Top 10 Best Speaker Stands

Speaker Stands

All music lovers know and understand the importance of ensuring the speakers are safe and secure during use. This is because many people put their speakers on the ground subjecting them to moisture, dust and other harmful elements. As a result, this will greatly harm and reduce the performance of this important musical instruments.

In addition, positioning your speaker above the ground will help to improve the quality of sound. Therefore, it is advisable to have speaker stands so that you get the best sound and at the same time safeguard your valuable property. Music experts and researchers have found out that lifting your speakers and mounting them on a stand off the ground where there is no vibration will improve the quality of sound it produces.

Hence, the speaker stands to help to eliminate any distractions or harmful waves and vibrations that reduce the quality of sound. With many improvements and innovations in the music industry, it has led to the introduction of different stands that help to hold the speakers in place. This will make it a bit difficult when looking for the best product to buy. To ensure you lay your hands on the leading brand, the following are the ten best stands to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

Bestseller No. 1 PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stands Height Adjustable Extend 18” to 43” Holds Satellite & Bookshelf Speakers (ie. Bose Polk Samsung Sony JBL PA DJ Klipsch) up to 11lbs-1 Pair PSSS2 Black
Bestseller No. 2 Surround Sound Speaker Stands 26 Inch Holds Satellite & Bookshelf Speakers up to 22lbs (i.e. Polk, Yamaha, Edifier, Bose, Klipsch, Sonos and Samsung) Floor Speaker Mount with Cable Management Pair
Bestseller No. 3 Atlantic Bookshelf Speaker Stands - Steel Construction, Pedestal Style & Built-in Wire Management, Support Bookshelf-Style Speakers up to 20 lbs. PN 77335799 - Black 2-Pack

10. The LS300 Pangea Audio Speaker Stand

Pangea Audio LS300 Speaker Stand – Pair (24 Inch)

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In the tenth position among the leading speaker stands that deliver the best functionality is the LS300 Pangea Audio Speaker Stand. This is an adjustable stand that allows you to extend it up to six shelves depending on the height you prefer best. This is very important because you will need to position the speaker on higher ground if you intend to deliver quality sound to a large crowd.

It is a strong and sturdy stand with a modular design that is easy to install and disassemble. It comes from high-end material that makes it strong and durable ensuring it endures any abuse and lasts for a substantial amount of time. In addition, it is scratch-resistant and easy to clean where you can simply wipe it with a piece of wet cloth to make it sparkling clean.

9. The 2 Satellite Mount-It Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker Stands

Mount-It! 2 Satellite Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters

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If you own a surround sound theater system in your home, business, or office, this is the best speaker stands for you to buy. It is ideal for different speaker systems that include Jewel, Samsung, Sonos, Panasonic, Bose, and many other brands. This stand offers you the advantage of placing your two speakers to create a crystal clear sound.

The top shelves feature a tempered glass that is of high quality making it strong and durable. What is more, this stand comes with a sleek design and stylish construction which does not only function as speaker stands but also an excellent decoration to your home or studio. Additionally, it will contain all the cables that you use to connect the speakers with the music system so that it creates a clean look by keeping the wires out of sight. Lastly, this stand is able to support a weight of up to 22 lbs.

8. Black and Silver Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Floor Speaker Stands

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

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This is a popular brand of speaker stands that offers you a great opportunity to position your speakers in the height you desire. It is visually appealing with attractive and eye-catchy construction that is a great addition to your living room or studio. Whether you are using this stand for your home use, studio, or for public gatherings, it will contain your speakers and ensure they deliver appropriate sound.

The speaker stand is best for Bose 201 and 301 because it will comfortably fit the upper base and ensure the speakers are stable. In addition, you can also keep the Bose Bookshelf speakers on this type of stands. What makes this product a favorite brand for many music lovers is the fact that it comes with a stable base that will ensure the speakers are intact no matter the vibration or intensity of sound. Read More:Best HDMI Splitters Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Height Adjustable VideoSecu Heavy Duty One Pair Floor Speaker Stands

VideoSecu One Pair Height Adjustable Speaker Stands Mounts Heavy Duty Floor Stands

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If you want a strong and durable speaker stands that will support any of your speakers no matter the weight, this is definitely the best product for you to buy. It comes with a heavy duty steel that is strong and durable and able to endure any weight without losing balance or breaking. The stand is able to support a weight of up to 20 lbs. In addition, it has an adjustable height which lets you chose the preferred height you want your speaker to stand on. This gives you the opportunity to use it for several functions including studio use, home use, public gatherings, and many others.

To enhance its stability, the Height Adjustable VideoSecu Heavy Duty One Pair Floor Speaker Stands has adjustable rubber feet that ensure it grips well to any surface. This will safeguard the speakers from falling when there is too much vibration or the music becomes loud. The stand is best for surround sound systems where you can adjust the height up to 46 inches. This brand is able to hide connecting wires for a nice and clearer look.

6. Great 2 Pcs Adjustable Metal Set Topeakmart Monitor Triangle Steel Pair Metal Set Speaker Stands

Topeakmart 2 Pcs Speaker Stands Adjustable Monitor Metal Set Speaker Triangle Pair Steel Stands

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This speaker stand comes in two pairs to give you additional support in case you have multiple speakers. It has an adjustable height which can go up to 6 heights giving you the best opportunity to determine the most appropriate height for your audience. Most importantly, it is a highly stable product all thanks to its triangle base that firmly grips to any surface ensuring your speaker will not move an inch even under extreme loudness or vibration.

