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One of the most challenging tasks and activities an elderly person or person with disabilities undergoes on daily life is taking a bath. Anybody with mobility issues will find it hard or sometimes even impossible just to stand in a shower and take a bath because to these people a bathroom is a risky place that could result in more danger to them. You will find that there are a number of people injured while taking a shower in the bathroom and elderly and the disabled are at higher risk.

In order to eliminate this trend, it is advisable to use a waterproof shower bench to minimize damage and ensure these people get the comfort they want while in a shower.

A waterproof shower bench is an important device that allows you to enjoy your bath while sitting down so that you will not fall a victim of a slippery bathroom floor or to just have the comfort you deserve. The market is full of numerous brands and models of waterproof shower bench making it hard for you to choose the best that will suit your interests. Selecting the best brand is not a walk in the park, which is the reason why we have come up with a comprehensive list of the ten best brands to help you in making a purchase decision. Among the leading brands in the market currently include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Medline Shower Chair Bath Seat with Padded Armrests and Back, Great for Bathtubs, Supports up to 350 lbs
Bestseller No. 2 Medline Transfer Bench for Bathtub, for Use as a Bath Chair or Shower Seat, Durable with Height Adjustable Legs, Non-Slip Feet, Gray

10. Moen Dn7100 Waterproof Shower Bench

 Moen Dn7100 Shower Chair

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For enhanced comfort, while enjoying your shower, trust Moen Dn7100 waterproof shower bench which comes with sturdy construction that will not collapse or break under any weight. It is strong and durable giving you extended use without the need to worry about longevity because you will enjoy the benefits of this chair for an extended period of time.

While using these waterproof shower benches, you will feel a sense of security and independence ensuring you enjoy your shower without the fear of suffering an injury or any other disaster. It best suits disabled, elderly or any other person who needs comfort while at the bathroom.

To make it non-slip, the waterproof shower bench features aluminium 6063 legs with rubber so that it grips well to any floor and avoid any falling to make it secure and safe. Additionally, the seat and body of the chair are from a polypropylene material which is curved for a greater balance and comfort while showering. Most importantly, this brand is adjustable ensuring it fits people of different heights for the best performance.

9. The White Adjustable Ez2care Waterproof Shower Bench

 Moen Dn7100 Shower Chair

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While taking a shower you will need a chair that will be able to drain the water away so that you become dry and clean at the same time. The White Adjustable Ez2care Shower Bench comes with drainage holes which helps to eliminate the dirty water giving you a comfortable environment to enjoy your shower without any worry. It comes with slip-resistant rubber legs that will keep the chair firmly in place even if your bathroom floor is slippery. Also, the surface of the chair has anti-slip properties giving you the opportunity to shower without the fear of sliding off the chair.

What is outstanding about the White Adjustable Ez2care Shower Bench is the fact that you can also use it in your bathtub. You can simply coordinate to be at par with the style of your bathtub so that you get a chance to enjoy your moments as you sterilize yourself or when you just want a cool environment during the hot seasons. for complete comfort while bathing, this brand of waterproof shower bench has side handgrips and a wide base to provide extra help for the user while undertaking any activity and ensure the chair is firmly in place at any given time.

8. Essential Medical Supply Waterproof Shower Bench

Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

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If you are having problems with your back and it can’t give you rest, you need to support it with a functional model of waterproof shower bench that will keep your back at ease without hurting it. When this is the case, you will not find any other better brand apart from the Essential Medical Supply waterproof shower bench. It features and strong and sturdy construction which enables it to sustain any weight. Also, the strength of this model is one to reckon to give you the benefit to using it for a long period of time without the need to replace it which is a great value for your money.

