Top 10 Best Birthday Gift Baskets

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When the holiday season approaches we always want to surprise our loved ones with various gifts for them to know how we care about them and to express our love for them. More often, we spend a lot of time wondering about what they like and what they enjoy mostly until we end up buying for them gifts that may not add any value to their life. With this in mind, there are birthday gift baskets that come with all the good presents that you can give to any of your family members, friend, spouse, a colleague at work or anybody that you would like to gift.

The birthday gift baskets have all the attractive and fun things that every person will enjoy because it will make them remember you for the longest time possible. Whether your daughter is having a birthday, your friend is having a baby shower, your co-worker is having a marriage ceremony or any other event, the birthday gift baskets have all the stuff you need that will greatly excite them. Hence, you need to make a good choice of the type of gift you are buying so that your friend will be happy and it will be good for that occasion.

The following are ten leading brands of birthday gift baskets to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

1. Broadways Gourmet Basketeers Gift Set

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Set

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The first one on our list of the best birthday gift baskets that you can buy is this brand which comes with all the sensational product that will ensure your friend or relative will love. It has plenty of gourmet foods making it the best present for those people who are celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, or children who perform well in their studies. Among other gifts in this basket include chocolates, Yoghurts, a few nuts, and other traditional nuts and snacks that they will no doubt enjoy when you buy them during their special day.

Coming with very attractive and sensational colors, this is a perfect brand of birthday gift baskets that will make you outstanding when you enter the party with it. People will know how much you care just by looking at this high-quality basket which is attractive and has a decoration that shows exactly what the person you are gifting is expecting. This basket is light and portable so that you will not have to struggle so much when carrying it to your destination. Finally, it contains all the good and attractive gifts that will definitely make you the envy of many.

2. The Signature Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Gift Basket

Godiva Chocolatier Signature Chocolate Gift Basket

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Chocolates are the best gift that you can present to anybody no matter the type of occasion he/she has and it will not feel out of place or does not match the event. It is a versatile gift that many people love whether they are young or old, men or women. The Signature Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Gift Basket features all the gifts that you will not resist to smile when you open and see them. They come with attractive wrappings that your daughter or spouse will not exactly know what is inside by just looking at it which will be a great surprise for them.

Therefore, if you want to surprise somebody there is no better way than buying these birthday gift baskets for them. This basket contains a number of chocolates from Godiva which is one of the leading manufacturers of the most delicious and sweet chocolates that you will ever find anywhere else. The gourmet chocolates are popular among many people nowadays making it the leading birthday gift baskets that you can think of buying.

Among the presents that it contains include milk chocolate caramels, milk chocolate truffles, 8 count Gold ballotins, 4 count signature chocolate truffles, the dark milk chocolate bars, and many others. The birthday gift baskets come with a base that has leather faux with a two-tone ribbon that forms a nice texture that will add to its beauty. In order to create a luxurious look that will make the person you are gifting melt in tears upon seeing it, this basket contains a brown and yellow tones packaging that creates a good look that they will definitely love. Read More: Best Buy Popcorn Maker Reviews Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The Spa Luxury Green Canyon Wicket Basket Gift Set

 Green Canyon Spa Luxury Wicket Basket Gift Set

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Do not go to your friend’s party empty-handed because you cannot find the best gift to give him/her just because you don’t know what they love and what they don’t. This brand of the best birthday gift baskets will be your best solution because it comes with very attractive presents which your friend will no doubt love. The Spa Luxury Green Canyon Wicket Basket Gift Set contains various body products that will be a great choice for those people having a baby shower party, for your sister’s birthday or even for a friend who just gave birth and you have to appreciate them with a gift.

The products in the basket include soaps, lotions, body washes, hair treatments, perfumes, and many other things that you will never easily find. The most important thing you should know about the birthday gift baskets is that all the products inside have natural ingredients which mean that it will not cause any effects or reaction to the skin. The last thing you will want to do to your friend is to give him/her a gift that will bring pain and other side effects rather than bringing happiness.

