Top 6 Best Pallet Busters

Pallet Buster

Do you have a warehouse? Or transport goods? Then you probably have a pallet. But do you have a pallet buster? Because sometimes, you have to take your pallet apart neatly without taking a jackhammer to it. Pallet busters help to take your pallet apart without any – operative word, any – damage or split to the wooden and structural integrity of your pallet.

Else, how would you use it next time? You know you need a pallet buster, yes. But do you know which one exactly? Because there are lots of pallet busters out there. This review will help you access a list of the best pallet busters. And then you can choose one from there. So, here we go:

6. Pallet Buster Breaker 1 Pallets

Pallet Buster Breaker 1 Pallets

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A pallet buster needs to be light. You do not have to go to weightlifting school to have to lift it. This pallet is light enough to be easily used and strong enough to easily pick up your pallet. It is measured at 7*6*5 inches and weighs 5 pounds. With this pallet, reclaiming pallet wood has never been easier; neither has to strip several different deck and dock boards.

It is constructed with 100% steel but gentle on wooden pallets and will not shred, break or split them. With a 1.25 inch insert, you can fit in any handle perfectly with no loose space. The handle insert for any handles of your choice is easy to install and comes with screws for you to use. This pallet buster is durable and you will not need to get another one every other year.

5. 41″ Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle

Vestil SKB-DLX Deluxe Steel Pallet Buster with Handle

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The greatest asset of the Vestil Steel Pallet Buster is the long handle which comes fitted and needs no disassembling or reassembling. It also helps you to come to your pallet from any angle. It improves dexterity with the pallet buster, gives you room for easy handling, control, convenience, and maneuver of the product.

This product is pretty lightweight at 12 pounds. It gives easy to balance on you and your pallet wood as well. It will not stress or strain the wood and will not chip or break them either. Standing at 45 inches, it is neither too tall nor too short to be used by anyone. The height is just perfect. The grip on the handle of this pallet buster is padded. This ensures that your hand does not get wet or slick and slip off the handle.

Should you sweat while using this product, the soft, padded grip absorbs it so your hand does not slip off the handle. The pallet buster is made of high-grade steel to ensure a longer-lasting span and more durability. The steel is coated with a fetching blue color to improve aesthetics and prevent corrosion or rust. With this pallet, you can even take deck boards apart. Read More: Best Lawn Sprinklers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster / Pallet Breaker – Premium Steel with Handle

Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster/Pallet Breaker - Premium Steel with Handle

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In some circles, this industrial Vergo Industrial Pallet Buster is referred to as the Holy Grail of pallet busters. It is made of high quality, high-density premium steel. The steel is durable, will not chip, break or bend. The steel is coated a brilliant yellow. The coating keeps the steel safe and protected from oxidation and so prevents rust or corrosion of the steel.

It weighs about 15 pounds and no extra energy is required in lifting, hoisting or using this pallet buster. It is lightweight enough to be easily handled by anyone in taking pallets apart. Lightweight as it is, the solid density of the steel used in manufacturing it makes it ideal for tough pallets, including using it for the removal of dock boards.

It features a long handle for easy control, maneuver, and handling. With it, you can approach your pallet or dock boards from any angle and be certain that this product will get the job done. The head of the Vergo pallet buster is safely and securely attached to the handle so there is no risk of the head breaking off the handle, or the handle breaking off the head. It is durable, long-lasting and will give you your money’s worth of service and a little extra on top. This product has good reviews, high sales and will definitely meet your need for a pallet buster.

3. CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster

CTS WELDING Heavy Duty Pallet Buster

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While the Vergo Pallet Buster is renowned for its finesse and versatility, the CTS Welding Heavy Duty Pallet Buster is noted for its brute force. This product is as heavy-duty as it comes. For hardcore prying and disassembling jobs, this is the tool to look up to.

The construction of this Pallet buster with steel is solid, strong and sturdy. Ironically, it only weighs a total of 4 pounds (minus the handle). It is comfortable on the hands and will not strain your shoulder or arms. Even at such a lightweight, it packs a ton of strength in prying, stripping or disassembling your pallets, deck board and even dock boards.

The handle is detachable and you can attach any handle that catches you fancy on it. It is best used with long handles though, as those will offer you more room for easy handling and navigation. Fitting the handles is as easy as using this product is comfortable. It is user-friendly and will not split, damage, or compromise the integrity of your wood. Read More: Best Outdoor Bench Reviews & Buying Guides. 

2. Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43″ Handle

Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster with 43" Handle

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As straight as an arrow would be a most appropriate way to describe the Eizzy Bar Pro Pallet Buster. It proudly sports a 43-inch handle that makes using the Eizzy Bar buster a breeze. It is perfectly proportioned and contoured to afford you the best of comfort and convenience as you use it. It is made of steel for sturdiness and solidity and coated to prevent rust, damage or corrosion to the steel.