Because the shower bench comes in contact with water every other time, it is prone to rust and corrosion. But this is different from the Essential Medical Supply waterproof shower bench due to the fact that it is a textured aluminium seat that features an anodized aluminium frame that eliminates any traces of rust to make it long-lasting. Another feature that stands out on this shower chair is the padded removable arms that provide the much-needed comfort and safety while in the shower. Read More: Best Wooden High Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Adjustable AguaSense Waterproof Shower Bench

AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

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Having a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this is a type of shower chairs that is able to accommodate people of different weights without breaking or collapsing giving you a comfortable and enjoyable shower. It comes with a slip-resistant plastic seat that is firm and stable to ensure it doesn’t move or shake while taking a bath. In addition, this chair has a sturdy construction that makes it stable in any type of floor or when you intend to use in a bathtub.

You can simply lower or raise the seat depending on your preference which is a perfect feature because it enables people of different heights to use the seat. Most importantly, the Adjustable AguaSense waterproof shower bench is light in weight which ensures the elderly and children can afford to carry the chair themselves to the shower. Hence, you will not have to be around in order to assist them to carry the chair. With all the functional features of this shower chair, one would think that the price is way beyond reach. But that is not the case because this chair is pocket-friendly and anybody can afford.

6. The Spa Tool-Free Waterproof Shower Bench

Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Shower Chair

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If you recently had an accident and you find it difficult to take a shower on your own, you don’t have to worry because there is a solution to that. The Spa Tool-Free Bathtub waterproof shower bench will give you comfort and safe solution to all your bathing needs. This chair is strong with a wide base that increases its stability so that you will shower without having to worry about falling while in the bathroom. In addition, it is strong and durable where it is able to withstand any vigorous use but able to maintain its strength and quality.

To enhance its safety, the chair has non-stick rubber tips that make it slid-free even on a smooth bathroom floor. This will help to eliminate more accidents caused by slippery shower room floors and keep you safe all the time. With an anodized aluminium frame, this chair is able to support the extensive weight without breaking or wearing off easily. Another remarkable feature of this waterproof shower bench is the anti-bacterial polystyrene seat that offers maximum support and at the same time enhances hygiene to the person using it.

5. Plastic Tub Waterproof Shower Bench

Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

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This is the brand of waterproof shower bench that occupies the fifth position among the leading models in the market today. This is attributed to the fact that it has numerous positive reviews and good ratings on Amazon making it a favourite brand to many users. This chair makes showering easy for the disabled or elderly people who can’t afford to stand while taking a shower. Upon purchasing this chair you will no longer worry about a shower time because you will get enhanced comfort and safety that you might not get with any other brand.

This chair features dual legs which allow you to extend them up to 5 increments in order to suit people of different heights. When you want to eliminate accidents in your bathroom, this is the best chair for you to buy. It comes with a pinch-free lever which allows the pins to be depressed without necessarily squeezing your fingers accidentally. Purchasing this chair doesn’t need a lot of your bucks because it is cheap and affordable and it will not strain your budget or drain your bank account. Read More: Best Hair Dryers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Medline Guardian Waterproof Shower Bench

Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back

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For anybody with an injured back, showering becomes very difficult and sometimes even impossible. But things are now different with the Medline Guardian Shower Bench with Backrest which gives you intensive support and comfort while in the bathroom. The backrest supports your back and the upper body so that you don’t suffer more damage or strain while trying to scrub your lower body.

This product comes from polyethene material which is of high quality ensuring the seats lasts for a substantial amount of time. This will give you continuous use which is not only value for your money but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy its benefits for long.

With the suction-cup tips that this chair has, it makes it stable and firm so that you don’t suffer any accidents while using this chair. As a result, it will never move, shake, or even stumble no matter how vigorous you become at the bathroom or the slipperiness of the floor. This is a welcome feature due to the fact that many accidents happen while showering due to slippery floor and detergents that render the floor a danger zone.

3. Drive Medical Waterproof Shower Bench

Drive Medical Bath Bench Without Back

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This is a simple design of waterproof shower bench which best suits the elderly and those people with mobility challenges who find it hard to stand while showering. It comes from a quality aluminum material which makes it strong and durable to avoid breaking or collapsing under heavyweight. The chair can sustain a weight of 300 lbs which ensures it doesn’t limit many people from enjoying the benefits of this shower chair. After acquiring this chair you will have to install it yourself because it comes in parts which are easy to put up where it only takes a few minutes before it is ready for use.

