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Gas Furnaces

We all want our homes and the surrounding environment to be conducive and appealing so that we live comfortably without any problem. Sometimes during the winter or those cold seasons and evenings, we experience extreme cold to the extent of shivering. Sometimes these conditions may even cause health problems for both children and adults present at home. To counter this, you need to have gas furnaces to help bring the much-needed heat to our homes and make everybody feel comfortable. By stabilizing the house temperature, it makes it conducive and favorable to stay in.

With the economy becoming tighter each passing day, there is a need to reduce expenditure and ensure you are saving some bucks from unnecessary spending. One of the practical ways to do this is to reduce your soaring electricity bills that are brought about by different accessories at home. Among these accessories include the electric furnace that helps to warm your house but instead consumes a substantial amount of your electricity. As a result, you need to adopt gas furnaces that not only save power but are also eco-friendly. These models are reliable and easy to install and among the nine best brands in the market currently, include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Goodman 80,000 BTU 80% Efficiency Upflow, Horizontal Gas Furnace Model GMES800804BN
Bestseller No. 2 Goodman 80,000 BTU 96% Efficiency Upflow, Horizontal Gas Furnace Model GMES960803BN

9. The M1 Series M1MB 070A Nordyne 903229 AW Furnace, 56-Inch

Nordyne 903229 M1 Series M1MB 070A AW Furnace, 56-Inch

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This is one of the powerful and high performing gas furnaces in the market currently that many users find it efficient. Installing and operating it is simple which explains the reason why many people are going for this furnace. It needs no drilling or any special technical skills to install and operate. Therefore, you will not need any technical assistance because you can install it on your own saving you money and time.

The design of this furnace is attractive and appealing and will complement well with your interior décor. Also, it will go well with your outdoor designs making it a great addition to your décor style. The M1 Series M1MB 070A Nordyne 903229 AW Furnace, 56-Inch is light in weight which means you can move or transport it with ease. As a result, you also don’t have to worry about putting unnecessary pressure on the walls because the wall can endure its weight. It comes with a perfect and even heat distribution capability to assure you of warmth and comfort in the house.

8. The GMH80604BN Goodman Gas-Powered Furnace

Goodman GMH80604BN Gas-Powered Furnace

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You definitely need a warm, cozy and conducive environment while relaxing at home all the time. The trick is to install The GMH80604BN Goodman Gas-Powered Furnace that will be of great benefit to you. This is a great furnace with excellent heat distribution power that you will not need to light a fire or any other heat source in your house. Consequently, it is easy to install and operate giving a chance to everybody at home including the children to manage it.

Despite all the outstanding features that this furnace comes with, it is pocket-friendly. You will not spend a lot of money acquiring this product which makes it a favorite among many people. Another feature of this brand is the ability to emit a substantial amount of heat without producing a lot of noise. This machine will not be a nuisance to you and your guests and will not also wake up your toddler while sleeping. Also, it takes little effort to keep it clean and maintain and comes with a seamless design that looks attractive. Read More: Best Patio Heaters Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The SF-42FQ 2401A New Suburban LPG Gas Furnace

New Suburban SF-42FQ 2401A LPG Gas Furnace

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If you come across this incredible gas furnace in the market or in online stores, you will not hesitate to include it on your shopping basket. It is a simple and attractive machine that is light in weight and comes with a premium rate performance that will no doubt impress you and make your home conducive. It is portable which means you can transport or move it to any part of the house without much difficulty.

Having this device in your home is a perfect addition to your home décor all thanks to its sleek and attractive design. It perfectly distributes heat to all parts of your home to ensure even warming. You will have a conducive environment no matter the corner of the house you are. In addition, it is a quite machine that doesn’t emit a lot of noise or cause any disturbance. It operates with minimal noise that will not irritate even the young ones at home. It is suitable for a number of uses including motorhomes and RVs.

6. The GMS80804BN Goodman 80% AFUE Gas Furnaces, 80,000 Btu

Goodman GMS80804BN Gas Furnace, 80,000 Btu, 80% AFUE

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On the list of the best gas furnaces is this fantastic brand from Goodman that comes with high performance and functionality. Despite the low energy consumption that this furnace has, it produces a substantial amount of heat that is capable of heating your entire house. This is evident from the fact that you will not feel the heat on the sides of this machine even if it has been running for a long time. It is best suited for large houses or condos with extensive heating requirements.

The GMS80804BN Goodman 80% AFUE Gas Furnaces, 80,000 Btu is flexible and compact, and you can fit it in any position that is convenient with you. It has a solid body which is able to endure vibrations and other factors when you place on the wall. With this type of furnace, you will not worry about those chilly evenings or cold seasons. This machine will deliver optimal heat to your entire house.

5. The NT-16SQ 2444A Suburban Gas Ducted Furnace

 Suburban NT-16SQ 2444A Gas Ducted Furnace

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This is another powerful brand of gas furnaces that you can’t afford to skip when shopping for the best heating device for your home. It comes with many helpful features that ensure your house receive the heat it deserves even during extreme cold seasons. It is suitable for use in motorhome, caravan or even in RV and it will deliver the best results. This device is compatible with any system of 12 volts. You just need to connect it to any source, and you will get fast heating in your house.

