Top 10 Best Buy Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Motorcycle Wheel Chock

When riding a motorcycle you want the wheels to roll smoothly and fast so that you reach your destination early enough. But there is a time when you need to keep the wheels of your machine locked to avoid any movement. This is possible when you are repairing it and need to restrict movement so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the mechanic, you, or anybody passing. When you need to lock the wheels you will need a motorcycle wheel chock which is a perfect tool that will keep your bike still and eliminate any unwanted movements. This is important because it will give you the peace of mind knowing that the bike will not move in any way.

Whether you are at the workshop repairing your motorcycle or it is on top of the truck when you are transporting, the motorcycle wheel chock will give you the confidence knowing that it is always safe and secure at any time. But what will worry you are how to get the best brand keeping in mind that there are many models in the market today with nearly the same features and specifications. As a result, it is important to exercise extra care when shopping for this tool. To ensure you get the right product when you go to the market, here are the ten best motorcycle wheel chock brands to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock - Black
SaleBestseller No. 3 Condor PS-1500 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop

10. CONDOR SC-2000 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

 Condor SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock

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Starting off our list of the leading motorcycle wheel chock is this Condor brand that ensures your bike stays in place during transportation or when at the repair shop. This model suits the heavy-duty bikes that weigh over 3000 pounds because it is strong and can withstand such a load. The chock is adjustable and features a patented locking mechanism that is able to restrict movement of any of the two wheels. Whether you want to lock the rear or the front wheel, this chock gives you both functionalities.

Repairing your own motorcycle at home is easy and simple all thanks to this wheel chock whereby you don’t need extra help to make it functional. It is in form of a trailer chock that snaps on and off on any platform which is a perfect feature that allows only one person to release or load the motorcycle. For you to be sure that the chock is stable, it has a rough and heavy base that tightly locks to every surface to restrict any possible movement. Storing this brand is easy all thanks to the foldable feature that takes little space in your store.

9. The 5001-5010 Standard Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock - Black

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You may decide to repair or store your motorcycle on a wet ground which will subject your wheel chock to moisture and water. As a result, this may cause rusting which may ultimately lead to dysfunctioning of this tool prompting you to go the market to buy another one. This will not only be a waste of time but also your resources. To eliminate this, consider acquiring the 5001-5010 Standard Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock that is resistant to rust and corrosion. This will give you the advantage to position your bike anywhere without the fear of the chock coming in contact with water or any other liquid that might affect its functioning and quality.

This chock comes with an adjustable design which fits wheels with a diameter ranching from 17 to 21 inches. Also, it can accommodate different types of motorcycle wheels including the sportbike models which are expansive. If you are alone at home and want to use this product, it will be the least of your worries because it is easy to assemble which requires only one person to operate. After positioning it in place, you can simply drive the bike into the chock.

8. The Heavy Duty Best 70271 MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock

MaxxHaul 70271 Heavy Duty Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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You will not find any other means to keep your motorcycle stable and in place than with the use of the Heavy Duty Best 70271 MaxxHaul Wheel Chock. This brand has a wide base with interlocking bars that extends further to ensure it is stable and solid. Your bike will not move a bit no matter how vigorous the repair will be or even when children start playing with it. This brand comes from heavy-duty steel with a black durable coat finish that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. This does not only make the chock strong but also durable and long-lasting.

The Heavy Duty Best 70271 MaxxHaul Wheel Chock is self-locking and features a design that fits motorcycle wheels ranching from 3 to 5 inches wide. Furthermore, this is among the strongest brands in the market which can comfortably hold a bike of up to 1,800 pounds without breaking or even shaking. This is strong enough and gives you the opportunity to easily clean, repair, or even stores your bike. Read More: Best Car Code Readers for Check Engine Light and Diagnostics Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Motorcycle Wheel Chock Dragway Tools for Road Cruisers and Sports Bikes

Dragway Tools Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock

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Don’t subject your motorcycle to further damage when you try to repair it or wash without locking the wheels. This is because it may move or even fall leading to severe damages that may render the machine dysfunctional or become total wreckage. If you value your machine that much you need to buy this brand of motorcycle wheel chock which restrains any unwanted movement for easy servicing, cleaning, or storing.