Coming in a lightweight, this is a brand of waterproof shower bench that is ideal for young children and the old because they can carry with ease. It has a design that offers maximum comfort, safety, efficiency and ease of use. If you are that person who likes colourful things, this is the best brand for you. It has several colours for you to choose from which include white, grey, blue, and many others.

2. Medical Drive Premium Series Waterproof Shower Bench

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

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You will never find the best comfort, reliance, and safety while showering apart from the use of Medical Drive Premium Series waterproof shower bench. This is a functional model of shower chairs which is among the leading brands according to reviews from users in online stores. What is more, many people prefer this brand due to the fact that it is cheap and affordable and also readily available for purchase in nearly all the online stores globally. It comes with a design that accommodates all sizes and shapes of people so that everybody can enjoy its benefits.

Despite the lightweight, the Medical Drive Premium Series waterproof shower bench is strong and durable with large legs that make the chair stable and slip-free. In addition, the legs come with rubber fittings that grip well on the slippery floor of the bathroom to give you enhanced safety and prevent any falls and sliding for maximum safety. The chair features attachments which are removable and adjustable to make it flexible. Read More: Best Convertible Car Seats Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Adjustable Tool-Free Waterproof Shower Bench

Adjustable Tool-Free Waterproof Shower Bench

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How do you want to enjoy relaxed moments while showering? This might seem to be an irony especially to those people with mobility challenges and the elderly. The Adjustable Tool-Free Assembly Shower Stool and Tub Chair gives you exactly these benefits allowing you to sit comfortably while taking a shower or while in a bathtub. This chair allows any person whether injured, the elderly, disabled or any other person to relax and enjoy the shower.

The Adjustable Tool-Free Assembly Shower Stool and Tub Chair features an anodized aluminium frame which does not only make this chair strong but also rust and corrosion-free. Keeping in mind that waterproof shower bench comes in contact with water regularly, they are prone to rust which compromises their quality and strength. But it is different with this brand which makes it last for an extended period of time giving you continuous use. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs which is able to accommodate even the heavy users without breaking or shaking a bit.

Waterproof Shower Bench Buying Guide

Whether you want a waterproof shower bench for the disabled or for the elderly, there are features and specifications you have to put into an account. With many models and brands that are in the market currently, buying the right chair is very challenging because they have nearly the same features. For you get the appropriate product, here are a few things to consider:

Who Will Use the Chair: The first thing you need to consider before settling on the type of shower chair to buy is the person who will be using it. This will give you a heads up on what features you want the chair to have including size, comfort, and other things. When you are buying for a child, be sure to buy a small and light brand that will fit the child well. Again, if you are buying for somebody with an injured back you will need one with perfect support and backrest.

Size of the Chair: It will not be economical for you to buy shower chairs only to realize that it does not fit the available space in your bathroom. Hence, you need to first ascertain your bathroom space because this will determine the size of the shower chair for you t buy.

Budget: Determine the price range of the shower chairs you intend to buy to give you a glimpse on which brand or model you will afford with the bucks you have set aside for that product. Compare the prices of all the brands that are within your reach with their features and specification to determine the one that suits you and is within your budget.

Weight and Height of the User: Different shower chairs suit people of different heights and weights because a number of chairs have restrictions when it comes to height and weight. Therefore, determine the weight and height of the user so that you buy the right brand that will accommodate the user well.

Other things to consider include the design of the chair, adjustability, strength and durability, and many others.


When looking for the best waterproof shower bench you should find a functional brand that is reliable and performs according to your expectation. Do not go for cheap models that will break after a few days of use giving you a burden to buy another one. Select one from the ten leading brands above and have a comfortable and relaxing shower.

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