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Everybody likes music because it is an excellent relief against a dull day, a hard day at work, or just a form of entertainment when you are free. They always say that music soothes the soul which is evident from the fact when you feel sorrowful or down music will be the ultimate relief. Therefore, you need the best media to play your music which will enhance a good quality sound that will satisfy you. Hence, the need to have a best portable DVD player that creates the best performance when it comes to playing music.

When you feel bored during your journey or when just relaxing during your camping expedition, it is important to unwind the day with soothing music. And since you can’t carry that huge music system you have at home, the ideal way to enjoy this is to use a kind of best portable DVD player. Elsewhere, this music device also allows you to watch your favorite movies while you are traveling or while on holiday. Therefore you need to find a good brand that will give you the best entertainment. The following is a list of the ten best portable DVD players in the market today you chose from. They include:

1. EMATIC Swivel Portable DVD Player

EMATIC Swivel Best Portable DVD Player

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With this type of the best portable DVD player in your possession, you will get additional functionalities that will allow you to get the best entertainment ever. It comes with various ports which include AV out, charging port, and headphone port. Having this best portable DVD player device is a sure way of eliminating those stressful and boring evenings or even that long journey you have to travel for long. The many ports allow you to switch from one function to another and enjoy different functionalities under one roof.

With this Portable EMATIC Swivel DVD Player, you also enjoy watching movies and listen to your music privately without disturbing other people. Also, you can see your photos using this device which is a functionality that not many brands have. To give you continuous music while traveling, it has a charging port that is compatible with an AC adapter and even a car adapter. Finally, this best portable DVD player has a carry case which also acts as storage to ensure the machine is safe at any time.

2. The 7-Inch Sylvania SDVD7027 Portable DVD Player

Sylvania SDVD7027, 7-Inch Portable DVD Player

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If you have never enjoyed DVD Players before, it is time to improve your entertainment with the best music device that plays HD movies and songs. This best portable DVD player brand is ideal for those outings or holidays where you expect to go to the woods or to the beach for a couple of days. It allows you to catch your favorite movies, soap operas, or even the latest music from the best device.

With its widescreen capability, you can enjoy your videos by watching it exactly like you are watching them on big screens. Additionally, it has a built-in swivel with a 16:9 ratio that gives you a unique opportunity to watch your favorite cartoons, movies, animations, and other videos in a full-screen format. This one of the best portable DVD player device also comes with speakers that give you a chance to share the good moments with your friends and family.

3. The 9-Inch SYNERGY A19 Portable CD and DVD Player

SYNAGY A19, 9-Inch Portable DVD Player & CD Player

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This is among the leading and favorite portable DVD players in the market currently with numerous features that make it a leader in the technology industry. It has quality rechargeable batteries which give you extended entertainment before the cells run out. If you would like to go to the woods or to the beach where there is no power supply, this is the best device you can carry.

You can enjoy watching movies or listening to your favorite music while traveling because this best portable DVD player device gives you different functionalities under one roof. What makes this music device a champion among the many brands available in the market is the fact that it has built-in speakers that give you the opportunity to play sound loudly for other people to enjoy. Besides, it supports a variety of disc formats which is a good feature that helps you to play any disc you come across. Read More: Best HDMI Splitters Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. 7-Inch Sylvania Black Portable DVD Player

Sylvania Black, 7-Inch Portable DVD Player

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If you are after a functional music device that gives you different functionalities at once, the 7-Inch Sylvania Black Best Portable DVD Player is your ideal pick. Firstly, this gadget comes with built-in stereo speakers that deliver high-quality sound that you can clearly hear at a distance. This is very important because you can use it during your outdoor parties or when you are out on the beach with your friends and family.

The 7-Inch Sylvania Best Portable DVD Players is compatible with a variety of disc formats ensuring you get your favorite music and watch movies from any disc you find. Also, this device can comfortably play any DVD burned from a computer without causing any problem like scratches or bad sound effects. This DVD player has an AV output which lets you connect to your TV and watch your favorite programs.

5. The 9.5-Inch DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER, 9.5-inch Portable DVD Player

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With a widescreen of 9.5 inches, this is the best portable DVD player that allows you to watch videos, movies, animations, and other things just like you are watching TV at home or in your room. It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for an extended period of time giving you continuous entertainment without any interruptions. Also, it comes with a Dolby decoder that supports various video decoding versions for the enhanced movie experience.

The 9.5-Inch DBPOWER Portable DVD Player has a remote functioning which lets you control its different functions without much effort. Additionally, it has USB and SD card support for you to source external movies and music and play in this functional music player. With the AV cable it has, you can simply connect to your TV and enjoy any program you want.

6. NAVISKAUTO Portable 9-Inch MP3, DVD, and CD Player

NAVISKAUTO, 9-Inch Portable DVD, MP3, CD, Player

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Taking the sixth spot among the best portable DVD players in the market is this impressive device that comes with 2600 Lithium rechargeable battery. When the battery becomes empty, you can recharge it using any power source at home. Also, it is compatible with the car charging system because it contains an AC adaptor that makes it convenient to charge.

