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Top 10 Best Buy Portable Hammock Stands

Portable Hammock Stands

Wherever you are, whether on vacation or on a fishing trip or just swinging leisurely in your backyard, hammocks are a great and convenient way of relaxation. The best way to enjoy sleeping on a hammock is to hang it in a stand. With portable hammock stands, there is no need for complicated rope twisting or knot tying. You also do not need to look around for conveniently spaced trees or beams to hang your hammock in between.

If you have a portable hammock stand, all you need is to hang and unhang your hammock wherever, whenever you want. Portable hammock stands are great to move around. You can keep enjoying the outdoors or move them indoors when the weather is inclement. Any which way, you have a hammock that you can enjoy at every moment. This review will highlight the best ten portable hammock stands that are currently available for purchase right now.

10.  Outdoor Patio Steel Portable Hammock Stand with Carrying Case

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This hammock stand is crafted with high-quality steel that is resistant to weather and has a powder-coated finish. It is sturdy, strong, durable and will afford you comfort and convenience during your rest and relaxation. Whether you intend using it for outdoors or indoors purposes, this hammock stand is designed to cater to your needs.

It is most ideal for hammocks of about 9 inches. It is easy to set up and equally easy to take down, giving you no stress whatsoever. It has a 450-pound weight capacity, is black in color and comes with a carry case as well as an instructional guide.

9. Outdoor Yard Patio Portable Hammock Stand Steel Beam Construction

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This hammock is constructed with top-heavy, commercial grade steel for durability and longevity in usage. It has interlocking poles that have been reinforced with spring pins to increase the stability of the structure. The ends of each steel pole are covered in vinyl caps for protection from damage.

It also features a welding of 360-degrees to increase safety. The finish is powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion and to make it ideal for use in outdoor conditions. It comes with two hook hangers that can be adapted to fit hammocks of varying sizes whether or not they have spreader bars. It weighs about 56 pounds and has a maximum carrying capacity of 400 pounds.

8. Outdoor/Indoor Heavy Duty Portable Hammock Stand Space-Saving Steel with Carrying Case

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This hammock is constructed with heavy-duty steel that grants it durability and stability. It is coated with powder and has vinyl caps of plastic on all the ends to give you protection from getting scratched by jagged or pointed ends. The hammock stand is completely adjustable and can accommodate hammocks of different sizes. It is also very easy to put together. It has five separate pieces that are joined together with eight knobs. It takes a little less than ten minutes to have this hammock stand set up and raring to go.

It also has a carrying pack which makes it extremely easy for this hammock stand to be moved around. Being only nine feet long, it takes up less space than other hammock stands of different designs. It can also easily fit on a porch, a balcony, a patio and pretty much everywhere you need a hammock stand to be. It, however, does not work with wood-spreader hammocks. This hammock stand also comes equipped with a hammock that has to be purchased separately. Read More: Best Hammock Chairs  Reviews & Buying Guides.

7.  Double Hammock with Space-Saving Portable Hammock Stand with Carrying Case

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This is a hammock stand that comes with its own hammock. The hammock is made of one hundred percent cotton and is great for comfort, rest and relaxation. The hammock stand is made of steel and is perfect for both indoors and outdoors purposes. This hammock has enough space for two adults to fit in side by side and comfortably so.

The hammock stand also comes with a carrying case that makes it easy for the hammock to be packed and moved around very comfortably and very easily. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 450 pounds. It also comes with a user manual guide for assembling the hammock stand.

6. Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Standby Vivere

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This hammock stand includes a twin-hammock. It is constructed with heavy-duty, commercial-grade steel, has a height of 43 inches and includes a case for carrying the hammock stand in. it is about 130 inches long and can comfortably accommodate two adults lying in it. This hammock stand beats trying to attach your hammock to two poles or two trees.

The hammock stand is about 9 foot long and can be easily assembled without any tools and requires no technical know-how in assembling. The double hammock is made of 100 percent cotton and has a 12-month warranty on all the components of both the dual hammock and the hammock stand. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 450 pounds.

5. Sunnydaze Universal Multi-Use Heavy-Duty Steel Portable Hammock Stand for 2 Person

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This hammock stand will fit any size or dimension of the hammock that you have, whether they are small or medium-sized. It has fully adjustable length, width, and height and will accommodate your hammock size. The stand is about 25 pounds in weight and has a carrying capacity of about 450 pounds.

