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Scissor Jacks

How will you feel when you realize that you get a flat tire while you are driving in a place you are not familiar with and where there are no shops or buildings?

This is a very bad feeling which no one would like to experience because you might spend a long time in the middle of a desert or even in the woods without anybody coming to your rescue. As a driver or car owner, it is important to always travel with all the necessary tools and equipment so that it will give you the opportunity to undertake the small repairs on your vehicle to make your journey smooth. Among this equipment include scissor jacks which help to lift your car to give you room to change the tire.

Developing a flat tire while in the middle of the journey does not mean that it is the end of your journey and you have to abandon everything and leave. You can simply change the tire but this will only be possible with the help of scissor jacks. Keeping in mind that the tow services may be miles away and you cannot get any mobile repair units around the area, the only thing to do is change the tire yourself.

But even if you have all the tools and scissor jacks in your car with you, without the right jack it will not be of any help to you. You may buy one that will not function effectively making it of no use and will not solve any of your problems. Hence, ensure you get the right product that will get the job done without any mistakes or problems. To help you in choosing the right brand, here are five leading brands which are currently the best in the market to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

5. Libra Scissor Jacks

Libra Scissor Jack

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Every time you open the trunk of your car or any other car and see a Libra scissor jacks you will get peace of mind knowing that you have a quality brand that will work effectively on any car. This brand features a wide bow-tie base which enhances stability even if you are on the soft ground. As a result, you will not have to worry looking for logs, stones or other solid objects to help increase the stability of the jack and avoid sinking to the ground. It is a perfect brand that you can be sure to use it when you are in the woods where the ground is too soft without worrying about its functionality.

Boasting of a nice crescendo speed, this is a type of scissor jacks that you can use on any type or model of car without creating balance problems. It’s leveling and stabilization is one that you will never find on any other brand all thanks to this high-end technology this brand comes with. If you need a good space beneath your car where you can repair the bottom side with total comfort, you should consider buying this brand. It lifts your car high enough to give you a conducive environment underneath the car where you can easily turn and move without any restrictions. This will ensure you undertake the repair without any interruptions or limitations.

With the magnetic sockets that are powerful and effective, this jack will lift and lower your car gently to eliminate any accidents that may occur due to uncontrolled lowering. It features a power drill which makes lifting and lowering so easy and smooth so that you don’t have to apply a lot of energy to lift the load. While using this brand it will seem like you are just playing with some screws because you will not feel any resistance or force.

The Libra Scissor Jacks extends up to 24 inches and has a weight capacity of up to 5000 pounds which means you can lift any heavy car without a problem. This is a functional jack that is a must-have for every car owner who needs smooth and easy lifting of the car at any given time.

4. Quantity Scissor Jacks

Quantity Scissor Jacks

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This is another brand of scissor jacks that is a must-have for every car owner who values the repair of his/her car and does not want to get stuck in the middle of the journey. It comes with an attractive design that looks good and appealing so that you enjoy using it all the time. It will look like a decoration in your car without just being a tool that you will need when things go bad with your vehicle.

The upper part that comes in contact with the body of your car in this jack has a rubber lining that protects your car from any scratch. This is very important because it will leave the paint intact without ugly marks that will make you visit the repair shop for painting. This will not only be economical but will also protect the appearance and the shiny value in your car.

Quantity scissor jacks are best for use in lifting a variety of vehicles that include RVs, Trucks, Pickups, Campers, Trailers, and many others. It gives you the opportunity to lift your car to the right position that will give you the opportunity to easily change the tire or undertake repairs without any problem.

Coming from high-quality industrial-grade material this is a perfect jack for lifting heavy vehicles because it is strong and can endure such a load. In addition, the material is resistant to a number of elements that include corrosion and rust giving you a chance to enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time. Therefore, if you run into a rainy day you should not worry about water coming in contact with your jack because it will not affect it in any way.

A full pack of this brand comes with four stabilizer scissor jacks with two handles that offers convenient support and functionality as well as quick handling. Boasting of a weight capacity of 500 pounds which is approximately 2.5 tones, this is one of the most powerful jacks that can lift a variety of vehicles, trucks, and other equipment with ease. It is the brand that you will definitely need to ensure you get to lift your car within the shortest time possible. Read More: Best Floor Jacks Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. Husky 76862 Scissor Jacks

Husky 76862 Scissor Jack

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Do not get stuck in the middle of your journey because you don’t have the best jack that you can use to lift your car in order to change a tire or repair a faulty part. Acquire the Husky 76862 Scissor Jacks which ensures you don’t wander on the road looking for a way to lift your car or using some brands which may not work properly. This jack is currently among the leading brands that are available in the market which explains the reason why many people are seeking it in online stores.

Consequently, it is the bestselling product on Amazon because of its features and specifications that make it a champion in the industry. With the ability to lift a weight of up to 6500 pounds, Husky 76862 Scissor Jacks is definitely among the powerful brands in the market that gets the job done without compromising its strength or durability. Also, you will get a chance to lift even the heavy vehicles without having to look for a bigger brand that can sustain or endure the weight of the truck.

