Top 10 Best Buy Pickleball Paddles Review And Buying Guide

Pickleball Paddles

There is a range of pickleball paddles that are available nowadays and it is important to know the different types and features of each of them. Before buying one, it is important to carefully scrutinize the top best that are available in the market. Despite paddleball being a new game which was initiated in the 1960s, it has gained a lot of popularity all over the world and is currently among the best games to play nowadays. The game is similar to badminton, table tennis, and tennis and it incorporates all the features of this three games.

This game is very interesting to play and it is mostly played for leisure. In order to enjoy the game and make it more exciting, you need to use the right paddle. These paddles are made using different material and that’s what brings the difference when it comes to deciding on the right paddle to adopt. Therefore, for you to understand how to select the best paddle and which one is the ruler in the market currently, this article will carefully outline that. We will outline the ten top paddles that will make your pickleball interesting and exciting to play. These paddles include:

10. The Ace Cambria Amazin Pickleball Paddle

The Ace Cambria Amazin Pickleball Paddle

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This is an advanced polymer product that is designed with state-of-the-art features to make it the best-crafted paddle available. It has a Garma grip and a face made of polycarbonate which makes it outstanding among the other paddles. It is comfortable and convenient to play with explaining the reason why it made to the top list of ten highly favored paddles.

The paddle has an edge guard which gives it the much-needed protection against damage and bruising that may occur during playing. It is light in weight which makes it convenient and easy to play with. It is available in black and pink color options. To guarantee its quality, it has a USAPA seal which shows that it has been approved and that its quality is among the best. It has 5 inches handle length for enhanced comfort when playing.

9. Premium Bison Pickleball Paddles

Premium Bison Pickleball Paddles

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If you are a pickleball player who is in its early stages of learning this interesting game, then this type of paddle is your best choice. The paddle has a broad surface which is ideal for beginners who are still learning the art of the game. This will ensure you don’t miss the ball easily when playing. It is designed with a nice grip and a sweat-absorbent feature that allows you to play comfortably without losing your grip on the paddle.

The paddle has a powerful service made of polymer composite honeycomb core to adds to its quality and eminence. It weighs approximately 8.5 oz and incorporates carbon fiber which is of high quality to guarantee its durability. This product is USA-made and is approved by USAPA.

8. The Amazin Bundle Aces Pickleball Paddle

The Amazin Bundle Aces Pickleball Paddle

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These type of paddle is a perfect product which is manufactured by Amazin Aces. It is crafted with an excellent cushioned and perforated grip which ensures a firm grip while playing. With a large grip circumference, this paddle it adds to its hitter fill reliability and comfort which makes playing convenient and enjoyable. This feature makes this product able to comfortably handle shots and enhances effective movement.

With the polypropylene core honeycomb design that this paddle is crafted with, it gives it a perfect control power. This core is the latest technology, making this paddle powerful and potent among the other brands available in the market. the paddle only comes in a black color with an approximate weight of 8.7 oz. Read More: The Ten Best Golf Club Sets For Every Golfer Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Rally NX Pickleballcentral’s Graphite Paddle

The Rally NX Pickleballcentral’s Graphite Paddle

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This is one of the leading paddles in the market today which has numerous features and advantages. This is the best paddle to play pickleball due to the high-end specs that it comes with and which allows ease of playing the game. It is the most comfortable paddle to play with all thanks to its winn dry grip feature that ensures you hold the paddle comfortably when releasing or hitting a shot. It also makes playing easy and convenient. These features make it perfect for learners or beginner players as it will make them learn the game with ease.

The Rally NX graphite paddle features Aramid Diamond Honeycomb core with is an advanced feature that is not found in many paddles. This makes the paddle durable, light in weight, and powerful.

6. The Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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If you are looking for a paddle that is light in weight and easy to carry, then you need to consider this type of paddle. It is a vintage style paddle with a striking design and is among the highly reviewed in online stores and sites. The paddle is certified by USAPA and features an advanced cushioned grip counter for improved comfort when playing. This paddle is best suited for those players who would like to hype their paddleball skills.

This paddle is equipped with two varied grip options to choose from. Another striking feature of this paddle is the flared end which allows an improved paddle field and decreases fatigue for a long time playing without getting exhausted. It comes in a range of colors which include green, blue, purple, red, and many other types. Thus, you can choose your favorite color.

5. Graphite Z5 Onix Pickleball Paddle

Graphite Z5 Onix Pickleball Paddle

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The Graphite Z5 Onix Paddle is made in Mexico and is among the highly recommended and preferred paddles on the market. It has a perfect grip which provides ease of control when hitting or releasing the ball. This is because the paddle is crafted with honeycomb Nomex core design which makes it an excellent product. It is certified by USAPA and it meets all the required standards.