To improve its stability further, it has a safety pin that completely locks the speaker and the stand to ensure it doesn’t move. Moreover, this speaker stands has a solid tray that can comfortably hold up to 40 kilograms without any problem. The tray has an anti-skid pad to ensure the speaker is firmly in place.

5. The 7733799 Black Atlantic 20 lbs Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs – Pair

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For the best support and quality sound of your speakers, consider the 7733799 Black Atlantic 20 lbs Bookshelf Speaker Stands. This product can hold up to 20 lbs making it an excellent support for a variety of speakers. Consequently, this brand is adjustable giving you the opportunity to choose the height you prefer best.

This brand is easy to assemble and install making it perfect for learners who are just into the music industry. Moreover, it is light in weight which is an important feature for those people using this stands for commercial purposes because you can easily transport it to any place you want. Read More: Best Car Speakers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Universal Floor VIVO Premium Stands for Bookshelf and Surround Sound Speakers

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound & Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP03B)

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Occupying the fourth position among the leading speaker stands in the market today is this product which is compatible with a variety of speakers. Therefore, if you are not sure which type of stand work well with the type of speaker you have, buy this versatile brand and it will never disappoint you.

The Universal Floor VIVO Premium speaker stands for the bookshelf and surrounds sound has an impressive and appealing design which is a great addition to every living room or studio. Additionally, it has a strong construction that comes from alloy material making it strong and durable. As a result, it is able to sustain speakers of massive weight without breaking. Finally, the stand has padded feet for a firm grip under any surface.

3. Amazing 2 Pcs Adjustable Height Heavy Duty VideoSecu PA DJ Club Satellite Speaker Stand Mount

VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount

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This is a type of speaker stand which gives you the opportunity to adjust it up to 47 inches giving you a chance to use it for a variety of functions. For example, you can mount your speaker on the maximum height of the stand if you are using it on a public function. This will ensure the people at the furthest corner of the crowd will receive a clear sound.

These speaker stands are sleek and stylish and come with rubber feet to ensure it is firm even on a smooth floor. Additionally, this brand conceals all the wires connecting the speaker from the music system to give a nice look and also safeguard the cables.

2. MD5401 Two-in-One Height Adjustable Mounting Dream Speaker Stand Mount

Mounting Dream MD5401 Height Adjustable Speaker Stands Mount

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This is a speaker stand that occupies the second position because it has unique features that make it stand out from the rest. It has built-in cable management that conceals all the wires to give the stand that attractive look and at the same time protect the cables from any accidental plug. The MD5401 Two-in-One Height Adjustable Mounting Dream Speaker Stand Mount has an extendable tube that allows you to adjust from 35 to 48 inches.

Furthermore, this speaker stands comes from high-quality metal that makes it strong and durable. This will give you extended use ensuring you benefit from it for a long time. The stand has a heavy base with a rubber lining that makes it stable under any extreme music or vibration. Finally, it can support a weight of up to 11 lbs which means that you get to use it in a variety of speakers without compromising the quality of the stand. Read More: Best TV Wall Mount for Flat Screen Televisions Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Adjustable Height SANUS Speaker Stands for Bookshelf and Satellite Speakers

SANUS Adjustable Height Speaker Stand – Extends 28″ to 38″ – Holds Satellite & small Bookshelf Speakers

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This is the leading speaker stands available in the market today with numerous functional features and specs that make it a leader in the industry. It is crafted from high-quality metal that makes it strong and durable for you to enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time. In addition, the metal material gives the stand the capability to sustain a weight of up to 3.5 lbs.

With its adjustable height, it gives you the opportunity to select the most appropriate height you want. The stand can extend up to 38 inches which is a proper height compared to several other stands available. This feature makes it versatile giving you the chance to use it for different functions.

Speaker Stands Buying Guide

If you are shopping for speaker stands, you will come across many brands and models with nearly the same features. This will be a big challenge when you want to buy the best brand for your speakers. To ensure you settle on the best product, consider the following points:

Construction Material: The type of material that the stand has is an important consideration because it will determine the strength of the stand. In addition, the type of material will show how attractive the appealing the stand is.

Height: A variety of speaker stands are adjustable, but the maximum height of the stand differs. If you are using your speaker for public functions, it is advisable to acquire one with impressive height so that the entire crowd can receive a clear sound.

Weight Rating: This is the total weight that the stand can endure or withstand. Before settling on the type of stand to buy, you need to ascertain the weight of your speaker to ensure you buy a brand that will sustain the weight of your speaker comfortably.

Stability: Stability of the stand is a major factor because this will determine the safety of your apparatus. A non-stable brand will be prone to falling which may result in the damage to your expensive speakers. Therefore, chose a brand which is stable and sturdy.

Cable Management: You may decide to buy a stand that conceals all the cables so that it looks attractive and also to protect the wires.


With this outlined ten best speaker stands, it is now your turn to make an informed choice and choose the best one from the list above. There are a number of stands in the market but it is important to understand the features and specs before settling on the best product to buy.

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