Top 10 Best Plant Stands

Plant Stand

Nothing quite does the job of brightening up any space like a bit of beautiful greenery. And if you want to give those beautiful, precious, little babies a bit of support and care, you need plant stands. Beautiful plant stands help your even more beautiful plants give your home, office, or garden a sense of life, nature, and enriched ambiance.

Plants give a touch of a healthy and pleasing finale to your décor. But the plant stands are a great way to put your collection of beautiful plants on display. Need plant stands that suit your purpose and is perfect for your plants? This review will help you make informed decisions.

10. Multi-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand Bonsai Display Flowers Rack

Multi-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand Bonsai Display Flowers Rack Plant Shelves Pot Display Shelf Rack for Indoor Outdoor Home Patio Lawn Garden Balcony Holder

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This beautiful plant stand is made of bamboo. It is designed to be environmentally friendly and strong. The shoe-rack design makes for easy placement and display of your plants. It is coated with natural paint that poses no risks to you. The framework is that of a four-tiered ladder with shelves that can easily organize and visibly put your plants on display.

The hinges it comes fitted with make it foldable and collapsible. This will save you space and make it easy for you to move or reposition it. Made of bamboo means it is easy to clean. The shelves are spacious and can accommodate plenty of plants. This plant stand can be used as a plant stand for indoors and as an outdoor plant stand.

9. C-Hopetree Plant Stand

C-Hopetree Plant Stand

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This beautiful plant stand from C-Hopetree is metallic. The construction is that of a tubular steel and is coated with powder to prevent corrosion or rust. It is especially easy to put together, therefore requiring no expertise or special tools. It is made to save space and will perfectly display your plants.

It has two shelves with ample space in between to allow for the heights of the plants on the lower shelf. Its black color will give a contrast and complement the green of your plants, resulting in a more pleasing outlook. It has a posh design that is perfect for small places and anywhere else. It is ideal for gardens and greenhouses. The best part is that you can use it indoors as well as outdoors.

8. Giantex Wooden Plant Flower Display

Giantex Wooden Plant Flower Display

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However many plants you have, this Giantex Wooden Plant Flower Display promises to keep them. It is wooden and made from firewood of the highest quality. The finishing is sturdy and smooth with no rough edges. It is simple enough to clean – one swipe with a cloth should do the job. It is multi-storeyed with six shelves that have the capacity to hold as many as ten plants.

The shelves are multi-directional therefore you can position your plants in any direction or on any level. It is easily assembled and will fit in with any kind of décor that you have. You can use it indoors or outdoors, in the room, on the balcony. Pretty much anywhere.  Read More: Best Buy Gift Baskets Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Fashion decoration home flower stand

Fashion decoration home flower stand

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If you like iron craft and metal works, this plant stand is ideal for you. This stylish retro-pastoral iron-crafted plant stand was designed in European style. It is spacious enough to allow for your plants’ growth without any getting in the others’ way. The iron craft is phenomenal and has beautiful finishing. With a lock and lose technique, it is very easy to assemble. Each protruding whorled tier is braced to the main frame of the plant stand.

This gives the whole frame an air of strength and sturdiness. It will conveniently and comfortably support the weight of your plants. This plant stand is best used as a plant stand for indoors. It will as well fit on your balcony, your room and on your patio.

6. SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand

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This plant stand is a very thoughtful product from Songmics, a leading name in household décor. When it comes to the number of tiers and plants that a plant stand can accommodate, this is probably the best that there is. It is made of 100% natural bamboo with an eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic finish that guarantees your safety.

With an abundant storage space of a whopping nine tiers total, all your plants are covered. Each of the eight legs has six holes. You can customize these into 2-separated, 3-tier standing shelves. The corners are rounded and have countersunk screws to prevent scratches on your body. This plant stand will look amazing in your living room, kitchen or balcony.

5. Worth HEAVY DUTY Plant Stand

Worth HEAVY DUTY Plant Stand

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Like the C-Hopetree Plant Stand, this plant stand is metallic. It is elegant and offers a simplistic black finishing. The four shelves it contains are multi-level and you can raise or lower them as you see fit. This helps your plants grow and blossom without any hindrance. It is water-resistant and will not chip, break, rust or corrode. It is a heavy duty, therefore, can support the weight of your plants.

It is foldable, collapsible and adjustable. You can easily move it around. Big plus, you also get a three-year warranty on this very practical plant stand. It is perfect as an outdoor plant stand because it has coatings that can withstand low temperatures. Put it on your patio or balcony and watch your plants thrive.

4. Coaster Home Furnishings Kittitas Plant Stand

Coaster Home Furnishings Kittitas Plant Stand

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This plant stand is the very definition of simplicity. It is made of natural oak wood with a warm wood finish. This attractive Coaster Home plant stand will give your living room, balcony or bedroom a classy look. It has a unique mission-style stand and only has the capacity for one or two plants.

