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Nanny Cams

Every career mum knows the worry and the pain of leaving a one-year-old child in the care of a nanny whom you don’t know much. There have been cases worldwide where nannies mistreat young children or even kidnap them after pretending to care for them for a long time. Even if they come from a reputable bureau or your best friend recommended her, you don’t have to trust her with the safety of your children fully.

The best way to monitor a nanny and ensure she is doing things right is to install nanny cams at home to help you track her every move. The safety of your children at home should be a priority especially if both parents have to leave for work. There are scenarios where parents have lost their children through nannies who pretend to be caring for them only to become monsters and mistreat the children. This practice can be a thing of the past all thanks to this tiny and effective device that you can install anywhere at home.

If you are shopping for nanny cams, you should have realized that there are numerous brands in the market today. In order for you to make a good buying decision, the following is a list of the leading nine nanny cams. They include:

Bestseller No. 2 Nanny Cam

9. Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD 1000TVL Portable Small CCTV Button Screw Cam

Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD 1000TVL Portable Small CCTV Button Screw Cam Pinhole Convert BNC Security Camera Nanny Cam for Indoor Home Office Surveillance...

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Don’t just leave that new nanny at home with your children because you think she is genuine because your close friend recommended her to you. You might later regret your decision because you don’t know what her intentions are. Ensure you put surveillance in every room and even the entire compound so that you can track her every move. This brand is among the nanny cams that will get the job done, and you will be impressed by the outcome.

This device works well in dimly lit rooms, and you will not have to worry about dark rooms because it will give you the best view no matter the lighting. Consequently, it also comes with an affordable price meaning that you will not have to spend so much money to keep your child safe. With its tiny size and light weight of 0.8 oz, you can place this device anywhere at your home, and nobody will notice it.

8. ENKLOV Portable Mini 1080P Hidden Spy Camera

ENKLOV Mini Camera - 1080P Video Camera with Night Vision,Motion Detection,Indoor/Outdoor Use

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The purpose of all nanny cams is to monitor the activities of your nanny without her noticing. Therefore, you need a spy camera that will give all her tracks discreetly without her suspecting anything. The ENKLOV Portable Mini 1080P Hidden Spy Camera is a perfect choice for this because it is very tiny such that nobody will even notice when you place it in the ceiling. This device is able to fit anywhere and everywhere, and you will be watching your home from a distance without any problem. For high-quality pictures and incredible vision, these nanny cams come with a 1080P that allows you to get high quality and clear pictures.

Also, it gives you a chance to get clear transmission of videos without any hitch or fail. With this device, you will get ten hours of surveillance at home before the battery goes off. It uses a 3800mAh rechargeable battery that will run the camera for an extended period of time. Setting up this camera is easy and simple and comes with a 32 GB micro SD card that stores all the information that you can review later. In addition, it has a remote control for ease of managing its use. Read More: Best Home Security Cameras Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Indoor Home Video EZVIZ Mini HD 720p Wi-Fi Monitoring Security Camera

 EZVIZ Mini O HD 720p Wi-Fi Indoor Home Video Monitoring Security Camera

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Spying your home is easy and convenient but only if you know the right device to use. Some people would like a device that they can directly see everything that is going on at home even if they are miles away. Others want a device that records every happening and activity so that they can review it later and see what exactly went on. The Indoor Home Video EZVIZ Mini HD 720p Wi-Fi Monitoring Security Camera gives you a unique chance to track every activity going on at your home by using your phone.

If you are that mum or father who always worries about the wellbeing of your children when left together alone with the nanny, this is the best device for you. Additionally, it allows you to communicate with the nanny or anybody at home through the listening capability that these nanny cams come with. You may give instructions or even warn her against doing something that you see is wrong. This is a unique feature that not all nanny cams have. Also, this spy camera has a motion detector that notifies you every time it detects any motion at home.

6. Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection

Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera | Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection | Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Home...

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If you are that kind of father or mother that hiding stuff is not just your thing, you may have to consider this type of nanny cam. This camera comes in the form of a book that nobody will notice it even if they start flipping through the pages. The manufacturers knew how witty some nannies could prove to be and therefore came up with a device that is hard or even impossible to see or find. After acquiring this camera, you only need to position it in a strategic position that will capture every move at home.

With a resolution of 1080P, this spy camera guarantees excellent resolution with clear audio and visual. It gives you the advantage of listening to every conversation at home such that you will get an insight into what your nanny is planning and you can intercept it before she executes any plan.

