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We all have fond memories of playing on a swing growing up. Today’s kids are no exception. As a parent, it’s only natural for you to want them to experience the joys of hurling themselves into the air, the feeling of weightlessness, and laughs they will remember for a lifetime.

But it’s just as natural for you to be concerned about their safety and well being. You have to take a few factors into account when choosing a play swing in the modern era. You need to look at the quality of materials used and how sturdy the construction of the swing is. At the same time, you want a tree swing that is uncomplicated for your kids to use and is attractive to look at.

1. Happy Pie Nostalgic Hanging Tree Swings

Happy PieNostalgicHanging Swings

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The instant you take a gander at this swing you will appreciate its old-school design and the feeling of real wood and rope. The seat is also perfectly finished and smooth so no risks of wood splinters getting stuck into the little guy’s bottom. This also means clothing Happy Pie’s Nostalgic swing features solid construction and is capable of supporting heavier kids and even adults. What we like about the rope used is that it is comfortable to hold on to and will not cause chafing or scratching of the hands. The swing can be adjusted easily to suit different age groups as well.

2. Royal Oak Giant 40 Inch Flying Saucer Tree Swing

RoyalOak Giant40-inch Saucer Tree Swing

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Giant Saucer is the manufacturer of this swing. It has a huge space for seating and is very comfortable for kids of different ages. You can vary the length of the ropes accordingly by means of easy adjustment. As per the Giant Saucer’s claims, the swing’s solid steel frame construction can support a total weight of up to 400 pounds. As an additional safety feature, the ropes also come pre-fitted with high strength carabiners.

3. Swinging Monkey Products 24″ Fabric Spinner Swing

Swinging MonkeyProductsSwing Set

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This swing has a nifty name which hints at the kind of fun kids will have to play with it. Currently, this is one of the most popular tree swings you can buy today. It caters perfectly to older children while still providing ample fun and safety to smaller kids. Overall the Swinging Monkey is solidly built and can withstand the rigors of rough handling. It’s also more than capable of withstanding the elements outdoors. It’s very easy to put together and set up and you can have the kids swinging in no time flat. There’s also zero risks of the swing coming apart during use. Read More: Best Infant Swings Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Jungle Gym Kingdom Heavy-Duty 66-inch Chain Plastic Coated Swing Set

Jungle GymKingdomHeavy Duty 66-inchChain PlasticCoated Swing SetGreen

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The Jungle Gym Kingdom is a fabulously constructed swing that promises high entertainment for children of all ages. It uses a strong metal chain which is coated with plastic to avoid injury. This swing can be manually mounted to trees or any other stand you may have at home. It’s also a perfect choice for backyard playgrounds and schools. The seat is also just as strong and can seat heavyweights with ease.

5. Summers Dream Blue Disk Monkey Rope Tree Swing

SummersDream BlueDisk MonkeyRope Tree Swing

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This is the ideal swing for attaching to a tree. It has been designed specifically with this purpose in mind. You can choose from a variety of colors and the design is splendidly playful and childish. To set the swing up you are provided with strong disc cords and ropes which you then hang from the tree or swing set of your choice. The ropes are also a dream to hold on to during use and feature excellent grip.

6. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Tree Swing

LittleTikes 2-in-1Snug ‘nSecure Tree Swing

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Here are another set and hang type of swing. All you need is a swing set or a tree and you’re good to go. This one by Little Tikes is probably the easiest and fastest to set up tree swing you will find. It’s also strong enough to allow older children to have a blast. The materials used in construction are very strong and reliable. This swing can also be used indoors.

7. Galaxy Swing Company Giant Tree Swing

GalaxySwingCompanyGiant Tree Swing

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The Giant Tree Swing from Galaxy Swing is one of the longest-running swings on the market. But it’s still very popular with parents who want to buy the quality and reliability of a proven product. It uses a steel frame which can seat a maximum weight of 600 pounds. The design makes assembly easy and very practical even for first time swing owners. The Giant Tree Swing is ideal for both children and adults and being entirely weatherproof is more suited for outdoor use. Read More: Best Tire Swings Reviews & Buying Guides.

8. Web Riderz Outdoor Swing N’ Spin Tree Swing

Web RiderzOutdoorSwing N’ Spin Tree Swing

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Web Riderz has sold many of these outdoor swings and they’re perfect for playgrounds and backyards. The Swing N Spin is a very popular swing and ranks among the bestsellers. There is not much assembly to worry about since it’s mostly already done for you from the factory. All you do is choose a location for it and attach the supplied harness. It features strong ropes which can handle heavy weight and you have no fear of them breaking for a long time to come.

9. Sk8Swing The Original Skateboard Tree Swing

Sk8SwingtheOriginal Skateboard Swing

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A very fancily designed swing from Sk8Swing. This one is perfect for hanging from a tree or swing set of your choosing. The beauty of the swing lies in the fact that it uses an actual skateboard for a seat. Much of the assembly is already done for you and the basic setup takes mere minutes. Overall the swing feels strong and safe and both adults and children can use it. Read More: Best Metal Swing Sets Reviews & Buying Guides.

10. Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing – 24 Inch Diameter

Play PlatoonSpider Web TreeSwing

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The SpiderWebTree Swing looks amazing with a physical net webbing for a seat. It’s really comfortable while also giving the user a relaxed hammock type of experience. When seat don it contorts to suit your body shape and provides zero risks of ever falling off. You can mount this swing to a tree and the attached ropes are excellent at supporting heavier kids. The ropes themselves are probably the best in this group for grip, comfortable, and safety.


Take time to read through all the swings we have covered here. We have made sure to provide you with only the best options available right now. A word of advice though: when going out to buy a tree swing always make sure the manufacturer has a proven track record. Like many of the swings listed here, each of the company’s behind them have been building swings for children for a long time. And the sales figures not only show how popular they are but also establish their reliability.

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