Top 6 Best Buy Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are a key component in the safety of every home. They offer the best surveillance of your property to give you the confidence knowing that your home is secure. When you have valuables that need 24 hours surveillance to ensure they are safe at any given time, the best way to enhance their security is to install security cameras. Even though you may have guards manning your gates all the time, it is evident that humans are not always perfect which means somebody may break into your home or office despite guards at the gate. Therefore, you need home security cameras that will offer the best support and surveillance throughout the day and night.

When you leave your home every morning to go to work you get worried about the safety of your property and family because you never know what might happen. Consequently, this also happens when you travel for a long journey and leave everything behind. In another instance, you may leave your children in the care of a babysitter whom you don’t know much or trust with your kids, and you need to have surveillance over her all the time. As a result, you need a home security camera to ensure you are up to date on every activity taking place in your home. There are many of these gadgets in the market you can choose from. The following is a list of the best brands available. They include:

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6. Nest Cam Indoor Wired Home Security Camera, 24/7 live video

Nest Indoor Security Camera

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In order to secure your home and keep it safe all the time, this is the best solution for you. This brand gives you 24 hours of surveillance without any hitch or mistake ensuring you get updated on every happening in your home. It has a wide coverage which gives you a complete view of the entire room ensuring see everything that happens in the room. Also, you can install it outside your house to give you a clear view of the entire compound without leaving a single detail.

This camera has a magnetic stand which gives you the opportunity to place it anywhere in the compound or in the house. Therefore, you will not be required to buy other expensive stands or mounting to ensure it functions well. After acquiring this camera from the store you only need to set it up yourself without any assistance. This will save you on cost you could have incurred by sourcing services of experts or skilled personnel to install it for you. Again, these security cameras are cheap and affordable where you will just spend a portion of your savings to buy without hurting your account. Therefore, never get worried about the safety of your home again install home security cameras, and you will be relaxed knowing your home is safe all the time.

5. Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 2 Camera Kit

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With Blink being a reputable name in the security camera systems, you will spend your entire holiday without any worry knowing that your home is safe and secure. This company has been in the market for far too long providing the best home security cameras that are ideal for all sectors. The cameras use the latest technology which enhances crystal clear view. Moreover, it has a wide coverage which gives you the opportunity to cover a wide area with just one camera. Instead of spending your extra bucks buying multiple cameras for the compound, you just need one of these brands, and you will be able to see everything that is happening in your compound.

The Home Blink Security Camera System comes with an attractive design that will look like a decoration when you place it in your seating room. As a result, this will be a great advantage for you because nobody will notice that you have a camera and that you are watching them. Also, these home security cameras are tamperproof which means that nobody will be able to try and break it or make it dysfunction in order to jeopardize any surveillance. This brand is a wireless design which lets you place it anywhere in your home, office, and garage or wherever you want surveillance when you are not around. Read More:Best Wireless Security Cameras Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. YI 4pc Home Camera -1080p Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

YI 4pc Home Camera, 1080p Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision, Baby Monitor on iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available

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Don’t let your home be broken into because you took a holiday out for a couple of weeks. The best way to secure your home and ensure you get to know every happening that is going on there no matter how far you are is to have this camera in your possession. The Security Surveillance YI White System gives you every progress of all the activities in your home. If you have been worried about your babysitter mistreating your children when you are not around, this is the best way to find the truth. It gives you a unique opportunity to place it anywhere in your room or even in the compound, and it will capture everything you need to know about your home

This brand best suits homes, stores, garages, and many other places. If you are traveling, you can be sure to get every detail of your home all thanks to the HD video technology that this camera has. You can simply connect to your Android phone, iOS, or any other device and it will stream every activity you need to see. In addition, this home security camera come with advanced night vision which is a remarkable feature that brings up to three meters of viewing range during the dark. This means that you will be able to get clear videos even when it is the dark.

3. The Black KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera

Security Camera WiFi IP Camera - KAMTRON HD Home Wireless Baby/Pet Camera with Cloud Storage Two-Way Audio Motion Detection Night Vision Remote Monitoring,Black

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Keep your home and family safe with these fantastic home security cameras that offer quality and clear streaming no matter where you are. If you are concerned about your family while on that seminar abroad or during that holiday you took with workmates, there is a solution to that. The Black KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera updates you of every activity at home. This camera uses a wireless design which means that you can place it anywhere you want. Whether you want to monitor your home or see what is happening in your entire compound or want surveillance in your office, this product is your best choice.

