Top 10 Best Hammer Drills

Heavy Duty Drills

Looking to poke a hole in something? Something like metal, wood or even concrete? What you need is a drill. A best hammer drill. Drills help to create exact and precise holes in materials without the hassle of resorting to the use of a nail and hammer. Drill holes are straight and have no jagged or rugged ends. As with several power tools, there are different models and makers of drills.

This article below is a review of the best hammer drill in the market. It will help you select the most appropriate best hammer drill that is most suitable for you.

SaleBestseller No. 2 DEWALT 20V MAX Hammer Drill, 1/2-Inch, Tool Only (DCD985B)
SaleBestseller No. 3 ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill, Safety Clutch 4 Functions with Vibration Control Including Grease, Chisels and Drill Bits with Case

10. Hiltex 10513 Rotary Best Hammer Drill

Hiltex 10513 Rotary Best Hammer Drill

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The most notable feature of this best hammer drill is that it packs a ton of power. It is powered by a high performance, thousand-watt motor that gives trustworthy powers of drilling and an unbelievable 5 ft-lb energy. It functions in three modes: a chisel only hammer-mode, a hammer drill (it rotates and hammers), and a drill-only (just rotation) mode. The Hiltex Hammer Drill has a one-and-a-half-inch capacity for concrete and a one-inch capacity for steel.

In addition, this best hammer drill has six different speed controls. The maximum output speed of the motor is 0 – 800RPM and a no-load frequency of 0-3500BPM. It revolves around a 360-degree angle. The grip is textured to give control from vibrations. Installing this drill can be a little difficult though. When you buy this drill, you also get some bonus accessories: a key and adaptor universal chuck, a bottle of lubricating oil, three 6-inch SDS drills and two 10-inch SDS chisels.

9. DEWALT DWD520K Pistol Grip Best Hammer Drill

DEWALT DWD520K Pistol Grip Best Hammer drill Kit

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This is a very user-friendly and one of the best hammer drill. It has a cord which means you can hook it up to an electrical port and have as much power as you want, for as long as you want it. It is designed sturdily enough to handle heavy-duty drilling works. Unlike the Hiltex Rotatory Hammer Drill, the Dewalt Pistol only has two modes: drill for steel, and drill for wood. You can switch between those modes with just a change in settings. It is powered by a 10Amp motor that produces one and a half times power than general motors.

It also has a dual-range of speed for drillings that require high speed and for applications requiring high torque. The trigger has a soft grip and is two-fingered for easy handling – you can hold it for longer time periods – comfort and control. This best hammer drill comes with a gear of metal to house it in for increased durability.

8. DEWALT DW130V 9 Amp Best Hammer Drill

DEWALT DW130V 9 Amp Drill

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Also a product of Dewalt, this best hammer drill is powered by a 9 amp, 120V capacity motor. It is especially useful for you should you need to mix mud. It has a switch that varies and reverses speed to avoid pockets of air during mud-mixing. This switch also increases the control that you have over the drill. The maximum output speed of the motor is 550RPM. It weighs about 3.5kg and may pose a bit of a problem when drilling horizontally.

It has a spade handle in the rear that you can attach either vertically or horizontally. This will give you more control over the drill. This drill is not much use for simple, day-to-day, household use. But if what you need is a high-powered, heavy-duty tool to help you, especially in mixing works, this drill is quite possibly your best bet. Read More: Best Ingersoll Rand Products  Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. DEWALT DCD985B Lithium-Ion Best Hammer Drill

DEWALT DCD985B Lithium-Ion Hammer/Drill Driver

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With this drill driver, you can even work in the dark or in a place where there is low light. It features a LED light that has a delay of about twenty seconds after release of the light trigger. The LED light does not come with batteries though. The drill guarantees you excellent performance and is powered by a motor that generates a maximum power of 450 watts.

The DEWALT DCDB85B Lithium-Ion Best Hammer Drill Driver runs on lithium-ion batteries as the name suggests. The batteries are standard issue from Dewalt and will run for longer periods of time than other batteries. The ratcheting chucks are heavy-duty, half-inch and inserted with carbide. It features a transmission of 100% metal, thrice the speed, and twice the power.

6. DEWALT DCD996B Brushless Best Hammer Drill


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Every best hammer drill needs a heavy-duty holster. Working up a ladder and need to holster your drill? Or plainly just needs to keep that drill handy somewhere? You definitely need this drill holster. The craftsmanship of this drill holster is just exquisite. It is made from a poly material that provides it stability, durability, and stamina. Your drill will safely help in place by the buckles that are quick to release.

It is nylon stitched and the stitched ends will not fray or lose their strength. The straps are adjustable and will be fitting for belts from about 2 to 4 inches wide. The holster is angled, will conveniently hold most T-handled drills and will give a higher balance and equilibrium for the drill. The holster also has a small pocket where you can hold small stuff like chisels and chuck keys.

5. Ridgid 8-Amp Heavy-Duty Best Hammer Drill


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For poking holes or any other type of heavy duty drilling jobs, you definitely need this corded drill driver. The powerful motor is a 7.0amp that chews up wood, metals and even concrete like paper. For a drill that powerful, it is surprisingly compact and light, weighing 3 pounds. Its component materials add to the durability and solidity of this drill. The chuck is 100% metal and increases the durability. The side handle has a rotation of 3600 to make handling and grip.

