Top 10 Best Buy Portable Ice Makers

Portable Ice Makers

You may have been in a situation where you are extremely thirsty and need a cold drink to quench your thirst. You may even have your usual drink, but you are not satisfied with it. You need an ice-cold drink that will settle your need and quench your thirst completely. Ice not only makes your drink cold but also makes it tasty and drinkable. Having ice at your home is a perfect choice because you will not be rushing to the store every other time you need a drink. Therefore, you can make your ice at home using a portable ice machine.

A portable ice machine is a perfect tool that is essential for every home. It gives your drink a pleasant taste which means you will not have to buy ice every time you need to drink. But a challenge comes when you need to purchase one but don’t exactly know which type or brand will get the job done at a convenient time and price. For an unlimited supply of ice at your home buy a good machine that will save you many trips to the ice shops. The following is a list of the leading portable ice makers in 2019. They are:

10. Nutrichief Digital Upgraded Ice Maker

Nutrichief Digital Upgraded Ice Maker

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Making ice in your home has never been easy and simple, but with the Nutrichief Digital Upgraded Ice Maker, you get the benefit of having an unlimited supply of ice any time you need. It makes ice in record time, and you don’t have to wait for long to have your ice ready. This machine is quick and will save you a lot of valuable time. Another striking feature of this product is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise in the process of making ice. It is a quite machine which produces ice without creating any disturbance.

Having a compact shape and an appealing design, this brand is an excellent addition to your homes décor. Your visitors will not only love the quality of ice that this machine produces but will also stare at the attractive design that this machine has. You can directly connect it to a water supply, and you will have your ice within the shortest time possible.

9. Free Standing Built-In Clear Ice Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Maker

Free Standing Built-In Clear Ice Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Maker

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Get the best and quality ice production in your home with this outstanding product which is on top of the list. It comes with excellent features that make you produce ice in a record time and save you a substantial amount of time. It is a simple a machine which does not need comprehensive knowledge to operate or even to install. Upon ordering, you can install it by yourself without having to call a technician or specialist.

This portable ice maker has a stainless steel door which is strong and durable to ensure it is able to endure any banging. When you have children around you will notice that they may start playing with your ice maker or even bang the door hard when closing. This is a strong brand that will withstand the banging and give you a continuous supply of ice daily.

8. The Compact Electric Costway Ice Maker

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Do not stress yourself at home when your ice maker is not producing the quantity or quality of ice you want. If your machine is not meeting your daily requirement, it is time to replace it. For the best and quality ice production look no further than the Compact Electric Costway Ice Maker. This is a small but efficient brand where you can travel with it anywhere you go.

Going out camping or spending the holiday on the beach doesn’t mean that you will have to put up with taking your beverages without ice. This machine will give you an unlimited supply of ice wherever you go. With its chic design, it is easy and convenient to transport it to any place you want. It also has a design where you can see through the glass which lets you monitor the progress of your ice. Read More: Best Popcorn Maker Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Portable Clear Luma Comfort IM200SS 28 Pound Ice Maker

Portable Clear Luma Comfort IM200SS 28 Pound Ice Maker

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Do you want quality ice that will not easily melt in your class even under high temperatures? If your answer is yes, then this unique type of product is the most convenient choice for you. It comes with a sophisticated technology which produces ice that you will never find them anywhere else. The ice produced by this machine melts six times slower. This is a unique quality which makes this machine the envy of many ice lovers.

The Portable Clear Luma Comfort IM200SS 28 Pound Ice Maker comes with a compact design that is attractive and appealing. It is light in weight and is small in size which means you can own it even if you have space challenge. It suits dorms, small apartments, student’s hostels and any other place where space is a big challenge. This ice maker has a compressor which is able to produce up to 28 pounds of quality ice per day.

6. Stainless Steel 12 lbs EdgeStar Built-In IBS120SS Black Ice Maker

Stainless Steel 12 lbs EdgeStar Built-In IBS120SS Black Ice Maker

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This is an ice maker with high-end features but is simple to use. Installing this machine is also easy and comes with a unique front-venting feature which aids in installations. The portable ice maker has a sleek design which is outstanding that blends well with your home decorations. It produces quality ice in a very short time, and you can enjoy your iced drink without having to wait for long.

Other practical features of this state-of-the-art brand include a water connection door which is 25 feet long and is reversible. This will give you the convenience of ensuring your ice is quality at all times. The machine also has auto power functionality which automatically shuts off when the ice making process is complete.

