Top 10 Best Fixie Bikes

Fixie Bikes

Do you love riding bikes for sporting or just for fun? If yes, then you need to find yourself the best brand of bikes that will help you in your exercise any time you want. Also, you need to choose the best one that is luxurious and will provide you with the best recreational activities you will no doubt enjoy. With this in mind, fixie bikes are the best solution because of the design which enhances effective cycling that will not make you tired or exhausted in any way. Compared to many other bikes in the market, fixie bikes provide improved cycling ability because of the new technology it has. Consequently, it comes with better efficiency and performance.

This brand of bikes is becoming popular every passing day with many people choosing its design due to the fact that they are light and inexpensive. The bike has a smaller gear that enhances effective movement with a cog that is tied directly to the pedal to make moving smooth and effective. Due to their rising popularity, there are currently numerous models and brands in the market with different specifications and features. Therefore, you should be careful when purchasing to ensure you get the best product. To help you in this, here are the ten leading fixie bikes brands in the market to help you in making your purchase decision. They include:

10. Sugiyama Flat Bar Kent Takara Fixie Bikes

Kent Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

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For those sensational riders who would like to be on the road for the longest time possible, this is definitely your best model to consider buying. This brand of fixie bikes comes with a flat bar that allows you to easily ride without feeling tired or exhausted. In addition, the bar is a little lower compared to other models giving people of diverse heights a chance to reach the pedals without straining much. This will make it the best bike for the whole family because everybody will be comfortable riding it whether a teen, an adult, or anybody who wants to enjoy it.

For the color sensations, this is the best brand to select because it features a variety of different colors for you to choose the one that you like most. The colors are attractive and appealing which will make you outstanding from the rest. With alloy wheels of 700c, you can ride this bike on any terrain without the fear of damaging or wearing off easily. The tires are strong and durable which also makes it viable for adults to ride.

9. Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bikes

Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bicycle

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How much do you want to lay your hands on a new bike that comes with improved technology and all the amazing features you want? Obviously, we all love the best products that are efficient and convenient with specifications that will make it the envy of many. Schwinn Kedzie Fixie Bike is a 700c model with a steel racing frame that makes it strong and durable so that you can use it for generations to come. Most importantly, the steel frame is resistant to corrosion and rust where it will not be affected in any way if you accidentally leave it outside during the rainy seasons.

Wheels have alloy rims that are able to sustain any weight without breaking or compromising its quality and performance. Another important feature that stands out in this model is the fact that it features rear brakes which gives you an instant stop in case there is an emergency. This is very important because it will save you from being in an accident or hitting a stationary object if you make a sudden turn. You can decide to use this fixie bikes brand as a fixed cog or free-wheel depending on your preference and requirement.

8. The Single-Speed Chill Bikes Commuter Fixie Bikes

Chill Bikes Single-Speed Commuter Fixie Bike

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If you need fixie bikes that will offer you incredible speed that will amaze you, The Single-Speed Chill Bikes Commuter Fixie Bikes will most definitely be your best pick. This brand has sizeable wheels that will cruise the road with a difference giving you a super speed that no other bike can manage. As a result, this model is best for racing or recreational activities when you want to exercise or just take a ride to the woods.

These fixie bikes come in a lightweight which is advantageous to the kids and teens because they will not struggle so much when using it. Consequently, it will also become easy to carry it when you, unfortunately, develop some mechanical problems and it cannot move. For the color enthusiasts, this brand is no doubt your best choice all thanks to the array of beautiful and attractive colors it has. You can choose the best one you like from the many that are available. What is more, you will get a waterproof seat that will allow you to cycle even during the rain without any worry. Read More: Best Adult Tricycles Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Single Speed Golden Cycles Fixie Bikes

Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

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For fixie bikes with an improved sitting posture that will make you comfortable and at ease when riding, this brand is your best choice. The middle bar is custom-raised which gives you a better comfort that will ensure you don’t get tired or exhausted even if you have to ride for a long distance. Also, the raised bar makes it unique and stylish ensuring you have a good looking brand that will give heads rolling every time you pass. The frame is from high tensile steel which does not only make it strong and durable but also shiny and attractive.

The Single Speed Golden Cycles Fixie Bikes has alloy rims that support the wheels well without allowing any tear or wear. This will ensure you get long riding without the need to replace the wheels or rims easily. You can decide to use this brand as a free-wheel bike depending on your preference. This is because of the fixed flip-flop hub that enhances different cycling styles for your convenience. You will have full control of your fixe bike with the pedals and the waterproof seat.

6. The Single Speed 6KU Fixed Gear Urban Fixie Road Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

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If you ever heard the 6KU brand of fixie bikes, you will know that you have a suitable brand that is stylish, effective, long-lasting, and attractive. This company has earned its name in the industry for producing the best models that every rider wants. With The Single Speed 6KU Fixed Gear Urban Fixie Road Bike in their list of the latest products, this is definitely the leading brand in the industry currently. It comes with a variety of color options giving you the opportunity to choose the best one that you will love.

You can also decide to buy it as a birthday gift or for an anniversary for your loved ones because the attractive colors will form a sensational present to anyone. Having a tensile steel frame, this brand is strong and durable and will endure any abuse or long use without compromising its quality or performance. Whether you are riding it on the woods, on the tarmac, or anywhere with a bad terrain, it will not easily wear out. The brakes are removable so that you can adjust them at any time you want for effective and easy operation.