The woodwork of 11.5” ×11.5” ×30” dimension is sturdy and takes up as little a space as possible. It will do very nicely as a plant stands for indoor use. Read More:  Best Coffee Tables Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The Furniture Cove Black Metal Outdoor Patio Plant Stand

The Furniture Cove Black Metal Outdoor Patio Plant Stand

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This is black metal plant stand has about 5 tiers. Its birdhouse design and a 63” × 26” × 11” dimension are easily and seamlessly assembled in few minutes. You can use it outdoors and indoors.

It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a few plants, durable and comes in black blending color. It can withstand any environmental conditions when placed outdoors.

2. Design 59 inc Acacia Hardwood Plant Stand

Design 59 inc Acacia Hardwood Plant Stand

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This is a plant stand that combines strong black metal and acacia hardwood. It ensures and guarantees dynamism of strength, sturdiness, and durability. It is a mixture of black and brown that completely gives a nice and elegant display.  You can also use it as a C-table or side table and it does not require assembling.

Dimension is 18” × 16” × 15” and weighs about 360lb. This a very versatile plant stand for every home. Read More:  Best Baby Bassinets Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Panacea Products Plant Stand

Panacea Products Plant Stand

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And the award for the best plant stand on this list goes to Panacea Products Plant Stand. This is a 3-tiered, very spacious, steel plant stand. With it, you can conveniently display a number of flowers and plants.

There is a powder coating around the steel to prevent rust and increase durability. The steel is reinforced to bear the weight of your plants. The three tiers have holey square meshes that allow the flow of air to your plants.

Plant Stands Buying Guide

With the degrading quality of atmospheric air in the 21st century, you need some sort of respite from outside impurities. That is where plants come in. The presence of plants in your home does not only serve aesthetic purposes. They are there to improve the kind of air you breather in. Plants release oxygen and take in the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. They leave you with purified, fresher and healthy air.

Flowering plants with blossoming flowers in your home release a soothing fragrance. They leave your home looking and feeling more natural. Your home looks more appealing and exciting. Raising houseplants requires effort, commitment, and the best tools. Houseplants need tender care, affection, and attention. And they definitely require plant stands. Buying a plant stand requires that you put a lot of factors into consideration.

This buying guide will put you in the right direction of the proper plant stand that is most appropriate for your plants.

Indoors or Outdoors

This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Specific plants have specific atmospheric and environmental requirements. Growing an outdoor plant indoors may lead to wilting, discoloration and possibly death of the plant. Growing an indoor plant outside may give negative results. So first, you need to ask yourself if the houseplant is best grown indoors or outdoors. Or if it will thrive well in both conditions.

Outdoor plant stands need to be sturdy and strong enough to brave harsh environmental and weather conditions. Outdoor plant stands that are mostly metal may not help since metal tends to rust when exposed to oxygen. Consider buying cement or wooden outdoor plant stands. For your indoor plant stands, you do not need nearly so many considerations. Go with whatever suits your fancy.

Hanging or Sitting Plant Stands

The size and dimensions of your house are something that you have to take into consideration when buying plant stands. If you live in a studio apartment, or you have a small garden, then hanging plant stands are probably the best choice for you. You can hang them off the wall or on lines outside so they don’t take up much space.

If you live in a place where space is not an issue, or you have a big garden, then sitting plant stands for indoors plant will suit you very well. Also, you may have kids who may pull sitting plant stands down on themselves. In that case, it is better that you purchase hanging plant stands for indoors. This will prevent any occurrences of any accidents in your home.

Space and Tiers of Stand

You should also consider how many plants you want to grow and how tall each of those plants is likely to grow. If you are growing multiple houseplants, you should consider buying a tiered plant stands that will accommodate them. Tiered plant stands for indoors and tiered outdoor plant stands will hold multiple houseplants in one area. They will help you save space.

Also, buy plant stands with enough space between the tiers. Low-growing plants like bonsai should be on the lower tiers. This will allow the plants on the lower tiers to grow to their normal heights without interference from the plants on the higher tiers. Consider the cumulative weight of all the plants and make sure that the plant stand will be able to support the weight.

Material and Design

There are several materials available for you to pick plant stands from. If you decide on wood, make sure that the plant stand is made from quality wood and has a sturdy finish. A wooden plant stand needs to be varnished and should sit well on the ground. The wood finishing should blend very nicely with your house décor. Metal plant stands should be treated with sealant or a metal spray paint so they do not rust.

Be careful that they do not have sharp edges that can hurt you. You should only use plastic or resin plant stands for lightweight planters for short flowering plants or herbs. Plastic or resin plant stands may not support heavyweight plants. You can use wire mesh hanging plant stands for vertical planting inside. Ensure that whatever plant stand you purchase will be good for your plants and your home.


The rating and buying guide provided on this page is completely unbiased and based on a true review done and well researched. We do hope you have been informed about plant stands and what you need to consider before buying one. Do take out time to check our other reviews for many other products.

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