Top 10 Best Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Exercising is among the best ways to ensure your body is functioning well in order to eliminate sickness and infections that may render your body weak making it susceptible to diseases. There are many forms of exercising although not all of them can deliver the best results and make your body healthy. Therefore, you need to find the most effective method that will work well with you. Among the oldest exercising techniques but which still works well up to date is the use of medicine balls. This equipment makes your muscles and the entire body tight which will, in turn, make the blood circulation effective.

The balls come from nylon, rubber, PVC, and many other effective materials that are friendly to the skin and which gives you unmatched exercising daily. Each ball has different weights so that you exercise by stages until you are comfortable with it. Also, you can undertake a number of exercises using these medicine balls so that your entire body becomes healthy and strong. The market is full of these balls with different textures, size, weight, and other factors which might prove to be a nut to crack when it comes to choosing the best one for your daily exercising.

In this article, we will list the ten best brands to help you make an informed buying decision and ensure you get a viable product. They include:

10. Amazon Basics Medicine Balls

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

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For those people who would like to improve the lower and upper part of the body, this brand of medicine balls will work wonders on them. It is a 6-pound ball which is effective in developing coordination, strength, and balance making your core to be strong and healthy. It helps to strain the muscles in your upper and lower body which is important in eliminating possible injuries that may occur due to sudden falls or accidents.

Furthermore, it gives your bones the opportunity to function well because the strong muscles will protect and ensure effective functioning.
Coming from a high-quality rubber material, this brand can endure long use without easily wearing off or damage. Also, the rubber has a rough surface which makes handling easy and convenient so that it doesn’t slip leading to injuries or unsuccessful exercising.

Medicine balls are best for people of all ages whether teens, adults or even the old who want to keep their body fit and healthy all the time. You can perform several exercises with this brand which include throwing it to the surface and catching it again, do twisting, sit-ups, diving, squatting, and many more.

9. The Textured Finish Sturdy Rubber Construction Valeo Medicine Balls

Valeo Medicine Ball With Sturdy Rubber Construction & Textured Finish

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If you are mindful of your family’s health and wellbeing, you need to buy this brand of the leading medicine balls which comes with all the benefits you will love. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, and 12 lbs making it a suitable brand for the whole family. This is because you will get a chance to choose the weight according to the age of the user or level of your exercise. The young can use the least weight to undertake daily practicing so that they get well acquainted and able to endure the weight.

Each ball has different colors depending on the weight making it easy to select the one you intend to use. Additionally, the different colors are also important in the essence that you can pick the most attractive colors that children love in order to motivate them to use the medicine balls to exercise all the time. This will give them a good foundation for their health and wellbeing which will go a long way even in their later life. This brand is best for enhancing coordination, improving the overall balance of the body, enhancing flexibility, gaining the core, and improving the overall body strength. Read More: Best Sunscreens Reviews & Buying Guides.

8. The Dead Weight j/fit SlamBall

j/fit Dead Weight SlamBall

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Coming in a diameter of nine inches, the Dead Weight j/fit SlamBall is a high-quality ball with more than 10 modifications so that you can get the best out of this product. It comes with varied weights which range from 10 lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs. This will give you the best opportunity to undertake your training depending on your capability and strength. The diverse weights make it possible for people of different ages, tactics, and levels to get the best exercise they can manage.

These medicine balls have well-distributed weight so that you get value for your money. Moreover, it will ensure your different parts of the body get the best exercise without relying on one body part which may cause aches, straining or even lead to injury. You can use this brand both for indoor and outdoor use to improve your posture, build muscle mass, improve aerobic activity in your body, enhance strength and stamina, and many more. It is best for undertaking exercises like throwing and catching, slamming, and many others.

7. The Soft Wall Medicine Balls for Strength and Coordination WODS

Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs

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As the name suggests, this is a brand of medicine balls which helps to improve the overall body strength and coordination for a healthy body. The brand features a high-quality material which is able to last for a substantial amount of time so that you benefit from daily practicing without missing even a single day due to a dysfunctioning ball. The outside material comes from rayon and cotton with the inside being a mixture of sand and rubber. This is the best material that is highly absorbent to eliminate any excessive sweating while in action.

With a width of 14 inches, it becomes comfortable to hold even to the young so that everybody can get a chance to enjoy the benefits of this effective brand of medicine balls. Furthermore, you will get a variety of weights giving you the opportunity to undertake different levels or activities that you will be comfortable with. They come in red and black colors and have the ability to burn excess calories, improve body strength, and many other benefits. You can use it to do jumping, kicking, throwing, running, and other activities that will be of help to your body health.

6. Cap Barbell Medicine Balls

Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

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For the best performance in toning your muscles and improving your core, trust Cap Barbell Medicine Balls to give you exactly that. This brand has a unique design that makes it easy and comfortable to hold so that you can undertake any activity without any difficulty. With this medicine ball in your possession, you can undertake a number of exercising activities like slamming, throwing and catching it again, running with it, and many others that will greatly improve the health of your body.

What makes this ball unique from the other brands is the fact that it has a high bouncing back power which gives you the opportunity to perform several activities. These medicine balls are able to bounce back up to the waistline making it the most effective brand for two people to use at the same time. You can pair with your partner or your friend and slam the ball to each other in turns instead of waiting for one person to first finish. The outer surface of the ball is rough which gives you a nice grip that makes it safe and secure so that you don’t injure yourself when it slides while practicing.

5. The Research Performance Sports Medicine Ball

Sports Research Performance Medicine Ball

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At the fifth position among the leading medicine balls that are available in the market today is this Research Performance brand which features a strong and solid rubber material. The PVC rubber in this brand is an assurity that you will use this product for an extended period of time because it is strong and durable. It can endure any type of abuse or long use without reducing its performance or compromising its quality.