5. Counter Top TG22 ThinkGizmos Ice Maker

Counter Top TG22 ThinkGizmos Ice Maker

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If you want an ice maker that you will enjoy its benefits for a long time but still produce the same quality, the Counter Top TG22 ThinkGizmos Ice Maker exactly fits those specifications. The machine comes with ABS housing and strong stainless steel that will definitely last for decades. With this quality, this ice maker is able to endure multiple scratching, friction or any other force but will not break or even compromise the quality of ice produced.

It is a simple to use machine that can produce ice cube batches in a record time of six minutes. This is a speedy and quick production compared to other brands. This is a quality that makes Counter Top TG22 ThinkGizmos Ice Maker a leader in the ice production industry. With this portable ice maker, you get the benefit of choosing the ice cube size that you want. Read More: Best Waffle Makers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Counter Top Compact Igloo ICE105 Stainless Ice Maker

Counter Top Compact Igloo ICE105 Stainless Ice Maker

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Igloo is home to stunning designs and models of different types of ice makers, and this brand is the best in the market currently. It has a distinct design that is able to prepare different sizes of ice cubes. This portable ice maker is best for the quiet neighborhoods, hospitals, offices or any other place where noise is not an option. This is because this machine does not emit any noise and you can’t even hear it even if you are close.

The Counter Top Compact Igloo ICE105 Stainless Ice Maker has a more expansive basket capacity to prepare more ice cubes within a short time. Furthermore, the machine comes with a 2.3 quarter reservoir which is big enough to prepare ice for a good number of your guests. It comes with LED indicators for effective operations.

3. Counter Top Igloo ICE103 Oversized Ice Maker

Counter Top Igloo ICE103 Oversized Ice Maker

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If style and elegance is your thing, then you should not find any other machine apart from the Counter Top Igloo ICE103 Oversized Ice Maker. The machine has a sleek design with a stainless steel body that is strong and compact. This ice cube maker will never disappoint you even after many years of use. It will produce the same quality of ice at the same speed even after using it for a long period of time.

Apart from producing quality ice and making your drinks tasty, this product is an excellent addition to your home décor. It comes with an oversized ice cube bucket which is able to hold up to 2.2 lbs of ice.

2. The Opal Nugget Portable Ice Maker

The Opal Nugget Portable Ice Maker

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Efficiency is the best quality that every ice maker should have, but not all can champion the type of capability that the Opal Nugget Portable Ice Maker has. If you are a busy person who has little or no time to wait, this portable ice maker is precisely the best choice for you. It produces ice in a very short time, and the quality is one to reckon. It comes with a quality experience that not all ice cube makers have.

This unique ice maker is portable giving you the convenience of moving it easily to any place or part you want. Additionally, you can take it with you to your camping, holidays or even any other place you want to go. For convenient functionality, it has Bluetooth connectivity. Read More: Best Electric Grills Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Counter Top Homelabe Ice Maker

Counter Top Homelabe Ice Maker

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And finally, this is the leading portable ice maker in the market that you should not hesitate to lay your hands on. It has superior quality with state-of-the-art features that will no doubt make you buy it. This ice maker can produce 26 pounds of ice per day which is among the fastest portable ice makers. Moreover, the machine is able to produce ice cubes within a short period of time but the ice will have the best quality you have never tasted somewhere else.

For a reliable supply of ice without slowing down, this ice maker will meet your ice production needs. It is quiet and doesn’t make any noise in the process of ice production. It comes with automatic shut off and modern refrigeration technology for optimal user convenience.

Ice Maker Buying Guide

The following are points you should first consider before buying an ice maker;

Size- Portable ice makers come in different sizes and it is for you to determine which size is fit for your home. Some are bulky and require an expansive space while others are small in size. Consider the availability of space in your home to ensure you buy the right size.

Cost- Even though ice makers are not so costly, you need to determine if the value of the machine you are buying will give you the benefits that you want. You should not also buy an ice maker that will drain your account. Go for a cheaper one but that which will still function well and meet your ice production needs at home at your business.

Portability- Ease of transportation is another critical factor which should be considered when choosing the right ice maker for you. If you would like to have your ice when you go camping or hiking, pick one that is easy to carry.

Capacity- This is the amount of ice or ice cubes that the ice maker can produce at a given time. You should find an ice maker that has a capacity that will meet your needs. Whether for home or for your small business use capacity plays a big in deciding the type of ice maker to buy.

Simplicity- An ice maker should not be complicated such that you will need a specialist to operate it for you every time. Chose a machine that is easy and simple to operate. You may leave your children at home and may want to use some ice, therefore, have a simple ice maker will give them the opportunity to use the machine on their own.


Choosing the right portable ice maker for your home, office, or business is paramount to enjoying its benefits. With the above list of top portable ice makers, you will be going to the market now with full knowledge on which ice maker is the best for you.

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