5. The Classic Fixed-Gear Critical Cycles Single Speed Fixie Bikes

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike with Pista Drop Bars

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This is yet another brand of the leading fixie bikes in the market today with improved features and specifications that make it a leader among the many brands available. It is a popular brand that is taking the bicycle industry by storm due to the many helpful features it has. To start with, the Classic Fixed-Gear Critical Cycles Single Speed Fixie Bike has pista drop bars which feature rubber grips that make it stylish and fashionable. On the other hand, the grips will allow you to ride the bike confidently without sliding or falling ensuring it eliminates any possible accidents making it safe and secure.

The bike is light in weight which is advantageous because teens and children can comfortably cycle without a problem. Also, it becomes easy for you to carry it home or lift it to a track when it develops a mechanical problem while on your riding spree. Assembling this brand of the fixie bikes is easy and simple where you can do it at home yourself without any expert or professional help. The best thing about this is that it comes with all the necessary tools that you will need to assemble it. Read More: Best Scooters for Kids Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Single Speed Classic Fixed Gear Critical Cycles Track Bike

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars

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At the fourth position among the leading fixie bikes in the market today is the Single Speed Classic Fixed Gear Critical Cycles Track Bike which comes with all the features a rider wants. It is a stable bike which is suitable for starters who are still learning how to create a good balance while riding. Also, it is best for kids and teens because it will give them the best opportunity to slowly learn the art of cycling without a lot of injuries or difficulty.

For those luxury riders and people who want to exercise, this is the best brand for you to choose. It is highly responsive to swift movements and turns making it the best option for racers and those people who would like to ride just for fun. Even if you are not an expert mechanic, it will take you less than 15 minutes to assemble this bike. Upon ordering this fixie bikes model, it comes with all the necessary tools and parts giving you the opportunity to easily assemble it without calling an expert which will be expensive and time-consuming.

3. The Harper Fixed Gear Critical Cycles Urban Commuter Bike

Critical Cycles Harper Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

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Are you tired of driving your car to the office, to a meeting or to any other event and want a more relaxing and entertaining ride? Well, you will never get any other better option apart from this effective and most comfortable brand of fixie bikes which is attractive and stylish. It is easy and comfortable to ride this brand and has a high speed which will ensure you reach your meeting or destination without any delay. What is more, the pedals are smooth and effective which gives you a nice grip that will allow you to cycle for a long time and distance without feeling exhausted.

The bike is light in weight making it suitable for the entire family so that everybody can manage to ride comfortably and with ease. It features a single speed and fixed gear which does not only make riding easy but also convenient. It has a smart and attractive look which ensures you don’t feel out of place if you pack your bike in front of a store or even in your office. You will feel stylish, fashionable and with a unique taste that will make many people follow your choice.

2. The Fixed Gear 6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Fixie Urban Track Bike

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When talking about the leading fixie bikes in the market today, the list will not be complete until you include the Fixed Gear 6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Track Bike. This is a brand with the latest technology that gives you a chance to ride for a long distance without feeling exhausted. It is relatively small in size with a lightweight that makes it suitable for family use.

Your kid or teen will be comfortable in this model because they can manage the weight without overpowering them. Also, it is stable which makes it suitable for starters to ensure they are able to manage the stability and enjoy the ride. There are a variety of color options for you to choose from so that you exactly get the type that will impress you and that which is best for your taste and preference. Read More: Best Pedal Cars Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Original Pure Fix Fixed Gear Fixie Bikes

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Fixie Bike

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This is the leading brand of fixie bikes according to reviews and ratings on online stores which is evident by its numerous features and specifications that are user-friendly. It is Amazon’s bestselling selling brand with good ratings and many positive reviews from users making it the leading brand among the many. A number of users who have already laid their hands on this amazing product praise it for its effective and high response to movement and bents which is one of the best features of fixie bikes.

It is highly durable all thank to the tensile steel frame which enhances long use without easily breaking or reducing in performance. The pedals have a nice grip which will make you comfortable even when you have shoes with fewer grips. In addition, the frame and the entire parts are resistant to environmental factors like rust, corrosion, UV rays, and many others making it effective for all seasons or any part of the world.

What is more, you will readily get this brand in most of the online stores making it easy to buy or order for your everyday use. It is quick and easy to assemble where it will take you less than 10 minutes to get your new product on the road.

Fixie Bikes Buying Guide

Before settling on which type of fixie bikes to buy, you first need to consider a number of factors to ensure you get a good brand that will meet your needs. Among the factors you need to keep in mind include:

The Color of the Bike: Fixie bikes come in a variety of colors which may be a big challenge for you when deciding the best one for you to buy. Before making a purchase decision you need to choose the best color that will be suitable for you. Also, you need to make the right choice if you are buying it for someone else as a gift or present to them so that they will get to enjoy the product.

Purpose of the Bike: Many people buy bikes for different purposes and different uses making it important to first consider what you will use it for before deciding the type to buy. If you want a bike that you will ride to work or to college every day, you will need one that can work well on tarmac roads, paved roads or rails. If you are buying it for recreational purposes, you will need one that will be able to endure any type of terrains like rocky grounds, rough roads, and many others.

Size of the Bike: Size is another important consideration when looking for fixie bikes to buy. Ensure you get the right size that you will be comfortable riding or which your son or daughter will fit well. This will make riding comfortable without straining.

The Material of the Frame: The frame is the main component in the fixie bikes whereby you need to carefully choose the material of the frame if you need a good product. You may decide to go for a heavy frame which is strong and durable so that you use it for an extended period of time. On the other hand, you can decide to buy one with an aluminum frame which is light and portable.


Everybody has its own preference when it comes to deciding which fixie bikes to buy. With the features and specifications of the ten leading brands above, you can now be sure to make the best purchase decision and get a product that will impress you. Select one from the list above and enjoy your riding always.

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