Top 10 Best Metal Swing Sets

Metal Swing Sets

Whether at home, in the park, at school or in the playground, Metal swing sets are a great place for children to play. Swing sets help kids be free to be themselves in an outdoor place where they can have fun in their free-of-anxiety way. Most especially when they are playing with little or no adult supervision.

Special care need be taken when considering a proper swing set to purchase. This is the review of the ten best metal swing sets that you can buy for your children. This review will help you in selecting the most appropriate metal swing set for your kids.

1. Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set

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The Backyard Discovery metal swing set promises even more fun than a treehouse. This heavily-built metal swing set is made with the sole purpose of helping your children have fun. A fitted playhouse is the hallmark of this swing set. It is roofed to provide shade, it features a wall that they can climb, swings, and a slide.

Between playing in the playhouse, climbing the wall and sliding down the slide, your kids will never have a moment for boredom. The steps to the playhouse are guarded on each side by rails so that your kids don’t fall off the set. The playhouse has the map of the United States engraved in it. This swing set caters for the safety of your kids. It is sturdy and is constructed to be long-lasting and brave harsh weather conditions.

2. Metal Swing Sets for Backyard – Sturdy Steel Frame for Up to 2 Children

Swing Sets for Backyard, Sturdy Steel Frame for Up to 2 Children Saucer Swing with Frame Toddler Swing with Stand

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This Backyard metal swing set does not have an in-built playhouse. But what it lacks in diversity, it makes up for in functionality. Standing at a little less than three meters tall, this metal swing set is wider at four meters than it is tall. It has an impressive A-width of above 3 meters, guaranteeing balance. It is made of high-grade steel alloy. The steel alloy ensures that it will not bend, break, rust or corrode even with prolonged use.

It features a trapeze bar for budding gymnasts and a set of double swings. The chains on the swing have rubber handles and the curved edges of the swing set are enclosed in caps made of plastic. This ensures that hard parts do not scratch or poke your children. This metal swing set needs not to be cemented into the floor as the A-width helps it stand independent of any anchoring. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

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In terms of functionality and different activities for your kids, the Flexible Flyer Fun Swing Set is probably the best. It effectively caters for the fun needs of about nine children (as long as they do not exceed the 945-pound weight limit). Even though it has a slim build, it is sturdy, stable and heavily-built. The metal structure is coated with powder to protect it from weather conditions and prevent corroding.

The features of this metal swing set include a trapeze bar, a slide, a see-saw, an air glider, a standing swing, and a shoe loop swing. On this swing set, your children will never run out of fun things to do. The swing set requires about three hours of assembling and has a warranty of 6 months. Read More: Best Tree Swings Reviews & Buying Guides. 

4. Sportspower Arcadia Swing Set – Outdoor Heavy-Duty Metal Swing Set

Sportspower Arcadia Swing Set - Outdoor Heavy-Duty Metal Playset for Kids

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The SportsPower Spring metal swing set supports 4 kids playing on it simultaneously. It is constructed with reinforced tubes of steel coated with powder for enhanced durability. It has a trapeze bar, a slide, and dual swings. This swing set is will save you money. You do not need to get another swing set as your kids grow older.

The chains of the swing set are adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate the sizes and heights of your children. This metal swing set is most ideal for kids between ages 2 and 9. The legs are foam-padded for an additional layer of security for your children. This swing set needs to be assembled on delivery and assembling it may take about three to four hours.

5. Grow’n Up Qwikflip Heracles III Triple Metal Swing Set

Grow'n Up Qwikflip Heracles III Triple Swing Set

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The functionality of this Grow’n Up Qwikflip Heracles III Triple metal swing set is second to none. It is suitable for adventurous, playful children with a fun-loving streak. It comes fitted with a cylindrical playhouse that is attached to a swing bar. The playhouse is roofed and has a skylight that is impact-proof. It is constructed with high-grade metal that is highly sturdy and will support weights up to 300 pounds.

This metal swing set is best for children from ages 2 to 10. It comes painted with bright green color and needs no fitting or cementing to the ground. It is designed to be impervious to Ultra Violet rays and is resistant to warping, bending, corrosion, or rust. The features of the Grow’n Up Qwikflip Heracles III Triple Swing Set include a nine-inch curvy slide, one trapeze bar, two swings, and two climbing walls.

6. PELLOR Indoor Outdoor Rope Wooden Swing Set for Children Adult Kids

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Lead poisoning is a real threat when it comes to children who have the penchant for putting everything in their mouths. This is one of the few and very rare swing sets that have tried to prevent and guard against the threat of lead poisoning. The PELLOR Wood Tree Swing Seat has no lead-based materials. It is constructed with reinforced steel that is galvanized that keeps it sturdy and balanced to support the weight of your children playing safely on it. It will not bend, rust or warp and is totally impermeable to heat. This means that even when left outside in hot temperatures, it will not burn your kids.

