Top 9 Best Digital Thermometers

Digital Thermometer

You might have experienced a rise in your body temperature at one point or another and want to ascertain what the problem is. Mostly, somebody would rush to the hospital to have their temperature readings and sometimes even call a nurse or doctor to come to your house to check the temperature. This is costly and inconvenient because you might have this feeling several days in a week or month. Therefore you need to have a digital thermometer with you in order to get your readings every time you want.

As the world adopts the use of technological devices, the medical industry has also followed suit. There was the use of mercury thermometers in the past, but experts advise that they are not safe because they might cause certain dangers or harm to the user. Therefore, digital thermometers are on the rise because they are efficient and easy to use. When you have toddlers or pregnant mothers in your home, it is a possibility that you will need to check them every other time.

Hence digital thermometer will come in handy and save you the cost of having to visit a doctor every day. The following are the nine best in the market currently. It includes:

9. The INTHEY Digital Thermometer

INTEY Thermometer

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If you have a toddler who is sensitive or allergic to specific devices, this is the best digital thermometer for you to buy. It is non-contact which means that you don’t have to place it on the skin in order to function. You just point it to any part of your body or that of your child, and it will give you accurate and precise readings within a short time. Also, this feature is very important because it will eliminate the risk of infections and virus spreading if you use it on many people.

This digital thermometer comes with an extensive memory capacity that is able to store up to 99 of the previous recordings. This will give you a chance to monitor the progress and determine how you or the child is fairing on. In addition, it comes with an ergonomic shape that allows you to use both hands comfortably. For easy reading, this device has a color-coded LCD Screen that displays readings for you to record or keep it in the device memory. It uses AAA batteries and has auto power on and off feature and an alarm setting.

8. The Enji Prime Digital Thermometer

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This is a functional model of a digital thermometer that allows you to detect fever or temperature fluctuations within seconds. It is fast and accurate which gives you a chance to measure many people within a short time. This device is best suited for medical practitioners, community nurses, child daycare mums, doctors, and any other person who has to attend to many patients within a short time. With this gadget, you get three options to measure temperature and ensure you understand well the readings. The options include axillary ways, rectal, and oral means.

Cleaning this digital thermometer is easy and simple all thanks to its waterproof feature. Even if it comes in contact with water or accidentally submerge, it will still function optimally. This digital thermometer comes with a plastic case that keeps it safe and secure when not in use. Additionally, it has a flexible tip that makes it easy and convenient to use. With these, your child can even learn to use it so that everybody can know his/her condition or progress at home. Read More: Best Bottle Warmers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Generation Guard Digital Thermometer

Generation Guard Basal Best Thermometer

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If you are a mum and you are wary of your kids or the entire family’s health, ensure this digital thermometer is on top of your shopping list next time you go shopping. It is a medical-grade digital thermometer that comes with easy to use functionalities and accurate temperature readings. With very susceptible sensors you will get your readings within the shortest time possible. Another feature of this fantastic gadget is the non-contact function that allows you to measure your fever without having to place it on your skin. As a result, it will avoid contamination, especially if you are allergic to some gadgets.

It is sturdy and comes with a compact design that makes it strong and durable. Being a highly-useful thermometer, you will need to use it for an extended period of time. Therefore, longevity is a guarantee. This is a unique digital thermometer that is versatile and flexible and allows you to measure other aspects apart from body temperature. You can measure bottle temperature, room temperature, and many others. It comes with a backlit display that allows you to make readings even in the middle of the night.

6. DMT-489 iProven Digital Thermometer

 iProven DMT-489 thermometer

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This is among the leading digital thermometers in the market because it is reliable and consistent. With this device, you will not worry about getting the wrong reading or having to wait for a long time to have your data. It is fast and accurate giving you a chance to make the best decisions about your health or that of your family member. It is light in weight which means that you will be able to carry it with you without any difficulty.

After using this digital thermometer successfully to make a reading, it makes a beeping sound that notifies you that the measuring is complete and you can record the results. Also, it has a fever alarm which sounds every time it detects traces or the presence of fever in your body. This is an important feature because you will not have to look for analysis to determine whether there is a presence of fever. It comes with easy to use features that everybody will understand how it works. Both children and adults can comfortably use this device without any difficulty.

5. Braun Ear Digital Thermometer

Braun Ear Thermometer

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If you want accurate, reliable, and easy to use digital thermometer, then Braun’s ear is the best choice for you. It comes with a sophisticated technology that gives you accurate readings within a few seconds. It is consistent and reliable such that even if you measure ten times, you will get the same results. With this device, there is no room for guesswork because it has a single temperature recall that makes it convenient and reliable to use.

