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Have you ever wanted to carry cartons or a particular load only to find that it is bulky and needs a machine to make movement easier? This is a situation that many people always find themselves in and try to improvise some ways to move the load conveniently. When this is the case, folding hand trucks come in handy because they are flexible carriers that give you the opportunity to transport any heavy stuff from one place to another. Whether you want to carry some cartons to your office or to your home, you will find that these small carriers will get the job done without putting much effort.

Also known as two-wheeler or sack truck, this is the best means of transporting bulky stuff that does not require a vehicle or sophisticated trolleys. It is an ideal approach to short distance transportation of bulky goods where you will not need a lot of energy or effort to move the load. With this product slowly gaining popularity in warehouses, stores, factories, offices, and other places, there are currently many brands in the market. This will prove to be a mountain to climb when selecting the best one to buy. To help you in choosing which a good brand, this list contains the ten best folding hand trucks for you to make an informed buying decision. They include:

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1. The Cosco Multi-Position Heavy Duty Shifter Folding Hand Truck

 Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Hand Truck by Cosco

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The leading brand of folding hand trucks that is available in the market currently is the Cosco Multi-Position Heavy Duty Shifter Folding Hand Truck. It is a four-wheel truck that enhances easy movement of the load no matter how heavy it is. With the four wheels it has, you will not struggle to maintain the balance because it stands firmly on the ground, unlike the 2-wheeler models.

It best suits fragile and delicate goods that require absolute care and concern to ensure they don’t fall or stumble. This is because the truck is stable and strong and it will not drift a bit during movement. It comes from heavy-duty steel which makes it strong and durable giving you extended use without reducing its functionality. When you want to use for a different purpose, you can convert this trolley to 2-wheeler to maintain an upright position for convenience of movement.

2. The R2 Model Multicart Rock N Roller Micro Platform Trucks

 Rock N Roller Multicart Model R2 Micro Platform Trucks

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This is a unique brand of folding hand trucks that allows you to convert into eight different shapes depending on the type of load you are carrying. This ensures you get the right shape that is appropriate with the kind of transport you need. It is light in weight giving you the advantage to transport even the heaviest load without much difficulty. It comes with a telescopic frame that is rugged ensuring easy maneuverability even in rough or bumpy pathways.

With its ergonomic and foldable design, it easily fits the trunk of your car for easy transportation. Also, this will allow easy storage because it will take up less space. Its design makes it the best choice for use in vehicles, airplanes, warehouses, and many other places.

3. The 10-Inch Pneumatic Nylon Convertible Dolly and Folding Hand Trucks by Harper Trucks

Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

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If you are seeking for light folding hand trucks on a budget, this is definitely the best pick for you. It is a unique brand that comes from 30% Nylon that makes it lighter than steel. Also, it has synthetic edges which make it rust and corrosion-proof so that you get the opportunity to use it for a long period of time. Consequently, it also makes it easy to maintain because you will not have to eliminate stubborn stains and rust all the time.

You can convert this truck to 2 wheels or maintain the 4 wheel design depending on your preference. The dolly has a loading capacity of 600 pounds while the cart can comfortably sustain a load capacity of 700 pounds. This gives you a chance to transport a substantial load. For effective climbing or downward movement, it comes with adjustable handles that offers you the opportunity to determine the appropriate position that will suit you. Read More: Best Riding Lawn Mowers and Tractors Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Four-Wheel Magna Cart Folding Platform Hand Truck

 Magna Cart Flatform Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck by Welcome

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While shopping for the best folding hand trucks for your office, warehouses, hospital, or for any other use, you will never find the ideal brand apart from the Four-Wheel Magna Cart Folding Platform Folding Hand Truck. It has four wheels that move smoothly under any surface to ensure you apply little effort even if you are pushing through the rough ground. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable handle that can extend up to 36 inches for you to select the height that suits your preference.

The Four-Wheel Magna Cart Folding Platform Folding Hand Truck has elastic wheels that can extend to 4 inches giving you good maneuverability. It is able to sustain a weight of 300 pounds without any pressure. Most importantly, it is light in weight to ensure you don’t put more effort when pushing the load.

5. The Cosco Aluminum 3-in-1 Flat Free Wheels Material Handling Folding Hand Trucks

Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck – Material Handling Flat Free Wheels

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This is a functional brand of folding hand trucks that best suits light but the frequent carrying of the load from one point to another. It is best for warehouses and stores with plenty of bags to carry and other loads. With a height of 33 inches when you stretch it, this is a truck that has the capability to handle your entire load without breaking or compromising its quality. This is because it comes from high-quality metal that makes it strong and durable.

It is a collapsible brand that can comfortably fit the smallest area in your store for the convenience of storage. If you have a space challenge in your store, this is the best choice for you to consider. Also, the compact design makes it easy to transport from one point to another because it can perfectly fit your small car.

6. The Continuous Handle Utility 4069 Tuff Folding Hand Trucks by Safco Products

4069 Tuff Truck Continuous Handle Utility Hand Truck by Safco Products

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When looking for reliable and reputable folding hand trucks for your transport needs, your search will not be over until you consider the Continuous Handle Utility 4069 Tuff Folding Hand Truck. It is best for carrying bulky boxes, luggage, a pile of papers, and other stuff. For improved strength, it comes with a sturdy handle that can sustain any load without breaking or reducing its ability to move.

