Top 10 Best Gas Ranges

Gas Ranges

If you have ever taken some time to prepare food for your family or for a number of people, you know how challenging this task is. It even gets more difficult when you are using inappropriate and crude methods that might not go well with your cooking. Therefore, selecting the best cooking appliances for your kitchen is very important because it will make your cooking easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Among the must-have cooking appliances include the best gas ranges that allow you to undertake your cooking with a difference.

Gas ranges are now equipped and improved with certain features, upgrades, and modifications to enhance its performance. Therefore, if you are looking for the best product that will help you in your cooking, you should have adequate knowledge of the basic and additional features your gas range contains. This will help you avoid buying a brand that does not meet your needs. To give you an insight into the best gas ranges for you to buy, here are the ten leading brands to help you in making a purchase decision. It includes:

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10. Cosmo COS-965AG, 36 In Gas Range with Lower Storage Cabinet

36 in. Gas Range with 5 Italian Made Burners, Oven, Broiler, Motorized Rotisserie, Lower Storage Cabinet Cosmo COS-965AG

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This is amongst the best gas range which is made in Italy. It is a burner that provides any kitchen with class, style, and performance. Additionally, this burner comes with fifteen thousand BTU broiler used for grilling and browning food. It is evident that Italian made burners always have the best quality and high-end performance that everybody will love making this brand a leader in the market.

This burner has a perfectly motorized roasting rod that allows you to grill and cook food in both high and low heat. Additionally, this best gas range is perfect for boiling, searing and frying food in low simmers. Therefore, using this burner is beneficial in the essence that it has a variety of functions.

9. Thor Kitchen Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30" Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range with 4.2 cu. ft. Oven, 4 Burners, Convection Fan, Cast Iron Grates, and Blue...

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If you are in search of a perfectly performing product, look for Thor Kitchen Gas Ranges. This burner has unique features that outsmart the rests of the brands in the market. Also, the fact that this best gas range occupies the ninth position of my analysis, is explained using its various reasons. Firstly, this best gas ranger’s oven comes equipped with five burners to let you enjoy the best cooking experience with the capability of cooking multiple different dishes in one instance.

Secondly, its drip pan is made with black porcelain which makes it unique and brilliant in its performance. Additionally, the oven burner of this best gas range enables heat to spread evenly across all the dishes that are cooking. Moreover, Thor Kitchen is simple to use in that whether you are cooking food, grilling or making soup, you will never face any difficulty in operating it. This product has a warranty of two years which shows how valuable and durable it is.

8. Thor Kitchen 36” Gas Ranges

Thor Kitchen 36″

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The Thor Kitchen 36” Gas Ranges is another fantastic brand which is similar to Thor Kitchen, but this version has additional improved features. You should, therefore, build an impression of trust for this best gas range because of a range of reasons. To start with, the heating power of this product is powered by an infrared boiling system which makes it boil fast and quickly.

The Thor Kitchen 36” best gas ranges have a convection feature which functions as heat circulator so that it distributes heat evenly across the pan. Additionally, the design of the Thor Kitchen 36” is awesome and appealing to the eye in that its interior part is of blue porcelain which is a great addition to your kitchen. Read More: Best Hot Plates Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The 36” Pro-Style Gas Range DRGB3601with 4 Sealed Burners

DRGB3601 36” Pro-Style Gas Range with 4 Sealed Burners, 18500 BTU Infrared Griddle, 5.2 Cu. ft. Manual Clean Convection Oven and Infrared Broiler in Stainless Steel

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This best gas range is exceptional, special and valuable in terms of its performance and functionality. It is Amazons best selling brand which comes with a number of features and specs that makes your cooking easy and convenient. It promises the user with quality work and a professional style of cooking indoors.

To be honest, this is the best gas ranger of all the previously outlined burners and you should consider purchasing it. This is because it has a standard and professional look that is a great addition to every kitchen. In addition, it has easy to understand features that even your children can simply learn without any difficulty.

6. The Kenmore


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The Kenmore best gas range lets you do more than just cooking your food. Apart from cooking, you can also grill your favourite meal with the help of this amazing brand. Looking at its qualities will let you choose this product over all other burners that you have in your mind. First, its oven has a standard capacity of 4.2 cubic feet as well as five burners which enables you to have an exciting cooking experience where you can cook more than one dish at the same time.

Additionally, it has a heating power that speeds up your cooking when turned on to a 14,2000 BTU. Furthermore, this best gas range has an oval burner at its centre that emits heat that will broil and griddle your dish within the shortest time possible. This product can serve various cooking modes which include making vegetable dishes and griddling the steak. Therefore, having this best gas ranges in your home is enough for all your cooking needs.

5. Thor Kitchen 30″ Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven

Thor Kitchen 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven with 5 Burner

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Coming in the fifth position among the best gas ranges in the market is this fantastic brand which is a must-have appliance for every modern kitchen. This product has a number of useful features that every cooking enthusiast will definitely like. Among the features that make this brand outstand from the rest include an oven capacity of 4.55 cubic feet that accommodates a large number of dishes at the same time. Secondly, it has a U-shaped burner of 18,5000 BTU as well as a broil burner placed in its centre of 10,000 BTU.

