Top 10 Best Truck Ramps

Truck Ramp

Hauling is a part of life when you won a pick-up truck or some other version of a truck. With the bed of the vehicle high off the ground, it is not always easy placing smaller machines onto the bed. Thankfully there are top quality truck ramps to help with any loading chore you may have. To help you select the right truck ramps for your heavy-duty chores we put together this list of the top ten truck ramps for 2019.

10. 9′ Black Aluminum Folding Dual Off-Road ATV Truck Ramps

9′ Black Aluminum Folding Dual Off-Road ATV Loading Ramps

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As you can see these truck ramps are designed for heavy-duty work. They are rated to hold 1200 pounds overall or 600 pounds each. They come with security straps and hooks to ensure your load gets on your truck safely and without injury to you or your vehicle. The serrated crossbars provide better traction making loading far easier than other versions of these truck ramps. After the loading and unloading are done they simply fold up to wait for their next job.

9. Yaheetech Foldable 7.5 ft Aluminum Truck Ramp

Yaheetech Foldable 7.5 ft Aluminum Motorcycle Loading Ramp

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The length of these ramps makes steep incline loading a thing of the past. The ramps are made of very durable aluminum which will not rust. Their dimensions clock in at just under 8 feet unfolded and under 4 feet when folded. This will make storage a lot simpler when they are not needed. Since they are made of aluminum they are lightweight and easy to handle. This is a perfect Christmas gift for your male loved one.

8. 2 Pcs 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Folding Truck Ramps

 2 Pcs 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Folding Loading Ramps

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These little beauties are designed to load your ATV & UTV, Lawn Mower, Motorcycle, Trailer, Dirt Bike and Garden Tractor. There is a little give to them but that helps in loading. A flexible ramp is sturdier than a rigid one. The rubberized ‘fingers’ protect your truck bed from any damage that these ramps may have caused. Their cost will fit anyone’s budget. Their 91-inch length will make sure your loading chores are simple. Read More: Best Floor Mats for Car Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Truck Ramp

Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Ramp

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All loading ramps have the same purpose. They are made to make your task of loading your heavy equipment easy. The lightweight yet sturdy construction of the Black Widow allows you to spend less energy loading your equipment and more energy on the things you like to do. If you have traction problems with other ramps or homemade versions, kiss those problems goodbye with the Black Widow. There is little slippage as you load your equipment into your truck bed.

6. Yaheetech 2 x 7.5’ Aluminum Truck Ramp

Yaheetech 2 x 7.5’ Aluminum Loading Ramp

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The rubber tipped fingers provide a good grip as you load your equipment into the bed of your truck. You do not need to worry about these ramps falling under the weight as the rubberized fingers take a good hold on your vehicle. They are also rated for 1500 pounds so you know you can get your heavy machinery into your truck without worry. Folded they can fit into the cab of your truck for secure storage.

5. Goplus Set of Two 9″x 72″ Steel Folding Truck Ramps

Goplus Set of Two 9″x 72″ Steel Folding Loading Ramps

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There is nothing lightweight about these little beauties. Made of heavy steel you know that they are going to be durable, tough and can handle any loading job you have for them. You will need to be careful not to catch your fingers in between the steel sections. They are very unforgiving. Easy to assemble and very strong these ramps come with a mesh design to help keep the debris out of your truck bed and on the ground where it belongs. Read More:  Best Battery Boxes Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp

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Not all truck ramps are made for loading. This pair of ramps is made so you can maintain your truck or another vehicle properly. If you do not like using a jack to lift your car then these ramps are the perfect alternative. No sweating or looking for the right place to place the jack, just simply drive up the incline slowly and stop. That is it. Now you have good clearance for whatever maintenance task you have in store for your vehicle.

3. RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

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Another version of the Rhino maintenance ramps for car maintenance. These are for those people who have lighter vehicles and do not need heavy duty support. Designed to hold up to 12,00GVW these smaller ramps will make your car maintenance duties go faster and smoother. Just be careful when you use these versions of truck ramps, they are not made of metal.

2. Moto Alliance 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Ramp

MotoAlliance VD-4289AT 7.5 ft Aluminum Ramp Pair Lawnmower ATV Motorcycle Truck Loading 1500lb Capacity

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One of the attractive features of this pair of ramps is the side rails. These little rails help keep your equipment from sliding off the slides as they move up the ramp. Combined with the rubberized fingers and safety straps, your loading and unloading will be a snap. You do not have to dread any loading chore when you purchase these durable and strong loading ramps. These are great for those pieces of equipment that weigh under 1000 pounds. Read More: Best Steering Wheel Covers Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Titan Ramps 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Truck Ramps

Titan 7.5ft Aluminum Ramps, Aluminum Ramp Top Plate, ATV Accessories, Truck Ramps, Bonus Safety Straps Included

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As you can see in the picture these ramps stretch long ways. They reach 91 inches when fully extended. The mesh design helps with traction and avoids slippage while keeping any debris from going where it shouldn’t. If you like extra security you can always hook safety chains from your trailer hitch to the ramps. One word of caution, watch the height of your truck bed so you do not have a very steep incline to go up.


Truck ramps make a very good birthday or Christmas gift for your father, husband or boyfriend. With this list, your choice should be a lot easier. There are a lot of ramps to choose from but you want the best because you care. Selecting a ramp has never been easier and a gift more practical.

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