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Golf Rangefinder

If you are a golfer, you must have realized that distance is among the primary and essential element that you should strictly consider for effective playing. If there is one thing that bothers golfers a lot when out in the pith playing or practicing is when they have to measure the distance to the flag, hazard, and hole manually. This doesn’t only inconvenience the players and officials, but it also leads to inaccurate, and the results or findings may not be consistent. This is where the best golf rangefinder now comes in.

Even though golf officials may estimate the distance by the use of markers and other physical things, the results may not be accurate. The best golf rangefinder will give you reliable and accurate figures for you to ascertain how you are progressing in the game exactly. The rangefinder determines the correct distance from a certain point such as hazard, green, or flag. This device is very important to every golfer, and it is essential to have one for yourself.

There is a range of golf rangefinders on the market, and it might be a difficult task to decide which one best suits you. Among the best golf rangefinder in the market currently, include:

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10. The RX-650 Leupold Golf Rangefinder

Leupold RX-650

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Do not worry about yourself when trying to determine a golf range because your manual method is not giving you accurate data. The RX-650 Leupold Golf Rangefinder is an excellent tool that every aspiring and professional golfer should lay his/her eyes on. This best golf rangefinder is able to measure up to 650 yards although many golfers say that the distance is substantially higher than that. This product is no doubt a favorite to many users because it canners a lot of positive reviews from the people who have used it.

The most outstanding feature about this best golf rangefinder is that it comes in high quality at an affordable price. It is light in weight, and you will have no problem carrying it around or even carrying it from your home to the pitch. Users say that this best golf rangefinder is able to measure up to a maximum of 900 yards which is a remarkable distance considering the fact most players may need to go as far as that distance.

9. Waterproof Crenova LR600

Crenova LR600 (Waterproof)

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Don’t let rain or drizzle stop you from playing golf because you think that water will damage your golf rangefinder. The Waterproof Crenova LR600 is a unique model that is waterproof giving you the benefit of playing golf at any weather you want without any worry. This best golf rangefinder has a great monocular range which is the best feature in every rangefinder. Despite this model being a little higher in price than other brands on the market, its features and specifications are worth the price.

The rangefinder comes with a pin sensor built-in technology which makes it effective in determining any distance. Another great feature of this outstanding model is that it is multifunctional. Waterproof Crenova LR600 can also measure other range of activities. Moreover, it can ascertain all sorts of distance from 4 to 656 yards. This is an expansive distance which makes this best golf rangefinder the leading product in the market. Read More: The Ten Best Golf Club Sets For Every Golfer Reviews & Buying Guides.

8. The Bushnel Tour X

Bushnell Tour X

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This is among the best golf rangefinders that provide additional benefits of measuring the distance to every golfer. It has a unique design that makes it look distinct and attractive among the other models in the market. It comes with JOLT technology that enables timely and immediate response at any given time. Upon positioning this best golf rangefinder in the direction of the distance or range you want to measure it gives you quick response without any delay. This will no doubt save you a lot of time in the pitch.

The Bushnel Tour X has 6x magnification which is high enough to measure a greater distance. With this remarkable magnification, it can accurately measure up to 1300 yards. This is a notable range which makes this product a leader in the industry. This best golf rangefinder has a dual display that lets you monitor and track the range and distance for reliable and accurate data.

7. The COOLSHOT Nikon 40


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Nikon is a reputable company producing technological devices that have to provide a revolution in the industry for a long time. The COOLSHOT Nikon 40 is among the best golf rangefinder from the leading manufacturer. This product offers a range of 6 to 550 yards which is a good distance for every golfer. If you would like to come up with accurate and fast range, grab this rangefinder because it is the best suited for you. Its response is quick and fast and will give you all the data you want within the shortest time possible.

The COOLSHOT Nikon 40 offers exceptional features that include 6-power monocular that is strong enough to give you the best results. It also comes with display and viewing capacity that helps to effectively scan the flag and hazard from the background for effective data collection. It has a compact shape which is easy and convenient to carry. You also don’t have to worry about a rainy day when using this best golf rangefinder because it is waterproof.

6. The Standard Edition Bushnel Tour V2

Bushnell Tour V2 (Standard Edition)

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The list of the best golf rangefinders will not be complete without mentioning the Standard Edition Bushnel Tour V2. This is yet another rangefinder with numerous positive reviews in online stores. Many users say that this product delivers the best results due to the unique features it has. Firstly, this best golf rangefinder comes with a range coverage of 5 to 1000 yards which is a remarkable distance.

Every professional golfer will tell you that range is a major factor when determining the performance of a rangefinder, and this explains the reason why this product is a favourite among many golf enthusiasts. The Bushnel Tour V2 rangefinder has a pin seeker which gives outbursts of vibration which shows that the laser has successfully logged in to the spot. This means that you will get fast and accurate readings with less fidgeting. It has a compact design that perfectly and comfortably fits your hand for ease and convenience of use.

