and is easy to use.


  • You may find the size of the fire extinguisher too small for your automobile

5. Kidde FA 110 Multi-Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher for Kitchen Emergency

Kidde FA 110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher for Kitchen Emergency Safety Kit

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This is another type of very effective ABC fire extinguisher. It is a multipurpose extinguisher. You can easily use it to suppress and quench fire outbreaks from material and wood, flammable liquid, and electrical equipment. As expected, there is written instruction on how you can make optimum use of the extinguisher.

This ABC fire extinguisher comes with a wall bracket that makes it easy for you to hang it on the wall. You can hang it on the wall of your home or of your office. This Kidde fire extinguisher ranks high as one of the recommended extinguishers for firemen. This is authoritative evidence of the functionality of the extinguisher.


  • This fire extinguisher comes highly recommended for firemen and for household use. Most especially useful in emergencies.
  • Durable and ensures you and your properties are protected from fire accidents.
  • Easy to use and you can hang it on various walls for easy access.


  • Even though it comes highly recommended, the price is a little bit on the high side.

6. Kidde 4104000 Dry Chemical, BC Fire Extinguisher

Kidde 4104000 Dry Chemical, BC Fire Extinguisher

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This is a very simple Kidde fire extinguisher. It is a must-have asset in your home. It is especially useful in the kitchen because of its simplicity. It is also very easy to use.  It has disposable nylon strap brackets that you can use to hang it on walls. The dry chemical contained in the aluminum cylinder is very functional in combating any fire outbreak. Instructions for use are well written on the cylinder for proper handling and usage. Read More: Best Electric Snow Shovels Reviews & Buying Guides


  • The perfect size makes it easy to fit in your kitchen and even in cars.
  • Durable and very effective for household use.


  • The absence of a meter for visual inspection or gauge.

7. Amerex B441, 10LB Dry Chemical Class ABC Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B441, 10LB Class ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

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When it comes to great features, this Amerex ABC fire extinguisher is one of the best out there. It puts out all classes of fire. From combustible materials like paper and wood to flammable liquid and gas to electrical fire. You have a rare advantage of a good and explanatory manual that contains every information you may need for optimum usage.

The cylinder is made of steel and ensures durability. The valve is metallic and made for even heavy-duty work. The manufacturers also give you a six-year warranty. This further makes a statement on the assurance that you as a buyer should trust. Lastly, this Amerex ABC fire extinguisher is so efficient that it works in a temperature range of -650F to 1200F. It does not come any better than this.


  • Features an incredible durability that gives you a 6-year warranty on your money.
  • Better usability with its ability to work under a wide temperature range.
  • Puts out every class of fire.


  • Users have noticed dents on the cylinder

8. Amerex B417, 2.5 LB Dry Chemical – Class ABC Fire Extinguisher

Amerex B417, 2.5 LB Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Class ABC Fires Having Wall Brackets

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Another product from Amerex, Amerex B417 ABC fire extinguisher is very effective in putting out fires of all classes: A, B, and C. It has a well-built cylinder with a wall bracket. This makes it easy to hang on the wall of your office, industry, and home. Being an ABC fire extinguisher for every fire classes makes it very usable and effective. You can never go wrong with this Amerex extinguisher


  • Made for a fast and rapid discharge of about 10 seconds.
  • Fit for heavy duty usage.
  • Durable for years when properly maintained.


  • Wall bracket is loose and can easily come unfastened.

9. Buckeye 25614 Multi-Purpose and Chemical Handheld ABC Fire Extinguisher

Buckeye 25614 Multi-Purpose and Chemical Handheld ABC Fire Extinguisher

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The Buckeye multi-purpose chemical ABC fire extinguisher has unique features. It comes with color-coded gauging to easily measure pressure. It is equipped to combat fire outbreaks of every class. The cylinder contains a very potent to fight fire outbreaks of various classes and types.

The cylinder is made of aluminum that ensures protection from corrosion. The manufacturers designed it to withstand harsh conditions. You can use it in classrooms, hospitals, hotels, homes, offices, and industries. Read More: Best Air Fryers Reviews & Buying Guides


  • Unique and creative color-coded gauge meter
  • Effective for use in many places
  • A durable cylinder that is prevents corrosion


  • May not be suitable for cars because it has no vehicle bracket

10. First Alert FE10GR, Red Workshop/ Garage Fire Extinguisher

First Alert FE10Go, Red Workshop/ Garage Fire Extinguisher

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The First Alert Workshop and Garage Fire Extinguisher is a choice for industrial and workshop owners. With its refillable and durable cylinder, it is resistant to corrosion.  It has color-coded gauging to measure pressure. It also has a metal pin for safety and comfortable discharge. It is also not easy to tamper with. The cylinder contains very insightful instructions to you as a buyer for a proper and safe operation of the extinguisher.


  • Perfect and effective extinguisher for garage and workshop
  • Durable device with exciting color-coding for easy gauging
  • The fire extinguisher is refillable

ABC Fire Extinguishers Buying Guide

Recently, there is an unprecedented increase in fire incidents. Fire extinguishers are and have always been must-have assets for homes, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, train stations, public places and pretty much everywhere else there is the possibility of a fire outbreak or disaster.

Having a useful fire extinguisher will help to save your life, your properties and that of people around you. It is best that you know the specifications, features, functions, and uses of different fire extinguishers. This will help you better make informed decisions about the perfect and most suitable fire extinguisher for you. These are some of the things that you need to consider:

Size: Fire extinguisher cylinders come in varying volumes and sizes. You do not want a 40-pound fire extinguisher that you can hardly lift in your car. Find an appropriate size for your use.

Rechargeable or Non-Rechargeable: With rechargeable fire extinguishers, more usage is guaranteed. You cannot use non-rechargeable extinguishers as many times as you can use rechargeable ones. Bear in mind, however, that more is not always better.

Purpose and Fire Classes: Class A is a fire that is caused by wood, paper, and similar materials. Class B fire is caused by flammable liquid or gaseous substances. And Class C fire is caused by electrical equipment. What class of fire are you at risk of? A, B or C? Buy a fire extinguisher that addresses that concern.

Other Features: Is there a good and strong wall bracket? Is the gauge obvious and readable? Are there instructional materials? Is the cylinder material resistant to corrosion? How fast is the time of discharge? There are some of the other factors that you need to consider when looking to buy a fire extinguisher.


Please bear in mind that your life and property may one day depend on the fire extinguisher you buy, so be sure to go for the best. We do hope that after reading through our unbiased rating and buying guide, you have been informed about what you need in a fire extinguisher. Kindly make sure you read our similar rating and buying guides on other very important products you may need to buy. You will always get the best information here.

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