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Experiencing a flat tire in the middle of the journey is a calamity that most of us must have gone through at one point or another. It is necessary for each car owner to have a spare tire because this will greatly save a situation. But this will obviously be of no use if you do not have the best jack stands.

This is an important tool in that it lifts your broken vehicle high enough to enable you to change the tire easily. In actual terms, this will assist you in converting the smallest space beneath your vehicle into an ultimate quick workshop for repairs and maintenance. With the full help of hydraulic power that the best jack stands contain, you will easily and swiftly lift the vehicle to enable you to undertake the repairs.

However, with the many types of jack stands with different capacities of hydraulic power, that are available for selection in the market, you may find it difficult to choose the best one that will actually work for you. After reviewing all the available features in the different jack stands, we have outlined features to help you pick the best product for you to purchase. Below is a comprehensive list of ten of the best jack stands to help you in making a purchase decision.

10. The Big-Red-43006 Torin Steel SUV-Jack Stand

Torin Big-Red-43006 Steel SUV-Jack Stands

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The Big-Red-43006 Torin Steel SUV-Jack Stand is a heavy-duty tool that can support the capacity of up to 3 tons. This is strong and amongst the best jack stands that you will need when your SUV model vehicle has a flat tire. It has a double-locking pawl and an additional unique tooth design to make lifting easier and convenient. Also, this jack stand comes with a guaranteed safety aperture and a jack standby with a large saddle and a broader base for stability.

Further, if your view for the best jack stands is total reliability and safety, this jack stand is 100% factory tested and certified for safety by ANSI. It is ideal for SUV model vehicles and with the help of this jack stand, you will get enough space beneath your vehicle and a more unobstructed view to do all kinds of repairs and maintenance.

9. The Ton Jackstand Pair Craftsman-9-501634

Craftsman-9-501634 Ton JackStand Pair

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This best jack stands brand is one of the most preferred and fast moving models in the market currently. It comes with an attractive design and default yellow color that is impressive. It has an excellent performance due to its sturdy-stamped steel construction. Moreover, safety and additional security to this best jack stands are provided by its pawl locks. You will definitely feel safe doing repairs and maintenance beneath your vehicle with the help of this jack stand.

Furthermore, this model has a remarkable height adjustment mechanism that helps in the smooth shifting of the load. This best jack stands brand meets both requirements and certification standards of both ANSI and PALD. It has a total weight of 18.04 lbs with a dimension of 8 by 7 by 12 inches, making it a compact full strength jack stand.

8. Ton Heavy-Duty Tool W41023-6 JackStand Set

Performance Tool W41023-6 Ton HeavyDuty JackStand set

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As the name suggests, these best jack stands are actually of high performance and heavy-duty. They come in a variety of weights that include 2 tons which is equivalent to 4000 lbs, 3 tons which sum up to 6000 lbs and 6 tons which is the same as 12000 lbs. Again, these best jack stands have a lift range of 10-3/8” to 16-3/8”. The numbers above show that this set of a jack stand is ideal for lifting a relatively heavy load.

In order to provide stability and strength, this model comes with heavy duty construction of durable frame made of steel and a remarkable wide base. Its complete reliability is ensured by the unique parts whose prices are affordable compared to other brands in the market. These best jack stands come in a set of two heavy-duty stands which are suitable for both light trucks and cars. Read More: Best Jackhammers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Double Locking Strongway Jack Stands

Strongway Double Locking Jack Stands

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The Double Locking Strongway Jack Stands is a six-ton model with a high-quality body construction made and built of steel. It is a brand to purchase because of the lead-free paint finish that prevents it from rust and ensures it lasts longer. Due to the absence of rust, cleaning this model is very easy compared to other brands which unlike this product, has elements of dirt, grease, and oil. Luckily, these best jack stands are resistant to all of those elements.

To ensure this product is strong and durable, it has a welded-frame design made by the Strongway brand. Additionally, this best jack stands model comes with a double-lock technology as well as a pin design for maximum security and safety. It has a large base for an added benefit of stability for holding the load and ensure that it does not easily sink.

6. The Big-Red-T43004 Aluminum Double-Locking Torin Jack Stand

Torin Big-Red-T43004 Double-Locking Aluminum JackStands

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This is a unique model compared to those available in the market because it has the 5-hole adjustment feature which is secured by a locking bearing inside the jack stand. This should be your best jack stands due to the many features that make it stand out from the rest of the brands. It also has a capacity of 3 tons or a minimum height of 4 inches and a maximum lifting height of 15.5 or 18 inches.

This model has an added benefit of stability along with being easy to adjust and lighter to carry around compared to other brands. Moreover, this best jack stands brand has a steel pin that protects it from rusting. With the help of this awesome mechanic product, a regular car driver can lift his or her vehicle and change a flat tire at any given time.

5. Powerbuilt-620471 Uni-jack

Powerbuilt-620471 Uni-jack

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If you are searching for the most reliable jack stand in the market, then your long search ends right here. The Powerbuilt-620471 Uni-jack comes with a strong construction that exceeds total standard measurements. This model of best jack stands has an impressive design with safety holes and body-on-frame features for easier lifting and convenient vehicle repair and maintenance.