5. The VPRODLX Tec Tec Tec Golf Rangefinder


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Delivering consistent, accurate, quick, and fast results are among the features that you need to consider when buying a golf rangefinder. But more often, not all have this vital feature. The VPRODLX Tec Tec Tec Range Finder is among the best golf rangefinders with remarkable speed and performance that saves a substantial amount of time on the pitch. This model has a remarkably long distance measurement range and multilayer coating that allows the effective capture of specific and too bright objects.

It also comes with a PinSlope technology for flexible and accurate target distance and easy operation. The VPRODLX Tec Tec Tec Range Finder has a unique Diopter adjustment which is an option that allows you to manage the range distance according to your preference. For complete safety, this model of the best golf rangefinder has an eye-safe feature which safeguards your eyes while determining the range. Read More: The Best Disc Golf Bags To Buy In 2018 For Better Golfing Experience Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The SereneLife Premium

SereneLife Premium

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This is yet another best golf rangefinder taht works perfectly on every golf course without the need to have a flat ground or uninterrupted view. It comes with a smart pin seeker which is a mode that not all rangefinders have. This unique feature allows accurate range capture without even the slightest mistake. This is a feature that makes this model favourite among many professional golfers.

With the smart slope technology that this model has, it allows you to virtually adjust the distance for you to get accurate results and ensure you have the correct data you want. It improves depth perception and length, which makes it a perfect rangefinder for every golfer. Another essential feature of this best golf rangefinder model is the one-button operation which makes it easy and straightforward to operate.

3. The Amazing Bushnel Tour V4

Bushnell Tour V4

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The list of the top best golf rangefinders will not be complete without mentioning the Bushnel Tour V4 which is among the favourites in the market. It has a JOLT technology with astounding vibrating seizures that will notify you when it logs to a flag. This is a model which has been approved and certified and is mostly used in professional tournaments.

Bushnel Tour V4 golf rangefinder comes with a compact design that looks impressive and attractive. It is comfortable to hold and you will not feel its weight because it is light and portable. It has a 2-year warranty with 5x magnification that accurately magnifies the target for absolute accuracy. If you are not well conversant with yards, this best golf rangefinder is able to convert the measurements to meters for easy and convenient reading.

2. The Aculon AL11 Nikon 8397

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11

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This is yet another best golf rangefinder from Nikon which has impressive features and out of the world specifications. It comes with a class 1 laser that provides complete accuracy with no matter the distance. This is a model that every golfer should have because it has numerous benefits. The Aculon AL11 Nikon 8397 is light in weight which means you can carry it with ease.

It comes with a battery which is used to power the rangefinder. You will not, therefore, worry about how to operate it because you will start using it immediately you get your delivery. This brand of best golf rangefinder has a distant target priority whereby it is able to capture the position of the flag or hazard from a long distance. Read More: Travel In Style With The Ten Leading Hardside Carry On Luggage Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The VPRO500 Tec Tec Tec Golf Rangefinder

The VPRO500 Tec Tec Tec Best Golf Rangefinder

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This is a golf rangefinder with amazing and outstanding features that explains the reason why this model is on top of the list. The VPRO500 Tec Tec Tec Golf Range Finder measures up to 540 yards which is a notable distance that make this best golf rangefinder the leading product and a favourite of many golfers. It is also able to measure other overlapping items that are present on the golf course

With a pin sensor technology that powers this golf rangefinder, every upcoming and professional golfer should have this model. It has a compact shape that is light in weight making it portable and easy to carry. Among other outstanding features of this best golf rangefinder include the amazing lens display, multilayered optics functioning, and many others.

Best Golf Rangefinder Buying Guide

There are many golf rangefinders in the market and finding the one that suits you is a nut to crack. In order to make the best buying decision the following considerations are paramount to acquiring the best product:

Distance Range-  Different golf rangefinders have varied maximum range distance they cover. The distance the device can measure is the most important consideration to every golfer. Buy a model that has range distance that is best for you.

Ease of Use-  Golf rangefinder may come with complex features that might be difficult for golfers and official to understand. Go for a product that is easy to use and that which a starter will be able to understand easily.

Water Proof-  It is evident that not all rangefinders are water resistant and therefore you should consider the environment around you before deciding which rangefinder to buy. Go for a water-resistant model if you arrears prone to rain in order to protect your device from any damage and ensure you use it for long.

Size and Weight-  You will be carrying your golf rangefinder every time you set out to go and play which might take you several minutes or even hours to reach the golf course. Thus, you need to choose a model that is light and will be convenient for you o carry around with any difficulty.

Price-  Budget is another consideration that you need to deliberate on when deciding the best model for you. Chose a model with a price tag that will suit your pocket but still meet your needs.


A golf rangefinder is a crucial device that is a must-have for every golfer. This list presents the top best models that are in the market. Advance your golfing skills and career today by choosing one of these best golf rangefinders, and you will have accurate and reliable data.

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