5. The BAVISION Wireless Home Security Wi-Fi IP Trailer Cameras

BAVISION Wi-Fi IP Camera Wireless Home Security Trailer Cameras

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This is another brand of nanny cams that gives a visual of your home no matter the distance you are. With a Wi-Fi control, this device works from a long distance so that you get a complete update of everything the nanny is doing at home. You just need to connect it to your Smartphone or tablet, and you can monitor every move without having to be right at home. It is simple and easy to set-up this device such that you don’t have to call a technician in order to install it for you.

If your house is expansive and wide enough you don’t have to acquire many spay cameras. The BAVISION Wireless Home Security Wi-Fi IP Trailer Cameras has a wide viewing angle such that you will be able to cover a wide area. The security of this camera is guaranteed all thanks to the password that ensure nobody is able to get into your system. It doesn’t allow the inserting of a mixture of characters making it the most secure nanny cams in the market today. Read More: Best Walkie Talkies Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Photo Frame Conbrov T10 HD 720P Hidden Spy Camera

Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

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Hiding a spy camera at home is not that easy because your nanny may start cleaning every part of your home and find the camera. This might make her notice that you are secretly spying on her and if she has an ill motive, she might design another discreet plan. But with Photo Frame Conbrov T10 HD 720P Hidden Spy Camera you will be sure nobody will ever notice this camera no matter how close they come to it.

This camera comes in a photo frame design that no one will notice it is really a camera because it is very discreet and blends well with your interior decor. You will get good quality videos and audio with the camera. Its sound is very clear such that you will get a chance to hear every conversation the nanny is making at home. What you need to know about this spy camera is that you can place it anywhere at home, unlike the other cameras.

3. The Mini IP NexGadget Camera

NexGadget Security Mini IP Camera

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This is a nice looking camera that comes in the shape of an egg. Having these nanny cams with you at home is a sure way of giving you a piece of mind knowing that you can cover every activity going on at home. You don’t have to worry about the wellbeing of your children because you left them alone at home with your nanny. You can even go for a three-day conference without having to worry about them.

With its Wi-Fi control feature, it lets you stream every happening at home without any difficulty. With this, you will watch your children play, eat, and it is like you are literally around with them all the time. This device is easy and simple to set up, and you don’t have to seek services of a professional to do it for you. You can install it within the shortest time and have your surveillance in place. It comes with a large viewing angle for you to see every part of your home.

2. 720P Wansview Home Camera

Wansview Home Camera, 720P

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There is no better way to stop worrying about the safety and wellbeing of your children when you are miles away from home than with the 720P Wansview Home Camera. This is a type of device that will give you a clear view of your home no matter the distance you are from your kids. With an excellent resolution, you get high-quality videos that are clear enough for you to identify every single person at home.

The 720P Wansview Home Camera has an excellent night vision whereby it is able to transmit clear pictures and videos even in a dark room with insufficient lighting. In addition, it comes with a large viewing angle that gives you a chance to see every part of your home with just single nanny cams. Read More: Best Nanny Cams Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. LeFun Wireless Camera

LeFun Wireless Camera

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This is the leading brand of nanny cams that comes with numerous useful features that will no doubt blow your mind off. It comes with high-quality audio and pictures that give you a chance to see what is taking place at home clearly. You can track your kids playing, eating, sleeping or any activity they are engaging in.

Whether it is night or day, these nanny cams will transmit clear pictures and videos all thanks to its night vision feature. This device comes with two-way audio which gives you a chance to converse with the nanny or even read those bedtime stories to your kids before going to bed. This will ensure you get in touch with your kids every time like you are just around.

Nanny Cams Buying Guide

There are numerous brands and models of nanny cams in the market, and you need to make an informed decision before deciding on which to purchase for your home use. The following are the factors you need to consider:

Discreet- Nanny cams are meant to be gadgets that your nanny should not know they exist because you need to monitor everything she is doing. Therefore, buy a device that is hard or even impossible to find even if you place it on the ceiling.

Viewing Angle- Depending on how expansive your room or home is, you need to find a device that will cover the entire room without having to buy multiple cams. Go for cameras with large viewing angle because you will get to cover every corner of your room.

Recording- If you would like to review later the happenings at your home when you were away, you might consider buying a camera with recording capability. This will give you a chance to review what was going on when you were away from home.

Audio Capability- Some nanny cams come with audio capabilities which lets you listen or even converse with your children at home. Decide if you need to communicate with your nanny and children at home or just need a video of their activities.


You don’t have to rush home in the middle of your conference or leave your office to go and see how your children are fairing on because you just hired that new nanny. Get the best nanny cams from the list above and watch every activity going on at home at the comfort of your office chair.

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