To ensure different people use and understand this device, it comes with two reading scales. These are the Celsius readings and the Fahrenheit readings for various people to undertake the measurement. Also, it comes with a guidance system for you to get accurate readings and assure you that the data is correct. To power this digital thermometer, you only need 2 AA batteries, and you are good to make your readings. When this device run out of batteries, you can simply replace them by buying at a shop. For complete safety, it comes with protective casing. Read More: Best Smart Thermostats Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Innovo Digital Thermometer

Innovo Thermometer

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There is no other way to get accurate, reliable, and consistent body temperature readings than with the use of this sophisticated digital thermometer. It comes with an upgraded technology that gives consistent results and measurements within the shortest time possible. You can use this device to measure the forehead or the underarms and ears. This product is certified by the relevant authorities including FDA, making it a leader in the market. It uses both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale to allow a good number of people to understand the readings.

This device comes with an expansive memory that is able to store up to 20 readings. This is very important especially if you want to compare the present readings and the previous readings for you to make an accurate analysis. Other features of this digital thermometer include the fever alert that notifies you of the presence of fever in your body, easy to use functionality and many others. it uses 2 AAA batteries which are long-lasting giving you the advantage of using them for an extended period of time without the need to purchase new ones.

3. Pain-Free Digital Thermometer

Pain-Free Thermometer

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If you are that busy nurse or doctor who attends a good number of people within a short time, this is definitely the best digital thermometer for you. It gives you fast readings of up to four times quicker than the other brands. This will give you a chance to measure a good number of patients within a short time but maintain accurate and consistent results. It comes with easy to use features that even a child can understand. As a result, everybody at home can use this gadget for convenience.

With FDA recognition, this brand is a favorite among many users, and you will not have to worry about its authenticity. Cleaning this digital thermometer is easy and simple because it is waterproof and has a smooth surface that you can just wipe to make it sparkling clean. Also, it comes fully assembled so that you can immediately start using it upon purchase. Another feature of this amazing product is the large LED display that allows you to make readings even from far.

2. DR. Medres’ Digital Thermometer

Dr. Madre’s Thermometer

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Appearing in the second position of the leading digital thermometers in the market, this is an unbeatable product that presents you with an opportunity to read your body temperature within a short time. For instance, you get your results within only one second. This is one of the fastest among the many brands available in the market which makes it a leader among the leaders. This thermometer is certified by all relevant medical authorities including the FDA to ensure you use the best gadget to get the best results.

If sometimes you can’t stand the noise some gadgets produce, this product will no doubt impress you. It comes with a silent mode that offers you a noiseless temperature measuring. Additionally, this digital thermometer comes with a touch-free function that best suits home use, health centers, and even hospitals where many people share the same measuring gadget. This will help to curb the spread of diseases from one person to another. Read More: Best Mermaid Tail Blanket Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Thermometer

ThermoPro TP50 thermometer

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Coming on top of the list is this powerful digital thermometer which is versatile and able to measure other factors like room temperature, bottle temperature, water temperature, and others. In addition, you can also use this device to measure the humidity making it a leader in the market. With an accurate and high speed measuring capability, this product has numerous reviews from users in online stores. Everybody using this brand attest to the fact that it delivers the best results and its function is above expectation.

It has a broad stable base that allows you to position it on any service as you undertake your measurement. Additionally, its wireless design you can store it anywhere whether in your drawer, in your closet, or any safe place. The device uses one AAA battery that lasts for a substantial amount of time. Also, this digital thermometer has a large display and records the results for easy tracking.

Digital Thermometer Buying Guide

With the many models and brands available in the market getting a digital thermometer that meets your needs is hard. Therefore consider the following factors before making a purchase decision:

Accuracy- Every measurement must be accurate so that you get to make a sound judgment and analysis concerning the outcome of the results. Therefore, find a digital thermometer with high accuracy so that you get the best results.

Consistency- You will get a poor judgment of your state if you get different readings after every measure. As a result consistency in every measuring device is of paramount importance. Choose one that will give you the same results even if you measure more than ten times.

Comfort- Comfort is another factor to consider especially if you want to use the digital thermometer on children. Your child has sensitive skin and may, therefore, react with some devices.

Ease of Use- Determine the features and functionalities of the digital thermometer you want to buy so that everybody can easily use it. Choose one that is simple to use such that your child will correctly understand how to use and how to read the findings.

Budget- Digital thermometer comes with a different value, and you, therefore, need to establish your price range in order to get the best device that suits you.


Don’t make those countless trips to the doctor because you want to have your body temperature readings. Get yourself one of the digital thermometer brands listed above and get accurate and reliable readings.

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