The NT-16SQ 2444A Suburban Gas Ducted Furnace comes with easy to use features that allow anybody at home to operate. Don’t worry about getting home in the evening to find the rooms cold and freezing. Your children can simply operate this device without much difficulty. Also, it is easy to install without the need to modify it or drill some parts of the wall to fix it. You will find it simple to install it on your own, saving you money and time. Read More: Best Gas Ranges Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The GMS80403AN Goodman Gas Furnace with 40,000 Btu, 80% Ague

Goodman GMS80403AN Gas Furnace with 80% Ague, 40,000 Btu

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Among the list of the leading gas furnaces is this unbeatable brand from the leading manufacturer that has years of service in the industry. This machine comes with a simple design and an easy to install feature that gives you the advantage of fixing it yourself at home. It doesn’t need complicated tools to install. Hence you don’t have to call a technician or professional to do the work for you. It doesn’t require brackets or screws making it easy and convenient to fix to any part of your home.

The GMS80403AN Goodman Gas Furnaces with 40,000 Btu, 80% Ague comes with a lightweight that makes it easy and convenient to transport or move to other parts. When you want to change the position of this furnace, you can do it on your own without the need for assistance. The heat distribution of this machine is one to reckon. It emits optimal heat and distributes evenly to the entire house. Additionally, it regulates temperature in the house to eliminate the possibility of overheating.

3. The New Suburban Gas Furnace Tu SF-35FQ LPG

New Suburban SF-35FQ 2400A LP Gas Furnace Tu

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Appearing in the list of the leading gas furnaces is this brand from Suburban which is among the brands with numerous reviews from users. This machine has a unique functionality that ensures high-quality performance that will heat your house with a difference. It comes with a number of distinct features that include reliability, even heat distribution, energy efficiency, and many others. This is a furnace that requires minimal maintenance to save you the high cost of having to repair it every time.

If you want a perfect heating solution that will reduce energy bills, The New Suburban Gas Furnace Tu SF-35FQ LPG is the best solution for you. It uses minimal heat and does not overheat even if you keep it on for an extended period of time. Fitting and installing is easy and simple, and you can do it using simple available tools.

2. The Single Speed Goodman GMSS960603BN Gas Furnace

Goodman GMSS960603BN Single Speed Gas Furnace

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When looking for the best gas furnaces what probably come to your mind is energy efficiency, high performance, easy installation, and ease of use. Therefore, no other brand can meet all these factors apart from The Single Speed Goodman GMSS960603BN Gas Furnace. This furnace comes with easy to install features that you can do it at home by yourself.

Carrying and transporting this furnace is easy and simple all thanks to its lightweight and compact design. You can simply move it to any corner of the room you want or even transport it to another neighborhood with ease. In addition, you can mount this device on any part of the room and also in several ways. The furnace comes with a single speed motor that aids in distributing heat to all parts of the house. Read More: Best Bottle Warmers Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The NT-30SP 2453A Suburban Propane Gas Furnace, 30,000 BTU

Suburban NT-30SP 2453A Propane Gas Furnace, 30,000 BTU

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If you want to stay in a warm and comfortable environment without spending a fortune, this brand of gas furnaces will no doubt be your best choice. It is a small unit but brings an effective warming effect to your large home. This furnace comes with high performance and emits heat without making a lot of noise. It is a quite machine that you will not even feel a sound when operational.

The NT-30SP 2453A Suburban Propane Gas Furnace, 30,000 BTU is lightweight which makes carrying and transporting an effortless task. In addition, you can also move or change the position of this machine without seeking help. It comes with a sophisticated technology that makes it a leader in the heating industry. This technology is able to regulate heat emission to ensure you stay in a conducive environment and eliminate overheating the house.

Gas Furnaces Buying Guide

With many models and brands of gas furnaces available in the market today, making a decision on which brand to buy is a nut to crack. To ensure you obtain the best follow the following guidelines:

Efficiency- This is a major consideration that dictates the performance or service delivery of the furnace. With fuel prices rising each passing day, you definitely need a unit that will save you extra bucks. Consider the fuel-efficiency of the furnace before making a purchase decision.

Size – Various gas furnaces come in different sizes. Hence you need to choose a device that will perfectly fit your room. For example, choose a unit size according to the size of the room in order to avoid taking up much space. Also, a small furnace in a large room may be ineffective.

Reliability- Reliability of gas furnaces is another important factor you need to consider. You will be disappointed to come home in the evening only to find your room at a freezing point because the furnace is not functioning. You need to buy a reliable device that will not disappoint you.

Price- You need to evaluate your budget and determine how much you are willing to spend on the gas furnaces. This will help you in deciding which furnace meets your price range.


Don’t persevere in that cold and freezing room because you can’t make it warm. Find an effective warming solution that will cheer you up and make your environment conducive. Choose from the list of the best gas furnaces and heat your home with a difference.

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