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Beautiful gardens make you want to sit in them and have a good time. Maybe even want you to have a picnic or a get-together in them. Portable fire pits make your garden look more beautiful, inviting, and warm. With a beautiful and appropriately positioned portable fire pit, you have a deck, backyard, camping trip, and patio that is looking more beautiful, elegant, and giving out more ambiance.

There are several different types and models of portable fire pit currently available, and you may have quite a difficult time deciding which to choose. If you are on the look-out for the best portable fire pit that will give you proper satisfaction, this review is going to help you select the very best one.

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5. Landmann 26374 23-1/2-Inch Baton Rouge Portable Fire Pit

Landmann 26374 23-1/2-Inch Baton Rouge Portable Fire Pit

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This Baton Rouge portable fire pit is manufactured by Landmann. It is large and is 24 inches in size. It is constructed with high-quality, commercial-grade steel that is strong, balanced, and sturdy. It is designed to be ergonomic, user-friendly, easy to assemble, and easy to use. It comes with a poker to stoke the fire and a spark arrestor screen that prevents sparks from flying up and down in places where they are not wanted.

This spark screen singlehandedly reduces the risk of fire accidents especially in gardens where the grass is dry and where it is easily combustible. Fire in this portable fire pit can be viewed from and at an angle of 360 degrees owing to the decorative and highly practical cutouts in the body of the fire pit. This portable fire pit creates a calm and serene ambiance in your garden. In spite of all these beautiful qualities, this fire pit has a number of undesirable and not so good qualities. It lacks a grate to position firewood on.

It is recommended that sand is spread in the base of the fire pit to extend the life and make it more durable. This, however, prevents the wood from burning evenly when the logs are almost burnt out and results in a lot of smoke, which could have been prevented if the fire pit had simply come with a grate. The construction of the fire pit is commendable but the mesh lid if of subpar quality and this deters from the overall aesthetic of the fire pit.

4. SUPERSUN Solar Torch Lights Outdoor Garden Light Fires

SUPERSUN Solar Torch Lights Outdoor garden light fires

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This is a solar-powered garden light fire. It is designed like a torch but is actually made of 90pcs of small led light arranged around a circuit and covered in a plastic case. The most beautiful part of this garden fire is that even though it is solar-powered, the flames look like actual, real-life flames and any which way you turn this torch, the flames always turns up. The LEDs even flicker like an open flame to sell the appearance of fire. It does not require sitting in the sun for so long before it is fully charged.

It achieves a full charge on 3 short hours and can be used for 10 straight hours when it is fully charged. It has a dual switch on modes. It can be set to provide light constantly for as long as the batteries will last, or it can be set to flicker. When the torch is in constant mode, it gives a soft glow that is suitable to be used for lighting in the night. The light does not glare and creates a relaxing atmosphere for sleep. The flickering light also creates a good backdrop for sound sleep.

This torch is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The base of the torch is flat and sits comfortably on any surface so that the constant light mode can be used to function as a reading lamp. It also has a fitted hook that makes it easy to hang the torch on a line, a rope, a treetop or on a tent. It is run by a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and can also be charged by use of a USB cable, a power outlet or a PC. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in schools, offices, and homes. It has a two-year full warranty. Read More: Best Solar Flood Light  Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. Landmann USA Savannah Portable Fire Pit

Landmann USA Garden Lights Savannah Firebowl

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Like the Landmann 26374 portable fire pit, this fire bowl is also 24 inches in size. And like the Landmann 26374, it gives an unrestricted, 360-degree field of viewing for the fire owing to the decorative cutouts in the design of the fire pit. It has two pairs of decorative legs that are used to support the fire pit and keep it in place. It also comes with poker for stoking the fire and a spark screen that prevents sparks from burning you or causing a fire hazard especially in gardens that are dry.

It also has decorative and beautiful handles that can be used to move and transport the fire bowl very easily. This fire bowl weighs 22 pounds and has a burn surface area of 415 square inches.

It is constructed with high-quality, commercial-grade, sturdy, and strong steel. It is designed to be easily assembled without any special tools or specialized expertise. It has a depth of 12.5 inches for a wider and deeper fireplace. It casts beautiful shadows that improve the overall ambiance of your garden. The downside to this portable fire pit is that it cannot be used on the paver’s patio because it is too smokey. Read More: Best Motion Sensor Lights  Reviews & Buying Guides.