And if you want more fun with this drill, get the drill holster because this drill does not come with one. The handle gives additional accuracy to the mechanism of this best hammer drill. It has a maximum speed motor output of 900RPM and features a system of brush that is reversible moving forwards and backward. Read More:  Buy Jackhammers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. DEWALT DWT210G Pistol-Grip Best Hammer Drill

DEWALT DWT210G Pistol-Grip Drill

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This best hammer drill shares identical features with the Pistol Grip Dewalt Drill. It has a 10-Amp motor that functions to give a better and more satisfying drilling experience. The custom-built Dewalt motor produces about half times more performance, with a heightened overload guard for long-lasting durability and balance.

It has a switch that varies and reverses speed for increased usefulness and utility. The grip is soft and textured for easy handling, safety, and control. The maximum motor output speed is 1200RPM. And like the Black Decker drill, it has a side handle that can be locked and rotated 3600 to give more.

3. XtremepowerUS 2200W Electric Best Hammer Drill

XtremepowerUS 2200W Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

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Feel like demolishing something that should rightly be demolished, pop by the nearest hardware store and get the XtremepowerUS Demolition Jack Hammer. A demolition tool needs to be sturdy and durable. This jackhammer is designed with heavy-duty, resilient materials that can withstand the density of any materials. In a minute, this jackhammer gives off 1300 blows allowing you to do thrice the work in half the time. It is powered by a 2200watt motor. Even though it has a cord, it is light and can be used by anybody.

Unlike most other jackhammers, it is completely non-vibrational and will not bug you with unnecessary, over-the-top vibrations. This makes it really comfortable for you. You can use this jackhammer in both vertical and horizontal positions because its weight is evenly distributed and is very balanced. For any type of materials you need to be jackhammered, you can adjust the speed of the jackhammer to suit your purpose. It has a chisel that is secure in varying arrangements and will protect and keep speeds constant. It comes replete with a case where you can keep or store it when it is not in use.

2. DEWALT 2W511 VSR Best Hammer Drill

DEWALT 2W511 VSR Hammerdrill

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The Dewalt 2W511 Best Hammer Drill is another great product from Dewalt. This model is corded meaning it will not go off or die while you are in the middle of an important project. You simply need to plug it in a socket. A 7.8 Amp motor powers it. The motor provides heavy-duty operation, overload safety, and sturdy quality. It has a dual-mode for steel, wood, or concrete depending on your use for it.

All interchangeable on the switch of a button. It is lightweight and designed to be comfortably used over longer periods of time. The side handle can be rotated across an angle of 3600 for greater maneuver. The speed can also be varied as desired for more precision in depth drilling and for more accuracy in placement of holes on surfaces.  Read More: Heavy Duty Drills  Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Nova Pneumatic 4000 RPM Compact Best Hammer Drill

Nova Pneumatic 4000 RPM Compact Pistol Grip Drill w/Chuck and Key

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This is one of the best hammer drills that is also corded. With a corded design, there is no need to worry about discharging or recharging batteries. You can plug it in and have all the power you need at your disposal. It has an 8Amp motor that gives high performance. The handle of the pistol grip is soft for easy and comfortable handling and use. The ratcheting chuck is keyless and one-hundred percent metal. It has a ball-bearing design that guarantees a longer-lasting life.

It comes with designs and features that make it effectively usable drill across various materials like wood, metal, and concrete. It is versatile in use and flexible in utility. It only weighs about 4 pounds, is very lightweight and supports long-term use without stress or strain on your wrist or arm muscles. Because it is not bulky, you can easily store it anywhere. The trigger may take a while getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover it is a breeze. It is balanced, feels sturdy and is very easy to handle.

Best Hammer Drills Buying Guide

A drill is a tool that you may need to use time and again. So if you want to buy a drill, there are a few things you should consider.

Power: The most important thing that you should check and double-check when buying a drill is the power of the drill. Different drills have different performances. The drill you get should be one that will be able to perform effectively all that you need it to do. A light duty drill might perform well in household jobs like drilling holes in the wood of cabinets and household furniture.

But for more professional and heavy-weight jobs like drilling holes in concrete or solid metal, you need a lot more than a child’s play drill. Find a drill that has enough power to suit your drilling needs.

Weight: Drills, heavy-duty or not, should be lightweight. You may not always have to drill vertically. When you have to make horizontal drills, heavy drills may cause a strain on your arm and your wrist muscles. If you have to hoist the drill high above your head, then it had better really not been heavy or you won’t be able to use it for as long as you need to.

Cords: Should you get corded drills or cordless drills? Again, it depends on your use for it. Will there always be a socket nearby to plug it in? If not, are you content to recharge and recycle batteries? The choice is yours.

Budget: With drills as with everything else, it is best that you buy it at your convenience. There are drills across various price ranges. In addition to the parameters above, buy a drill that will not drill a hole in your pocket or budget.


This article has reviewed some of the best drills that are currently available on the market. Please note that this article is not exhaustive on the subject of drills as power tools. It has only examined the ten drills that we believe to be the best.

If you have learned a thing or two about the properties that make a perfect drill, and can now select the best drill that best suits you, please check out some more of our reviews and buying guides.

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