Top 10 Best Floor Jacks

Floor Jacks For Vehicle Lifting

Every garage owner understands the tribulations and troubles you always go through when you don’t have the right tools to enhance your repair work. Vehicles and trucks are heavy equipment that needs sophisticated tools when it comes to repairing and maintenance. For you to undertake easy repairs on a vehicle or truck, it is necessary to have the best floor jacks that will give you the opportunity to lift it at ease and give you an ample space to carry out your work. This is essential especially when you are changing tires, changing oil, repairing the brake system, rotors, and other repair work.

All professionals who undertake vehicle repairs are well aware of the immense risk of having a jack collapse under the weight of the car. This will pose a great danger to the staff which may lead to injuries or even death. Consequently, it may severely damage the car or vehicle under repair causing a massive loss. This makes it essential to select reliable, quality, and trustworthy floor jacks that are strong and stable to avert these disasters. You can only achieve this by choosing the best brand from the many that are available in the market. To help you with these, here are the ten best floor jacks for you to select the best one. They include:

Bestseller No. 1 Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with Dual Pump Pistons & Reinforced Lifting Arm (A20018)

10. The Black and Red Fast Lift Blackhawk Service Jack

Blackhawk red and black fast lift service jack

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This brand from Blackhawk is a reliable and amongst the best floor jack that can lift a substantial load without breaking or collapsing under a high load. It has a capacity of 3.5 tones which is high enough to sustain a truck or even any type of vehicle you need to repair. With its unique fast list technology, you can undertake any type of repairs beneath the vehicle without any worry because this jack will fully support the weight without fail.

For complete safety and security, this best floor jack comes with a bypass device which aids in preventing any damage that might result due to heavy pumping. It has a high-quality construction of steel material which guarantees strength and durability. Having this best floor jack with you ensures extended use without the need for frequent repairs or malfunction. Finally, it has a safety valve to ensure no accidental release of the load that may lead to injuries.

9. The Arcan Steel Low Profile Black Service Jack

Low profile steel service black jack by Arcan

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If you are just starting your repair work and don’t have much or heavy vehicles to lift, this is the best floor jack for you. It best suits those people who are after low profile floor jacks but added safety and durability. With Arcan being the producer of this product, it is a durable brand with state-of-the-art construction that gives you the opportunity to enjoy easy and safe lifting of the load at any given time.

For additional safety, this best floor jack comes with a universal joint release mechanism which helps to provide precise control and eliminate any accidents and injuries. This is an important feature because apart from protecting your staff from any possible harm, it will also protect the car under repair and eliminate unnecessary losses and expenditure. It comes with a weight of 67 pounds which means you can carry anywhere you want with ease.

8. Hydraulic Grey Floor Jacks

Grey hydraulic floor jack

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Coming in a grey color, this sophisticated brand of best floor jacks are among the leading models in the market currently with many functional features and specifications. First, it has an attractive design that is impressive and eye-catchy giving your garage a nice look. Additionally, it is small in size giving you the advantage to carry it in your car or tack without taking up much space. It perfectly fits the trunk of your car and will not add any weight or load ensuring you transport it with ease.

With a 2-ton capacity, it will give you the best functionality and ability to lift mid-size vehicles with ease. For smooth operations, it comes with a simple user kit that is easy to understand and control. Also, this best floor jack has a carrying handle and movable wheels which gives you the opportunity to carry it without much effort. It has an inbuilt safety valve which enhances durability for long use of this brand. Read More: Best Scissor Jacks Complete Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

7. The Arcan Aluminum Floor Jacks

Aluminium floor jack by Arcan

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Aluminum is among the trusted materials to offer strong support and maintain a heavy load for an extended time without breaking or collapsing. This is the reason why the Arcan Aluminum best floor jack is among the leading brands in the market currently with strong construction and reliable performance. It has a capacity of 3 tons which means it is able to lift a heavy load without feeling the pressure.

With a maximum lift height of 4 inches, this will provide easy access to all the parts of the vehicle without any difficulty. You will get ample space to undertake any type of repair underneath the car even if it is a low-profile one. In addition, this best floor jack has rear swivel caster wheels with mounted ball bearings for easy maneuverability and for stability.

6. The Low-Profile Ultra Steel Floor Jacks

Ultra low-profile steel floor jack

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This is yet another trusted brand of best floor jacks with intense construction that makes it a leader in the industry. Coming from Pittsburgh Automotive, the Low-Profile Ultra Steel Floor Jack is a heavy-duty jack with a capacity of 3 tons giving you the chance to use it on a variety of vehicles and trucks. What is more, this best floor jack has a broad steel caster that provides the much-needed stability during any type of repairs or maintenance.

The Low-Profile Ultra Steel Floor Jacks weigh 79 pounds which is light enough to carry around without much effort. It comes in a grey color with a shiny and attractive body that is easy to clean. After completing your repair, you can simply wipe this product with a clean cloth to make it sparkling clean.