4. Starbucks Daybreak California Delicious Gourmet Coffee Basket

California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Basket

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Who doesn’t want to sit in the Starbucks restaurant and enjoy the most delicious food that will make you demand more? Everybody dreams of one day holding a birthday party or anniversary in Starbucks because it is one of the leading restaurants that will give you good services and memories that you will never forget. But the moment you think of buying this birthday gift baskets during your friend’s birthday you will definitely be taking Starbucks straight to their house. This will be very interesting because you will make them stare at the beauty of the present for a long time before accepting it because it will be the best present ever.

Coming with Starbucks coffee in the form of ground beans and a few Tazo teas, you will turn a party into great celebration and enjoyment due to the many gifts your friend will get. Other things you will get upon purchasing this birthday gift baskets include house blend and Sumatra coffees, Nonni’s biscuits that are very delicious, Shortbread rounds, different varieties of Tazo tea bags, and many others. In addition, the basket features ceramic mugs in bright green colors and a Starbucks logo so that you will feel like you are inside the cozy restaurant as you enjoy the sip of that sweet coffee.

5. The Connoisseur Wine Country Gift Baskets

Wine Country Connoisseur Gift Basket

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Is your daughter, girlfriend, co-worker or anybody else having a party and you want to surprise them with a gift that will leave them wondering? The Connoisseur Wine Country Gift Basket is among a few birthday gift baskets that contain all the things that will turn that small celebration or meeting into a party. It offers several great treats that no one will resist if you offer them as a token for the good work they are doing or when they are having a celebration.

You can decide to buy this gift so that you will surprise your spouse when you decide to go to the beach or to the woods and it will create a nice feeling that will make them love you always. The gift comes with Ahmad English tea, chocolate vanilla, and sea salt caramels. Additionally, you will never miss all sorts of cookies in this hamper like walker shortbread cookies, biscuits, and many others. All these things are in a luxurious basket with beautiful decorations on each side to ensure it forms a nice birthday gift baskets for your loved ones. Read More: Best Stuffed Animals Reviews & Buying Guides.

6. The Nut Delight Golden State Fruit Cheese Gift Baskets

Golden State Fruit Cheese and Nut Delight Fruit Basket

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We all know how sugary foods can bring damage to the health of children and many other people especially if you take them in large quantities regularly. They cause cavities in children making them develop dental problems or even lose their teeth. Consequently, it increases cholesterol level in adults and grownups subjecting them to dangerous diseases that may be hard to avoid. Therefore, it is time to change that by adopting the use of fresh fruits that are not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious.

It offers varieties of pears, apples, oranges, and all the seasonal fruits that you might not easily get them at the grocery or any other fruits shop. Other things that you will get when you purchase this basket include natural cheddar cheese and salted almonds which help the immune system of the body, olive oil, sea salt crackers, and even fresh fruits. All the birthday gift baskets have a cushion on the side which protects the fruits from any harm during shipping.

7. Happy Times Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

Art of Appreciation Happy Times Gift Basket

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Coming in the seventh position among the leading birthday gift baskets in the market today is this brand that you can offer to anybody you love and want them to enjoy their important day. Whether they are celebrating an anniversary, having a wedding, or any other party, this is the best birthday gift baskets you can offer. It comes with all the products that will suit any party making everybody enjoy the celebration with a difference.

All the gifts come in an attractive basket that you can easily carry without any problem because it has a handle that makes transporting convenient. The basket can also function as a storage facility because it is big enough and has a willow shape that will keep all the items safe and secure all the time. Most importantly, this birthday gift baskets comes in a pocket-friendly price that will make you buy it without any hesitation. Read More: Best Artificial Christmas Trees Reviews & Buying Guides.