It is also protected from the elements and from weather and climatic conditions. The grip on it is soft and easy on your hands. The steel of this buster is high quality, durable and will last you a very long time. Because it is lightweight, it can be used by pretty much anybody and for any prying jobs, even for household use. It will reclaim the wood of your pallet, deck boards, and dock boards and will not split or break them. Read More: Best Pressure Washers Reviews & Buying Guides. 

1. Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster, 1-1/4″ Handle Diameter, 42-3/16″ Bar Length

Vestil SKB-7 Pallet Buster, 1-1/4″ Handle Diameter, 42-3/16″ Bar Length

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While most pallet busters are made of steel, this unique product is made entirely of high-grade aluminum. It has a 43 inch long handle that makes it easy to navigate, rotate or control the pallet buster. It has the added advantage of serving as some sort of makeshift wrench because it will remove nails from your wood. It has a solid and firm grip that will help you in holding on tightly to it.

It has curved and contoured hooks that will gently pry off wood without breaking or splitting them. It is made of aluminum and coated with silver. This makes it lightweight, easy to use, high durable, comfortable in grip and less likely to corrode or rust. It can be used for prying both back and forth for easy disassembling or taking apart of wood. The handle is soft, firm and non-slip and the nail-pullers on both forks make it an excellent tool for prying wood.

Pallet Buster Buying Guide

Having read the reviews of the best pallet busters presently available for purchase, you are probably itching to go grab the one that most resonated with you. But not quite so fast. There are a few more things you should know.

Even though all pallet busters work on pretty much the same principle – hoist, heave, pry – they do not all do the same things and do not have the same specifications. To find the one that is best suited for you though, please consider some of the following.

Materials Used in the Construction:

From steel to iron to aluminum, pallet busters are made of several different materials. Each durable, each long-lasting. But each with peculiar properties that may or will affect the overall effect or performance of your product. Steel and iron products are usually hard, resilient, solid, tough, and sturdy. They are less likely to bend or break under stress. They also tend to heavier than aluminum pallet busters.

Because of a process called oxidation, steel and iron pallet busters have to be coated with other substances so they do not rust or corrode. Aluminum pallet busters, on the other hand, are not as solid as steel or iron. They may not last as long and are more susceptible to scratches, and may sometimes even bend under heavyweight. They are however lighter than steel or iron made products and are easier to maneuver, navigate, and control. Tools that are made of aluminum do not need to be coated as they do not rust or corrode as steel and iron do. Also, steel pallets are oftentimes cheaper than aluminum pallets.

Choosing a pallet buster based on composition may be a tad difficult as there are a lot of options to consider. But please bear in mind that your satisfaction as a customer is of paramount importance and you should just choose whatever sits well with you. The bottom line is, buy pallet busters that will serve you for a long time, that are sturdy and heavily built and that will not rust or corrode.

Grip and Handle:

Pallet busters need to seriously be easy to handle. You definitely do not want to buy a pallet buster with a handle that will fly off after the first couple of uses. The grips need to be soft, firm and quite possibly textured or padded. Soft means they do not hurt your hands or put dents in them. Firm means they do not slip and offer sufficient tension between the handle and the tines. Textured or padded means they can absorb any moisture from your hands so that your hands do not slip. Long handles are often best as they offer more room for easy navigation, control, and maneuver. Short handles mean more pressure. Less pressure is good.

Tines or Forks:

Two or more, it does not really matter. The important thing is that the head can be rotated easily so it can slip under the pallet to disassemble instead of splitting apart. Consider the width of the pallet buster you are buying and appropriate the width to fit the type of busting job you need the pallet for. Some pallet busters now come with nail-removing grooves that will remove nails from your wood. You may go for these. But do not sacrifice the more important features for nail-removers.

You can always buy a wrench and nail-remover from the nearest hardware store. Always buy pallet busters and everything else to fit in your budget. When you do finally buy this product, please be careful enough to avoid accidents in your home and workplace that can be avoided. Do not leave pallet busters lying around. Store them in safe places where people are less likely to step on them and hurt themselves. Safety first, satisfaction coming closely behind it in second place.


We do hope that with the above review and buying guide, you know what to look for the next time you need a pallet buster. Pallet busters are a necessary tool for pallets, in addition to wood, loose floorboards, deck and dock boards.

The above-listed and reviewed are some of the best pallet busters currently available in the market. They are made of different materials, notably steel, iron, and aluminium. They have different specifications and will be incredibly useful to you. You can find them online or at the hardware store closest to you.

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