Most importantly, the scissor jack has an incredible lifting height of 24 inches which is high enough to give you enough room underneath the car to undertake any repair or renovation without disturbance. Featuring an easy-to-use handle, anybody with this jack on his/her trunk will not worry about a flat tire because you can lift the car with ease. You will not use a lot of effort or energy to lift which means that even your teen son can comfortably use it. If you are after strong and durable scissor jacks that you will use for a long period of time without breaking or reducing in performance this is the best choice for you.

The product comes in a sturdy steel construction that is able to endure a high load without collapsing under heavy load. In addition, the steel makes it resistant to rust and corrosion which is advantageous in a situation where you need to repair the car where there is water or when it is raining. Moreover, it has a black powder coating finish which makes it shiny and able to repel dust and any type of stains to make it clean all the time. Read More: Best Jack Stands Reviews & Buying Guides.

2. The 48830 Eaz-Lift Scissor Jacks

Eaz-Lift 48830 Scissor Jack

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At the second position among the leading scissor jacks in the market currently is this brand which comes with two installations that make it the leading flexible jack in the market. It has bolt-on and weld-on installations which help to lift various types of cars and trucks without having to adjust some parts or make any alteration in order to suit the type of vehicle or truck you are trying to lift.

Hence, you get the benefit of using it the way it is for the best performance. Having a lifting capacity of 7500 pounds, this is no doubt the strongest brand that outshines all the others that you can get on the market. You can use it to lift the heavy vehicles or trucks without affecting or compromising its strength and functionality. If it happens that you are carrying a load with your car and you get a puncture it will be able to lift the vehicle plus the load without any problem.

Therefore, you don’t have to first unload the car in order to lift it easily which will not be convenient and also you will waste a lot of time. Upon ordering this product you will get a jack socket and two scissor jacks for use together with the power drill. The base of this jack is wide which gives it enough stability to sustain the load in every vehicle to avoid sinking to the ground. This means that even if your car is stuck on a muddy ground there is no worry because the jack will not sink and fail to function well.

On the other hand, your car will be safe and secure without any shaking or fear of falling no matter how high up the surface it is. With all the items and tools that this scissor jack comes with, lifting your car is easy and simple which requires little effort to raise your vehicle to any height you want. The product has all the accessories and requirements that give you the opportunity to use it immediately you receive without having to go to the market for other items to make it fully functional. Most importantly, it has an impressive lifting length and height which is ideal for every car. Read More: Best Tire Chains Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

Torin T10152 Scissor Jack

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Ending the list of the five leading scissor jacks in the market today is this Torin brand which is the bestselling product on Amazon with numerous positive reviews that makes it the number one brand in the industry. It has the best performance that will definitely excite you and make you leave all the other brands that do not perform according to expectation. It comes with a broad and level base which gives it the much-needed stability even if you are using it where the ground is soft. No matter how heavy your car is and how light the soil on the ground is it will not sink at all.

Having a sturdy steel construction is the reason why you should consider purchasing this brand for all your car lifting needs. It is strong and durable where it is able to endure any weight without collapsing or breaking. If you have a heavy load on your vehicle and you need to lift it, do not unload it to ensure the jack will be able to sustain the weight. Just use this brand and it will be able to lift your car plus the load with ease. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack has a lifting capacity of about 8500 pounds which is high enough to lift all types of small vehicles, trucks, and others.

With the high lifting capacity that this jack has many people will think that it is large in size and heavy which is not the case. It is small and compact which perfectly fits the trunk of your car to ensure you carry it with you everywhere you go. As a result, this will ensure you are always safe and secure and you will not get stuck if you get a flat tire for failing to get something to lift your vehicle. The upper part that comes in contact with the body of your car has a rubber material that prevents any bruises and scratches during lifting.

Scissor Jacks Buying Guide

Before deciding on the brand and model of scissor jacks to buy, it is advisable to consider some factors so that you get the best product that will get the job done within the shortest time possible. Here are some considerations to help you in making a buying decision:

Lifting Capacity: This is a critical consideration which will determine the type or model of scissor jacks to buy. First, you have to ascertain the weight of your car so that you get to choose the right brand that has the lifting capacity that will suit the weight of the vehicle you have. If you buy a jack that has a lower lifting capacity than the weight of your car, it will not be able to lift or it will collapse leading to greater loses.

Clearance Height: This is the distance or the high that the jack can lift your car for you to change the tire or undertake repair and maintenance. Different brands come with varied clearance height depending on their make or length of the power drill. Therefore, choose a clearance height that will meet your needs.

Lifting Speed and Effort: You definitely don’t want to spend hours trying to lift your car because it will be exhausting and also time-consuming. Also, you don’t have to apply all the energy just to make a jack functional. Select a brand with a sustainable lifting speed and effort for the best performance.

The Material of the Jack: Scissor jacks come with different materials depending on their use, and lifting capacity. Ensure you go for a jack with steel or aluminum construction because they are strong and durable and are able to repel dust and corrosion. Do not buy a brand with a material that will easily collapse under the weight.

Price: Compare the cost of all the brands you can come across on the market or online stores before making a purchase decision. This will avoid spending too much of your bucks which may strain your finances.


The best scissor jacks will give you the performance and ease of use without any problems or interruptions. Select the best brand from the five above in order to enjoy the best service and performance without using a lot of effort or energy.

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