The tough edges of this swing set are curved and covered in plastic to prevent any accidents. There is no need to cement it to the floor as it stands independently of any external supports. The chains of the swing have rubber handles that make gripping softer on your children. This swing set is easy to maintain as it will not stain and so needs not be repainted. Its features include three belt swings, one fireman’s pole, and a nine-foot wavy slide.

7. Trekassy 700lb Giant 60″ Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

Trekassy 700lb Giant 60" Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

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This is quite possibly the cheapest swing set out there. It is best known for its value of simplicity. If your yard is small, then the Trekassy 700lb Giant 60″ Platform Tree Swing for Kids and Adults is your best bet because it does not take up a lot of space. It is essentially a metal frame with only a couple of swings. It has steel poles that are durable and support a weight of about one hundred pounds.

It is free standing and needs not be cemented into the floor. The design is smooth, simple and simplistic. It is only suitable for children from ages three to eight though so if you have older children, this swing set may not be very useful for you. Also, read our detailed. Read More: Best Hammock Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides. 

8. Sportspower Live Oak Metal Swing Set

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Do not be fooled by the name of this metal swing set. The SportsPower Live Oak Swing Set is not made of wooden oak but of element-weathering, heavy-duty, two-inch galvanized steel. It is one of the sturdiest swing sets out there. It is especially more useful than your average swing set because it features a glider for two people. The swing chains can be adjusted in length and this increases the fun for your children.

It is coated with powder to give it more durability and make it more lasting. It will comfortably support eight kids, each weighing up to a hundred pounds, totalling eight hundred pounds. It is very stable on its own but an additional set for anchoring does no harm. The anchoring set does not come with the swing set though. You may purchase that on your own. It has features including two sets of swing, one slide, one glider, and one trapeze bar. This metal swing set meets the bar for every safety standard.

9. XDP- Recreation Metal Swing Set

XDP Recreation "Freedom Swing Set

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This is the most colorful swing set ever and the different assortments of color it has will make it an endearing play set for your children. The design is beautiful and distinctive. The frame legs are padded for safety and more stability. The chains on the swings are coated for easy grip and so that they do not pinch your children. Six children can play at the same time on this swing set.

The slide is blow-molded so that it is just one piece with no attachments or seams. This makes it easy to assemble and prevents the ends or the seams from catching on the clothes of your children. It carries a maximum weight of a hundred pounds on a seat and is most suitable for children aged three to eight years old. Read More: Best Portable Hammock Stands Reviews & Buying Guides. 

10. Flexible Flyer Lawn Metal Swing Set Frame

Flexible Flyer Lawn Swing Frame

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The Flyer Lawn is not so much a swing set as it is a swing set without an actual swing. It is a frame of metal for swing sets. It is perfect for any and every type of swing set and will support them as such. The frame has two swing bearings and has the capacity to carry a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

The metal frame is coated with powder to prevent corrosion and rust and to increase the lifetime of the swing set frame. It is cheap and will not stretch your pockets or your purse. And if you just happen to have a swing set with no frames at home just waiting to be used, then this swing set frame is perfect for you.

Metal Swing Sets Buying Guide

Children are very impressionable and it is very important that their formative years be as much fun and excitement as is safe for them. This will enable them to have hassle-free childhoods and be happy. Happy children make happy youths, happy youths make happy adults, and happy adults make a happy world. The importance of children being happy, free and playful then cannot be over-emphasized.

One of the best ways to keep children happy exercised and occupied is by use of the swing sets. Swing sets are usually kept outdoors and with it can play to their hearts’ content; either alone, with siblings or with friends in the neighborhood. While it is important that you think about purchasing swing sets for your kids, it is equally as important to learn the points to keep in mind when fishing for swing sets. Some of these points, in no particular order, are:

First, and above all, safety

While it is good for your kids to have fun – they are kids, they should – it is much better that they are kept safe. This is perhaps the most important part of the picking-a-swing-set process.

Metal swing set with small parts are not advisable because children tend to put everything – edible or not – into their mouths. You do not want your kids to choke on a small object like a ball bearing or even a screw. Do consider swing sets with no lead-based materials. Lead poisoning is a real concern.

Buy swing sets that have rounded edges and padded chains. This will prevent accidents like scratching or poking. The padded chains will provide insulation for the palms of your children and maintain friction.

You should also buy sturdy, durable and possibly heavy-duty swing sets that will not buckle or break.

Consider the size of your yard so you don’t buy a swing set that is either too small or too large.

When you finally do buy the swing set, read safety instructions and note the maximum weight that it will support. Do not overload the swing set.


With this review and buying guide, we hope that you have learned some things about metal swing sets. And that you can now make informed and safe decisions when buying swing sets. You will always get good swing sets at really reasonable prices. Please remember that when it comes to keeping your kids safe, no effort is too much. Great care then should be taken when selecting a metal swing set to buy for your children.

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