With an impressive face size, the Graphite Z5 Onix paddle enhances a perfect playing without missing the ball. The face is quite expansive which is broader than the other paddles that are available on the market making it ideal for both professionals and beginner players. You can find these paddles in different colors ranging from purple, red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors to choose from. Read More: Enhance Your Kayaking Experience With These Ten Leading Kayak Paddles Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Selkirk’s Pro S1 Sport Paddle

Selkirk’s Pro S1 Sport Paddle

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This USA-made paddle is built using a powerful polymer technology that is the latest and most sophisticated in the industry. It has a large surface that makes controlling of the ball simple and easy. This is an excellent feature that presents an advantage to the skilled players. This paddle comes in four models which include Graphite S1G, Composite SIC, Graphite plus SG, and Composite Plus SC. It is also available in a number of versions which include the heavy and the light versions.

The large surface area that this paddle has allows easy spin Making playing easy and enjoyable. The only disadvantage with this product is that is a little expensive and is not readily available outside the US.

3. Tempest Wave Paddle Tek’s Pickleball Paddle

Tempest Wave Paddle Tek’s Pickleball Paddle

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The Tempest Wave Paddle is made by mixing graphite, polymer, and honeycomb to come up with a strong efficient product. By combining these state-of-the-art designs, it comes up with a paddle that has a number of helpful features in one product. It is light in weight and has an enlarged surface that allows easy controlling. While using this paddle you will not have to worry about the noise that other paddles produce when you hit the ball. This paddle produces low noise no matter how hard you hit the ball.

The manufacturers of this paddle followed all the laid down USAPA guidelines which means that it is USAPA approved. It also comes with dampening vibration technology with improved propolycore. If you are a pickleball player who wants a paddle with a firm grip, this brand should be on top of your list. The paddle is equipped with an expansive grip circumference and cushioned contour grip.

2. The Power 2.0 Rally Graphite PickleballsCentral’s Paddle

The Power 2.0 Rally Graphite PickleballsCentral’s Paddle

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The Power 2.0 Rally Graphite paddle is no double among the leading paddles in the industry. It has enhanced features that augment improved technology and playing performance. It features a flared technology which safeguards it from bruises and damage to make it strong and last long. With its control grip winn moisture attribute, it leads to improved control which puts into account effective playing techniques. You will be totally comfortable playing with this paddle and you will be able to control your hits effectively.

For increased durability, the paddle is crafted with corner-shield and interlocking neck guard for improved strength. With this feature, you can hit the ball as hard as possible but your paddle will not break or wear. It is built with an enlarged surface for effective control and effective playing. Read More: Best Stainless Steel Solid Turners Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Graphite Champion Pickleball Paddle

The Graphite Champion Pickleball Paddle

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This is the top pickleball paddle that is currently in the market. It is equipped with a number of sophisticated features that makes it a leader in the industry. This product is manufactured by a leading company using all the standard procedures and guidelines. One of the things that is outstanding in this product is that-it is regularly updated in order to incorporate the changing technology and the needs of different players.

The paddle comes with a broad face with a large circumference to make playing comfortable and enjoyable. It is designed with aramid diamond honeycomb core which makes it strong and durable as well as improved stability when playing. It is light in weight and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose the one that you prefer most.

Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

Unlike the other popular games, pickleball is a new game that is not quite understood by some people. What is more challenging is even how to decide which type of pickleball [paddle can make a great play. The following is a buyer’s guide on what to look before buying a paddle. It includes:

Weight-  A number of people do not put weight into a consideration when deciding which paddle to purchase. Weight is a major component that should be considered when making a buying decision. The weight of the paddle determines the controlling power and therefore it becomes a major aspect to consider.

Material Used to Build the Paddle-  A paddle is made using three different types of materials which are graphite, wood, and composite. Each material produces different paddle which makes it a major concern when deciding which type of paddle to buy. For example, a paddle made of wood is best for beginners and are heavier and durable than the others. On the other hand, composite paddles are of high quality and are best for making fast shots that are accurate. Graphite paddles are light in weight because they are thin and have advanced features and specs. They are expensive and are best suited for professional players.

The Size of The Grip-  Size of the grip is another factor that determines the efficiency of playing pickleball. In order to achieve the best shot selection and improved style, choose a paddle with grip circumference that comfortably fit your hands. This will give you a good playing posture and improve your playing skills. Playing with a paddle that is of wrong grip size will bring a lot of inconveniences, therefore, be sure to select the right size for your hand.

The Paddle Face Size-  Another important aspect is the face of the paddle. They come in different sizes and it is important to note that these sizes determine the Performance of the game. The right face size will give You enhanced control of the ball and controlled hitting whereas a wrong face size will definitely be a Bad experience to your play.

Price of the Paddle-  Every paddle comes with a different price and therefore you need to select a paddle that meets your budget. Don’t go for an expensive paddle that will hurt your pocket when you can buy one that will not strain your account.


With this Comprehensive analysis and outline of features of each and every pickleball paddle, you now have an insight on which type of paddle best suits and meet your needs. Chose the best one today and enjoy playing pickleball.