5. The Trolley Hydraulic Floor Jack for Lifting Cars

Hydraulic trolley jack for lifting cars

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If you are a mobile mechanic who likes to move around with your floor jack, this best floor jack brand is definitely the best pick for you. It comes with a compact carry case where you can put your jack and carry it with absolute ease to any place you want to undertake the repair. Consequently, this case is also important during storage because you can put it under the bed, under the table, or anywhere that will be convenient for you.

For additional strength and durability, the Trolley Hydraulic Floor Jack comes with an all-welded steel frame that makes it strong and durable. The steel frame is rust-resistant which prevents it from corrosion and any other elements that might compromise the quality and functionality of this product. Even if it comes in contact with water or any other liquid, this jack will not be affected by the rust in any way. Other features of this best floor jack brand include a carry handle and wheels for easy maneuverability, steel swivel casters for floor movement, and many others. Read More: Best Jack Stands Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Power built Triple Lift Jack

Triple lift jack by Power built

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Manufactured in China by Alltrade, this heavy-duty best floor jacks suits those mechanics and automotive enthusiasts who are in their initial stages of learning the art of mechanics. This is because this brand is easy to use and comes with easy to understand features that will give starters a chance to use it without any difficulty.

It has a patented design that features a removable lift saddle that lets you control your lifting to suit your preference. Also, this best floor jack comes with padded lift rails that give you a comfortable and stable lifting to eliminate any accidents that might occur due to slipping or wrong positioning. It has a lifting capacity of 4000 pounds which makes it suitable for cars, ATVs, trucks, and other vehicles.

3. The SUV Big Red Service Jack

Big red SUV service jack

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Coming in red color, this brand has a total capacity of 3 tons which can easily lift a number of vehicles in your garage without much difficulty. This best floor jack from Torin weights 49 pounds which is a manageable weight for those mobile mechanics and automotive experts because it will give you the chance to carry it to any place you want without exerting much pressure. Consequently, it has a compact design that can comfortably fit the trunk of your small car for ease of transportation.

With a lifting range of 6 to 21 inches, this best floor jack will give you enough space underneath the vehicle to carry out any type of repair and maintenance without feeling squeezed. This makes it perfect for lifting trucks, SUVs, and cars. Most importantly, it comes with a long neck that makes it easy to lift heavy vehicles.

2. Steel and Aluminum Garage Jack

Aluminum and steel garage jack

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Coming second among the best floor jacks in the market is this brand which has steel and aluminum composition. It has a lifting capacity of 3 tons and a lift height that extends up to 18 inches giving you enough space to carry out your repairs without much difficulty. The arm is heavy-duty steel which enhances strength and durability.

The Steel and Aluminum Garage Jack has a body made of lightweight aluminum to substantially reduce the weight of this jack making it easy to carry and transport. Its hydraulic system is quick and fast which saves you a lot of time and effort. Additionally, this best floor jack has rubber padded saddles for increased stability and to ensure the load will not slip or drift while on air. The rubber will also prevent any scratch to the frame of your vehicle. Read More: Best Off Road Tires for SUV and Truck Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Low Profile Service Jack

Low profile service best floor jack

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This is an extra-low profile brand of best floor jacks with a capacity of 2 tons and a lifting range of 3 to 14 inches. Apart from being the leading brand in the market, it is also among the safest floor jacks that protect your staff and the vehicle under repair. It has a bypass device that helps to eliminate any over pumping to give you extra safety. In addition, it comes with an inbuilt safety valve that provides absolute protection from overload.

With heavy-duty and sophisticated construction, this is definitely the best floor jack brand you need to choose. It is highly durable which gives you extended use ensuring you enjoy its benefits for a long period of time. It comes with a weight of 30 pounds which provides you with the advantage of easy carrying to any place you want to use it.

Best Floor Jacks Buying Guide

There are currently numerous types, and models of floor jacks making it a hard task to choose the best. You may sometimes buy one in haste only to find that it does not meet your needs and specifications making it a waste of resources. Therefore, use the following buying guide to get the best product:

The Type of Vehicle to Lift: Not all floor jacks can comfortably fit the underneath of every vehicle. Some vehicles come with an extremely low height which makes it difficult to find a suitable jack to fit in. Hence, you need to first consider the type of car you have before making a purchase decision.

Capacity: This is the amount of maximum weight a jack can support comfortably without causing any break or damage. It is important to ascertain the weight of your vehicle so that you buy the right product that will withstand the weight.

The Material of the Product: Built material of every product is another important consideration because it will determine the strength and durability of that product. Ensure you choose a durable brand that will endure any abuse and that which is able to last long.

Lifting Range: This is the maximum height that the jack is able to lift the load. If you want an expansive area to undertake your repairs and maintenance, it is advisable to go for a jack with a high lifting range to give you ample space underneath the car.

Other features to consider include safety, portability, ability to move easily on the ground, and many others.


Undertaking repairs underneath vehicles is always a daunting task which is dangerous especially if you are using inappropriate tools. It gets even dangerous if you use low-quality floor jacks that can easily collapse under a load. Therefore, get yourself the best floor jack from the list above and enhance your vehicle lifting ability.

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