When on a full charge, you can enjoy your music or movies without any interruptions because the battery will last for a substantial amount of time. This best portable DVD player comes with built-in stereo speakers that ensure you share the good moments with your friends and family by playing sound loudly. Additionally, it comes with SD and USB card support for you to be able to play external music or videos. Read More: Best 4K Monitors Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Portable Swivel-Screen 9-Inch Sylvania CD, MP3, DVD Player

Sylvania 9-Inch, Swivel-Screen Portable MP3/CD/DVD Player

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This is among the best portable DVD players in the market with several features that make it a favorite among many buyers. It is a perfect player for the whole family due to the additional functionalities it has. The screen is wide enough to give you a nice view of every movie or video you want. In addition, it has built-in stereo speakers that emit quality and clear sound that you can hear from a distance.

To ensure you get uninterrupted viewing and music playing while on your journey, this best portable DVD player comes with a rechargeable built-in Lithium battery that lasts long. What is more, this device is available in a variety of striking colors giving you a chance to choose the best that will go well with your favorite dressing or décor.

8. The Combo-Pink 7-Inch Sylvania Portable DVD Player

Sylvania Combo-Pink, 7-Inch Portable DVD Player, Bundle

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While traveling or spending a good time on the beach, you will get a unique chance to entertain your family with this best portable DVD player brand. It has a Lithium rechargeable battery which goes for a long time on a full charge giving you uninterrupted entertainment that will excite you. Additionally, it has an AC adapter that allows you to charge it in your car as you enjoy non-stop entertainment from movies, music, and other videos.

Once you order this best portable DVD player, you will get several accessories that are available in the pack. Among the accessories, it comes with include headphones, AV cable, travel bag, chargers, and many others. It has a wide LCD screen which is bright and colorful thus, gives you perfect viewing even at night.

9. The Black Sylvania Portable DVD Players

Sylvania Black Portable DVD Player

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This is one of the latest DVD players in the market where it comes with numerous features and specifications that are out of the world. If you need to revamp your boring evenings or make those long journeys and trips worthwhile, you need this best portable DVD player. This device provides you with constant entertainment whenever you are and wherever you go.

With its built-in rechargeable battery, it gives you a long time of entertainment without any interruption. This is a perfect player for those outdoor parties including beach parties where the source of power may not be possible. Another exceptional feature of this best portable DVD player brand is the parental protection feature which ensures you select what your children can watch and what they cannot.

Also, it has an adjustable image quality which lets you decide the type of image type and quality that suits you best. Lastly, it is equipped with multiple language menus for you to select the one you understand best. Read More: Best Smart Thermostats Reviews & Buying Guides.

10. The 9-Inch RCA Best Portable DVD Player

RCA 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

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If you are seeking to find the best portable DVD players to gift your young ones or friends during this festive season, the 9-Inch RCA Portable DVD Players should be on top of your list. This device has numerous reviews in online stores which show the rate at which people are satisfied with this fantastic brand. Additionally, it is equipped with various features and specs that make it a leader in the industry. First, it has a widescreen that projects quality pictures that you can view with a difference.

Again, the view is clear with an LCD screen that is bright enough to watch it even on a sunny day and also at night. With all the features and specs it has, this best portable DVD player brand is pocket-friendly giving everybody a chance to own it without hurting their budget. Consequently, it has an AC adaptor where you can charge it on the car while traveling.

Best Portable DVD Players Buying Guide

There are numerous brands and models of portable DVD Players in the market which is a great challenge for anyone who needs this device. Therefore, it is advisable to put some features into consideration to ensure you buy the right machine for your daily use. Among the things to consider include:

Battery Life: If you intend to use your portable DVD players outside, it is important to consider the battery duration so that you don’t cut short your entertainment when the battery suddenly runs out.

Dimensions of the Screen: Various portable DVD players come with different screen dimensions which makes it an important consideration before settling on the brand to buy. Mostly, a wider screen will give you a more enhanced view. Also, you may consider screens with LCD and bright lights that will provide you with a nice view under any light intensity.

Accessories: The number and types of accessories that a new device comes with is very important because you will not have to look for the compatible ones in the market. As a result, ensure you buy a brand that has all the accessories necessary for effective functioning.

In-built Speakers: Sometimes you may want to share the good moments with other people and allow them to listen to music or videos on your player. Hence, it is advisable to consider whether you like a device with speakers or one you can only listen to yourself.


Entertainment is the best thing to engage in especially when you are bored or your day is not going as planned. Also, you may be traveling for a long journey, and you want portable DVD players that will offer you uncensored leisure throughout the trip. Therefore, select the best portable DVD players from the list above and enjoy your music and movies with a difference.

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