Made of heavy-duty steel, this folding hand truck can comfortably carry a load capacity of 400 pounds which means you can transport a greater load within a short time. It has welded joints to increase its toughness and ensure it is able to endure a lot of pressure exerted by a heavy load. What is more, this brand has eight elastic wheels with metal balls for smooth movement in any type of floor. Read More: Best Rock Tumblers Reviews & Buying Guides

7. The Dolly Foldable Platform Warehouse Cart Moving Push Truck

Platform Cart Folding Dolly Foldable Warehouse Moving Push Hand Truck by Best Choice Products

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This brand by Best Choice Products is among the leading models in the market today with functional features that make it a leader in the industry. It is a collapsible type of folding hand truck with four rolling wheels that provide the much-needed mobility even on bumpy ground. You will not experience any resistance when using this folding hand truck because the wheels roll smoothly on the floor for you to apply less effort.

When you are not using this truck or when you want to transport or store, you can simply fold it so that it occupies little space in your store or car. This brand comes from 100% metal which enhances its durability ensuring it carries a heavy load without collapsing under the weight. It has a carry load capacity of 330 pounds.

8. The Ideal Magna Steel Folding Cart Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal Steel Folding Hand Truck by Welcome

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If you don’t want a cart with metal construction, it is time to explore the Ideal Magna Steel Folding Cart Folding Hand Truck. It is a two-wheel truck made of aluminum with a carrying capacity of 150 pounds. With this construction, you will be sure to get a light truck that can push with absolute ease. Another remarkable feature of this model is that it is collapsible giving you the opportunity to transport it without taking up much space in your car.

Consequently, it also offers you the advantage of storing it in a little space to give way for other goods and equipment. With a base length of 15 inches, you get the advantage to carry wide loads without any difficulty. It comes with an adjustable handle that allows you to stretch up to 39 crawls to give you a comfortable height. You can use it to carry a variety of loads including boxes, a bag of rice, cartons, and many other things.

9. The Pneumatic GMK81UA4 Convertible Gemini Hand Truck

 GMK81UA4 Gemini Sr Convertible Hand Truck, Pneumatic Wheels by Magliner

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If you are tired of transporting your load using inappropriate equipment that leaves your entire body aching, it is time to look for the best solution. The Pneumatic GMK81UA4 Convertible Gemini Folding Hand Truck moves smoothly on every surface whether rough, bumpy or coarse ensuring you apply less effort. It has an ergonomic design that looks impressive and eye-catchy which is a great addition to your store or office.

This is a 2-in-1 folding hand truck whereby you can also convert it to either 2-wheel or4-wheel depending on the type and amount of load you want to carry. Having a carrying capacity of 500 pounds, this is a massive load that ensures you transport a greater load within a short time. Finally, it has a simple design which makes it easy to load and unload. Read More:  Best Buy Off-Road Go-Kart Reviews Buyer’s Guide

10. The 2-Wheel Dolly and 4-Wheel Dual Purpose Convertible Super Steel Hand Truck

 Super-Steel Convertible Hand Truck, Dual Purpose 2 Wheel Dolly and 4 Wheel Cart by Harper Trucks

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Summarizing the list of the ten leading folding hand trucks in the market today is this product by Harper Trucks which comes with numerous functions and features that make it a champion in the industry. With a loading capacity of 700 pounds, it becomes the best brand for carrying heavy loads. It comes with wheels of 10 inches that move smoothly on every surface or ground.

To aid in different functions, this folding hand truck can be converted to either 2-wheel or 4-wheel depending on the type of load you want to carry. This will give you the convenience of choosing the best design that will suit your preference. It is a helpful model especially when you are transporting a heavy load because it has a heavy-duty metal construction that will endure any abuse. No matter the weight of the load, it will still move easily.

Folding Hand Trucks Buying Guide

The convenience of transporting your load from one point to another without exerting much pressure is made possible by the use of folding hand trucks. For you to buy a functional brand that will suit your needs, consider the following factors:

Purpose of the Hand Truck: Before making a purchase decision, you need to evaluate the purpose of the truck you intend to buy. This will give you a hint on what brand will best suit the kind of job you have. For example, if you intend to carry a wide load, it is advisable to look for a truck with a broad base.

Available Space: Hand trucks are bulky and take up a large space in your store or garage which may be inconvenient especially when you have a space challenge. As a result, you may decide to buy a collapsible model to save you space so that you can store other things.

The Built Material: Hand trucks come from three main materials that include steel, aluminum, and high plastic. Chose the best brand you need depending on the intensity of the load you intend to carry so that it is able to sustain the weight comfortably. Also, choose the material depending on durability and strength.

Adjustable Handles: The length of the handles will determine your comfort while pushing the load. To ensure people of different heights and preference use the truck without difficulty, it is advisable to consider a brand with adjustable handles.


It will be hard, inconvenient, time-consuming, and tiresome for you to carry a heavy lord using your shoulders many times over a long distance. The best way to avoid this is to buy the best folding hand trucks that will make work easier and fast. Chose a reliable brand today from the list above and enjoy seamless load transportation.

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