The best thing about this wheel chock is that you can also use it on a pick-up or a truck because it is strong enough to endure the weight. It perfectly fits front wheels that measure 16 to 21 inches which is a standard measure that means you can use this brand in most bikes and trucks. It comes from high-grade alloy steel that gives it the much-needed strength. Most importantly, it has four non-slip rubber feet with safety latch and two adjustment holes for complete convenience when using.

6. CONDOR PSTK-6400 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

CONDOR PSTK-6400 Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop & Trailer Adaptor Kit

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This is a motorcycle wheel chock from the United States with high-quality construction that is able to withstand any abuse and ensure it performs according to expectation. Weighing just 32 pounds, it is light and portable where you can easily transport to any place you want without much difficulty. It is a perfect floor stand that is firm and stable and will contain your motorbike without moving even an inch or shaking. Hence, it will give you the opportunity to undertake your servicing or cleaning without any problem.

With its aluminum frame, you can use it as a pit-stop or a trailer-stop without compromising its quality and strength. It is perfect for both rear and front wheels with a diameter ranching from 14 to 22 inches. If you would like to use this chock as a transportation device, it will suit that occasion well all thanks to the self-supportive feature that allows one person to operate it. With all these striking and amazing specifications that this brand has, one would think that it costs a fortune. On the contrary, it is cheap and affordable where anybody can afford it.

5. The Heavy Duty Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock and Stand

EGO BIKE Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock Adjustable Upright 1800lb Capacity Adjustable Motorcycle Stand Wheel Chock

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Just as the name implies, this is a heavy-duty wheel chock that gives you the opportunity to lock your bike and restrain any movement while repairing, cleaning, and even while storing. The wheel chock comes from high-quality solid steel which is resistant to corrosion and rust. As a result, you will benefit from long-term use because it is strong and durable. Another feature that makes this model a fancy of many is the strong and rough base that grips well to any surface for complete stability.

The Heavy Duty Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock and Stand feature two eye loops that allow you to strap to the wheel of the bike to make it firm and solid. Having a maximum capacity of 1,800 pounds, this is among the largest brands in the market which can comfortably contain a heavy bike without affecting its quality or making it shake in any way. It is perfect for wheels measuring between 15 to 22 inches in diameter. What is more, this model is cheap and affordable and will not strain your finances. Read More: Best Stainless Steel Cleaners Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Pingel Series E Track Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System WC65EF

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If you are always on the rush and want a motorcycle wheel chock that is easy to use, this brand will definitely be your best choice. It automatically secures the wheels of your bike so that you get a chance to undertake other chores without focusing much on fastening or positioning it on the chock. This product comes from high-grade solid steel which makes it strong and durable where it is able to withstand any form of abuse or misuse giving you extended performance.

For those people who always store or repair bikes in a dump or moist place, that will not be anything to worry about because this brand is resistant to corrosion and rust. Moreover, it cannot be affected by detergents or any other cleaning products which makes it perfect for use when cleaning your motorbike. If you are constantly on the move and want to contain your bike, this is the best tool to use. This is because it is light in weight making transporting easy and affordable.

3. The Rage Powersports MWC-2900 Best 3-Position Self-Locking Trailer/Truck Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Rage Powersports MWC-2900 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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While looking for the best motorcycle wheel chock to buy on a budget, you will not find any other better choice than this brand. It is cheap and affordable but comes with enhanced features that give you the best functionality that you will no doubt love. Having a heavy-duty steel construction, this is a strong wheel chock that can sustain a motorbike with a weight capacity of over 1,500 pounds without any difficulty. Also, it has a rubber base which grips well even to a smooth surface making sure that the bike will not move an inch while undertaking servicing or cleaning.

