Top 9 Best Gait Belts

Gait Belts

A gait belt is a safety device. In fact, most people have probably never heard this term. However, for some people with backache, gait belts are very important tools, designed to help move someone from one place to another, such as transitioning them from a bed to a chair.

Gait belts help people with walking difficulty. They keep patients from falling. They also reduce the risk of a back injury in the process. if you have to use this product, it is imperative that you get the best one available on the market. Considering their importance to one’s health, especially with regards to preventing back injury, you should never skimp on costs when it comes to these items, the best gait belts around including the following:

9. Elgin 3-Handle Ergonomic Walking Belt

Elgin 3-Handle Ergonomic Walking Belt

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This belt is designed to fit waists ranging from 8-inches to 28-inches. The quality of this product affects both a patient and his or her caregiver. This product gives both patients and caregivers the utmost confidence.

Crafted from nylon webbing that is not only soft but quite durable, this gait belt has a 4-inch Velcro Closure, 2 vertical handles on the sides and a horizontal handle on the back. The belt is most commonly utilized for purposes of hydro/aquatic therapy. Most consumers seem happy with the fact that this belt can even fit toddlers.

8. Posey Transfer Belt

 Posey Transfer Belt

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This belt ensures safety and security in those situations where a caregiver must assist in the safe transfer of a patient; purposed to prevent back injuries, especially during the ambulation of patients, the belt is crafted from nylon which explains its durability.

The item has six handles with which caregivers and attendants are assured a firm grip. Boasting a quick-release nylon buckle, consumers can look forward to six-inch high back support.

7. Tommhanes Transfer Gait Nursing Belt

Tommhanes Transfer Gait Nursing Belt

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Crafted from nylon fabric and also utilizing mesh fabric with built-in pearl cotton, this gait belt is more breathable and comfortable to wear than most. The seven vertical handles and three horizontal handles (with soft webbing design) ensure a firm grip, this while the waist supporter guarantees comfort. Caregivers will face no complications in trying to adjust the patient from and into different angles when the need arises.

The buckle and adjuster designs are user-friendly; the adjuster, in particular, has a slip-resistance ring that only adds to the safety of the belt. With this belt, you can help patients sit up, move to and from a wheelchair, transfer up and down the stairs and perform all manner of activities. Read More: Best Weight Lifting Belts Reviwes & Buying Guides.

6. Posey Deluxe Transfer Belts with Quick-Release Buckle

Posey Deluxe Transfer Belts with Quick-Release Buckle

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This gait belt is pretty basic yet quite firm and safe. It has a rear support band and seven grips in total. Extra wide and crafted from nylon, this belt is soft, durable and designed to fit waists ranging from 30-inches to 66-inches

5. Forester Medical Gait Belt of 3 (Walking, Transfer and Physical Therapy)

Forester Medical Gait Belt of 3 (Walking, Transfer and Physical Therapy)

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If you need superior comfort and control, this is the gait belt you want. There is very little risk of injury and back strain, not with a belt boasting six very secure handles designed to avail a variety of leverage points that make lifting and ambulation very easy.

Very soft, machine washable and crafted from durable nylon, this gait belt has full metal clasps and reinforced stitching. The easy release metal buckles further augment the safety of the belt. Read More: Best Baby Carrier Backpacks Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Essential Medical Supply Gait Belt with Plastic Buckle

Essential Medical Supply Gait Belt with Plastic Buckle

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This belt can contend with consumers with up to 54-inches of waist. And because the belt is crafted from a heavy-duty cotton blend, caregivers and attendants are given an even more secure handhold, this ensuring that individuals are safer when they are being transferred from place to place.

A plastic buckle is provided to ensure the security of the user. Some consumers might be nervous about using a belt that clips on; however, this product definitely holds up. The clip is very durable and the buckle holds tighter than what one might encounter with the average gait belt.

3. Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

Prestige Medical Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle

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You use belts like this to mobilize and transfer patients; made of 100 percent cotton, the belt is much easier to handle than the average nylon gait belt.

Additionally, the metal buckle is durable and safely secures individuals as they are being transferred. Designed to contend with a variety of waist sizes, you can trust this belt to deliver stability, security, and comfort.

2. Medical Gait Belt

Medical Gait Belt

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This is a powerful belt that is made from high quality and considerably durable nylon that is also surprisingly super soft. The machine washable material will last for several years. And it is also comfortable, the 4-inch high back construction designed to facilitate greater weight bearing which, in turn, makes it that much easier to transfer heavier patients without unnecessarily discomforting them.

There are six hand grips sewn vertically and horizontally that simplify the ambulation of patients by providing the best leverage points. Along with adjustable quick-release buckle fastening, you can get everything you could possibly want in this one gait belt. Read More:Best Garters Belts Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Secure Transfer Walking Gait Belt

Secure Transfer Walking Gait Belt

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Essential to the efforts of attendants who need to safely transfer patients, this gait belt has four vertical and two horizontal hand grips with which caregivers are availed greater leverage to secure a grip when transferring patients.

As a result, back injuries can be avoided. The machine-washable gait belt fits waist sizes ranging from 28-inches to 52-inches, and it features a quick-release durable plastic buckle that makes it very easy to attach and detach the belt.


It would be a mistake to skimp on costs when buying this product for you. The wrong gait belt could do some serious damage to the body. For this reason, you are encouraged to only work with the best gait belts on the market, such as those listed above.

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