The Black KAMTRON Wireless Security Camera comes with a powerful IR LED which allows you to see through the dark. The night vision capability goes up to 12 feet which is long enough to ensure you capture every movement. Consequently, with this camera in your home, darkness will not be an excuse to anybody who wants to break into your home because this brand will capture everything. Apart from the night vision, this camera has a 2-way inbuilt mic and speaker which also records and transmits sound. Hence, you will be getting every conversation going on in the office or at home. Read More:Best Nanny Cams Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

2. The White Canary Home Security Camera

Canary White Home Security Device

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At the second position among the leading home security cameras is this brand which lets you get surveillance of your home from any distance. This camera is compatible with a number of devices including smartphones, Android, iOS, and many others. What you need to do is to connect it to your mobile phone, tablet, or PC so that you will stream everything the camera is capturing at home. This is the best way to create a good surveillance in your home without anybody knowing. Even if you are a long distance away from home the videos you receive in your device will be crystal clear and you will not struggle to figure out what is going on.

The White Canary Home Security Camera comes with all the accessories you need whereby you don’t have to look for other equipment to make it function. Also, it is easy to use and install and comes with user manual so that you can read the instructions if you become stuck. Additionally, it does not need any complicated tools to fix, you just place it anywhere you want, and the magnetic stand will make it fit anywhere in your home or compound. This camera best suits homeowners, renters, office use, garages, and any other place that needs 24 hours surveillance.

1. YI 1080p Cloud IP Outdoor Security Camera -Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System

YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p Cloud Cam IP Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System with 24/7 Emergency Response, Motion Detection, Activity Alert, Deterrent Alarm, Phone App, Works with Alexa

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This brand is the leading home security cameras in the market currently with user-friendly features that enables you to easily track activities at your home or apartment with a difference. It is Amazons bestselling security cameras with numerous positive reviews from people who have already tested this brand. Again, it has good ratings which explain the reason why this brand is a favorite among many people. It has 1080p HD resolution which streams crystal clear images and videos to ensure you get exactly the right activity going on at home. Also, it comes with enhanced noise filtering capability so that you get to hear conversations clearly.

If you need reliable home security cameras to monitor your young ones, the White Security Surveillance YI 1080P System is definitely your best choice. This is because the camera comes with a baby crying detection feature that notifies you when it detects a baby crying. As a result, it ensures you monitor the way the babysitter is attending to your baby and know if it is according to your expectation or not. This brand is a wireless design that allows you to place it anywhere that you deem is best for your surveillance. In addition, it will enable you to connect to other devices like PC, tablets, Android phones, and others. This will give you a chance to be up to date on all activities at home no matter where you are.

Home Security Cameras Buying Guide

With their help in enhancing the security and safety of your home when you are away, this device is becoming popular every passing day. You will get many brands in the market which will confuse you when choosing the best. Therefore, the following buying guide will help you in making an informed decision on which brand is the best for you and that which will meet your needs:

Night Vision: Before buying home security cameras, you should know that not all of them give you the opportunity to stream at night clearly. Therefore if you are buying a camera for night surveillance be careful to get one with night vision capabilities. This will enable you to get a clear view of your compound or house even if it is dark.

Connectivity: The mode of connection of the cameras is an important factor that you need to consider before making a purchase decision. You may consider wireless connectivity or those brands that use wires depending on your preference. For home security cameras it is advisable to go for wires designs because no one will notice.

Installation: Installing cameras at home should not be a hard task that will require experts and professionals because it will come at extra cost. Choose a brand that is easy to install where you can do it alone at home without having to call an expert. You may consider cameras with magnetic stands because you can easily fix them anywhere.

Compatibility: If you intend to connect your camera with other devices so that you stream all the surveillance, chose one that is compatible with the type of equipment you have. It will be expensive for you to buy a camera which will not go well with your PC or tablet prompting you to buy an extra device to enhance the streaming.


Home security cameras are a new trend that is bringing sanity and safety to homes. It is a product that many people are currently embracing because it secures your home while you are away. Also, it allows you to monitor every situation at home no matter the distance you are away from home. Get the best brand today from the list above and give your home the security it deserves when you are not around.

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