2. Regal Flame Ouray Backyard Garden Home Light Wood Fire Pit

Regal Flame Ouray Backyard Garden Home Light Wood Fire Pit

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This portable fire pit is lightweight and compact and can easily be taken along on camping trips, positioned on your deck, patio, backyard, fireplace and pretty much everywhere else a good fire is needed. It has a weight of 16 pounds and is 25.5 inches wide. It is constructed with extremely durable steel that has a thickness of 1.2mm. It is finished with a black paint that does not chip, breakaway or melts under high temperature.

It has beautiful cutouts that give the fire a 360-degree view. It is best that this fire pit is covered when it is not in use to preserve the integrity of the fire pit and to keep it looking new. The kit includes a handled poker and a spark screen. The spark screen protects you from flying fire sparks and embers.

The downside to this fire pit is that even though the construction is solid and the size is perfect for a fire pit of this weight, the design is a little skewed. It is a little bit difficult to mount the feet and the fire pit has no holes where water can drain out. The wrench in the kit is too small to work on the nuts so you probably need to dig out a bigger wrench from your toolbox if you really want to put this portable fire pit together and make sense of it. Read More: Best LED Flood lights  Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Best Choice Products 24in Hex-Shaped Steel Portable Fire Pit

Best Choice Products Outdoor Hex-Shaped 24-inch Steel Fire Pit Decoration Accent w/Flame-Retardant Lid, Black

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This portable fire pit is large, having a width of 23 inches. It is constructed with an industrial grade stainless steel that is designed to be easily assembled. It also comes with a handled poker that protects your hands from getting injured. The fire bowl has designed cutouts that afford you a full-circle view of the fire. The cutouts are there to allow for the passage of air into the fire pit to keep the fire going. The cutouts also allow for the formation of beautifully patterned shadows being cast on the floors and wall of your garden.

This creates a warm atmosphere and a beautiful ambiance in the night. However, the legs do get very hot, and using this fire pit on composite decking is a terribly bad idea. In fact, you should not try it. It also does not have a hole for water to drain out.

Like most Landmann portable fire pit, it does not have a grate to hold firewood so you have to put about five pounds of sand in the base of the fire pit to enable the heat spread out. The problem with putting sand in the fire pit is that it affects the burning of the firewood and causes a lot of smoking. The black paint that this fire pit is finished intends to peel off after the first few times the fire pit is used. The cover of the fire pit is also not proportional to the bowl and it doesn’t quite feel right no matter how much you try to arrange it.

Portable Fire Pits Buying Guide

When buying a portable fire pit, safety is the one parameter that should not be compromised for any other factors. When it comes to fires, a single unattended match can do as much damage as an out-of-hand campfire.

And since you are basically buying a bowl to start fires in, you may need to seriously get your priorities in order and not buy something that will hurt you or raze your home to the ground. You need enough information before choosing a portable fire pit. And look no further than this buying guide for portable fire pits.

A good portable fire pit has a handled poker (else, how would you stoke the fire?), a spark screen (so you do not get pelted by embers), a lid (to cover up the firepit when it is not in use), beautiful cut-outs (they are not just there for decoration, they serve to allow air inflow into the fire pit so the wood burns), and a grate (if possible).

How big is your household? You need to purchase a portable fire pit that is commensurate with the size of your household. A bigger household means a larger number of people sitting around the fire.

Hence, a bigger portable fire pit. The cutouts should not be mesh-sized. They should be big enough for proper airflow into the fire pit. Buy fire pits that are made of high quality and durable materials. You do not want to buy a fire pit every other year because the one you bought last year packed up on you. Most garden light fires are coated in black finishing.

While there is no reasonable way to check for the heat-resistance power of the finishing, make sure that the portable fire pit you purchase has black finishing that will not cake off or dust off after the first couple of uses.


A portable fire pit is useful for illumination. They improve visibility at night and make for a beautiful environment. They also give warmth, especially on cold nights. Some garden light fire is portable and can be carried around. They are extremely convenient to use.

As always, we recommend that you stay within your budget and exercise perfect care and control when using portable fire pits.

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