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TV Wall Mount

For you to get the best entertainment in your home that you will enjoy, you will need a large television that resembles those in cinemas or studios. But the biggest problem is the fact that it will take up much of your space forcing you to get rid of other equally important electronics and equipment which might not be convenient. But what if you need to retain all your cabinets, music systems, and other equipment but still get a chance to watch a big screen in your living room? Installing the best tv wall mount is among the few solutions that you need to adopt in order to enjoy unmatched entertainment at home.

The best tv wall mount gives you the opportunity to increase the space in your room without necessarily having to get rid of any electronic or accessory you always use at home. It presents you with the opportunity to position your television on the wall giving you an unblocked view while at the same time providing enough space for other apparatus and furniture. Because space is nowadays becoming a big challenge, it is advisable to adopt the most convenient measures for great space-saving ideas.

Before ordering this important device for your TV, you need to first scan the market for the best product so that you get the best tv wall mount brand that fits your home and style. With the many of these products in the market today, we are here to bring you the latest and the leading five best tv wall mount brands to help you in making a purchase decision. They include:

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Bestseller No. 3 USX MOUNT TV Wall Mount, Full Motion TV Mount for Most 37-75 inch TVs, TV mounts Dual Swivel Articulating Arms Extension Tilt Wall Mount TV Bracket, Max VESA 600x400mm, 16' Wood Stud, Up to 132lbs

1. Cheetah Mounts APFMSB Best TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-55” TVs

Cheetah Mounts APFMSB Best TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-55” TVs

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When you acquire this one of the best tv wall mounts, you will be buying more than just wall mount for your television because it has an incredible design that will change the look of your living room and transform it into an amazing place. It is attractive in appearance giving you the opportunity to decorate your room with a difference. By using this best tv wall mount brand, you will have peace of mind knowing that your television is safe at any given time. This is because it comes with all the safety features that will keep your TV in place without even a slight shaking.

The bolsters in this mount measure 20 to 55 inches which is able to hold a weight of up to 115 pounds. This is the best feature because you can be sure that your television is hanging safely without the fear of your most valued possession falling down and breaking. Cheetah Company which manufactures this best tv wall mount brand promises a 100% lifetime guarantee which is evident from the sturdy and strong material used in the TV mount. Therefore, you will need to buy another one once you have this model in your possession. In case it comes in contact with water by accident, there is no worry because the material is corrosion and rustproof.

In case you will need to watch your TV from different angles, this best tv wall mount will make that happen. You will get three rotation adjustments giving you the opportunity to watch your television in the best angle that you will be comfortable with. Also, you can twist it upwards or downwards depending on your preference until you arrive at a perfect view that you will not strain while watching. Even though you don’t know how to fix the simple gadgets at home, this will be an exception. Installing this best tv wall mount is easy and simple which will take only a few minutes before you hang your TV. You can follow the simple setup instructions on the user manual which guides on the process of installing.

2. The Low Profile Sanus Super TV Wall Mount

Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount for 37"-80" LED, LCD and Plasma Flat and Curved Screen TVs and Monitors - MLL11-B1

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There is no better way to mount your TV on the wall without any worry of the stand breaking than by the use of the Low Profile Sanus Super TV Wall Mount. This brand of best tv wall mount comes from strong and durable high-quality steel which is the best way to guarantee strength and ensure your television is safe and secure at any given time. So long as you fasten firmly the stand to the wall, you can rest knowing that nothing will happen to your best entertainment tool while you are away. Even if children play by hanging on the mount, it will not break or compromise its strength.

Having a weight capacity of 280 pounds, it is able to support large TVs of up to 84 inches without shaking or trembling. Upon purchasing this best tv wall mount, you get all the accessories you need to make it functional and able to support your TV. Among the accessories include nuts that you drive to the wall, wall mount brackets, attachments to the television, and many other gadgets. Installing should not be a hard task because you will only require the basic tools and a small knowledge to make the installation complete. There will be no need to call a professional or expert to do the fixing because you can do it alone by following the instructions on the user manual.

The Low Profile Sanus Super TV Mount is compatible with nearly all the TV models on the market giving you the opportunity to hang any type you have at home. There are some instances where you buy a TV wall mount only to realize that it does not have the right fittings with the type of brand you have. This will be a waste of resources because the product will not be of any use to you after spending your hard-earned bucks. Therefore, you can correct that mistake by ordering this best tv wall mount which works well with nearly all TV brands. Read More: Best Speaker Stands Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns

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Coming in the third position among the best tv wall mount in the market is this Echogear’s Full Motion brand which is strong enough to give you enhanced support no matter the weight of your television. With a weight capacity of 132 points, this means that you will be able to mount a TV of up to 100 inches without any worry. The strong and sturdy construction comes from high-quality galvanized steel which guarantees lifetime use without reducing its performance or support. The manufacturer promises that you can even exceed the weight capacity up to four times but will still give you the results you deserve.

Upon ordering this best tv wall mount from online stores or any other genuine dealer you can get, you will receive a full package which includes all the accessories that will assist you to fix the mount to the wall. It also includes an instruction manual that gives you detailed direction and procedure on how to undertake the installation without having to call an expert. This is beneficial because the expert may take a lot of time to come and it will also be expensive. Installing will only take a few minutes and your TV will be hanging on the wall within the shortest time possible.

No matter the type or the size of television you have, trust the Full Motion Articulating ECHOGEAR best tv wall mount bracket to offer you effective support and decongest your room. It supports all brands and models including the LED Plasma screens, the curved models, and many others. If you want to enjoy a variety of your viewing positions and angles, this is the best tv wall mount to choose from. It allows you to tilt your TV upwards or downwards until you achieve the right position you are comfortable with. Also, you can tilt it sideways to get your best angle and enjoy the best entertainment ever.