Furthermore, the LRG Thor Kitchen contains several burners that are specially designed for this best gas range specifically one double-ring burner with a BTU figure of 18,000 whereas its front burner on the right side is 8,000 BTU. In addition, it has an oval burner with 9,000 BTU and another burner on the right side of the rear end with 6,000 BTU. Furthermore, the inner body of this best gas ranger is made of black porcelain and also contains a moderately large drawer designed with black enamel.

4. The SLK249W Freestanding 36 Premier White Gas Range

Premier SLK249W 36 Freestanding Gas Range

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This product has been topping the list of the best gas ranges in the market due to the features and state-of-the-art design it has. The gas range is suitable for large families because is can prepare a variety of dishes at once. This product has a capacity of 9 cubic feet and contains five cooktop burners made of stainless steel for large families and less to two or three burners for smaller families.

The SLK249W Freestanding 36 Premier White best gas range has an electronic ignition and a tamperproof glass that make it tough, durable and long-lasting as well as a side storage compartment and a chrome heat reflector. Lastly, this best gas range comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty on all its hardware parts including its five burners. Read More: Best Patio Heaters Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The HRG4804U Thor Kitchen Double Oven 6 Burner Gas Ranges

 Thor Kitchen HRG4804U 6 Burner Gas Range with Double Oven

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If you want to cook your food like a trained and professional chef, this best gas range will give you that feeling. The HRG4804U Thor Kitchen Double Oven 6 Burner Gas Range has a capacity of 2.5 and 4.2 cubic feet. You should also actually consider this brand because it has its own space that allows you to get all your cooking done. Additionally, it has an ideal power that will get all your work done fast and easy.

Also, it has other special features that make it untouchable. One of these features is that it has six burners with a wide base that makes stable in any type of surface. Again, this brand is heavily powered to allow you cook, fry, sear and boil from a high heat capacity to a low heat capacity. Finally, this best gas ranger has a backsplash that can be removed to facilitate flexibility and allow it to stand freely on its own as you continue with your cookings.

2. The Avanti


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You cannot end your list of the best gas ranges without going through the several incredible features of Avanti. Firstly, Avanti has an automatic electronic ignition system which functions quick and fast. This means that you do not need the traditional fire while operating this best gas range. Secondly, this brand contains several types of burners such as simmer, Simi rapid and rapid that gives you a variety of options to choose from depending on your favourite method of cooking.

The Avanti best gas range has an LP conversion that gives you the opportunity to manage the temperature of your cooking depending on the type of meals. Finally, the temperature of this burner ranges between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit to give your cooking the highest capacity that you need. Read More: Best Foot Massagers Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The HRG3080U Thor Kitchen Gas Range

HRG3080U Thor Kitchen Best Gas Range

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This gas range deserves the top position because of its several features. it occupies the first position because of its performance and functionality which excites many users. I recommend this best gas range because of: Firstly, it is 4.2 cubic feet which allows you to cook many dishes in one instance. Secondly, its convection oven has a power of 22,000 BTU which is a large capacity enough to make the ideal gas ranger on the market.

Thirdly, this best gas ranger has four burners where one burner is 18,000 BTU whereas another is 15,000 BTU. The other burners are called the twin burners which are 12,000 BTU each. Additionally, the surface of this best gas range comes from stainless steel which keeps it durable and always clean. Finally, the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U comes with a warranty of two years.

Best Gas Ranges Buying Guide

When shopping for the best gas range for your home use, you will come across several options, models, brands, and types. It is evident that you can’t just walk into a store and buy any you find on the shelf. As a result, there are a number of factors you need to consider for you to make the right purchase decision. These factors include:

Type: Types of gas rangers that freely stand on their own are the most popular, bought and the easiest to install. Therefore, before buying a gas range, ensure that it is freestanding. The control panel of the oven should be located on the back panel on the surface of the cooktop. Lastly, in this context, you should also ensure that the gas range is has a slide-in feature for surrounding cabinets to be easily slid into the gas range.

Size: Most gas ranges and electric gas ranges are thirty inches wide. Also, most style customized gas ranges have a size of 30 inches wide but can go up to 48 inches if you modify it with other additional features like integrating it with griddles, works or grills. Therefore, depending on your own style of interest, you should buy a gas range that will fit in the available space of your home.

Capacity: The capacity that your gas range will occupy in your room should be your another consideration. If you go to the store, look for the gas range whose ovens will not take too much of your room space. Normally, the smallest ovens on the market are barely more than 2 cubic feet while the largest ovens are nearly 4 cubic feet.

Single Versus Double Ovens: Many gas ranges come configured with either one or two ovens. Gas ranges with two ovens have the first one on the top and the second oven below the latter. These double-oven gas ranges are fit to be used if you want to cook two different meals using different temperatures. Therefore, you should look into this consideration if you would like to cook different meals at the same time keeping in mind that smaller dishes should always be cooked on the lower oven and not large ones since the door is usually close to the floor.

Cost: Obviously, before buying any product, you should always consider the cost of that product. Equally important, you should consider the cost of your gas ranges before buying them. The gas range of your choice should be affordable.


It is normally difficult to come to a conclusion of which gas range to buy considering the fact that there are so many in the market nowadays. But with the above list of the leading brands, you get to chose the best gas range that will meet your needs.

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