The hammock stand is constructed from heavy-duty, durable steel and has a powder-coated finish to make it work in any indoors and outdoors conditions and to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. It is extremely easy to use and assemble. The locks of this hammock stand are properly and tightly fit together to give is stability and improve the support. Assembling it requires no extra tools and no extra technical know-how. It also comes with a full one-year warranty. Read More: Best Beach Tents Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Vivere Double Hammock with Tropical Space-Saving Steel Stand

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This hammock stand has enough room for a double hammock, it is constructed with strong, durable, heavy-duty steel and comes with a carrying case that makes it really easy to carry and move around. It can easily be put together in minutes and needs no special tools for the assembling or the disassembling.

The hammock stand is nine feet in length and will accommodate both spreader and non-spreader hammocks. It can comfortably accommodate two adults lying side by side in it. The hammock is made with 100 percent, breathable cotton with a desert stripe design. It has a full one-year warranty and has a maximum carrying capacity of 450 pounds.

3. Zupapa Heavy Duty Portable Hammock Stand with 2 Steel Chains and a Carry Bag

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This portable hammock stand will fit both single and double-sized hammocks, including hammocks with spreader bars and hammocks without spreader bars. The kit has two hooks and two chains included to make it adjustable for hammocks of different sizes. It does not come with a hammock though, so you have to buy one to use with this stand. It is constructed with heavy-duty steel, powder-coated for a protective and safe finishing and also has caps on the ends of all the metal steel to protect you from being scratched or poked by sharp ends.

It can be assembled in a matter of minutes and needs no special tools for assembling. It is made weather resistant to make it fit for use in any outdoors and indoors weather. It is also made stable, balanced and completely durable. A bonus is the waterproof carrying case that it comes in. It can comfortably accommodate two adults and has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 550 pounds.

2. Vivere Heavy Duty 3-Beam Portable Hammock Stand Oil-Rubbed Bronze

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This portable hammock stand is made of heavy-duty steel tubing that has been coated with powder and rubbed in oil for an elegant finish. It is strong, durable, rust-resistant, designed for both indoors and outdoors purposes, and can weather even the toughest of elements. The legs of this hammock are coated in zinc and all the open ends are covered in plastic caps.

It is easy to assemble in a few minutes and needs no special or technical tools to assemble it. It is about 15 feet in length and is suited for hammocks of all size including hammocks with spreader bars and hammocks without spreader bars. It is designed to last for a good number of years and has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 450 pounds. Read More: Best Modern Recliner Chair & Leather Chaise Reviews & Buying Guides. 

1. Portable Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand With Double Hammock and a Carrying Case

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This hammock is made from 100 percent cotton. It comes with a stand that is made of heavy-duty, strong, and durable steel that will suit all outdoors and indoors use. This hammock supports two adults and has a carrying case for easy movement and transport. It is easy to put together and comes with an instruction material to help in the assembling of this hammock. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 450 pounds.

Portable Hammock Stands Buying Guide

Like buying everything else, you need to know some of the most important factors when buying a portable hammock stand.

Weight Carrying Capacity: Perhaps the first and most important thing to look at when buying a hammock is the weight carrying capacity. Most hammocks have a carrying capacity ranging from 200 pounds to about 600 pounds. Any more than that weight and the hammock stand comes crumbling down like a deck of cards. Consider your weight and that of everyone in your household that will have access to the hammock stand.

Size of the Hammock Stand: Hammocks have different sizes, and so do their stands. If you already have a hammock and just want to buy a portable hammock stand, make sure that your hammock will fit into the hammock stand. Hammocks vary in sizes and lengths. Some hammocks have hooks and nuts that may help you extend their length to fit the size of your hammock. Hammock stands like those will help you. It is pointless buying a hammock stand that will not fit your hammock and end up being useless.

Spreader Bars or no Spreader Bars: Spreader bars are those little bars on both ends of your hammock that enable you to spread, open, or more accurately, stretch the hammock at both ends until the surface is completely flat and taut. Basically, spreader bars turn your hammock into something of a makeshift bed. It is best to buy a portable hammock stand that will accommodate the use of spreader bars.


This review has examined some of the best portable hammocks stands presently available for sale in online stores and shops around you; as well as some of the things to consider before choosing a hammock stand. As always, we encourage you to stay within your budget when purchasing a portable hammock stand.

Also, note that the whole point of hammock stands is to obviate the need for swinging your hammock between trees and that hammock stands are mostly used outdoors. So try to purchase weather and rust-resistant portable hammock stands that will last. And we do hope that this review will help you accomplish just that.

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