4. The MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating VideoSecu Dual Arms TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu MW380B5 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37"-75" LED LCD Plasma HDTV Up to 125 lbs with VESA

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Just as the name of this wall mount suggests, the brand comes with a double arm design which offers improved support to ensure nothing goes wrong with your TV no matter the circumstance. In addition, it comes with a number of adjustments which takes into account different models of televisions available in the market. This is a unique technology whereby you get a chance to mount all types of TV without any problem. If you are not sure about the model of television you have at home and you want to buy a wall mount, there is no other brand you should consider apart from this best tv wall mount. It will hold all models ranging from the LED Plasma, Samsung, and many others without worrying about compatibility.

The MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating VideoSecu Dual Arms TV Mount comes with a strong and sturdy construction that is able to support large televisions without fail. With a gauge steel material in the entire structure, you get additional benefits that include strength and durability. Moreover, it is resistant to a number of elements like rust, corrosion, and many others. With these features, you will not have to worry about your wall mount collapsing under the weight of the TV or breaking due to any other factor in any way. The manufacturer affirms that this best tv wall mount is a lifetime product whereby you will not need to purchase another one because it will last longer.

When you realize that this mount has some dust or children start playing with it and got mud, there is no cause for alarm because it is easy to clean. What you need to do is to just wipe it with a soft cloth to make it clean and remove the dust. In case the dirt is sticky, you can use a little water to ensure you make it completely clean. You should not fear the metal coming in contact with water because this best tv wall mount is galvanized which means it is resistant to rust. Read More: Revamp Your Stage Performance With The Ten Best Microphone Stands Reviews & Buying Guides.

5. Full Motion Articulating FLEXIMOUNTS A04 TV Wall Mount Bracket

FLEXIMOUNTS A04 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65 Inch LED LCD HD 4K Plasma TV

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If you are after a strong and sturdy brand that you can use for a long period of time, your search will definitely end here. This is among the state-of-the-art best tv wall mount brands that offer you the best support you might never find in any other wall mount. To start with, its strength is cable of supporting a TV with a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. Keeping in mind that this capacity is among the largest in the market, you will, therefore, get a chance to use it on most of the TV brands available. Its structure and length can comfortably hold a TV of up to 70 inches without any problem or ability to compromise the strength or sturdiness of this best tv wall mount.

Being a flexible wall mount, you get the opportunity to support different models and brands without having to search the market for the exact wall mount for the exact model of television you have. This is because of the ability to adjust the arm holdings of this best tv wall mount brand to fit the specifications of different TV sets and models that are in the market. This is to say that even if you decide to change your TV, there is no need to buy a new mount because it will still fit the new model you intend to buy. This is beneficial in the essence that you will not have to search the market for a specific product which will not only be time-consuming but also costly and tiring.

Fixing this best tv wall mount to the wall is a simple task that will not need any professional or expert help. You can do it alone by just following the instructions on the user manual and get the job done within the shortest time possible. Furthermore, you will not need any complicated tools that might be hard for you to get. A screwdriver and a hammer will be enough to install this brand and it will take a few minutes before you hang your TV in a strategic place that will give you a nice view. What is more, you will get the opportunity to adjust your television to the most comfortable and convenient viewing point or angle that will suit you best. You can tilt it upwards or downwards or even sideways depend on your preference.

Best TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

Mounting your TV on the wall is a great and welcomed idea that many homes should emulate in order to save and create enough space for other equipment. But more often, picking the best tv wall mount is very challenging because you will get many brands in the market with nearly the same specification and features. To ease you the task of searching the market blindly and ensure you have the right brand for your TV, here is a list of tips to put in mind before making a purchase decision:

Size of your Television: Before jumping to a conclusion on the type of TV wall mount to buy, it is advisable to consider and determine the size of your TV first. This will ensure you get a firm fit that will also make your living room impressive. It will not be appealing to buy a large wall mount when you have a small television because it will look awkward and inappropriate. Also, a bigger TV on a small wall mount may be inconvenient because it might not be able to fully support it which may make your TV fall.

Compatibility: Your TV mount must be able to support the type of model or type you have to avoid chances of buying a wrong brand that will not work. There are some mounts which are specifically designed for certain TV models which mean that it will not work with any other. Therefore, you need to be careful so that you don’t waste your resources on a product that will not be of any help to you.

The Material of the Mount: If you search the market well, you will find a variety of wall mounts with different materials which include steel, plastic, aluminum or a combination of two or more of these materials. A steel mount is strong and durable but might be costly when compared to the other brands with a different material.

Consequently, a plastic mount will be cheap and affordable but will not be able to support your TV for a long time. Also, it may easily break if you have a large television. Hence, you have to choose the material you want keeping in mind these other factors so that you acquire the best tv wall mount brand that will meet your needs.

Weight Capacity: Different mounts are able to sustain varied weights depending on the material and construction they have. Before making a purchase decision, you need to know the weight of your TV first to help you in choosing the right wall mount that can support the weight without any problem.

Installation: Installing the wall mount should not be hard and complicated because it might require services of experts which might be expensive and time-consuming. Choose a brand that you can install alone to save you on cost.


A TV wall mount comes with more than one benefit to the user which includes saving space for other furniture and accessories, getting a nice and unblocked view, a chance to tilt to any angle, and many more. But the problem is that many people find it hard to choose the best brand that meets their needs. With the list of the five best tv wall mount above, you can now go the market knowing the right brand you buy.

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