The medicine ball is non-slippery due to the rough surface which makes it easy and convenient to handle even if it is in motion without causing any injury or fractures. It is available in different sizes and weights so that everybody can get exactly the right size and weight for their type of exercise. Moreover, you will get this ball in various colors so that you get the favorite color that impresses you. If you don’t want to spend your bucks every time buying medicine balls, consider buying this brand because it cannot burst to give you a long use. Read More: Best Krill Oils Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Leather Champion Sports Medicine Balls

Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball

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This is among the best medicine balls in the market currently offering health benefits to the user through different exercising activities. The ball features high-quality synthetic leather which makes it not only durable and long lasting but also stylish and unique. With the high-quality material, you can use this ball for a long time which will save you on cost because you will not have to buy a new one every other time. Handling this ball is easy and convenient all thanks to its non-slippery surface which helps to eliminate fractures and injuries.

The Leather Champion Sports Medicine Balls allows you to improve the overall strength of the body, build your muscles, enhance the flexibility of your body, improve cardio-fitness, and many other activities. For those people who undertake heavy exercise on a regular basis, this is the best ball for them to use. it offers the best fitness exercise as well as the ability to warm up before competing in a major event or before going to the track. The ball measures 11 inches in diameter which is a standard measure that everybody will be comfortable with.

3. The Textured Surface TRX Slam Ball with Easy Grip

TRX Training Slam Ball, Easy- Grip Tread & Durable Rubber Shell

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Stop doing exercises that are dangerous and posing a great risk to your body with the aim of improving your health which may, in turn, lead to major injuries to your body parts. Choose the most efficient, easy, and successful way that will not need much training but the results are one that will amaze you. The Textured Surface TRX medicine balls with Easy Grip makes your entire body strong, helps to tone the muscles, improves blood circulation, improves body coordination, burn calories, and many other important issues.

The balls come in a number of sizes which is advantageous because you will get the opportunity to select the right size that will suit you best. Additionally, it has various weights starting from 4 lbs to 40lbs which makes it the best brand for the whole the family. This is because young children and adults including the old will get their preferred weights to meet their individual needs. The ball comes from ultra-durable rubber shell which can endure any form of use whether on a rough or smooth surface without damaging it.

2. The Empower Medicine Exercise Weight Ball for Women

Empower Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball for Strength Training, Cardio, Soft Fingertip-Grip Surface

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Every woman who needs to stay fit and healthy can buy this high-quality and effective medicine ball which helps to strengthen the core and make it function effectively. Also, it creates good stability, improves posture, enhances flexibility, strengthens cardio muscles, and many more. In addition, daily use of this brand will go a long in helping to burn the extra calories to come up with lean muscles and a healthy body system free from any diseases.

With this medicine ball, women can do a variety of activities with it that include swinging the ball, using it as a desk chair, tossing the ball, and even lifting the ones with a higher weight for the best results. As a starter woman who does not understand anything about exercising, you can buy this brand and you will get a DVD with all the instructions about various workout plans and how to undertake different exercises and positions for effective results. Read More: Best Probiotics for Women Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Weighted Fitness Waccess and Muscle Driver Ball

Wacces Weighted Fitness & Medicine Ball Muscle Driver

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This is the number one brand of medicine balls with enhanced features and specifications that make it a leader in the exercising industry. It is among the leading balls for full body workouts that help to build stamina, tone the muscles, burn calories, strengthen the core, building coordination, create balance, and many other health benefits. You can get all this by slamming the ball, doing squats, pressing over the head, jumping, throwing it and catching, kicking, and many other exercise positions.

Handling this brand of medicine balls is easy and convenient due to the non-slippery surface that goes a long way in getting rid of injuries and fractures that you might suffer while practicing. They are available in various weights which range from 2lbs to 25lbs to suit different levels and age. In addition, it comes in a variety of sizes so that everybody can get the right size that they will be comfortable using it. This is the best ball for poly-metrics, rehabilitation after an injury, yoga, sports therapy, and other forms of exercise.

Medicine Balls Buying Guide

Buying medicine balls can be tricky sometimes because many people just go for any brand they find on the shelf. This is not advisable because you will end up getting a product that will deliver the results you want. For you to reap the benefits of this ball, take into account the following factors:

Diameter: Medicine balls come in different diameters which range from the small to the biggest ones. Determine the best diameter that you will be comfortable in and the one that will deliver the type of results you need. For example, if you want to strengthen your core, a ball with a smaller diameter will be helpful. Also, choose the diameter depending on the age and height of the users so that everybody will benefit from it.

Weight: Just like the diameter, this product has different weights which best suit different types of exercises and users. Balls with a heavier load are good for toning muscles, burning calories, and even strengthening the core. For full body extension movements, a light ball is advisable. For effective results, the ball must be heavy enough in order to slow the movement or motion.

Surface Material: Ensure you choose medicine balls with high-quality material which are strong and durable for you to use it for an extended period of time. It should be able to endure the impact and abuse of various ground surfaces to avoid any wear or tear which makes the ball unable to deliver the intended results.

The Type of Stitching: The type of stitching is another critical factor that should be on top of your list if you intend to benefit from your medicine balls. Choose a ball with double stitching because it will keep the ball strong and avoid any bursting at any given time.


Medicine balls come with a great benefit to every user making it one of the best exercising tools for enhanced health. Improve your physical fitness and health today by choosing the best brand from the list above for your daily use. Ensure you get the right product by following the buying guide and specifications on every product.

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