The Rage Powersports MWC-2900 Best 3-Position Self-Locking Trailer/Truck Best Wheel Chock is a multipurpose tool that can work both as a trailer-mounted chock and as a truck bed for transporting a motorcycle. To ensure that it fits wheels of different sizes, this brand comes with 3-position wheel cradle adjustable pivoting for wheel sizes that have a diameter ranging from 16 to 20 inches. With a weight of 7 pounds, you can easily transport it to any place you want without much difficulty.

2. Adjustable Chrome 3-Position Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Truck Trailer Mount

3 Position Adjustable Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Truck Trailer Mount

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If you are not sure about the weight of your motorcycle, you need to consider buying this brand of the best wheel chock because it has a high weight capacity and will perfectly contain a bike of any weight. It is shiny and glittery which makes it the best choice for garage and cleaning spots because it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Moreover, it is light in weight where it weighs only 13 pounds which is easy to carry and transport from one place to another without much hassle.

Coming with a chrome material, this is a strong and durable motorcycle chock stand which gives you extended use so that you get the opportunity to enjoy its benefits for a long period of time. It is perfect for wheels that measure between 17 and 21 inches in diameter and those which are less than 6.5 inches in width. You can securely mount it to the floor without the need to bolt it down but will be stable and solid. What is more, one person can easily operate it without having to disturb other people to give you a hand. Read More: Best Motorcycles Lifts Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Trailer Baxley LA Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Baxley LA Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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This is the number one brand that is available in the market currently with a number of features that makes it a leader in the industry. With a crinkle black finish and heavy-duty steel construction, this is definitely a strong and durable wheel chock that gives you extended benefits. The moment you buy this wheel chock, you will benefit from continuous use because it is strong and durable and will not bow to any pressure no matter the load. While working on your bike you will be comfortable because it will not move even an inch no matter how vigorous you are but will be solid and firm in position.

The Trailer Baxley LA Wheel Chock weights 28 pounds making it portable and easy to carry to any place you intend to use. it suits wheel sizes ranging from 80 to 180 millimeters and comes with a smaller base that you can adjust in case you will need additional room. For added stability, the chock has anchor points and pivoting cradles that make it easy to roll the bike to the wheel chock.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Buying Guide

If you are shopping for a motorcycle wheel chock for you, getting the right brand is very important. You need to select the best unit that will give you the best functionality. To ensure you benefit from this product, here are factors you need to consider:

Stability: A wheel chock protects both the motorcycle and you during servicing or cleaning by restraining its movement. Therefore, you have to select a stable brand that will keep the motorcycle in position without giving it room for movement or any shaking. An unstable chock will cause the bike to fall which will damage it or even cause severe injuries to you.

Purpose of the Wheel Chock: You should know that the motorcycle wheel chock works in different ways and you can use it for a number of functions. You can contain the motorcycle while in transit or when you are repairing it or cleaning. Hence, you need to ascertain the exact purpose for you to buy the right brand that suits your needs.

Weight Capacity: Different brands have varied weight capacity which is important in ensuring that it is able to support the type of bike you have. If you have a small motorcycle wheel chock and you have a large bike it may bring a lot of inconveniences because it will not endure the load which may cause it to break and damage the bike. Ultimately, it may fall down injuring you in the process.

Adjustability: If you have a number of motorcycles with different sizes and models, there is no need to buy a wheel chock for each of them. You may consider buying an adjustable model that can fit different types of bikes to cut on cost.

Size: Before deciding on which brand of motorcycle wheel chock to buy, you first need to ascertain the size of the motorcycle wheel in order to get a perfect fit. A smaller chock will not be of any help to you because the wheel will not fit while an oversize chock will not be stable.


There are so many factors that you have to consider before buying a motorcycle wheel chock. This article is your best shot at acquiring the best product that will suit your needs. Select the best one from the list above and effectively contain your bike and restrict any movement.

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