8. The Bean Box Gourmet Chocolate and Coffee Gift Baskets

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee and Chocolate Box

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This is more of a box than a birthday gift baskets but contains all the items you will need to present it as a gift to any person you want to surprise them during their important day. It is a collection of some of the fine and popular names in the coffee industry making it the best product for birthday and anniversary celebrations.

It offers eighth coffee roasts and chocolate bars which are sweet and delicious ensuring the person you are gifting it to will feel appreciated all the time. What makes this birthday gift baskets outstanding from the rest is the fact that it has distinct colors that are attractive and appealing. Moreover, every product has user instructions so that you will get a chance to understand exactly how it functions so that you don’t misuse it in any way.

9. All Natural Good Grocer Healthy Snacks Basket

Good Grocer All Natural Healthy Snacks Basket

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For those people who like natural products that are healthy and nutritious, this will definitely be the best birthday gift baskets that you will find on the market. It features different types of healthy snacks that will not pose any danger or become a health risk even to young children. If you intend to have a large crowd coming for your daughter’s birthday, this gift hamper will be your best choice. This is because it has thirty different types of snacks that will be enough for all her friends.

Do not be mistaken that the food snacks will come with sugar additives that might not be healthy for the children. The foods feature organic and natural flavors with no artificial preservatives and no food colorings. This will ensure you are having healthy foods without any unwanted elements. These birthday gift baskets contain popular names in the food industry with Chips that come from unique ingredients like beans and many others. Read More: Best Piggy Banks Reviews & Buying Guides.

10. Verdugo Spa-In-A-Basket

Verdugo Spa-in-a-Basket birthday gift baskets

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Concluding the list of our leading birthday gift baskets that you can buy for the ones you love during their important day is this brand that has all the essential presents you can think of. It is an attractive gift hamper that comes with a lid and outer decoration that will make heads turn every time you pass while carrying. Having all the necessary products, this is one of the bestselling baskets on Amazon with many users praising its quality presents but with a low price that will allow anybody to buy without straining their accounts.

The basket is tactically woven with a vanilla honey scent that is very impressive because you will get a good feeling while carrying it or even when sitting next to it. Among the things in this basket include skin and beauty products like shampoo, lotions, hair products, and many others. One thing that many people don’t know about this birthday gift baskets is that even the basket itself is the best present that everybody will like. After removing all the items inside it will act as storage for most of your stuff including clothes, books, and other things you will find in your room.

Birthday Gift Baskets Buying Guide

Birthday gift baskets are currently the best way to show love and appreciation for the people you love and care about. To do this, you need to find a perfect brand that they will love and enjoy so that they will feel your care. To succeed in this you need to find the right hamper by following this buying guide:

The Type of Occasion: This is a very important factor that you need to consider to ensure you buy the best gift baskets that will suit the occasion. If it is for somebody who is having a birthday party, choose a basket with all the gifts that will fit the occasion so that you don’t feel out of place when delivering it. Also, it has to impress the person you are gifting and excite them during the occasion.

Consider the Person you are Gifting: You should be aware of the person you are presenting the gift with because you may end up buying stuff that will not be relevant to them at all. For example, you may buy a basket that contains wine and chocolates but the person you are presenting the gift does not use them. This will make your gift invalid and will not be impressive as you want.

Group versus Single Gifts: Presenting gift baskets does not only mean you will be giving it to one person but you may decide to present it to a group of people. Therefore, it is important to ascertain whether you will be shopping for a gift for one person or for a group so that you get to know what they all like to ensure everybody will enjoy.

The Contents of the Gift Basket: Before paying for that basket, you should first know all the items inside it for you to be sure whether it will be a viable present or not. You may buy a basket for your teen daughter only to realize that it contains alcoholic products which will not be convenient for her age.


Buying birthday gift baskets is a very challenging task because there are plenty of them in the market currently. But with this article, the ten birthday gift baskets brands above will help you in choosing the best one you can gift the people you love.

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