Moreover, it has a hydraulic bottle-jack which is a single unit stand so that you do not have to carry two separate jacks all the time you have some mechanic work to do. Additionally, this best jack stands brand has an adjustable height locked with safety bars that give you the opportunity to adjust from 11 inches to 21 inches and a simple-to-operate lever. Finally, though its features are basic, this is one of the best jack stand models in the market. Read More: Best Scissor Jacks Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.

4. The 3-Ton Cartman Jack Stand

Cartman 3-Ton Jack stands

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This is a unit of two pieces of best jack stands made of steel. As a matter of safety and legality, this product meets all the requirements and standards set by ANSI. Hence, you do not have to worry about your safety when you are using this tool. Additionally, this model has a single piece multi-position ductile ratchet-bar which helps the user to adjust it easily.

This brand has a dimension of 7.9 x 13 x 7.9 inches which is the ideal size that enhances easy carrying from one place to another. Also, upon its purchase, you are promised the highest state of durability on these best jack stands as well as a guaranteed warranty in case of failures in performance which is rare. The Cartman jack stands are easy to clean and it is definitely among the necessary tools to have in your vehicle mechanics package.

3. The Double-Locking Torin Big-Red-T43002A Steel-Jack Stand

Torin Big-Red-T43002A Double-Locking Steel-Jack Stands

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This is yet another excellent product from Torin. It is a double-locking jack stand that comes with a general capacity of 3 tons. Its body is of high-grade steel with the best quality and ultimate durability. Furthermore, this best jack stands model comes with a single piece multi-position self-locking design forged with an iron ratchet-bar to enable you to get a precise adjustment.

This model ensures its safety as well as the safety of the user since it meets all the requirements and standards of the ASME PALD unit. In addition, it offers the user a large surface area for good contact with the ground and better support of the vehicle under repair and maintenance.

2. All-In-One Powerbuilt-640912 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand

Powerbuilt-640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand

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If you are seeking for an all-in-one jack stand, then search no more because it is time to explore the All-In-One Powerbuilt-640912 3-Ton Bottle Jack Stand. This best jack stands model by Powerbuilt has remarkable features and standards that make it a leader in the industry. This is significant because of its safety bar locks that you can adjust to the desired height that meets your interest and comfort.

In order to provide stability of bearing a load, this model has a wide base made of steel and a perfect height range of 1 inch to 21 inches which is ideal for SUV’s, off-road vehicles, construction jobs, framing works and even floor joint. Lastly, as a matter of fact, this is one of the best jack stands available in the market, and that is exactly why you got to obtain yourself one of them for an ultimately joyous moment of repairs and maintenance. Read More: Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Big-Red-T42002 Torin Steel-Jack Stand

 Torin Big-Red-T42002 Steel-Best Jack Stands

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This jack stand occupies the first position because of its perfect and unique array of features that will turn your mechanic work into a smooth, enjoyable task that you can perform all day. The Big-Red-T42002 Torin Steel-best jack stands is one of the best 2-ton models in the market which meets all the standards of ASME and PALD. Additional durability is offered to this device by a welded frame design while its large base offers great support and the perfect ground contact when lifting a load, ensuring both safety and stability.

Moreover, this best jack stands model comes with an iron ratchet bar with customized single piece multi-positioning style and a self-locking design for an ultimately great work of repairs and maintenance in case of a flat tire. Additionally, this product has an overall dimension of 8 x 14 x 8 inches. It is available in 2, 3, 6, and 12-ton models; perfect proof that this is the ideal jack stand that you need to buy.

Best Jack Stands Buying Guide.

Laying your hands on the best jack stand is a daunting task because there are numerous models, types, and brands which promise to offer good performance. This might not be true as the company is only marketing their products. To be sure that you get an excellent product with quality performance, consider the following features:

Material Composition: As already mentioned the best jack stand model comes from steel or cast iron. Your product should be nothing less than high-quality steel to sustain the weight of the vehicle or load you are lifting.

Fixed Versus Adjustable Height: If your purpose for buying a jack stand is using it on one location of your vehicle, fixed height stands are a perfect choice. However, adjustable jack stands are flexible and good for use in all parts of a broken vehicle.

Lift Height: Floor jack stands and lifts height stands are often used together where lift height jack stands have a dimensional range of 13 to 26.

Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of an ideal jack stand should be listed in tons and should be able to support 25 tons or more. Ascertain the weight of your car or vehicle to ensure you buy a product that can sustain the weight of your car.

Easy to Use: You need a jack stand that is easy and convenient to use.

Price: You should always go for the jack stand that is neither cheap nor the one that will exceed and blow your budget.


This list of jack stands is not the end and exhaustive. However, the above list has ten of the best jack stands to give you a hint when shopping for one. You should use this list to create a comparison with other products and pick the best one that meets all your requirements.

Most of these products always come with a warranty, so you should ensure you check all these details before buying or placing a shipping order.

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